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Please read the following from New York Civic. Things have gotten worse, not better. How a Great State turns a blind eye on the” farces, fixes and frauds” ongoing in many Unified Court Courtrooms is despicable and yet condoned. We hear that the Feds are finally on to it and the phony facade is showing cracks—We live in hope!

Picking Judges in New York


(Reprinted from New York Civic, February 9, 2006)

Recently, in a case that had been pending for several years, federal judge John Gleeson issued a rather remarkable decision. On January 27th, 2006, he wrote a 77-page opinion holding that the State of New York’s constitutional provision for selecting Supreme Court Justices by judicial convention was in violation of the United States Constitution in that it deprived the people of the state of meaningful participation in the selection of judges.

Judge Gleeson ruled, as a finding of fact, that these conventions are tightly controlled by a small group of political leaders (the county bosses) and that judicial candidates not recommended by these bosses have no chance to be chosen for their party’s nomination. Judge Gleeson directed the legislature to reform the system by this summer, when petitioning would need to begin for Supreme Court candidates, if primaries are to be held. In political and judicial circles, the decision is considered momentous. If upheld, it will result in substantial change in the way judges are chosen.

On Tuesday, Chief Judge Judith Kaye presented her annual State of the Judiciary message to the State Legislature. Part of her remarks dealt with the selection of judges. She presented a number of proposals to improve the existing system of judicial conventions, which had been developed by a commission headed by John Feerick, the dean of Fordham Law School. The proposals are meritorious and should be adopted, but they should not exclude the abolition of the grossly unfair system of judicial conventions. If they can be abolished, the reforms will have even greater effect, since voters are more likely to heed professional evaluations than party bosses, for whom a judgeship can be a commodity of value.

The demise of judicial conventions would not automatically lead to the selection of better judges. It would be, however, a healthy first step toward a merit-based judiciary. Primaries, especially borough-wide contests in Brooklyn and New York counties, are very expensive, the costs running into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possibly more if there is a deep-pocketed aspirant.

If the candidates try to finance their campaigns by soliciting funds from litigants who may appear before them, they will create relationships that may interfere with their objectivity and impartiality. Rule 28-C: “Don’t accept cigarettes in prison.” You may incur obligations that you are unwilling to meet.

We should be aware that it requires honest, intelligent and fair-minded people to select good judges. The governor may appoint his out-of-town cronies to the Appellate Division, as has occurred in the First Department (Manhattan and the Bronx). The electorate may select the candidate who has spent the most money trying to reach them. The county bosses may select candidates based on a negotiated sale, since a public auction would appear unseemly, as well as be illegal.

It is possible, maybe even likely, that the payoffs would be less costly than the printing, polling, media buys and walking-around-money which comprise a great deal of the cost of political campaigns today. If judges must buy their robes (synecdoche), should they not be sold to the most worthy customers, not to the richest or the best connected?

The situation was summed up by Alexander Pope in 1734 in his “Essay on Man,” where he wrote:

For forms of government let fools contest;
Whate’er is best administered is best:
For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight;
His can’t be wrong whose life is in the right.

Judge Gleeson’s decision has opened the door to reform of a self-serving practice in which mediocre insiders are elevated to the judiciary while far better qualified outsiders are excluded. We should do what we can to see that this unusual opportunity is not lost. There are many honest and able lawyers who would make fine judges. The bench should not be chosen from among ward-heelers, time-servers, sycophants, and rich lawyers seeking a hobby while in retirement from the hurly-burly of private practice. Let us be clear: there ARE decent, honest, and intelligent judges serving today. They deserve particular credit for beating the system and making their way to the bench.

The case of Brooklyn Judge Victor Barron, sentenced to prison for taking bribes, is cited both as an example of a corrupt judiciary, and as an indication of an honest one, since he is the only judge, out of many, who committed this particular crime. We should know, however, that the only way this case was made is that the victim of the shakedown complained to the district attorney, and wore a wire to trap the judge. The great majority of bribery cases are consensual, with the briber relatively satisfied with the result, and, if he had made a payoff, unwilling to complain lest he be disbarred himself. There is a thin line between bribery and extortion, and some cases have elements of both.

In our view, there are a good number of judges who either take money or gifts, side with their friends out of loyalty, don’t understand the cases before them, or are too lazy to read the briefs. These vices appear to a greater or lesser extent in different individuals, and judges’ performance can change over the years, as senility sets in, or as personal problems cause distress. That is human nature.

