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John Siebert, M.D.

John Siebert, M.D.

Dr John Siebert is a convicted sex addict having been suspended by NY State. Siebert has molested, sexually and emotionall abused many patient victims. Siebert has also butchered many with his “hair-brained” operative con-games while giving innocent victims false hopes. John Siebert is a sociopath, a fraud, a sex pervert and a con-man. Siebert has stolen from many. Siebert has given false hopes to many with “Parry-Romberg Syndrome”. Siebert who id a demented fraud knows that there is no surgical cure for this condition. Yet this psychopathe-phony Dr John Siebert has lied, cheated and stolen the money from many victim parents desperate to help their children with this progressive disease. Siebert the butcher has put kids through expensive and painful surgery only to allow criminal Siebert to pocket money along with complicit UW Hospital and without any real hope for the patient-victim.

Siebert has raped and butchered many including Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Muriel Karras, Ms Rachel, Barbara Paloucci, and many more. Siebert has robbed many, filed false tax returns, robbed many patients and has cheated and stolen from business associates.

Dr John Siebert has been evicted from over 5 medical offices in NYC, and he was recently evicted from 875 Park Ave as a illegal occupant in a Dr Glen Jelks Office. Siebert was put on the street. He was evicted from his NY apartment on East 64 Street and he has a fortune in judgments filed against him.

Dr’s Aston, Baker, Walden, all prominent in NYC, kicked Siebert out of their Offices.

Siebert was expelled from the Faculty and from any affilliation with NY Hospitals NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye and Ear after Siebert was convicted by the Hospitals internal trials finding Siebert a sex pervert, a sex molester a incompetent Doctor and a thief of medical insurance funds through fraud and theft.

You may go on to “SCRIBD” and review the many Charges, Cases, Convictions by NY State, Affidavits and other evidence as to Sieberts predatory acts and crimes.

The Question—–Why does UW Hospital ignore all of the facts that Dr Joh Siebert is a demented sex pervert, a butcher and dangerous——and UW Hospital allows this sociopath to interact with innocent women and children feeding lies, false hopes and fraudulent statements——-Siebert is a butcher and a faker—-and he is dangerous


CiCis-pizza-logoScams Inc has conducted an in depth investigation into Ci-Ci’s Restaurant Franchisee Mozark Nations domiciled in Missouri. We have reviewed Documents, conducted Interviews, reviewed Financial statements and many other relevant Records. This Franchisee scam appears to be a “Poster-Child” of how corrupt Franchisee operators can obtain a Frauchisee from a Franchisor (in this case Ci-Ci’s), and use the franchise Restaurant as a front for Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and other scams and crimes.

Mozark Nations via its principals Dan Nations and Carla Nations, two chronic drug abusers who have spent years in Re-Hab Hospitals and who are documented Drug addicts, applied and obtained, about 15 years ago a Ci-Ci’s Franchise. At least one of them had engaged in illegally securing a new and false identity and through fraud on Social Security, obtained a illegal and false Social Security Number by filing false documents with the Federal Government for a non existant person. It has been confirmed that the Nations created a phantom-made-up person and created a false identity.

That done, then Mozark and the Nations opened two Ci-Ci’s Pizza Restaurants, and soon there-after began to apply for credit at various Banks and Lending Institutions. Using false Social security Numbers and other scams the Nations and Mozark secured Loans from the Bank of America for over $500,000.00. This money was supposed to be used for “Corporate expansion and needs”. In fact the money was converted by the Nations and systematically removed from Mozark for their personal use, expenses and Drug habits. In Fact, during the relevant time the nations spent time in various Re-Hab hospitals and the both engaged in confirmed and documented Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Pedophile activities and misuse of Drugs including providing Drugs to a minor.

Meanwhile, the Nations were filing false tax returns for Mozark and for themselves also using bogus Social Security numbers. Dan Nations has now claimed that his is a chronic drug abuser and his wife has supposedly taken the lead in covering up the swindle.

Bank of America has filed suit after being conned for about 8 years. Further Mozark’s Restaurant in Joplin was supposedly destroyed by weather issues.

