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54cbf7b15e7a91c52822d68b_imageHave you ever walked into the Courthouse at 60 Centre Street? It is a beautiful granite building with an imposing entry, ornate ceilings, artwork, imposing fixtures and wood paneled courtrooms. This is where Justice is supposed to be administered. For the unsuspecting citizen it looks impressive and safe. Heck, you expect a fair shake and you may even get it. Alas, many may not. Sadly there are far too many situations in these courts that get, lets say, “special attention”. These are the cases where your judge has been compromised and infected by some special interests and you are sunk no matter what you do. You are now caught in the cesspool of collusion, corruption and you loose.

Often you don’t even know you have been cheated. These corrupt judges are cleaver especially if their ally is your adversary’s lawyer or even your own who has been corrupted by your adversary’s lawyer. Between the polluted and perverted judge and the corrupt lawyers, they will manipulate the laws, secrete evidence, obstruct the record, manufacture facts and secrete others, deny admission of evidence, suborn perjury, misapply the law, tamper with the court records, intimidate clerks and law secretaries, engage in ex-parte communications and obstruct your rights by intimidation and bullying honest clerks to cover for the corrupt judge.

More time than not, corrupt lawyers will even ghostwrite Decisions for a corrupted adulterated judge, and it will be signed and filed, screwing you to the wall. This debased activity will result in your loosing more than you can imagine. A corrupt judge is only interested in their bribe. They don’t give a “rats-ass” about you, your health, family or even your liberty. A perverted judge will do the bidding for any thief and cheater who pays the price for a judicial rape and railroading. The saddest part of all of this is the fact that more often than not, you don’t even know you were railroaded. Lawyers for the most part are afraid to stand up to these corrupt bandits in black robes for fear of reprisals. So you become the “sacrificial lamb” and it is you who gets slaughtered.

Sure there are some judges at 60 Centre Street Courthouse that are dedicated and honest, but they have no choice to turn a “blind-eye” to the collusion, bribery, fixes and corruption ongoing in many of the other courtrooms. Each courtroom and each judge operates independently without any oversight. Each judge operates each courtroom as their own fiefdom. You can complain if you wish to Judge Sherry Klein Heitler or Gail Prudenti but your disdain and pleas fall on deaf ears who are put of the “system”. It’s a polluted, warped club who make their own rules.

Federal Judge John Gleeson stated that the selection of judges in NY and Brooklyn “is farcical”. The “old-boys” get in some backroom and decide who is going to be the next maven in black robes. Clarence Norman was recently released from prison for bribery, selling judgeships and other crimes. He was active in Brooklyn. If you have a friend like Norman, Shelly Silver or in the old days like Carmine DeSapio, or Boss Tweed, in NY State court even John Gotti could become a Judge. In Federal Court it is a different world. Each judge has to be is vetted, and approved by the House and Senate. This ongoing cheating by illegal alliances between depraved lawyers and unprincipled and corrupt judges in NY State courts must be stopped and sanitized.


Scams Inc has been doing some investigating and believe we have found the roadmap to prove beyond reasonable doubt, (with the multitudinous documentary evidence material that we have assembled from Court files and from informants) the despicable corrupt activities of certain judges who make their home of deception, bribery, collusion, fixes and money-laundering at the beautiful Supreme Courthouse at 60 Centre St. NYC.

In this regard we have assembled the names of some of the Clerks, Part Clerks, and Law Secretaries who have had to endure the machinations of these corrupt and tainted menaces in black robes. We do not condone any participation in the criminal acts of judicial misconduct by anyone, but many of these Clerks are innocent victims of the intimidation of the Mafia-style bullying they have endured. As such, Scams Inc believes that if these unfortunate victims are called to testify, that most of these persons will tell the truth as some have told our informants.

Scams Inc is confident that these persons have material information implicating certain Judges and Referees that are or have been involved in corrupt acts at 60 Centre St, NYC. The evidence and paper trail of proof has involved many. Scams Inc believes these persons will testify truthfully as to the warped and twisted judges who have by their collusion and depraved acts caused illegal loss, injury and damage to innocent litigants.

On presenting these names Scams Inc has researched Records, spoken to informants and in some instances listened to phone admissions by some of these Clerks confirming the tampering and demands by a judge to commit illegal acts, or turn their backs on these judicial warped acts, that include violating laws, rules, Uniform Rules, CPLR, Rules of Special Referee Part, manipulation of Court Dockets, tampering with and secreting Court Records, fabricating evidence, condoning perjury and collusion and more which furthers the judge’s corruption and fraud on the court in concert with a corrupt lawyer and his/her clients.

