Dr John Siebert Came into New York with a big BANG. With his self styled ‘Midwestern-charm’ and cash that he ripped off from Mrs. Christopher Zimmerman, resourceful Siebert conned plastic surgeon V. Michael Hogan into selling Siebert his practice and Park Ave office digs.

Siebert now had some credibility that permitted him to begin conning, looting and molesting patients who had money. Siebert began a program of molesting vulnerable women who came to seek plastic surgery from Hogan who was long gone and who Siebert lied that he was Hogan’s ‘partner’.

Siebert began a pattern of sexually abusing patients at the Park Ave office and at Hospitals that Siebert lied, conned and manipulated himself into, such as NYU Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital and Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Siebert raped, abused and looted many under the guise of being a respectable Midwestern-Park Avenue doctor. Siebert we have documented physically, emotionally and financially abused Diane Kleiman, Ben Ossman, Linda M., Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass, Bank Audi, Fleet Bank, US Trust Company, Richard Jacobs, Chase Bank, Jim Couri, and many others who do not want their names published as yet for fear of Siebert and his thug lawyers extortion and intimidation.

Siebert met Jim Couri who was a friend of Dr Hogan. Siebert lied to Jim as to his qualifications, background and finances. Siebert conned jim into believing that Siebert was a qualified surgeon and a multi-millionaire. Siebert induced himself into a business transaction Jim was developing.

Siebert lied, cheated and conned Jim as to his experience and finances and began to rob and swindle others and Jim to fulfill his Corporate commitments to Kindervest Planning Corp. Siebert robbed Ben Ossman, Mrs Christopher Zimmerman, Chase Bank, Jim Couri, US Trust, Dr Dan Baker, Dr Sheril Aston, the Internal Revenue Service, Thomas Gilbride, Tom Spillane, Richard Jacobs, and many others.

Siebert later was caught by Jim after a Kroll Investigators found on investigation that Siebert was a phony, a thief and a sex pervert.

Siebert confessed to his larceny, fraud and thefts in Kindervest Resolutions where Siebert was a Director and Corporate Secretary. Siebert then entered into Settlement Agreements and Notes agreeing to repay Jim for Siebert’s frauds, thefts and deceptive acts.

True to form, Siebert repeatedly defaulted on Agreement after Agreement until Jim sued.
Siebert hired Russo and Burke, Joseph M Burke and Kenneth V Gomez Esqs who began a crusade of fraud lies, perjury, tampering and deceptive acts. They defrauded Judge Beeler into phony ‘Gag-Order” knowing that Siebert at the same time was a target of Hearings at NYU Langone Hospital for molesting Diane Kleiman and other patients and for engaging in perverted sex acts on NYU Hospital premises.

Burke and others then tampered with Referee Jack Suter, Louis Crespo, Leslie Lowenstein and others who were engaging in Disclosure monitoring that was barred by a Burke filed bogus Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness. Burke and Siebert violated another Injunction imposed by Beeler barring Motions.

Then Burke got to a new Judge Paul Wooten who has engaged in acts that have gotten the eye of Federal Law Enforcement. Jim and others have assembled RICO activities involving Burke, Siebert, Gomez, Judge Wooten, Judge Stallman, Referees Suter and others.

Siebert has cheated and abrogated all of his commitments to Jim Couri by employing well documented dishonesty, fraud, extortion, intimidation, bribery, deceit, misrepresentation and other immoral activities. Siebert and Burke have compromised and tampered with Wooten who has written Orders displaying at best manifest bias and at worse a Judge who has been fixed by corrupt lawyers Burke and Gomez.

Scams inc has evidence of Burkes frauds, violations of Penal laws, forgery, suborning perjury, tampering, ex-parte communications with Wooten,Stallman, Lowenstein and clandestine emails with Referee Jack Suter.

Meanwhile, Siebert has been exposed as a thief, a sex vulture, a pervert, a narcotics abuser, and a extortonist. Siebert has been FIRED from NYU Hospital,Fired from Lenox Hill Hospital, fired from Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Siebert has been EVICTED from 5 various medical offices in New York including Eviction from 875 Park Ave as a illegal squatter; EVICTED by Dr Dan Baker; EVICTED by Dr Sheril Aston; EVICTED by Dr Jenifer Walden; and tared and feathered out of New York as a pervert and a disgrace to the practice of medicine.

Siebert was likewise EXPELLED from the Faculty of NYU Langone as a narcotics abuser and as a sex molester of innocent Patients on Hospital Premesis.

Meanwhile Siebert has defrauded Jim Couri and owes him over $20,000,000.00 evidenced by Agreements and Notes. Siebert and Burke in concert with Mob front Lawyer George Pavia and Exposed Judge Joan Madden have colluded to rob Jim of his rights that went as far as the Appellate Division, except Burke lied and conned the Appellate Court with an Appeal spawned out of fraud and deception and a Motion denied that Burke made in the first place in violation of the Beeler Injunction that Burke instigated in the first place.

So Dr John Siebert has spent over 8 years trying to cheat, rob, and defraud Jim Couri only to have been exposed as a pervert, a thief and a outcast run out of NY Hospitals and evicted as the bum and extortionist that he is. Siebert is not even finished with round one. He will be soon subject to RICO claims, claims of perjury, collusion, tampering, fraud on the Courts, and further exposure of Siebert’s sex abuses of innocent victim patients and his attempts to intimidate and extort the persons that he sexually abused and molested———Sibert’s Midwestern charm is where it belongs—-
In the toilet—–stay tuned

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