Liberty Mutual forked over since 2011 over $800,000.00 to Mozark for reconstruction and payroll.
Most of this money appears to be unaccounted for other than about $180K that was paid to a Contractor and some payroll. The rest seems to have been “money-laundered” by the Nations and used by them for Hi-living and Drugs.

The Contractor has filed Liens fir over $300K and the landlord has not been paid.

It appears after interviews with the Mozark CPA that the Nations looted and used Mozark as a conduit for fraud and tax evasion and creditor fraud.

The Nations have left a trail of unpaid debts, sexual abuses, pedophalia, Drug abuses, mial fraud, wire fraud and worse.

Mozarks Attorney, learning of these acts by the Nations has resigned.

Mrs Nations has apparently “seduced” another Law Office who has attempted to try and cover-up the illegal and criminal acts of Mozark and the Nations. We will not yet reveal the names of the individuals or that Firm until we obtain absolute confirmation that this Firm is engaged in a massive “cover-up” of the Mozark and Nations Social Security Swindle, Tax evasion, Bank and Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering, Mail and Wire fraud, Drug abuse, Pedophilia and sex abuse of minors and Franchise fraud.

We are sure that Ci-Ci’s Franchise have not been apprised of much of the Mozark thefts ans False Identity Scams. We are sure that the Nations have Filed Bank, Tax, insurance, Franchise and other Contracts using fraudulent Social Security Numbers, and othe dishonest acts.

The Mozark Financial Statements and other Records in our posession confirm the conversion looting and self-dealings by the Nations and further confirmed by interviews with the CPA, over interstate instrumentalities. We are told that the CPA has “resigned’. No Wonder.

This Expose will reveal how unsavory and corrupt persons can con, lie and cheat a Franchisor, get a franchise and use the Franchise as a front to engage in criminal conduct including Bank fraud and money laundering. Here the nations have seemingly orchestrated this swindle using false identities, conning Ci-Ci’s, Banks, Insurere, The IRS, the Social Security Office, Landlords, Contractors and many other creditors.

Meanwhile the Nations are and have been engaged in Drug abuse, misuse of drugs on the premesis of Ci-Ci’s Franchise Restaurants, and documented sexual abuse of at least one minor and feeding that minor with drugs and alcohol, causing permanent injury to their victim.

Possibly equally despicable is a Law Firm willing to violate the Law and Codes of Professional a scheme to aid in the Mozark and the Nations Crimes. Scams Inc will be continuing its investigation and will be monitoring the Litigation filed against these Parties.


John Siebert, M.D.

John Siebert, M.D.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

John Siebert MD has been CONVICTED after his own admissions that he has sexually abused and molested many patients for many years. The NY State Dept of Health has suspended Siebert from practice in NY. Siebert has been also convicted and fired by many NY Hospitals, including Langone-NYU, Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye and Ear. Siebert is an accused pedophile as well. He was investigated by the Department of Childrens and Family.

Siebert is a sociopath and a thief and liar. While he was fighting charges as a sex pervert, Siebert and his lawyer Joseph M Burke and Russo and Burke Esqs were committing rampant perjury in the Unified Court in NYC, swearing that Siebert was a respectable doctor and was not a target of sexual abuse charges.

At the same time Russo & Burke and Siebert were secreting evidence, suborning perjury, threatening and tampering with victim-witnesses and engaging in various forms of extortion. Burke was caught engaging in tampering and ex-partie interaction with at least three Court referees, and at least three Judges. Evidence now proves the perjury and tampering and secretion of evidence. Siebert has lied, cheated and robbed and looted a fortune. Burke and Siebert have engaged in a criminal enterprise of fraud on the Courts and on adversaries and have engaged in a scheme to obstruct justice.

Cheats can not be condoned anywhere, in particular in Courts. Joseph M Burk has engaged in a scheme and a pattern of lying and manipulating numerous Unified Court Judges in a scheme to derail justice and seek to deprive Siebert’s Claimants from the recovery of millions of dollars that Siebert has swindled.