If any person named wishes to deny any these matters we urge them to please read Scams Inc’s Terms of Use and immediately email us with your objections and denials and the basis of same. We will respond promptly and honorably. The list is as follows:

1. Warren Rubio – Part Clerk JSC Paul Wooten
2. Julia Cort Esq. – Law Secretary to JSC Joan Madden
3. Karen Schwartz Esq. – Law Secretary to JSC Joan Madden
4. Richard Tsai – Law Clerk Michael Stallman
5. Gloria Smith Gottinger – Supervisor Trial Support
6. Al Plotkin – Clerk Special Referee Part
7. Ed Kavitrin – Supervisor Motion Support
8. Ms. Daureen “Doe” – Motion Support
9. Mr. Steve “Doe”- Court Clerk JSC SK Heitler, now in Trial Support
10. Tom “Doe” and Steve Woldnak – Trial Support
11. Mr. Washington – Court Record Room 60 Centre St. NYC
12. Mathiew Kiernan Esq.—-Law Secretary to Chief Judge Gail Prudenti
13. Lee Kikler—–Commission on Judicial Conduct

The Judges who Scams Inc has: a) published evidence and proofs of repeated Fraud on the Court and other wrongdoing, and b), assembled evidence of other current and former Judges and Referees also engaged in Fraud on the Court are:
1. Judge Paul Wooten
2. Judge Joan Madden
3. Judge Sherry Klein Heitler
4. Former Judge Harold Beeler
5. Judge Michel Stallman
6. JHO Ira Gammerman
7. Referee Jack Suter

The current list of corrupt lawyers and their clients who Scams Inc has published proof of bribery, tampering, ghostwriting, perjury, collusion, Fraud on the Court, secreting evidence, forging records, theft of records, etc., all undenied are:
1. Joseph M. Burke Esq.
2. Russo & Burke Esqs.
3. George M. Pavia Esq
4. Antonia Pavia
5. Pavia & Harcourt LLP
6. John Siebert
7. John Siebert MD PC
8. Kenneth V. Gomez Esq.

The Courts in New York desperately need to be sanitized and the bad-egg judges, lawyers and referees exposed, fired and removed. Scams Inc believes that most, if not all, on this list of intimidated Court Clerks if Subpoenaed, will show up and act with honor and integrity. Scams Inc has learned that many of these persons are frustrated by this ongoing debased and contumacious conduct and trickery and artifice polluting the Courthouse.


wooten_NEWPaul Wooten just a few years ago was a Brooklyn L&T Lawyer pounding the pavement on Fulton Street looking for clients. Wooten seemed resourceful by making alliances with the Boys in Brooklyn with the right “connections”. Wooten began to gell with the now jailed Brooklyn king maker and fixer Clarence Norman, who for the right price could make John Gotti a Judge. Then there were Wooten alliances with now indicted State senator John Sampson, lawyer Sandra Roper, Vito Lopez, now diseased Judge John Philips and many other Back Room Fixers in Brooklyn. Wooten found himself in a breeding ground of corruption and malfeasance. We hear at the time Wooten was almost broke so he took a shot. He decided to throw his hat in the ring and take a run for DA against Charles Joe Hynes.

Soon after the charade of the Wooten Campaign commenced, Sandra Roper bowed out, due to her own personal pressures with Joe Hynes. Wooten and John Sampson we have learned were pressured by Party Boss the then embattled Clarence Norman. Norman was later charged with selling NY and Brooklyn Judgeships Former Brooklyn Judge Gerald Garson opened the full can of worms as to the pervasive activity in Brooklyn as to the “selling’ and “bartering” of Judgeships in particular involving Norman. Norman was later convicted of “grand larceny, coercion, and extortion.

Sampson bowed out we hear for some preferential action on Sampson’s involvement with the State Liquor Authority, and other Charges.

Wooten we are told, made a back room deal with Clarence Norman to bow-out of the race for DA in exchange for a Judgeship. Except Wooten had no experience to be a Judge and had little or no cash to pay Norman. We are told that Wooten made a ‘slow-gas” Deal to pay out his booty for the Lucrative appointment to the Kings County Judicial Bench.

Soon after Wooten was installed in Brooklyn, after Norman Recommended Wooten to short-term Governor Patterson, Wooten was tapped to go to the Big Apple. Wooten’s first hi-profile Decision christened him for the “Knucklehead Award when Wooten decided that a 5 year old could be tried in his court for hitting a lady with the tricycle the child was riding.

Wooten we have learned by this time was in debt and needed a score. We have assembled Wooten’s conduct, bias and inconstant Decisions, ex-parte meetings, and other communications with Joseph M Burke Esq, other representatives of Russo-Burke, and Wooten’s documented frauds over Interstate phone lines. Such legal phone recordings turned over to law enforcement.

