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Scamraiders has just received a Report from a Dr John Siebert victim. The Report is a sickening outline of Siebert and others affiliated with Siebert engaging in ‘painful attacks’ on Siebert’s victim.

We are now verifying the Report and the charges within it. Wher Scamraiders and Scams inc is satisfied that these New-Charges are genuine, we will publish the Report for all to read.

Siebert has been molesting and abusing many victims that has resulted in Siebert being fired from FOUR NYC Hospitals for sexual abuses of patients, insurance thefts and narcotics abuses.

This victim here in this Report charges—‘stalking, harassment, pain, suffering and charges that Siebert was born without a soul’——-
stay tuned

Online Dating? Cut the Line!

Sure, Internet Dating seems great, quick and efficient, but there is a dark murky side —scam artists.

Scamraiders has recently received enquiries from people who have experienced problems and scams involving online dating services. No matter if you are seeking love in a bottle, or a quick tryst, there are scam artists who use the internet to entice and swindle you through your heart and then to your cash. Many of these swindlers will have the brazen audacity to require your money first just to get started. Many will ask for personal information after making you feel comfortable that they are truly interested in you. These supposed lovers/romance queries are cleverly interspersed with questions about your financial data; so they can size you up. Some of these online dating scoundrels will use your confidential data (that you unwittingly provide) to steal your identity.

There are a number of online services who, after their scammers lure you in, will further enticed you by sending phony photos of handsome men and gorgeous women. Once you pick one that you are attracted to, the real scam begins. You will begin to exchange romantic possibilities. Then soon you will bypass the service and communicate directly via email. The scammer will gain more of your trust. Once the con-artist has “roped you in” and established the fantasy of a genuine relationship, they will begin asking you for money. Either they will ask for airfare so that you can meet and “embrace”, or the scammer will tug at your heart claiming a medical emergency where immediate cash is needed; or they will come up with a bunch of other clever angles to disenfranchise you from your hard-earned cash. These charlatans will even con you to go the airport where you wait for your fantasy “lover” who of course never shows-up —your money gone, heart broken, and disillusioned.

Sadly, most people who get hauled into these online relationships, out of desperation and loneliness, will fork-over untold sums in the hopes of arriving at “Shangrila”, along with the fantasy online lover.

Be alert. DO NOT ever respond to unsolicited email “love letters”. This is yet just another scam. If you answer, the scammer will know you are vulnerable and a “mark”. There is no love to be found out there via strangers from emails. Finding love is more difficult than making money; you really have to work at it, and you will not find it on the internet.

Now that said, Scamraiders is carefully analyzing “on line dating services”. Regretfully most of them are not what they claim to be. The supposed legit sites insist that their users provide VERIFIED profiles. Thereafter, these Sites appear to attempt to match you with others that you can hopefully, fairly, try and develop a meaningful relationship. This is their claim, but who knows? There are even scam claims and negative comments out there about these well-known internet service providers as well. Really, the true answer is—get up and get out—- try your best to meet people “face to face”—at social functions, Church or Temple functions, or through reliable friends. Remember always: IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE—–IT IS!!!


The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force held a press conference on June 17th to announce the highly successful results of Operation Stolen Dreams, the largest nationwide takedown of mortgage scammers ever.

The Task Force is an interagency group, set up in November 2009 by the current administration, linking members of state and local law enforcement with over 20 federal agencies, 94 US attorneys offices and regulatory authorities in an effort to specifically target financial fraud.

Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal Bureau of Investigations director Robert Mueller and Urban Development Inspector General Kenneth M. Donohue stood with other task members to tout the impressive returns of their first coordinated effort to fight mortgage fraud, Operation Stolen Dreams.

Since its inception on March 1st of this year, the aggressive effort to investigate and prosecute housing financial crimes both criminal and civil has seen almost 2,000 defendants stand before the court to answer for scams in the area of $2.5 billion. The nearly 500 convictions and civil actions have also managed to recover over $200 million from the crooks.

