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4 Nasty Phone And Email Scams: How To Stay Safe

imageGiven the recent number of annoying telemarketing calls and suspicious emails I’ve received the past two weeks, it’s clear that scammers did not take the summer off.

In fact, they seem to be busier than ever. Odds are you’ve gotten at least one, too.

Her Recent Experiences

Three that just came my way:

Last week, “Mark” called, saying he was from the U.S. Government — the Family Grants and Treasury Department. “Really?” I asked. “I’ve never heard of such a department.” He responded: “We’re for real. Let me give you our address.” I readied my pen and paper, but suddenly the telephone line went dead. My subsequent search on the Internet confirmed my suspicion that the call was a scam.

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FBI: ‘Virtual kidnapping’ scam now targeting local doctors

fbi SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Thursday that “virtual kidnappings” are on the rise with criminals shifting their focus to doctors in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

“The hopes are that instead of investing time and trying to figure out whether or not it’s a legitimate kidnapping, they might be willing just to pay to resolve the problem,” said special agent Michelle Lee.