Our object is to find a system in which the wisest and fairest men and women will sit on the bench. This will elevate not only the reputation of the courts, but the quality of justice dispensed. The parasites in robes would have to content themselves with patronage from the surrogates, until the tide of reform reaches that barnacle-encrusted office.

Reform is always an uphill struggle. The system is the way it is because the people who live off it want it that way. But an opening has been created. We need a Prague Spring to take advantage of it. The cause will have to be championed by the MSM (mainstream media). The case for reform was first brought to public attention several years ago by the Daily News, and the Post joined in with enthusiasm. It is time to reactivate the Fourth Estate to clean out the Augean stables, and to try to find better horses.

Judicial reform is possible, even in Brooklyn. By the way, two other counties, Queens and the Bronx, are somewhat better, if only because they conduct the shabby business more decorously and discreetly. Staten Island is constantly being dragged down by Brooklyn, because they have been placed in the same judicial district. Manhattan is different; there the test is not so much money as ideology, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. Guess, in each category, which side is favored by the cadre composed of the activists in the New York County Democracy.

Henry J. Stern is president of NY Civic. In the last four years, he has written almost 300 articles on public issues, which are available on the group’s website, Stern was New York City Parks Commissioner for fifteen years under Mayors Koch and Giuliani. He was elected to the City Council twice on the Liberal Party line. He is a graduate of the Bronx High School of Science, the City College of New York, and Harvard Law School.


The RICO-criminal enterprises of racketeers George Pavia , Esq., John Siebert md, Kenneth v Gomez , Esq., Antonia Pavia wife of fascist George, Joseph m Burke , Esq., and Russo and Burke , Esqs.

Scams Inc and Scamraiders and its investigators and staff have been scouring court records, pleadings, decisions, hundreds of documents and interviewing informants, and reviewing the decisions and orders of involved judges, referees, the appellate division, and the letters and comments generated from the disciplinary commission, and the commission on judicial conduct.

We have reviewed the pleadings filed by George and Antonia Pavia at the DHCR, and the DHCR findings, the DOB and their findings, the over 10 dob investigators violations issued against the Pavias and their brownstone 18 East 73rd Street nyc. We have reviewed the findings at the ECB court and the ECB court appeals division. We then have reviewed the incestuous decisions generated by JSC Joan Madden, in the various Jim Couri-Pavia cases spanning years 2002-2008; the various decisions/orders generated in the Jim Couri vs Siebert cases–
Generated by JSC Harold Beeler, JSC Sherry K. Heitler, Referee Bernard Fields, JSC Michael Stallman, referee Louis Crespo, Referee Leslie Lowenstein, Referee Jack Suter, and JSC Paul Wooten. We then reviewed all pleadings involving the robbery, collusion and conversion by front Kenneth v Gomez , Esq. of Jim Couri’s stolen $230,000.00 med mal settlement that by manipulation, fraud, courthouse negligence, legerdemain and corruption over$200,000.00 was turned over to Gomez circumventing a Medicare lien and lien of secured parties—

Not to mention the documented fraud and perjury engaged in by Gomez and others who ‘cut-up’ the ill-gotten stolen insurance money. That same court and judge issued orders involving tens of millions of dollars circumventing Medicare liens to lawyers who decided to ignore Medicare and the Judge Abdus-Salaam turned a blind eye for years–her reward, her elevation to the Appellate Division 1st Dept.–a fitting reward for at best negligence and at worst—ask JSC Madden, perjurer money launderer Kenneth V. Gomez and mob front George Pavia—

Then JSC Madden in a rouse to ‘insulate Pavia’ writes an order precluding the filing suit against the Pavias without Maddens permission. All the while Madden condoned Pavias perjury, threats, assaults and extortion of Jim Couri all witnessed by others–of course JSC Madden ignored George Pavias unholy alliance with contractor ted kohl who submitted 5 phony perjured affidavits in support of Pavias bogus claims that he conducted a fake ‘substantial renovation’ to 18 E 73rd St, NYC. The DHCR found Pavia and Kohl to be perjurers and the ECB court found them to be perjurers, and malleable Madden precluded these findings and she concocted a phony picture for the Pavias ignoring their corruption, other court findings and illegally precluding the prior court and DHCR findings—-that the Pavias were corrupt and perjurers and forgers—see DHCR findings and about 10 ECB court findings, ECB appeal findings and the findings of JSC Lebedeff and JSC Rolando Acosta——