The scope of these crimes is quite staggering. As befits the melting pot that is the United States the players, both victims and perpetrators, in these scams cover a wide range. Here are some examples of the scams busted by Operation Stolen Dreams:


A former mortgage broker was sentenced to 270 months in federal prison for stealing some $400,000 who believed they were simply refinancing their homes. In fact, Michael
Fiorito was reselling the homes without his clients’ knowledge.

Though he promised the victim’s home equity checks, Mr. Fiorio was proven to have physically intercepted those checks and deposited them. Some victim’s were forcibly
intimidated into endorsing the checks over to the criminal.


Two Atlanta men plead guilty in April to charges that they were involved in a scheme that profited from the corruption of a program designed to assist seniors by obtaining cash
equity for their homes or providing funds for the purchase of new

By faking down payments and using stolen identities to inflate the appraisals, the men were able to create false equity of the homes in the hundred of thousands of
dollars. After securing the reverse mortgage loans they would then
divert the funds to themselves and the initial homeowners would
receive no assistance.


Even the big boys came under the microscope as the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice’s US Trustee Program were able to wrangle a $108 million
global settlement from two Countrywide mortgage servicing companies.

According to the June 17th press release, the companies were accused of inflating fees “charged to cash-strapped homeowners whose mortgages Countrywide was
servicing, made false or unsupported claims about amounts owed by
borrowers in bankruptcy, and charged fees to borrowers that were not
disclosed until after the borrower’s bankruptcy when attempts were
made to collect the fees.”

Overcharged bankruptcy debtors and others falling victim before Countrywide was purchased by Bank of America will be eligible for payouts from the $108 million redress
fund. Going forward Countrywide must provide borrowers in bankruptcy
with adequate notice as to charges and the company will be under
further scrutiny as their internal procedures for ensuring the
accuracy of data used in servicing homeowner loans is now subject to
verification by a third party overseer.


Two defendants were arrested and charged in Miami for a scam that managed to procure some $4.4 million in fraudulent mortgage loans.

One defendant advertised herself to the Haitian-American community as an assistance provider for immigration issues and a manager of government-sponsored housing programs. Those
who visited her for assistance were asked to provide their personal
information, this included names, social security numbers and copies
of driver’s licenses.

The two defendants then used this information to purchase property without the victim’s knowledge or approval. After the properties were closed, the defendants would
then file false quit-claim deed transferring title back to a company
the defendant’s owned. By the time the scheme was busted, they had
created almost $2 million in losses to various lenders, and caused
countless financial headaches for folks who had come to them in good
faith seeking assistance.


— If you want to purchase or sell a home, get referrals for real estate or mortgage professionals. Don’t stop there though, check with state and local regulatory agencies to
ensure the validity of their license.

— Do your own footwork to find out what similar properties in the area have sold for or for how much they are being listed.

— Don’t let anyone talk you into making a false statement on a loan application. Not your realtor, not the mortgage broker – no one.

— Don’t sign blank documents or any document containing blank lines. Read and review before signing, and if you don’t understand the documents hire an attorney to review
them for you. It will be money well-spent.


If you think you’ve been victimized, please contact your local FBI field office:

Want to learn more about the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force? Then visit:


The NY Commission on Judicial Conduct is a pathetic scam and front giving passes to the bigger fishes, the NYC Judges, Supreme Court Culprits in Nassau, Westchester, Brooklyn, etc, and pick on the ‘guppies’ in the Towns and Hamlets and ‘part-timers’ . Breaking the Rules is OK for the NY Commission—a Agency that condones deceit, dishonesty, fraud and Judicial fixes and bribery.

The NY Commission has condoned fraud, collusion, documented interstate fraud, dishonesty and worse. Scams Inc has proof that this ‘whitewashing commission’ has ignored telephonic tape recordings legally made that proves a NY Supreme Court Judge has engaged in interstate fraud, perjury, corruption, and documented deceipt. The Commission ignored the proof of criminal acts by a Sitting Judge and again gave a pass.