Now Joseph Burke is lying to and bamboozling Judge Paul Wooten. Burke has made a mockery of the Wooten Court by lying to the Court, fooling the Judges Law Clerks, making illegal Motions, engaging in rampant perjury and deception and engaging in a cover-up of Siebert’s Conviction and admission that Siebert is a sex pervert and that Siebert withheld this evidenc from the court for years, while denying the charges and convictions. These denials were made by Siebert , under-oath, and by Joseph M Burke Esq, under oath as well. These denials which were blatant and willful perjury began in 2004 and have continued through 2012.

Burke and Siebert have therefore engaged in obstructing justice, fraud on the Court, deprived adversaries justice and their legal rights and have intentionally cheated, lied and bamboozled now Judge Paul Wooten.

Meanwhile Siebert is being allowed to live free as a bird on other peoples money because the Court has been cheated and conned.

Siebert and Burke can not be permitted to disenfranchise legitimate litigants from their legal rights by implementing illegal and unjust means.

The Court has a obligation to honor the Law and simply can not condone the Siebert and Burke’s Enterprise of perjury, obstruction of justice, thefts of money due to litigants and rampant fraud on the Court.

Joseph M Burke has been proved to hav with malace, lied to the Court and has suborned John Siebert’s years fo perjury and deception now confirmed by, among other evidence, Siebert’s Confession that he is and has been a molester of patients, a sex pervert and a liar. Such Confession made at NYU-Langone Hospital resulting in Siebert being fired; and Siebert’s Confession and Order issued by NY State Suspending Siebert’s NY medical license.

Sociopaths and perjurers such as Siebert and Burke must be finally mad an example of and their dishonesty and blatant disregard for the legal rights of others be stopped and made an example of by the Court.

Curious Employee Foils Corporate Credit Card Fraud Scam

800px-FEMA_-_37947_-_Employee_at_the_state_emergency_operations_center_in_Louisiana by: Scott Burke

MOLLY, THE ASSISTANT, Molly treasurer at XYZ Corp. in Miami, opened an e-mail from a former colleague who no longer worked for the organization. The e-mail read: “Hi Molly, there should be a refund of $716 on my old corporate Visa card from the IP Conference. I paid for, but did not attend, the conference and did not turn in the charge to XYZ for reimbursement. Can you have Visa issue a refund check to me? Thanks very much for your help.”

The e-mail was from Jerry, a former XYZ executive who had been Molly’s boss at one time. The message seemed innocuous enough. Jerry had legitimately charged a business conference to his corporate credit card, but he had canceled his registration because he left the company. Therefore, he was due a refund.

It would have been very easy for Molly to trust her former boss and get him the refund. Instead, because something didn’t seem quite right, she chose to check on whether XYZ had already reimbursed Jerry for the conference.

To make this determination, Molly accessed Jerry’s corporate credit card records online and retrieved his expense reports from the accounts payable file room. The expense reports confirmed that Jerry had not expensed the conference fee, but when Molly looked at his credit card statement, she saw a couple of odd items.

First, the most recent statement indicated that the former XYZ executive had made four payments to his credit card in one month. Second, the statement was two pages long, and Molly knew that Jerry rarely traveled for business. She scanned the charges and noted that most of them were from local vendors. In addition, none of the items looked like business charges. The charges included dinners at local restaurants, department and grocery store charges, and airline tickets for Jerry and his wife that Molly knew were for their recent vacation.

Out of curiosity, Molly queried the company’s checks online to see if any of the payments made on Jerry’s Visa account matched the dollar amounts of checks written by XYZ. Sure enough, she found that all four payments made to Jerry’s credit card that month equaled amounts on checks that the company had written to Visa. Molly increased the scope of her search and observed that every payment posted to Jerry’s corporate credit card over the previous 12 months was from a check written by the company. She also noticed that of the $88,000 in charges on Jerry’s card over that time frame, none was for business expenses.

Molly printed copies of all of the checks and noted that, although Visa was listed as the payee on all of them, Jerry’s corporate credit card account number was handwritten on each check. Molly approached the director of internal auditing as well as Jerry’s former manager and requested an investigation into the matter.