JSC Joan Madden by her own actions, failure to act, absurd manipulations of the law and self-serving gibberish has disgraced the integrity of due process——-

Scams Inc/Scamraiders will continue to expose the unified courthouse follies and forays in to cronyism, collusion, corruption, thefts of due process, and corruption and also continue to open the Madden-Pavia cans of worms and report all to the world and to federal law enforcement and others—-

This activity sadly has resulted in thefts of the rules of law and unjust enrichment for corrupt lawyers, the Pavias, Siebert and crooked public officials all of which is now clear and convincing by documentary proof—–see RICO statutes—–

Who does JSC Madden think she was kidding by her corrupt antics and kangaroo decorum? Her rewriting of laws, preclusion of prior findings, collateral estoppel and res judicata violations and ignoring the rules and statutes to rob legal rights, money and home from a sick senior citizen is despicable, illegal and part of what we believe is a us code title 18 RICO scam activity involving very grave consequences for the actors involved and the misuse of the public trust and violations of rights under the us constitution—as well as racketeering —see title 18 chapter 96 and section 201—bribery——–

We then reviewed the decisions of JSC Joan Carey, JSC Judith Gische, JSC Shelia Abdus-Salaam,—-regarding the perpetuation of the theft of Jim’s med-mal ‘blood-money’ stolen by corruption and courthouse cronyism—-fact not guess-work— the facts are clear and convincing a puzzle when put together piece by piece makes a case of RICO corruption, bribery, obstructing justice, thefts, money laundering and extortion—

And the decisions at the appellate division as they relate to the Couri v Siebert case and the flouting by Siebert/Burke of a injunction, secretion of a note of issue, spoliation and willful acts of disobeying a broad and sweeping injunction inter-alia– precluding the motions made by Siebert and Burke and illegally and improperly decided by various referees and trial court judges all in violation of the injunction mandating that all such illegal decisions and appellate decisions be vacated and expunged as generated in violation of the injunction—

The patterns of collusion, corruption and clear and convincing tampering as evidenced by internet email records, phony decisions and orders, ignoring perjury, forgery, suppression of evidence, violating injunctions, precluding material evidence all targeting the millions of dollars in Jim Couri’s unconditional claims against Siebert and Jims well documented and secured rent stabilization of his home and the Pavia brownstone rights secured by Jim and the DHCR and robbed by the Pavia’s by bribery, collusion and corrupting JSC Madden. The pattern of Maddens acts and her spite, greed and targeting of Jim is clear as crystal as her decisions and schemes to insulate the Pavias and railroad Jim by depriving and precluding material facts ad-nauseum is a despicable and transparent disgrace—

In addition we have uncovered and have proof positive and documented evidence of mail, internet and wire fraud involving Referee Jack Suter, JSC Paul Wooten, JSC Joan Madden and JSC Michael Stallman, and others and we have proof of money laundering engaged in by Kenneth v Gomez , Esq., extortion and bribery.

We are convinced by the puzzle being put together piece by piece that from the corrupt thieving acts of criminal George Pavia , Esq. and his despicable thieving wife Antonia and their well-advertised M.O. to recapture rent stabilization were prepared ‘to do anything’ as published by Itkowitz and Harwood , Esqs—–the Pavias made their deal with the devil and by corruption , perjury, obstructing justice, fraud, tampering and forgery for a while got what they bargained for. Then Madden when she realized Jim was on to her she reached out and corrupted the Couri v Siebert case, and interfered into Jims med mal recovery and with a little help caused the theft of that money for the benefit of Pavia, his bag man Gomez and Siebert/Burke. More lies and cover-ups no longer will work as we at Scams Inc/Scamraiders are dedicated to putting this racketeering enterprise in the public domain and in the hands of the department of justice and the federal courts.

We refer all to title 18 chapter 96—racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations—–‘racketeering activity’ and sections 1961-1968 and amendments—– and we refer all to us code: title 18 201, bribery of public officials and witnesses.——-these will also be below.