The Commission does not properly or at all investigate Claims and Complaints. They make a mockery of the Legal System and dont give a rats-ass about the integrity of the Courts, the Public or the Rules of Law.. The Commission ignores dishonesty, collusion, bribery, tampering and Judicial crimes and fraud——-but the Commission is very good at Whitewash and back-room farces and rhetoric at the taxpayers expenses–

Scams Inc has extensive files on the Commissions condoning NY Supreme Court Judges corruption, set-ups, frauds, collusion bribery and worse——yet they turn their back on criminal acts by these Judges and the Lawyers, tampering, bribing and engaging in fixes of cases——-

On Wed 4-18-12 we will present a NY POST article of April 8, 2012 about the ineptness of the Commission on Judicial Conduct———-

This is the tip of the iceberg——-SCAMS INC has much more on the crimes and collusion of the Unified Court Judges—–Thank goodness for the real watchdogs—the Federal Government via the Dept of Justice and the FBI——-they say–‘there is a time to dance and a time to pay the fiddiler’—stay tuned for much more to come on this one——–

Read more at the New York Post:

SECRET SHOPPER SCAMS — The only thing “secret”–they will quickly fleece you!

Many of these supposed employment frauds prey upon gullible and/or desperate persons who simply desire to secure a lucrative job. This type of con-artist will promise easy-to-perform work that they claim pays well. They target you because they know many of us want to believe we’ve found a good deal. Their offers lead you down a “primrose path” to get your money— stay away!

The typical lure used to suck you in is found in newspapers and on the internet. It reads: “Secret Shopper; short hours, easy work, money to be made!” All you have to do is visit stores each day and make purchases for their company account. According to the con, if you are hired, you will supposedly be working for a variety of retailers and manufacturers of products who are allegedly interested in knowing how their products are being displayed and marketed. You are told that you will spend your day making specific purchases at targeted retailers. When you turn in your “reports” you are supposed to receive a “fat paycheck”. Sounds good—right? Well, wait just a moment!

There are some bona-fide Secret Shopping Employers out there, but trying to tell the real from the fraudulent is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is really no protection against an ad which appears in a newspaper or on the internet to help you see which is a real job or one that will fleece you. The Federal Trade Commission can help you providing some advice on becoming a “Secret” or “Mystery” Shopper.

Here are some key pointers:

1. Never pay any up-front money to get into this business.

2. Don’t be hooked by money-back guarantees—- you will never see your money again.

3. Don’t purchase flim-flam training materials or a supposed “Certificate” or “Registration” with a database —–these are all cons and you are being set-up.

4. Don’t ever get sucked into cashing a check for these so-called “Shopper” administrators (pitchmen). The check will be a counterfeit phony and you will be stuck.

5. Alert– these con-artists are able to create counterfeit checks that look good enough for the banks to clear for a few days. By the time the bank figures out the check is a counterfeit, the con-artist will already have had you wire through Western Union the lions share of the cash to another scammer— supposedly leaving you with a few hundred bucks as your fee. In about 48 hours, you will then end up stuck for the whole amount of the phony check when the bank comes calling for its money.

6. $3,000 to $4,000 is the common amount of the pitchman’s bogus check to be cashed. Usually, there is a “must act quickly” included in their ploy. Why? Because these con artists know that they have about a 48-hour window before the counterfeit check will be detected and then bounced. The pitchman scams you with this exercise using the phony premise that part of your “job assignment” is to test out the Western Union/ Money-gram system to see how quickly Western Union performs and supposedly how “courteously” customers are treated.

7. Be aware — There are many other derivations of these counterfeit check scams.

8. Many swindlers clone well-know names of reputable firms.

9. Western Union / Money-grams is often misused by these scammers.

9. Stay away from any company that asks you to use your own money for purchases.

10. Repeat: Never pay companies to employ or train you, and never ever wire any money to strangers that have supposedly hired you.

