Every waking hour of every day of the year we read about robberies, stick-ups and thefts. Big or small some thief makes the news because he or she is desperate, gets a gun and gets caught. Some are professional crooks who make a career of robbing Banks and others. Some are organized crime and they rob ‘big-time’. All of these ‘stick-ups’ make the evening news no matter where you live hearing about robberies big or little make the television news and the newspapers. Gun, knife, club gets lead press in cities, towns and hamlets, and rightfully so as hold-ups are big, big news.

Well what about ‘stick-ups’ and robbery in the Courthouse? Sadly these acts of thefts, larceny, collusion and bribery occurs far to often and we citizens are none the wiser and that is part of the scam.

Corrupt lawyers are a breed of ‘scum-bags’ without conscience with the conscience ability to lie, steal and cheat at a moments notice. They will employ phony ‘lip-service’, dishonesty, engage in acts of fraud and deception and proffer often massive misrepresentation and leave you in the dark and the dust. And all the while you wont even know it.

Why? Because these ‘silme-ball’ sociopaths with a law license are trained to deceive, con and rob you of your cash, rights, integrity and worse.

Think about it do you know what really goes on in a Courtroom? Do you know what is in motions, law memorandums, briefs, or complaints? You rely on the lawyer just as you rely on a doctor or a surgeon.

Well you better begin to face the facts. More often than not when you hire a lawyer you are on your way to a stick-up and even a Court fix. Yes it is sad but true many lawyers will ‘grind’ your case and bleed you with bills for unnecessary work bogus motions and court appearances and then you might become a target for a fix if your lawyer sell you out to your adversary.

If you dont think this happens think again. ‘Money talks and bs walks.’

We at Scams Inc have files of factual and real cases where lawyers have sold out their clients, engaged in collusion, bribery, forgery and thefts. We have evidence of lawyers fabricating evidence, tampering with evidence and ‘deep-sixing’ evidence. We have recordings of Judges engaging in massive frauds, manifest bias and collusion. We have proof of lawyers tampering, engaging in bribery, exparte conspiring with Judges and Courthouse Referees, and we have evidence of the systemic corruption ongoing in the Unified Court System. These acts of ‘Courthouse Robbery’ is shrouded in secrecy while the thief with a gun gets all the press.

Well think about it does the guy with the gun robbing a Bank effect your life more or less than the corrupt lawyer who by their acts of corruption cause you to loose your home, your kids, your money and even your liberty?

We have a list of corrupt lawyers, judges, referees and court clerks. We will be reporting on all of them
and we have the proof of their ROBBERY of the law and honest litigation.

Scams Inc welcomes any denials by the persons we are exposing as dishonest and pursuant to our MISSION STATEMENT and TERMS of USE will publish any denials, or comments by these deceitful persons with Scams Inc’s Reply——-The list of names of these persons will be posted on Scams Inc shortly———–stay tuned

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