The mandates for RICO is racketeering activities of at least two within 10 years—-in RICO there are treble damages, property forfeitures, seizures of property derived from the RICO enterprises see sec 1964 and sec 1963 civil and criminal remedies RICO—

If we are correct, (and we are convinced that we are and the evidence confirms the racketeering and corruption), in our investigations into these matters as they relate to a RICO case and RICO activities there are far more than the 2 required in 10 years—-here there are over a dozen and still counting involving the Pavias, Siebert, Gomez, Burke, Russo and Burke and their rampant and documented acts of bribery, collusion extortion, threats, money laundering, obstruction of justice, dealing in controlled substances, influencing judges, referees etc. by tampering, bribery and collusion and interstate wire and mail fraud—-

And there are now as we speak a pile of undecided motions in the Couri v Siebert cases before JSC Paul Wooten, who on Sept. 1, 2010 engaged in clear and convincing telephone-wire fraud interstate in a court proceeding lying and manipulating to deprive Jim of his rights and to cover-up the injunction violations by Siebert and Burke. Wooten’s subsequent conduct is further proof of collusion, fraud and obstructing justice.

Why would a presiding judge repeatedly lie over the phones to try and set-up Jim a pro-se plaintiff over the phones? In a proceeding over the phone lines while JSC Wooten is on the bench and donning his ‘black robes’—-then the supposed ‘official court transcript’ is tampered with clearly trying to shroud Wooten’s systematic attempts at railroading and deception——-we have the proof of the Wooten charade and attempted scam——-

This also at the very time where Jim Couri is seeking vacature of all decisions in the Siebert case by illegal motions made by Siebert/Burke generated by judges in violation of the Beeler injunction of 12-12-05 restricting any motions. The motions were made by Siebert/Burke violating the injunction and without disclosure to the judge of the injunction–a willful fraud on the court and acts of contempt—-

Jim at the time was in hospitals undergoing surgeries for cancer and heart disease—-

The criminal conspiracy spawned from the demented, greedy and distorted minds of George and Antonia Pavia and thereafter joined in by disgraced sex vulture and healthcare thief Dr. John Siebert along with a medley of corrupt lawyers including but not limited to Kenneth V. Gomez , Esq. Joseph M. Burke , Esq., Russo and Burke , Esqs. is being peeled away and exposed like pealing a stinking onion—–each week that passes we receive more proofs of this systemic system of abuse of power, corruption at the courthouse, crooked lawyers and cover-ups by unified courthouse judicial bandits, while honest judges continue to be thwarted and frustrated by their corrupt ‘brethren’——

These bad eggs must and will be exposed and brought to justice in a federal court and the Pavias, Siebert and the judges and referees that ‘played-along’ must be exposed, brought to justice and removed so that their corrupt ways will not injure others by their phony justice in a bottle—

All investigative findings, exhibits, recordings, court pleadings, decisions, orders, letters, affidavits, informants, etc., and all other evidence and admissions—- when complete —– will be turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C., attn: Mr. Lanny Breuer and also to the FBI and to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District New York—— and to others for civil action against all involved actors.

Stay tuned——-

Bribing a Judge

Title 18, US RICO Laws

U.S. Code: Title 18 § 201. Bribery of public officials and witnesses

Foreclosures Scams: How To Keep away from Them

Are you a home-owner who’s going through foreclosures? If you’re, you may actually be desperate. Chances are you’ll attempt anything to avoid wasting your home. Of course, you’re urged to take action, but you will need to not let desperation get in the way. Householders who do usually discover themselves the victims of a foreclosures scam.

Relating to foreclosures scams, one of the best ways to protect your self is to know what to look for. Although foreclosure scams come in quite a few totally different codecs, many are easy to spot.

One type of scam that you may be looking out for is when an individual or a company approaches you providing to help. When doing so, they will supply to give you a loan. The only downside is that a mortgage will not be what you may be getting. The paperwork you signal may very well turn over possession to the person or firm in question. Nonetheless, you often find yourself agreeing to lease the property at a really high rate. When you can not afford to make these payments, you may be evicted from a house that you just no longer own.

One other foreclosures rip-off involves having a person or company coming to your rescue. They will provide to negotiate along with your lender for you. During this era, you are requested to pay the person or firm in query, which can be referred to as a rescuer. The one problem is that individual or company isn’t in touch along with your mortgage lender at all. What they are doing is pocketing your money and you will nonetheless find yourself facing foreclosure.