So the answer is —never cash a check sent to you for the foregoing purposes. They are all phonies and counterfeit. Keep in mind, anyone can place an ad online or in the newspaper. Don’t fall for scammer bogus claims that give you false a sense of security. Don’t delude yourself, with these scam-artists, when your cash goes out the door it will never come back in the window—that’s it—your money is not retrievable! It’s gone forever. Again, please always remember: “IF IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!!!”

John W. Siebert, MD – the timeline of a rogue doctor

John Siebert, MD, anatomy of a documented vulture

1970’s John goes to medical school and becomes a doctor. John has psychological and sexual problems that surface early on, maybe also involving children. According to the charges, the Department of Children and Families in the State of Conn, who investigated John Siebert

1990 John cons Dr Michael Hogan into selling his medical office and practice to John Siebert. Siebert gets the money from a early Siebert victim Ms. C. Zimmerman

1994 Siebert buys a $6 million house in Greenwich, Conn. and borrows a fortune from Gilbride Tusa Last Spellaine to carry the house.

1996 Siebert cons Jim Couri, saying he is a multimillionaire and wasn’t, to engage in a joint-venture

1996-2002 Siebert signs agreements, lies, cheats, defaults ruins a lucrative kindervest venture and unknown to jim engages in sex rapes of patients and stealing from patients and insurers to keep up Siebert’s phony lifestyle. Siebert robs Jim for $20million in documented notes, agreements, guarantees and other obligations. Swears he will pay up but lies and commits fraud and perjury. In fact, predator John Siebert defaults repeatedly, while at the same time he was molesting dozens of patients, being charged by NY State Dept of Health and fired from NYU hospital for sex crimes. Siebert hires corrupt lawyer Joe Burke and embarks on a cover-up of Siebert’s sex crimes, documented tax evasion and filing false statements with Chase Bank, U.S. Trust, Bank Aaudi, Fleet Bank and others and a scheme to corrupt the NY courts with the help of mob lawyer George Pavia in order to rob Jim Couri. Siebert ripped off Richard Jacobs, Ben Ossman and many others in the process, including patient girlfriend Mrs. Christopher Zimmerman and others.

Siebert is now found out to have robbed many, including Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield and GFI Insurance and others by fraud in concert with his ‘office manager’ Nelsa Garcia. All the while, Siebert and Burke have compromised and tampered with court officials, referees and others.

We at Scamraiders have the evidence. Siebert was investigated as a pedophile. Many of his patient victims have filed charges against Siebert with law enforcement and about 20 have come forward to give evidence with the NY State Dept of Health.

Empire BC/BS is on to Siebert and Garcia for their massive theft of fraudulent and forged insurance claims. Many of Siebert’s patient sex victims have produced sworn-to statements, outlining Siebert’s un-denied sex, narcotic and thefts. Siebert, we understand, is now a target of many investigations into his sex rapes and thefts of insurance monies

All of the forgoing is un-denied by Siebert and fraudulently covered up by Siebert’s corrupt lawyers, Joe Burke and Ken Gomez. This Siebert guy is a sociopath and will be dealt with according to law. Contrary to Siebert’s schemes to gag our free and truthful reporting, we are a news service owned by Scamraiders reporting pursuant to law, free press, free speech and the US Constitution. See Scamraiders Terms of Use, mission statement and $10,000.00 rewards.

Poetry Scam – How To Avoid Becoming A Victim

by: Steve Nickson

Has this ever happened to you? You dream of being a published writer and can’t wait to get your work in print, or you receive an offer that will make your publishing dreams come true.

Then it is important that you are aware of the poetry scam.

This scam preys on the hopes and aspirations of unassuming authors. It starts out by you contacting several companies and then one of them sends you an email to say you have been selected for publication. You are over the moon. However, before you break out the champagne, you should do some research!

This could be a poetry scam. You are advised that to make it to print you usually have to pay the publication costs yourself. You may be so desperate to get published that you choose to run with it. What you could end up with however is a garage full of books that you have trouble selling. An alternative scenario is that you end up with only a few copies that cost you thousands of dollars each, or in some cases, you end up with no books at all!

