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Equity Loan Scams – How to Become Homeless in 30 Days

Cleveland_night_homelessBy Jim Wilson

Although it appears pretty straightforward to set up a new equity loan, there are issues that you must deal with to steer clear of equity scams. Actually, many of the things that you’ll read here are not talked about much. Before you enter into your loan agreement, please investigate this…

Let’s make it abundantly clear that many lenders on the equity loan marketplace are legitimate lenders; although, a few lenders are taking advantage of the trusting people in society. These corrupted lenders grant sweet-sounding loans, yet fail to notify the borrower about hidden charges or balloon charges. Unnoticed costs are much stripped from loans, since the APR is a supposed safety net to the borrower that weeds out unrevealed fees. Abusive lending practices range from equity stripping and loan flipping to hiding loan details and packing a loan with further costs.

Equity Stripping is one of the leading scams on the loan marketplace. Lenders will try to seperate you of your hard earned cash by stripping most of the equity from your house. They will literally strip you of your home after you default on the loan. The lenders involved in equity stripping will much present to borrowers (Too good to be real) deals, leading you to swear that you are saving money. So, once the borrower says yes to the legal agreement, the lender will display brand new expenses, high interest, and other costs that puts pressure on the borrower, until he/she breaks and fails to make payments on the mortgage. The lender then repossesses the house, getting rid of the house for profit while the borrower is without a home and no where to turn.

Therefore, the Government has provided facts to help borrowers avoid losing money. Since equity stripping is becoming a massive industry, the Fed’s urge homeowners to watch out for equity stripping, let alone paying attention to lenders that are giving loans that reach above your wages. A clue to the fraud is when a lender says it’s all right to exaggerate your personal wealth. The lender may encourage you to take out a loan with monthly payments that are too high for your salary. The loan is allowed, because the lender reports your wages as higher than it really is.

The feds also urge borrowers to stay conscious of loan flipping, which is the process of switching loans regularly and asking for larger amounts of cash on each refinance carried out. Loan flipping goes this way: When a borrower falls behind on a loan, the lender offers to renew the loan and forgive any missing payments. Some lending firms are refinancing loans many times in a short window of time.

You will additionally want to watch out for PMI, which is personal mortgage insurance, which is a requirement; however, a few lenders try to charge for further coverage that is not required. Consequently, homeowners, especially families that are barely getting by, should read the facts of any loan presented painstakingly.

If a lender is pressuring you to sign a contract, you will need to find another lender, since pressuring borrowers is a dependable warning that the lender is pulling a scam.

In any case, the final choice for dealing with home equity scams will be up to you. Use the information in this report to find the best route for managing your finances and find yourself sleeping a little better at night.


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