Similar to the foreclosures scam listed above is one that includes strong-arming your private home from you. In this aspect, the individual or company in query is not essentially after your money, however extra your property. They are going to instruct you not to contact anyone for assist, apart from them. You might be instructed to not speak with a lawyer, to not discuss to or make payments to your mortgage firm, and so forth. Proper before the foreclosure proceedings begin, the scammer will then take every step attainable to get your home.

One mistake that you’ll not want to make, concerning foreclosures scams is believing that the individual in front of you is different. Desperation and despair can cloud one’s judgment. If you are presented with a contract or authorized document to signal, don’t achieve this till you possibly can have it reviewed by an attorney. You should definitely select your individual attorney. Don’t depend on the advice of an lawyer steered to you, as they might be in on the rip-off, if they are even an actual lawyer to start with.

The three above mentioned foreclosures scams are only a few that you may run into, but they do have the potential to cause essentially the most injury and probably the most heartbreak. The excellent news is you now know what to look for. This implies you’ll be able to keep away from falling sufferer to all these scams. As a phrase to the sensible, by no means comply with do enterprise with somebody who approaches you. A good lawyer or housing advisor will wait for you to come to them. Nobody who comes knocking in your doorstep is more likely to have your best pursuits at heart.

As a recap, foreclosure scams are out there. Typically, the only approach for you to legally avoid foreclosure to speak with an lawyer or to make preparations along with your monetary lender.


New York City is one of the greatest Cities in the World. If you can make it there you can make it anywhere—So they say.

Fortunes are made and lost in NYC. Billionaires from all over the Planet come to NYC and plunk-down millions for an apartment in The Big Apple. At last count we are told that a penthouse
changed hands for over $95Million.New york boasts that it has the best of everything, and for the most part that is true, until someone finds themselves the subject of a NY State Court Litigation or a Surrogates Court Matter.

What the super rich from lands beyond and the not so super rich dont usually know is the fact that the NYC Courts are polluted with some very corrupt and despicable Judges, Referees and Clerks. Of course this is not new, as Court corruption has been ongoing in NYC since “Boss-Tweed” and his Successors. The main problem is the farsical and archaic manner NY Judges are installed in such a powerful and autominous position. Worse the supposed Commission on Judicial Conduct is a toothless Tiger who takes little or no action against Judges who were installed as part of the corrupt Political Machine in NYC, Brooklyn, Nassau and Westchester, etc. They pick on local part-timers to look like they are doing something. In reality the Commission is a joke.

The Unified Court System in NYC has many fine and dedicated Judges, but they are the minority to the vicious, money hungry sociopaths who for a bribe will target a victim litigant and with their power and ability to manipulate the Rules of Law ruin the lives of their victims.

This targeting and corruption has been ongoing in NYC for years, and has been fueled by fat-cat fixers who bribe these corrupt Judges to engage in thefts of the legal rights of others.

We now learn that the FBI and the US Attorney are finally taking more than a passing notice to the Robberies taking place in the Unified Courts. NY State Senator John Sampson we hear is singing as to how he was threatened and bribed as to covering up Courthouse corruption, thefts, bribery and frauds.

To these corrupt Judges and corrupt lawyers who fix and bribe, the US Constitution takes a back seat to the thefts of money, property and homes of innocent victims of these Courthouse scams.

We have interviewed many, and reviewed thousands of pages of Courthouse Records. We have found dozens of frauds and fixes in the Unified Courthouse in Brooklyn, NYC, Westchester all adversly impacting the targets and all unjustly enriching the fixer and the lawyers. The Judges involved all misused the courts, allowed fraud, perjury, wrote illogical bias Decisions, targeted the Victims and robbed the rights to fulfill the fixers “Contract”. In all instances the Judges actions have been clear and convincingly fraudulent bias and taken as a whole establish that the Judge manipulated the Courtroom to rob the legal and Constitutional rights of the “Target”.

A fixed Judge will also recruit other Corrupt Judges in the Unified Court System to further target their victim. Many lawyers are intimidated by this collusion and corruption for fear of themselves bein placed on the “Black-Liist” of the Bad-egg Judges in the Unified Courthouses around NY State.

We have assembled much of the facts but more is being uncovered daily due to the many now investigating the thefts and corruption in these Courts.

Our proofs will result in RICO charges against many and all of the evidence turned over to Federal Law Enforcement.

