More and more are people experimenting with prescription drugs because they think these drugs are safe for aiding with weight loss, depression, staying awake, or even thinking clearer– “feeling better”. These drugs are easier to get than street drugs and much less costly. All you need is a friendly/obliging doctor.

If you think abuse of prescription drugs is safer than the street-type—you are wrong. Unless an honest doctor legitimately prescribes and monitors the correct usage of these drugs, you could be wrecking your body and your immune system. Many prescription drugs must be taken while one avoids alcohol, smoking, or other medications. The improper mixture of various drugs with alcohol can even be fatal.

Be aware, many drugs that are sold at your local pharmacy, over-the-counter, also can be severely abused and injurious to the user.

Regretfully, teens who use street or prescription drugs usually have trouble at home, school, with friends or even the law. The likelihood that someone will commit crimes or have auto accidents are increased when that person is abusing drugs of any type.

Like all drug abuse, using prescription drugs for the wrong reasons has serious risks for the person’s health. Many can result in seizures, or slow heartbeat and breathing, and can kill you. All stimulants can cause heart failure and seizures. Mixing stimulants with other medications can have devastating effects. People who abuse prescription medications can become addicted just as easily as those who take street drugs. Look out for changes in mood, weight, or interests. If you or a friend is addicted, get into a rehabilitation program, and seek competent help through your doctor and hospital.

Drug addition is a biological pathological process. Prolonged misuse of any drug changes the brain in fundamental and long-lasting ways. These changes are the major component of the addiction itself. Young people and baby-boomers are prime candidates for drug abuse. The economic environment, loss of jobs and/or loss of nest-eggs further spawn prescription drug abuse. The negative results from the overuse of multiple drugs increases the risks of negative and possible fatal interactions when drugs are not used as prescribed.

So, please be careful. Depression due to loss of money or jobs is bad enough– you do not want to compound the problem with mucking-up your mind and body. Always seek professional help. Find a trustworthy doctor affiliated with a teaching hospital.


Prescription Drug Fact Sheet

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