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Lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq and Russo-Burke Esqs have been reported by many¬† for their illegal corrupt acts they engage in to try and win cases for their unsavory and criminals that they frequently represent. Americans Against Corruption has been given many pieces of evidence of Burke’s illegal and criminal activities. We have been conducting our own investigation and have uncovered sufficient proof to close down Burke and his law office and put Burke and his complicit clients in prison. Joseph M Burke is a liar and a perjurer who has been caught engaging in collusion, tampering, ghostwriting and extortion for years. Burke’s phones, internet and cell phones, we have been apprised, reveal a plethora of ex-partie interaction with supposed impartial Judges, Referees and others at the NY Courthouses. Burke has used his stooge and thug Kenneth V Gomez Esq to bully and try and bribe witttnesses, threaten and intimidate.

Burke has ghostwritten Decisions and Orders for Referees and Judges who he ha compromised in order to rob and derail Justice and rob adversaries from their rightful Claims. Burke has orchestrated perjury, thefts, fraud, cover-up of a client’s rapes, thefts, tax evasion, larceny and fraud. Burke, in concert with George Pavia have conspired to compromise judges to prob along with Gomez money belonging to others involving medical malpractice claims by engaging in perjury, theft and corruption. Burke has covered up a clients acts of sexual abuses, narcotics use and illegal distribution by a Burke client, while at the same time lying to Judges and engaging in spoliation of evidence. Burke has repeatedly been caught engaging in ex-partie meetings with involved Judges as part of a scheme of tampering to have a Judge aid Burke and a corrupt client in thefts of large sums of money and claims belonging to Burke’s adversaries.

Burke has filed perjured Pleadings, suborned and written perjured Pleadings for his client to falsly swear to and Burke has polluted the Courts by his illegal and corrupt activities. Joseph M Burke is a disgrace to the practice of law. he has cheated, bribed, corrupted, engaged in theft of rights, shake-downs, cover-up of a clients criminal acts that Burke himself and his law office is complicit. Burke as bee under scrutiny for a long time. He has orchistrated corruptiorn and tampering with Court representatives, and has been caught ghostwriting Decisions for a Referee and a Judge. After his “dirty-work”, Burke has the temetery to use his ghostwriting and eported by manyquote it to malign his adversary by his own lies. Burke thinks he is fooling someone by his crimes. The only one he has fooled is himself and his clients and the gullable Referees and Judge he has bribed or otherwise corrupted.

Joseph m Burke is a criminal, a thief and a fraud. He has corrupted the Courts for a long time and he has engaged in a massive tax evasion scam as well as a massive scheme of theft via a massive Courthouse scam of collusion, thefts, compromising desperate judges, and extortion.

We will be putting all of the evidence we have assembled into the right hands so that Mr Burke, his Law Office, and his corrupt Clients will be removed from the public domain and Locked-up.


ratScams Inc (an Internet News Organization) and its Investigative Staff have been watching and verifying by investigation the thefts and misconduct engaged in by the Pavia’s (self styled elitists) for many years. We have obtained credible information confirming George Pavia’s scheme of theft of millions in Gift and other taxes in connection with Antonia’s now deceased parents Jacob and Jania Pearse.

Our sources confirm that the Pavias have been enjoying the ill-gotten gains as a result of the Pavia’s courthouse scams and other illegal activities including tax evasion. They fashion themselves as Italian aristocrats when in fact George has we have learned, been a front for criminals and members of organized crime. The Pavia’s have tampered with courts and polluted the Judicial process in order for them to be unjustly enriched by their criminal activities.

Though an informant we have obtained evidence regarding George Pavia’s psychiatrist, Arnold Hutchneicker, which reveals that George is a sociopath, who has narcissistic tendencies with inferiority complexes. George is apparently a man without conscience.

It seems as part of the Pavia’s illegal activities, George and Antonia concocted a scheme (we have evidence) of converting the Pearse’s interest in a town house property at 15 E. 77th Street NYC owned by Mr. and Mrs. Pearse (who at the time were elderly and mentally impaired) to George, Antonia and their adult son Jullian and daughter Phillippa. The 15 E. 77th St Property was worth in excess of $17million at the time. The Pavias skillfully converted one and two percent of the property with the NY City Registry and done so through Pavias’ law firm Pavia Harcourt that George sold to an Italian Group a few years ago. On completion of the scam, the Pavias owned 100% if the building 15 E 77th St. and the senile Pearses owned zero. The Pavias robbed the Pearses and the Internal Revenue Department, but now we hear the IRS is on to them.