WE have evidence that George M Pavia Esq, His wife Antonia, and their son Julian and their Lawyers engaged in bribery, perjury, forgery, collusion, extortion and as a result, theft of the Courthouse, theft of Rent Stabilization and unjust enrichment of over $20 Million. The pavia’s recruted a presiding Judge Joan madden who manipulated her Court to bamboozle the vicimm, the Rules of law and the rights of the Target.

Then Madden corrupted other Courtrooms and other Judges. We will not at this time reveal all of the other names and other Lawyers who partook in this massive scam but they know who the are.

This entire expose we believe will have a marked effect on the extermination of the bad-eggs in the Unified Courthouse and hopefully result in a less absurd method of appointments of Judges in the Unified Courts. Federal Judge Gleeson, in the Eastern District said recently that the System in NY is “farsical” as to selection of Judges in “back-rooms”.

It is time for a change and time for a house-cleaning.

New York is a great City and State and its Residents are entitled to more than it permitting old-hack Courthouse thefts to pollute its greatness. Boss Tweed and Jimmy Walker are long dead and gone.
The bad eggs in the Unified Courts should be exposed fired and tried for their crimes along with the likes of phony elitists like Runt George Pavia who has been stealing for years.

Eleven Types of Credit Card Fraud

by Richard Glanville

These are the most common types of credit card related fraud. By understanding them you will be aware of the risks and be able to prevent credit fraud from being perpetrated against you.

Application Fraud

For the purposes of this article, application fraud is taken to be identity theft for the purpose of applying for credit or a new credit card.

A thief will attempt application fraud by first stealing supporting documents from the victim.These documents are then used to substantiate the thief’s fraudulent card application.

Although banks try to safeguard themselves from this sort of fraud by requiring original substantiating documents, telephoning employers and so on, criminals have been known to forge documents and even give false telephone numbers. Where there is a will, a way will be found.

Manual or Electronic Credit Card Imprints

Data from a legitimate card is imprinted or the magnetic strip is skimmed. The information from the card is then later used for fraudulent transactions or for encoding fake cards.

Card-not-present (CNP) fraud

Credit card fraud can be perpetrated against you if the account number and expiry date of your card are known. The fraud may be by way of mail, phone or internet and does not require your physical card to be present unless the merchant requests the card verification code.

To ensure the card works a criminal may attempt to process a small transaction. Scrutinise your bank statements for these types of charges. They are often only the beginnings of a major fraud attempt.

Counterfeit card fraud

This fraud usually involves skimming. The data is then transferred onto a fake magnetic stripe card. A skimmed counterfeit is used to produce a fully functional counterfeit card. There is an exact copy of the magnetic stripe.

A counterfeit card can also be manufactured when your account number and expiration date are known. The information is used to make what is known as a “fake plastic”. The magnetic strip will not be functional but a fraudster will probably be able to con the merchant into punching in the transaction by hand.

Lost and stolen card fraud

This occurs when your card is physically stolen or lost and then used by a criminal, posing as you, to make unauthorized charges on your account.

Card ID theft

This occurs when a criminal has managed to obtain details about your card and uses the information to open or take over a card account in your name.

Mail non-receipt card fraud aka intercept fraud aka never received issue

This happens when your new or replacement card, having being sent to you, is intercepted by a criminal. The criminal registers the card and uses it.

Assumed Identity

In this type of fraud an individual uses a false name with a temporary address.

Banks have systems to protect against this type of fraud. They require account references for new customers and will check these account details to ensure they are not false. Banks may also require personal identification such as a birth certificate, passport or drivers licence before handing over credit cards.

Doctored Cards

The metallic stripe on a card can be erased using a strong magnet. A criminal will do this and then alter details on the card to match those of a valid card. The card will not work and the criminal will then con the merchant into punching in the card details manually.

Fake Cards

Producing fake cards takes a lot of time, effort and skill. There are many security features particularly difficult to reproduce, for example, holograms.

A fake card with fake numbers and a fake name is forged and used for transactions. The card is not linked to any real account and the credit card company is not liable to pay for the transactions as there is no user information.

Account Takeover

This can happen when a criminal, having gathered your relevant documents and information, calls your credit card company requesting a change of address to one controlled by the criminal. The criminal impersonates you by submitting “proof” of identity to the credit card company and requests a replacement card to be sent to the new fake address.

These types of fraud are not rare. Understand them and take steps to stop criminals from getting access to your cards and personal information.