Bob Hughes and Hughes Properties of Palm Springs CA seem to be very greedy and are willing to engage in bullyism in order to aid La Quinta Baking Company and Robert & Mary Gary (collectively LBC), in a “theft of services” for valid fees earned by a Business Broker that LBC & Gary begged for help.

Seems that LBC was unable to renew its Lease and was being put on notice by the Landlord that its defaulted lease for another business in the same complex (a deli), guarantees due were going to result in LBC being shuttered.

LBC recruited a Businessman in or about Aug 2011 to aid in preserving the LBC business and tenancy. After 10 months the LBC operations were preserved, a new lease was made and LBC in concert with Hughes after converting the important services performed, find a buyer for the business that the Business Broker preserved. The sale for LBC is supposed to be $495,000.00 to Garys and 10% to Hughes.

Now Garys, although they agreed to the fees refuse now to pay the NY Broker for his months of services. Gary after the Invoice was tendered asked for more advice and work on the sale of LBC and sought the advice for the opening of a Beverly Hills restaurant. Gary bombarded this NY Business broker with dozens of email demands ano repeated meetings and phone calls. Seem that the Garys change of tune is orchestrated by Hughes and his greed to keep all the LBC business-sale fees for himself and the Garys.

Now Hughes with the aid of a ‘gang-up’ led by Bob Hughes and Lawyer Mary Gilstrap from Roemer & Harnik Esqs are concocting ‘tall-tales’ engaging in slander and trying to allow Hughes to convert the fees earned by others.

Without the guidance of the NY Broker there was nothing for greedy Hughes to sell. Meanwhile the NY broker has filed suit against the Garys and LBC for his fees.

Hughes recruiting Gilstrap and others is engaging in bullyism, intimidation, lies and deception.

Gilstrap has slandered and lied to the NYC Business Broker’s lawyer and lied as to the Hughes Business Broker “SOLE & EXCLUSIVE AUTHORIZATION & RIGHT TO SELL”

Any one knows that as “business brokers” commissions are paid fof advice and efforts that result in the sale of Businesses, just as the Hughes AUTHORIZATION states.

Gillstrap trying to aid Hughes in this “theft of Services” tries desperately to make the work appear to be a real-estate sale.

Hughes seems to be engaged in this form of bullyism as the conduct here is more than suspect.
Recruting Lawyers to cheat and lie in order to rob a validly earned fees is despicable.

Scams Inc is now conductiog a full investigation into the Business conduct, background and activities of Bob Hughes, Hughes properties of Palm Springs, Ca and how they can use lawyers to shake-down legitimate business persons and disenfranchise their fees and convert them for Hughes benefit—-stay tuned

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