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Judge Joan Madden & Sheldon Silver

Judge Joan Madden & Sheldon Silver


Judge Joan Madden has previously been investigated and confirmed to have been warped and compromised by George Pavia in his theft of $19Million by stealing Rent Stabilized Rights from Tenants in his building 18 E 73 St NYC. Pavia roped in Madden because he and his wife dangled a luctative bribe. Madden bought in and precluded evidence from other Courts and Agencies finding that the Pavias were perjurers, and that they Filed false Plans and Documents with the ECB Court and the DOB. The pavias manipulated maddn into a corkscrew.

Madden deprived evidence that the Pavia’s Building was found at ECB Court to have been hazardous by 7 DOB Inspectors. When Madden was exposed by a Litigant, She targeted him with other Judges, The Appellate Division, and aided in the stealing of this mans $250,000 in Med Mal Recoveries by Collusion with Kenneth V Gomez Esq who stole this Money and others. Madden was exposed as a corrupt twisted judge doing the bidding and protecting the Pavias larceny, perjury and Fraud on the Court. Madden in her lust and greed apparently forgot that any Decision Produced by Fraud on the Court is no Decision at all and never becomes Final. See 7th Circuit and see Bulloch v United States.

Now madden is “center-stage” in her collusion and manipulations of Asbestos Cases, and her insesteous activities with Sherry Klein Heitler who also wants the “good-life’ and Sheldon Silver and Weitz-Luxembourg Esqs has been accommodating. We have the proof of Madden’s corruption and unjust enrichments with George and Antonia Pavia arising out of Madden aiding these Pavias in their $19 Million theft from theit Tenants. Madden simply insulated the Pavias, Ruled the could not be Sued without Madden “PERMISSION”. Madden manipulated the laws to accomodate Pavia’s Grand Larceny. Madden’s hiding Records, Precluding Records, condoning Pavia’s perjury, Collusion, manipulations of the Court is all well Documented.

Madden has also Roped in Judge Paul Wooten, Referee Jack Suter, JHO Ira Gammerman and others at 60 Centre St. Courthouse and including some at the Appellate Division

The US Attorney is now invesitgating the collusion of Madden, Silver, Heitler. Tha Pavia Scam is open fodder for the SDNY US Attorneys Office along with the Proof of Tax evasion Fraud before the DHCR, DOB, ECB Court and the Fraud on the Madden Court by a Court Official, George Pavia Esq, Kenneth V Gomez Esq, Russo Burke Esqs, Joseph M Burke Esq

We have recently obtained more evidence of George and Antonia Pavia engaging in fraud on The Courts before Judge Joan Madden in the NY Supreme Court and the Pavias looting and robbing Rent Stabilized rights from his Tenants and thereafter unjustly stealing for themselves over $19million in money they obtained by Theft and Fraud.

The Pavias apparently forgot that all Decisions and Orders Issued based on Fraud on the Court, bribery, collusion and Perjury, never becomes Final and is no Order at all. See Bulloch v United States.

The pavias have stolen from Their Tennants, engaged in Fraud before the DHCR, filing false Records, forged records, using Jail Bird Contractor to commit Perjury,before the DHCR and before Judge Madden. The Pavias commited Fraud and Perjury before the ECB Court multiple times and have been cited by the ECB Court as Perjurers.

The Pavias aided by Russo-Burke and Kenneth V Gomez Esqs have secured decisions from the Madden Court grounded on Frampant Fraud on the Court tamoering e-partie interaction and multiple criminal_RICO acts.

Please keep watching as the Pavia’s have corrupted and perverted the Court of Judge Madden, and various other Court Departments, the Dept of Bulidings and the DHCR and Ecb Court. The many Decisions issued by Judge Madden were Issued grounded on well document Fraud on the Court, Pavia is a Lawyer, and himself a officer of the Court. As auch all of these Decisions are deemed void as grounded on Fraud on the Court and in any event never become Final.

The Pavias have warped the Courts and stolen Millions as a result. George Pavia Esq and wife Antonia have not denied any of these Charges with the aid of corrupted Judge Joan Madden. Now comes Silver——–HI HO SILVER!!!!————IS GEORGE PAVIA THE MASKED BANDIT?


Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Lawyers Joseph M Burke Esq and Russo-Burke Esqs have been reported by many for their illegal corrupt acts they engage in to try and win cases for their unsavory and criminals that they frequently represent. Americans Against Corruption has been given many pieces of evidence of Burke’s illegal and criminal activities. We have been conducting our own investigation and have uncovered sufficient proof to close down Burke and his law office and put Burke and his complicit clients in prison. Joseph M Burke is a liar and a perjurer who has been caught engaging in collusion, tampering, ghostwriting and extortion for years. Burke’s phones, internet and cell phones, we have been apprised, reveal a plethora of ex-partie interaction with supposed impartial Judges, Referees and others at the NY Courthouses. Burke has used his stooge and thug Kenneth V Gomez Esq to bully and try and bribe witttnesses, threaten and intimidate.

Burke has ghostwritten Decisions and Orders for Referees and Judges who he ha compromised in order to rob and derail Justice and rob adversaries from their rightful Claims. Burke has orchestrated perjury, thefts, fraud, cover-up of a client’s rapes, thefts, tax evasion, larceny and fraud. Burke, in concert with George Pavia have conspired to compromise judges to prob along with Gomez money belonging to others involving medical malpractice claims by engaging in perjury, theft and corruption. Burke has covered up a clients acts of sexual abuses, narcotics use and illegal distribution by a Burke client, while at the same time lying to Judges and engaging in spoliation of evidence. Burke has repeatedly been caught engaging in ex-partie meetings with involved Judges as part of a scheme of tampering to have a Judge aid Burke and a corrupt client in thefts of large sums of money and claims belonging to Burke’s adversaries.

Burke has filed perjured Pleadings, suborned and written perjured Pleadings for his client to falsly swear to and Burke has polluted the Courts by his illegal and corrupt activities. Joseph M Burke is a disgrace to the practice of law. he has cheated, bribed, corrupted, engaged in theft of rights, shake-downs, cover-up of a clients criminal acts that Burke himself and his law office is complicit. Burke as bee under scrutiny for a long time. He has orchistrated corruptiorn and tampering with Court representatives, and has been caught ghostwriting Decisions for a Referee and a Judge. After his “dirty-work”, Burke has the temetery to use his ghostwriting and eported by manyquote it to malign his adversary by his own lies. Burke thinks he is fooling someone by his crimes. The only one he has fooled is himself and his clients and the gullable Referees and Judge he has bribed or otherwise corrupted.

Joseph m Burke is a criminal, a thief and a fraud. He has corrupted the Courts for a long time and he has engaged in a massive tax evasion scam as well as a massive scheme of theft via a massive Courthouse scam of collusion, thefts, compromising desperate judges, and extortion.

We will be putting all of the evidence we have assembled into the right hands so that Mr Burke, his Law Office, and his corrupt Clients will be removed from the public domain and Locked-up.