Scammers are very good at deceiving you into believing that they run reputable publishing houses, and will charge you much more money than it would cost if you self-publish on your own.

Publishers or agents who charge reading fees for submissions should also be avoided. It often indicates they are making money from your fees rather than book sales!

For beginner writers looking for success, the most popular method is to get an agent who will submit your work to publishers. If you bypass the agent and deal with publishers who charge for the publication of the books, they are not traditional publishing houses. These sort of companies are known as vanity publishers or print on demand publishers and are usually not regarded highly in the publishing industry.

They tend to charge very high prices, carry out little or no editing, and provide little or no marketing or promotion of the books. The book quality is generally not high. This is not the recommended route for beginner writers.

A recent variation is for self publishing scammers to try to appear as reputable publishers claiming to charge no publisher’s fee to accept your book. Instead what they do is require the author to pay an editor from a list the publisher provides, to get the manuscript into shape. In fact the ‘editor’ is one of the publisher’s employees, and the author’s money ends up back in the publisher’s pocket.

Avoiding the poetry scam starts when you first begin submitting your work to prospective publishers. Start by checking to see if the publishers are legitimate by looking them up in the Preditors and Editors website. You can also look for publishers in the Writer’s Market book.

You should also verify the address of the publisher [scammers tend to use a post office box or drop-off address], and ring the phone number [scammers often don’t provide these]. If the contact details such as address, phone, fax and email are not prominently displayed on their web address, look somewhere else to be published.

Join a writer’s group such as the Romance Writers of America as it provides the opportunity to ask about any agents or publishers you are considering.

When you finally have a contract, take your time and seek expert advice. No reputable publisher or agent would object to this.

Envelope Stuffing Scams

There are many work at home scams today, but one of the most common scam is envelope stuffing . You can go to any search engine and do a search on envelope stuffing work at home jobs , and see they all are ran the same way.

Here’s how it works: The most common scam offers to pay $3 or $4 per envelope you address or stuff. They ask that you send [to cover the cost of shipping and handling/registration fees] $30, and they promise to send you a list of companies that want to pay you to stuff envelopes for them.

THE SCAM_ Most envelope stuffing con games are the same way: You pay your “registration fee” [usually $30 ,pure profit for the scam artist] . They will then send you a copy of the ad that you orginally responded to, along with the wording to a classified ad, telling people about how much money they can make stuffing envelopes, and to send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for more information. When you receive [if you ever do] someone’s S A S E, you send them a copy of the ad. There, you have stuffed your first envelope.

THE COLD HARD TRUTH _joining an envelope stuffing program is a bad idea. Think of it this way: Why would anyone pay someone to stuff envelopes, when you can get an envelope stuffing for a few hundred dollars? They wouldn’t So many people send off their hard earned money for the “registration fee” in hopes of earning hundreds of dollars a week stuffing envelopes, only to be another victim of this scam.

So you can see, that joining an envelope stuffing program is a bad idea. Save the money you’d send in for the registration fee, and put it towards a legitimate home-based business, and you’ll be happier and more successful. But, before joining any work at home based business, you should thoroughly check them out before spending money. Here is the link to check out any company that you would think about joining.

Better Business Bureau

If you are one of the ones that have fallen for this scam, there are steps you can take to put these scam artist out of business for good: Here is the first thing you should do, I think you should ask them to refund your money and if they refuse let them know that you will report them as SCAM at FTC. To file a complaint visit$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 or to get free information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261

Here are some resources for getting help, or to stop scammers:

United States Postal Inspection Service

This site has information about envelope stuffing scams, as well as other home-based business scams.

Better Business Bureau

This site you can research a company before joining, or to file a complaint.


About The Author
Tina Barraclough is a stay at home mom and owner of Visit her website for Business Opportunities, free e-books,Business Articles,etc.

Dr John Siebert engaged in a systematic scheme of obstruction of justice, misrepresentation, fraud on the court in New York City

Dr John Siebert engaged in a systematic scheme of obstruction of justice, misrepresentation, fraud on the court in New York City, concealing of evidence, used perjured testimony in order to avoid paying unconditional obligations that Siebert agreed to pay exceeding $20,000,000.00.

