Judge Joan Madden was infected by Mafia front and documented perjurer George M Pavia in a scheme to railroad Jim Couri’s rent stabilized home within a brownstone building, 18 East 73St NYC, owned by Pavia and his wife Antonia. The building was found to be rent stabilized by the DHCR via Jim’s efforts and thus the value cut in more than half.So George Pavia began a scam of Courthouse collusion fraud, didhonesty and immoral acts and got to Madden. The pattern of Decisions, preclusions, threats and charades and farcical acts of Madden are a matter of Record. Her own Decisions reveal a despicable paper trail of bias, illogical findings, precluding other Court findings proving that the Pavias are perjurers, forgers and found to be engaged in rampant fraud by the NYC-ECB Court. The ECB Court and the NYC Department of Buildings by & Inspectors found after & Trials that the Pavia Property and a ‘atrium-greenhouse’ in Jims Apartment were hazardous and unfit for dwelling purposes.

Madden precluded all of this Evidence and ECB findings. Maddem further precluded res-judicata findings by the DHCR and by Judge R. Acosta regarding false claims of ‘nuisance’ falsely and desperately asserted by Pavia and Gomez relating to letters Jim sent to Pavia’s office. Madden precluded all relevant facts, all ECB findings, all DOB findings, all facts as to Jim’s cancer and heart disease. Madden refused to speak to Jims heart Doctors at Presbeterian Hospital and she recruited Dr Weintraub, a pal of Gomez and disgraced Dr John Siebert to further her charade to loot Jim’s home.Maddens’s trickery was found out and exposed by many in print and on the internet.Madden’s Courtroom is and was rife with now well documented corruption,deceit, dishonesty and fraud orchestrated by con-man tax thief George Pavia and his thug-pimp extortonist Kenneth V Gomez Esq. Gomez has been proved to be a perjurer, a stalker, a man who has engaged in lewd acts ans who has sabatoged the use of the Courts for the personal and unjust gains for the benefit of George Pavia, Antonia Pavia ans convicted sex offender Dr John Siebert.

Madden was on a Ballot for re-election in Nov 2011. She failed to reveal her infected Courtroom rife with collusion and fraud. Madden was unaposed and obtained 19% of the vote. Another Boss-Tweed scam election so that more victims can be polluted by Madden’s cover-ups. Sad, very sad.

Maddens malliable acts, permitting Pavia-Gomez poluting of her Court is perverse and despicable. Madden, when she realized that Jim Couri uncovered the Madden Courtroom railroading and charade scheme, recruted Pimp Gomez along with Pavia to railroad jim with other Judges and Referees in the Unified Courthouse. Such included a Medicare theft by Gomez of over $230,000.00, tampering with other Decisions and insulating the Pavias by maligning Jim with outright fraud.

Meanwhile Madden ignored the Pavias and Gomez acts of threats, extortion, tax evasion, documented perjury, forgery and tampering.

Madden out of spite, greed and cover-up has tried to manipulate the Courts and deprive Jim Couri of his rights to access to the Courts and his Rights as a Citizen of the United States of America.

Madden in collusion with Gomez, Pavia and others, confirmed by her own actions have undermined and polluted the honor and integrity of the Courts. Maddens unholy alliance with Pavia and Gomez and their allies have infected the Courts in a RICO scam depriving a level Field to litigate honestly
with a trier of facts who follows the Law and the Rules of the Unified Courts and the Constitution.

Madden’s acts of collusion with these corrupt persons and manipulating the Uniform Rules, CPLR, res-judicata, and defrauding Jim Couri out of his home is wicked and immoral.

Madden still continues to spitefully interfere into Jim Couri’s health, litigation and life.

Scams Inc has obtained a letter recently sent to Madden that will be posted with this article on Scams Inc——–please read it as all will see what a spiteful Judge will do to a litigant who exposes corruptĀ  actions engaged in by a Court———see what happened to Mr Sonny Schue——He came up DEAD.
Stay tuned

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