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George and Antonia Pavia are self-styled phonys who set themselves out at Italian elitists when in fact they are corrupt liars, sociopaths, perjurers and tax evaders and Mussoloni symphatizers. George and his father were allied with the Facist, convicted as crooks and fled Italy in or about 1943. George learned early how to be a thief, and brought that trait with him to the good old USA.

George and Antonia stole much, and have engaged in documented tax avoidance. They also stole 18 East 73rd Street NYC from Antonia’s mother Ms Janna Pierce in or about 1975. Then George, a lawyer, began renting out the 2 top floors (4 Units), and a “basement unit”. George intentionally failed to Register 18E 73 with the DHCR as mandated by law. Rather George and Antonia rented these units to victim tenants without providing Rent Stabilized Leases, at the building that was subject to Stabilization.
For years the Pavias cheated their tenants until Jim Couri exposed The Pavias, and filed with the DHCR for Rent Stabilization. Jim won, and the Pavias went wild and embarked on a rampage of threats, harassment, lewd acts, fraud, and ultimate probable bribery of Judge Madden.

All the while Pavia was kicked out of numerous Courts, and the DHCR prevailed in Article 78 Proceedings, and on Appeal. The Pavias were called “perjurers” by the NYC-ECB Court, and found to be engaged in forging fake DOB Certificate of Corrections. Pavias then Lawyer Jay Itkowitz stated on his Blog that Pavia will “Do anything to get Couri out”. Pavia engaged in rampant fraud on the Court, manipulation of Madden and extortion. Pavia ultimately stole Couri’s apartment, and robbed rent stabilization from over a dozen tenants. Details of Judge Madden being compromised and corrupted by Pavia has been exposed in many articles with factual data and details. The Reasonable Inference Rule and other evidence confirms clear and convincingly that Madden was compromised and corrupted by a lecherous runt and thief, George Pavia.

Now the Pavias are having parties at 18E 73 under the egis of Corinne Pulitzer of Douglas Elliman, who has acted in concert with the Pavias to commit fraud on the Court and loot rent stabilization; and who aided the Pavias in committing tax fraud aiding in the sale of the Pierce property at 15 E 77st NYC where George and Antonia looted for themselves and their Son and Daughter by a tax scam and phony transfers of the deed—-piece-meal.

Now the Pavias, after engaging in thefts of tenants rights by fraud, deception and bribery, are trying to sell 18 East 73rd Street NYC for $22,000,000.00 to unsuspecting prospective buyers. The Pavias and Pulitzer have not disclosed that they by theft,bribery, corruption and RICO conspiracy have illegally and unjustly enriched themselves at the expense of Couri and others who had the misfortune to have the Pavias as landlords and that 18 E 73 St NYC has apartments within that were stolen by Pavia from Rent Stabilized Tenants who have rights that the Pavias compromised by criminal acts, RICO, thefts, perjury and fraud. George is a despicable person who has no conscience now trying to cheat buyers of 18 E 73 St that the Pavias robbed from their tenants and who by fraud circumvented the NYC Rent Stabilization Laws.

The Pavias have been engaged in money-laundering, theft, conspiracy, bribery, fraud and corruption which they are desperate to shroud from any buyer, as the Pavias ripping-off their tenants will result in RICO and treble damages against the Pavias and all in concert with them.

Meanwhile psychopath George Pavia has the temerity to refer to the tenants he has robbed and looted as “PAINS IN THE ASSES”, as published in a article in the Real Deal.


George Pavia Esq is a documented thief, perjurer, tax evader and fraudster. George has been a user of people since a youth when he was a part of the Mussolloni Youth Corps. George got himself out of Italy and came to America. This Runt then began his attempt at “social-climbing”, marrying for money and position. George became a lawyer thanks to his first wife. George developed some Mafia connections including jailed contractor and money launderer Ted Kohel. George became acquainted with Dr Arnold Hutchnecker who in 1952 became the shrink for Nixon.

Soon George needed mental help after engaging in looting and robbing and fixing. Years passed and George Pavia engaged in tax evasion, perjury, thefts and threats and worse.When Dr Hutchnecker was questioned before his death he revealed that George Pavia suffered from numerous mental disorders including delusions of grandeur, and sociopathic tendencies.

George Pavia is a man riddled with complexes and who is devoid of ethics. Scams inc has published a plethora of evidence of Pavia’s pathetic conduct. We are advised that Pavia will be center stage in a RICO litigation now in the investigative and development stages.

Beware of The Jury Duty Scam

by: Gary Gresham

The jury duty scam is the newest type of identity theft scammers are using to get your personal information. This is a new twist on identity theft, and you should be aware of it so you can avoid becoming a new victim.

With the jury duty scam, the scammer calls you claiming to work for the local court and tells you that you failed to report for jury duty. He then explains that a warrant has been issued for your arrest.

When you explain that you never received the jury duty notification that sets up the perfect question for the identity theft scam. The scammer then asks you for identity verification wanting your social security number.

Once that is provided the scammers go for even more information like birth date and sometimes credit card numbers just because there are some people that will give it out freely.

Scammers tell you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest to catch you off guard. That thought is so powerful you don’t think about protecting your confidential information and quickly become a victim of the identity theft scam.

Here are a few ways you can protect yourself from the jury duty scam.

1. Never give out your Social Security number, credit card numbers, bank or any other personal or confidential information on the phone unless you originated the call and are positive you know who you are talking to.

2. People who work for the courts will never call you to ask for social security numbers or credit card numbers. If someone calls wanting this information, hang up.

3. If you fail to appear for jury duty, the court will send a second summons by mail. The courts do not call and threaten to arrest people.

The jury duty scam is the latest in a series of identity theft scams where scammers use the phone to try to get someones social security number and other confidential information.

The scammers will continue to come up with new ways to try and get your personal information. But if you are aware of how it works you might be able to avoid becoming a victim of this jury duty scam.