No gift tax was paid by the Pavia’s or Mr. and Mrs. Pearse who were supposedly represented by George and Pavia Harcourt Esqs. to further this systematic theft of a valuable building. This swindle and theft has deprived the IRS and NY State Dept of Taxation of a fortune in gift tax due at the time of the scam (2003). The Pearses we are told are now deceased. We hear that the IRS is now looking into the Pavias’ Tax Swindles relating to 15 E. 77th St; 18 E 73rd St and tax swindler-jail bird Ted Kohl.

In addition to the above, George also swindled the Pearses out of another property,18 E. 73rd Street, (again no gift or other taxes paid by slippery George) and in the process formed a unholy alliance with jail-bird contractor, tax swindler and admitted thief Ted Kohl. George recruited Kohl and his Herbert Construction to make extensive renovations at 18 E 73 St. and “bartered” Herbert’s work in exchange for supposed legal fees. We have been told by our sources that the barter deal circumvented the IRS and the State in over $500,000 in undeclared income for Pavia Harcourt and Ted Kohl-Herbert. More swindles from The Pavias, but there is more.

The Pavias had tenants on the top 2 floors of 18 E 73rd St. When George swindled this property from the Pearses, and George failed to Register the Property and the rental units with the DHCR confirming the rental units were subject to Rent Stabilization. The Pavias had many tenants come and go for units 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B. All had Stabilized rights stolen by the Greedy Pavias while they were pocketing Rents illegally.

The Pavias were finally uncovered by a resourceful tenant who secured Stabilization from the DHCR. George went “balistic”. George and Antonia began a crusade of harassment, false claims, intimidation and now well documented and reported by the ECB Courts, DHCR, JSC Lebedeff, that the Pavias engaged in fraud, perjury and forgery. The Pavias lied, cheated, engaged in Fraud on the Court and interference with a tenant’s rights as part of the Pavias scheme of retaliation and robbery of the tenants’ rights and money by tampering with the Judicial process, through fraud, perjury, and intimidation.

The scheming Pavias engaged in what appears to be criminal activities to steal tenants’ money, homes and rent rights. After they accomplished their illegal disenfranchising of Rent Stabilization Rights of their tenants, the Pavias sold the 18 E 73rd St. building for over $19Million. This Pavia emolument was achieved as a result of their fraud, perjury, tampering with the Reps of the Dept of Buildings, covering up over eight DOB Violations that were confirmed at Hearings at the ECB Court where the Pavias were called perjurers and fraudsters in ECB Court Decisions and ECB Court Appeal Decisions.

Apparently George Pavia believes his dirty-work has gone unnoticed and his thefts and crimes have been “whitewashed”. They have not. The Pavias’ tax evasion, thefts, frauds and other illegal acts are being carefully memorialized and scrutinized. Our sources advise that the Pavias are and have been engaged in acts of corruption, tax evasion, thefts and perjury at DHCH, ECB Court, NY Unified Court all resulting in illegal and unjust enrichment.

George Pavia Esq., as a lawyer, knows that all Orders from any Court secured by Extrinsic and Intrinsic Fraud are void and that there is no Statute of limitations on such conduct and Orders and Decisions obtained from a court as a result of such frauds.

The Pavias have been illegally enriched by frauds, tax evasion and other illegal acts to the tune of about $30Million.Our sources tell us that it is only a matter of time before the Pavias’ pay for their tax scams and robbery of their innocent tenants’ rights and money for their apartments in the Pavia property 18 E 73 St NYC.

If George Pavia, Antonia Pavia or Pavia-Harcourt wish to deny any of the claims and allegations in this article we welcome evidence establishing any denials. Scams Inc will react to any comments or denials by the Pavias pursuant to our Terms of Use published on all of our News Web Sites. Meanwhile we will continue to monitor and report the misdeeds of the Pavias.