If you want to learn how judges can cheat lie manipulate the laws and even attempt to rewrite laws when they are corrupted by a fix and ‘back-room’ bribery please look forward to a Scams Inc full expose.

A detailed ‘piece-by-piece’ assemblage of just how these scams and railroading’s are accomplished. The corruption is so pervasive it spreads to the courtroom clerks, court referees, some at trial support offices, and of course the corrupt judge’s law secretaries and clerks. If you aint a ‘company man’ and won’t go along with the fixes your out on your ass quickly.

And the corruption spreads to every nook and cranny including the appellate courts, commission on judicial conduct and the supposed ‘watchdogs’—in sum if you’re on the wrong end of a fixed courtroom you better learn quickly how to expose these thieves and beat them at their railroading schemes. Scams Inc will be putting all of these details in a ‘guide’ to the labyrinth of the under-belly of a sham and charade that effects our lives—stay tuned

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