How to avoid chiropractic fraud

As with most cases of fraud, many people assume if they are not directly involved it has no impact on their life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, incidents of fraud in the health care industry as well as other areas of your life have a ripple affect, impacting everyone regardless of whether or not they are direct participants. Here we look at how chiropractic fraud affects everyone.

What is chiropractic fraud?

Better known as chiropractic insurance fraud, this occurs when either a recipient of chiropractic treatment or administrator of treatment misrepresents information to the insurance company regarding such treatment. A widespread problem in the medical community at large and specifically the chiropractic community, insurance fraud is a serious issue.

Who does it hurt?

Insurance fraud hurts everyone. From the patient who no longer knows where to turn for quality care to the person paying higher insurance premiums as a result of fraudulent claims. Insurance fraud has a far reaching affect on those in the medical community and beyond.

How to prevent insurance fraud?

Patients worried about insurance fraud can help stop the problem by paying close attention to the information reported to the insurance company regarding their treatment. Is the insurance provider being billed for treatments as they occurred? Is there a discrepancy in what the insurance company is billed for in relation to the treatment received? Do you feel as if you are receiving more treatments than medically necessary? These are all indications that your chiropractor may be involved in insurance fraud.

What should you do if you suspect insurance fraud?

It is believed that insurance fraud costs taxpayers upwards of 50 billion dollars per year. For this reason anyone suspecting insurance fraud should report the incident immediately. Ideally the insurance company paying out on fraudulent claims should be the first party notified, with state or federal agencies next in line. In cases of insurance fraud, you can report your suspicions anonymously or provide your name and contact information.

How to find a reputable chiropractor?

Just because there are a few bad apples in the business, does not mean all chiropractors are crooks. The opposite is true, with almost all chiropractors being legitimate members of the heath care system. Chiropractic treatments offer many benefits when administered by those with experience and proper training. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and ask for references to learn more about the chiropractor you are considering. As other patients about their experience and research the individual or practice online for an inside look at how other patients have rated their experience. It is always a good idea to follow your own instincts as well. If you feel the chiropractor in question is more concerned with billable treatments versus finding a solution to your problem, they may not be the chiropractor for you. A reputable chiropractor will always put the needs and safety of their clients above any concerns over billable treatments. Insurance fraud should be a concern for all of us, however it is important to remember that most medical professionals are in the business to provide services to those in need.

Dr. Ryan Marshall, D.C.
Tulsa chiropractors treat individuals with a variety of conditions. Dr. Ryan Marshall, D.C, a Tulsa Chiropractor, has over seven years of clinical experience treating patients of all ages. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, bass fishing and playing the guitar and piano. He is also an active member of First Baptist Church Broken Arrow.