Kenneth V Gomez Esq has been accused by persons he has extorted as a ‘stalker’, ‘a ass-hole’, a ‘extortionist’, ‘a thief’, ‘a lewed dishonest thug’ and much more.

Gomez is a hired pimp who has been recruited by disgraced Dr John Siebert, a proved sex pervert and healthcare insurance thief, and recruited by Mob-front, perjurer, and tax thief George Pavia.

Gomez is so obsessed and fixated on Jim Couri because Jim has not only uncovered the crimes of Pavia and Siebert but he exhumed the neuroses of Kenneth V Gomez as well.

Jim exposed that Gomez is also a sexual deviant as reported by Ms Rachel, and Muriel Karass who swear that Gomez has stalked them, harassed them and exposed himself to Ms Rachel.

Gomez has also been exposed as a perjurer, a thief of Medicare funds, and exposed as a rampant Internet liar and perjurer.

Kenneth Gomez sells out to any one where Gomez can use his ‘poison-pen’ to malign and defraud for a few bucks as shake-down money.

Gomez is clearly a demented vile sociopath.A man without a home or conscience. Gomez makes his supposed office in a closet of fellow corrupt Joseph M Burke’s Russo and Burke Esqs office, also a group who are known Courthouse manipulators and who have represented Dr John Siebert while Siebert has been Ejected out of 4 NYC Hospitals and evicted from % medical offices, for demented perverted sexual molestings of Siebert’s Patients.

Kenneth V Gomez has displayed mental and psychological lunacy by for over 4 years of harassing, extorting and Blogging about Jim Couri.

Gomez is the only person maligning Jim who Gomez claims is ‘broke, dying of cancer, is a crook, and worse’. Yet Gomes doesent even know Jim Couri.

Gomez apparent preoccupation with Jim is soly motivated as retaliation by Gomez’s Sponsors, thieves Pavia and Siebert, and because of Gomez’s self obsessions, fixations, phobias, and jealous infatuation with Jim and Jim’s inate abilities to uncover, exhume and cause to expose Gomez’s and pals demented monstrous and wicked acts of extortion, harassing, abusing and threatening.

Scams Inc has Reported and Posted a plethora of Proof of Gomez’s perverted and criminal acts, all undenied by Gomez.

Gomez on his ‘lone-ranger’ Soap-Box has continued his demented fixations about Jim Couri with doctored forged exhibits, lies and misrepresentations.

Gomez has meddled into the affairs of his targets, by stalking, faxing, posting frauds on his Blogs, extorting and worse.

Scams Inc is very interested in Gomez’s phobias, infatuation, obsession, preoccupation and fixation into Jim Couri and other victims of Gomez—– as Gomez’s acts are not normal and they are clearly sick and demented —-ARE GOMEZ ACTIVITIES THE ACTIONS OF DEMENTED SICK OBSESSION OR THE ACTS OF A SOCIOPATH?——-stay tuned

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