CiCis-pizza-logoScams Inc has conducted an in depth investigation into Ci-Ci’s Restaurant Franchisee Mozark Nations domiciled in Missouri. We have reviewed Documents, conducted Interviews, reviewed Financial statements and many other relevant Records. This Franchisee scam appears to be a “Poster-Child” of how corrupt Franchisee operators can obtain a Frauchisee from a Franchisor (in this case Ci-Ci’s), and use the franchise Restaurant as a front for Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and other scams and crimes.

Mozark Nations via its principals Dan Nations and Carla Nations, two chronic drug abusers who have spent years in Re-Hab Hospitals and who are documented Drug addicts, applied and obtained, about 15 years ago a Ci-Ci’s Franchise. At least one of them had engaged in illegally securing a new and false identity and through fraud on Social Security, obtained a illegal and false Social Security Number by filing false documents with the Federal Government for a non existant person. It has been confirmed that the Nations created a phantom-made-up person and created a false identity.

That done, then Mozark and the Nations opened two Ci-Ci’s Pizza Restaurants, and soon there-after began to apply for credit at various Banks and Lending Institutions. Using false Social security Numbers and other scams the Nations and Mozark secured Loans from the Bank of America for over $500,000.00. This money was supposed to be used for “Corporate expansion and needs”. In fact the money was converted by the Nations and systematically removed from Mozark for their personal use, expenses and Drug habits. In Fact, during the relevant time the nations spent time in various Re-Hab hospitals and the both engaged in confirmed and documented Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Pedophile activities and misuse of Drugs including providing Drugs to a minor.

Meanwhile, the Nations were filing false tax returns for Mozark and for themselves also using bogus Social Security numbers. Dan Nations has now claimed that his is a chronic drug abuser and his wife has supposedly taken the lead in covering up the swindle.

Bank of America has filed suit after being conned for about 8 years. Further Mozark’s Restaurant in Joplin was supposedly destroyed by weather issues.

Liberty Mutual forked over since 2011 over $800,000.00 to Mozark for reconstruction and payroll.
Most of this money appears to be unaccounted for other than about $180K that was paid to a Contractor and some payroll. The rest seems to have been “money-laundered” by the Nations and used by them for Hi-living and Drugs.

The Contractor has filed Liens fir over $300K and the landlord has not been paid.

It appears after interviews with the Mozark CPA that the Nations looted and used Mozark as a conduit for fraud and tax evasion and creditor fraud.

The Nations have left a trail of unpaid debts, sexual abuses, pedophalia, Drug abuses, mial fraud, wire fraud and worse.

Mozarks Attorney, learning of these acts by the Nations has resigned.

Mrs Nations has apparently “seduced” another Law Office who has attempted to try and cover-up the illegal and criminal acts of Mozark and the Nations. We will not yet reveal the names of the individuals or that Firm until we obtain absolute confirmation that this Firm is engaged in a massive “cover-up” of the Mozark and Nations Social Security Swindle, Tax evasion, Bank and Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering, Mail and Wire fraud, Drug abuse, Pedophilia and sex abuse of minors and Franchise fraud.

We are sure that Ci-Ci’s Franchise have not been apprised of much of the Mozark thefts ans False Identity Scams. We are sure that the Nations have Filed Bank, Tax, insurance, Franchise and other Contracts using fraudulent Social Security Numbers, and othe dishonest acts.

The Mozark Financial Statements and other Records in our posession confirm the conversion looting and self-dealings by the Nations and further confirmed by interviews with the CPA, over interstate instrumentalities. We are told that the CPA has “resigned’. No Wonder.

This Expose will reveal how unsavory and corrupt persons can con, lie and cheat a Franchisor, get a franchise and use the Franchise as a front to engage in criminal conduct including Bank fraud and money laundering. Here the nations have seemingly orchestrated this swindle using false identities, conning Ci-Ci’s, Banks, Insurere, The IRS, the Social Security Office, Landlords, Contractors and many other creditors.

Meanwhile the Nations are and have been engaged in Drug abuse, misuse of drugs on the premesis of Ci-Ci’s Franchise Restaurants, and documented sexual abuse of at least one minor and feeding that minor with drugs and alcohol, causing permanent injury to their victim.

Possibly equally despicable is a Law Firm willing to violate the Law and Codes of Professional a scheme to aid in the Mozark and the Nations Crimes. Scams Inc will be continuing its investigation and will be monitoring the Litigation filed against these Parties.