Judge Sherry Klein Heitler seems to have the honor and integrity of a cobra and by her dastardly acts trusts in cash not God. Heitler is a clear and convincing judge who will, based on her actions and failure to act, sell out anyone for a pay-off.

If you are wondering why we at Scams Inc make these statements take a few minutes and review and ponder the death of a young man named Seth Speken. The Speken web pages will be posted on Scams Inc by pm on Jan. 4,2012.

Seth was a in-patient at Columbia Presbeterian Hospital in NYC. The rest appears to be a horror story documented by Mrs. Speken the mother of Seth.

Mrs. Speken sues the Hospital and the assigned judge is none other than Judge Sherry Klein Heitler who we have seen in other egregious cases has turned a ‘blind eye’ to corruption, collusion, bribery, threats, violations of Court Uniform Rules and extortion by other judges.

Heitler’s decorum in the courtroom according to Mrs Speken wes threatening, abusive, biased, extortive and vicious. Heitler tells the lady ‘you have a weak case’–meanwhile her son is dead—-

‘You better watch out the Hospital will sue you so you better settle.’—-‘think about your daughters’

These remarks are made by a Judge who was clearly compromised and extorting a poor distraught Mrs Speken who lost her son to what appeare by her reports to be wanton negligence and worse by the Hospital.

No matter to Heitler as cash not the rules of law speaks the loudest—–for Heitler (Dr Mengele of the Courthouse) its ‘railroad’ anyone if the fixer pays for a fix—‘Judge Heitler to the rescue’—–

Heitler spends more time putting on her bright red lipstick and teasing her hair than paying attention to the laws of the United States of America where Heitler has made a good living plundering innocent victim litigants to fulfill the back-room fixes and ‘deals’ to ‘rape’ a litigant– that proliferate at 60 Centre Street Courthouse. The joint is a ‘ambush-farm’ with only a few honest Judges who have to put up with the likes of sociopaths like Heitler and others of her ilk——

Without supervision and a monitor to watch these scalliwags justice comes out of a fix and paper-bags of cash———stay tuned—- and See: the Speken Files on Scams Inc.

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