Siebert and his lawyers furthered this scheme from 2004 through the present covering up material facts and other bad acts of Siebert to obtain unjust gains through fraud and perjury—is RICO coming?

Dr. John Siebert, a man of 1000 phony faces, has now been exposed as a thief, perjurer, sex vulture, swindler, a accused insurance fraudster, violator of court orders, narcotics abuser and a man who engaged in secretion of evidence, creating false evidence, corrupting court officers,and a plethora of other documented illegal acts in a scheme with his lawyers to deprive due process by fraud, perjury, corruption, violations of injunctions and a rampant pattern and scheme of perjury and suborning of perjury.

Dr. John Siebert is also an accused butcher and sex offender by many victim patients in court papers and affidavits and Siebert is an accused pedophile.

Siebert is now a proven thief, a issuer of bum checks, a now evicted squatter from 875 Park Ave, NYC, and a narco abuser, liar and fraudster, covering up that he was under investigation for sex abuse, insurance fraud, and illegal acts while testifying in NY courts that he was a respectable doctor all the while covering up his criminal acts, acts of patient abuses, sex molesting, insurance fraud and thefts, narcotics abuse and threats and extortion – while engaging in a pattern of deception and ‘cover-up’ defrauding persons who Siebert robbed and by engaging in rampant corruption at the courthouse and at the Appellate Division First Dept NYC.

In the process, robbing a plaintiff who Siebert swindled for millions by collusion, fraud and obstruction of justice and violations of a myriad of laws and restrictive injunctions.

Siebert’s acts constitute contempt of court, criminal perjury, collusion, obstruction of justice, fraud on the courts and plaintiff and corruption. He now has been exposed by his being fired for cause from three NYC hospitals, evicted as a illegal tenant, charged with internet and other phony/fraudulent advertising, fraud and deception.

Siebert has repeatedly misused the courthouse for illegal gain and to engage in criminal acts, rampant perjury, tampering, and corruption.

Siebert and his lawyers violations of law, fraud, perjury, and other illegalities will have grave consequences.

Siebert has with impunity misused the courts to obtain by fraud and corruption unjust gain and thefts of over $20,000,000.00 unconditionally due to others that Siebert agreed to pay and by Siebert and his lawyers engaging in corruption and deception, and manipulating referees and judges by acts of intentional and systematic perjury, deception and concealment deprived plaintiff of his money.

The matters outlined here are being scrutinized involving a number of years and patterns and schemes of Dr. John Siebert’s secretion of material proofs and collusion and fraud.

Siebert is a sociopath, a liar and a criminal—a man without integrity and a vulture abusing the rules of law and victim patients for his own illegal and unjust self indulgence.

The evidence of the forgoing is clear and mandate multiple damages in federal courts – facts are still unfolding and Siebert is now on the run as a thief, fraud and sex offender.


Dr John Siebert is a confirmed sociopath, perjurer, extortonist, sex pervert and thief. Siebert recruted Russo and Burke Esqs in 2004 and with stolen insurance funds and illegal filings has been paying Joseph M Burke Esq and Burke’s pimp -thug associate Kenneth V Gomez to cover-up Siebert’s sex-perversions, dishonesty, wicked acts of patient sex abuses, insurance, Mrdicare and Medicaid frauds and Siebert’s thefts of millions; and frauds on Courts as part of Siebert’s crimes and rapes of many—physically, emotionally and financially——Siebert is a sex pervert SWORN-TO by many of his victims.

Siebert has beed exposed and expelled from Hospitals and evicted out of office space for Siebert’s crimes, immoral acts, sex abuses and narcotics abuse.

Scams Inc will be publishing a full Report-Expose on DR John Siebert and Russo and Burke-Joseph M Burke Esq shortly——

Siebert is a vile and wicked sociopath surrounded by corrupt immoral lawyers and we will continue to expose these conmen and put them in prison—stay tuned