While working for XYZ, Jerry was in charge of making sure that the organization paid delinquent balances on the corporate credit cards of people who had left the company. XYZ had an arrangement with the credit card company that it would guarantee payment for certain employees if those employees did not pay the balances on their accounts. Once a month, Jerry would provide accounts payable with a list of delinquent accounts on guaranteed cards, and accounts payable would cut the check to the credit card company.

However, on the bottom of every check request in Jerry’s last year of employment, he had written, “Please deliver the check to me.” Typically, accounts payable would mail the check directly to the credit card company, but because accounts payable knew that Jerry maintained a relationship with the credit card company, they adhered to his request and delivered the checks to him. When Jerry received a check, he would write his own account number on the check, and the bank would apply the payment to Jerry’s credit card.

Jerry did not need to make sure that the delinquent credit card owners listed on his spreadsheet paid their balances, because he had fabricated the delinquency list that he provided to accounts payable. In many cases, the employees with the so-called delinquent balances had left the organization long before, and they had paid their balances in full before departing.

So, where were the control breakdowns? First, Jerry had sole authority over the credit card function. He managed the corporate credit cards, reviewed the delinquent accounts, had access to the employee statements, and dealt with the bank’s account managers. No one reviewed his work. As soon as accounts payable walked the checks down to his office, he had all he needed to perpetrate the fraud.

The second breakdown was that the accounts payable clerk walked the checks over to Jerry. Although not necessarily right, it is understandable that accounts payable would not have the time to audit Jerry’s delinquency list. After all, accounts payable was processing more than 1,000 checks per week with a staff of six. However, it was unacceptable for the clerk to deliver the check directly to Jerry. The check should have gone from accounts payable to the vendor. The vendor invoice–or delinquency data in this case–should have contained all of the pertinent information to allow accounts payable to appropriately route the check.

XYZ decided to report Jerry to law enforcement. Although $88,000 is not a significant amount of money for a $1 billion company, and the legal fees and other costs might be high, the company wanted to demonstrate to its employees that it would not tolerate fraud and would hold perpetrators accountable. Decisive and timely action such as this is critical to maintaining a sound control environment.

Not everyone is as diligent as Molly. The lesson she applied is an important one to teach operations personnel: Take the time to check anything that doesn’t seem right. Because she spent a few minutes performing due diligence, Molly uncovered an $88,000 fraud.

Several symptoms may have flagged the fraud. If internal auditing had been testing the employee credit card charges, simply identifying the top 25 corporate card users and reviewing their charges would have flagged Jerry. Travel reimbursements of $88,000 in one year covers a lot of travel. Testing the accounts of the people with the most posted credits would have similarly flagged Jerry. Also, Jerry averaged three payments a month on his credit card over the course of a year, an unusual pattern that, if identified, should have been investigated.

Testing the top 25 corporate credit card users and searching for unusual patterns are the staples of any audit program that contains tests designed to uncover fraud.


* Employees should take the extra step. If employees are presented with a transaction that they do not completely understand, they should do what was going on so that it became clear to everyone that XYZ would not treat fraud lightly. what it takes to understand the transaction. Molly was one of the custodians of the organization’s cash, so when someone asked for money from the company, even a trusted former boss, it was important for her to understand the nature of the transaction.

* Segregate duties. This is a concept that is drilled into the brains of internal auditors ad nauseam, but it is not necessarily communicated as often to operational management. The organization’s head treasurer, to whom Jerry reported, was an ex- auditor and ex-controller, and therefore should have been aware of this control concept. However, during the course of business, when times are good and everyone is busy, it is easy to overlook the fundamentals. Jerry had too much control, and because accounts payable trusted him, the clerks did not adhere to their own processes and send the check directly to the third party.

* Act quickly and decisively. Jerry was a long-time employee of” XYZ, and he was well-liked in the organization. It would have been easy for the company to ask Jerry to pay the money back and call it even. How ever, management and the board called for a full investigation, led by the internal audit group that included outside consultants, legal counsel, and the district attorney. Management also decided to not keep it quiet; they let the finance and accounting organizations know what was going on so that it became clear to everyone that XYZ would not treat fraud lightly.

* Thieves can get greedy. In this case, Jerry had already left the company. His fraud might have gone undetected if he had not returned for one last $716!

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