Worse are Wooten’s tampering with Court Records, with Court Clerks and destroying Court Records. Wooten manipulated a legally Dismissed Case, marked “Dismissed” by the Court Trial Support Clerks, and illegally tampered with the Court’s Files to illegal Restore the Case in violation with CPLR, Uniform Rules, a Litigants Rights who was ill and Self Represented.This was done to favor Burke and his clients in violation of law. Then Wooten has lied to favor Burke against Burke’s adversary, and allowing Burke to make Motions “post-Dismissal” that were previously Made and decided against Burke. Wooten has ignored Burke and his Client’s Perjury, tampering and fraud. Wooten has ignored evidence to aid Burke in robbing over $7Million.

Wooten then generates a supposed Decision on or about 12-23-13. This Document contains material not available to Wooten but posted by Burke on the Internet years ago. the Decision creates a “hatchet-Job of lies and irrelevant minutia surrounding a claim by Burke that he did nor receive HIPAA Forms and as a result he is entitled to $7Million in bogus and fraudulent claims, secured by Frauds on the Courts. Wooten himself received the HIPAA Forms and such was evidenced in Answer to Burke’s Motion by Evidence with Wooten’s Court Stamp “Received” and non Party sworn-to Affidavits. Wooten has deprived access to the Courts and then Gave Oral Orders to Trial Support, Violating Uniform Rules and Violating the Rules of the Court’s Special Referee Part, in a rouse to conduct an illegal supposed Inquest Recruiting a former Judge now a part-time Judicial Hearing Officer in violation of Law.Wooten failed to submit the required Written Order, Duly Signed as mandated by the Uniform Rules 202.43 b-c-d, Uniform Rule 202.44 a, b and CPLR 4403 and the Rules of the Unified Court Special Referee Part.

We believe the Burke in the same manner we have proof of his Ghostwriting a Referee’s Order by uncovering clandestine emails (resulting in the vacature of the illegal Order), Burke Ghostwrote the 12-23-13 Decision for Wooten as the Document is mostly irrelevant to the supposed Claim of Hippa Form Production, and wastes over 17 pages of false attempted character assignation of irrelevant minutia of a sick terminally ill senior citizen who is self represented and who has never seen Wooten. The conduct of Wooten appears to be a clear and convincing misuse of the Judiciary to aid Burke in a major theft by criminal conduct.

Wooten’s conduct of lies, tampering with Court Records, Spoliation of Court Files, Ex-parte and witnessed meetings with Burke, turning a blind eye to evidence, interstate lies, tampering with others, concocting vicious lies to favor Burke a documented perjurer, reveals a Judge that at best is Bias and at worst has been compromised and Bribed to ignore the Rules of law to unjustly try and enrich Burke and a Client who have been proved to be perjurers and engaged in tax evasion and fraud.

Wooten has been on the Radar of Federal Law Enforcement since his active involvement with Clarence Norman, who is in jail for extortion, John Sampson, a NY State Senator who has bee Indicted for fraud, corruption, tax evasion, we are told.

As such, the Wooten probable succumbing to Burke, Pavia and others in concert, scheme to rob millions by orchestrating what appears to be clear bizarre and illegal manipulation of Court Rules, Laws, tampering, ignoring the Rules of law. failing to put in Writing Mandated Orders, and partaking in clandestine meetings while allowing someone to write a treatise of lies and irrelevant garbage to character assassinate a legitimate litigant as part of a scheme to aid in Burke’s Highway Robbery via corruption, belongs in the hand of the FBI and the US Attorney, where much of these matters are, including the Criminal Investigation Department of the Department of Treasury, where Burke and his Clients are under Investigation for Tax Evasion.


John Siebert MD has been convicted by NYU Medical Center as a sex predator, narcotics abuser and a thief of Medical Insurance proceeds. Siebert has been Fired by NYU Hospital and by Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, NY Eye and Ear Infirmary. Siebert has been Evicted out of 4-5 Medical Offices for Unfit acts, non payment of rent and illegal pledging of co-op shares. Siebert has been “evicted” out of New York.

Siebert has been Suspended in 2013 by the NY State Dept of Health and confessed to engaging in “Morally Unfit” acts with Patients from before the year 2000. Siebert is a sociopath who has also been observed by some of his Victim Patients and others engaging in Pedophile and other perverted sex acts—-See Scribd for many Affidavits from Siebert Victims.

Siebert according to Court Records in NY and California has been now caught engaging in repeated acts of Perjury along with acts of Perjury by his corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke and Russo-Burke LLP. Siebert has along with Burke, engaged in fraud on the NY Supreme Court and California Federal Courts. Siebert has also been found to have filed multiple fraudulent and false Federal and State Tax Returns with the intent to evade millions of dollars by evasion and scheming to benefit from illegal and bogus deductions involving Burke, Siebert’s CPA Shine & Company and others. Siebert, Burke, Shine, Brian Pecker CPA and others have engaged in Interstate frauds. As such violations of numerous Federal Codes involving Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and other violations of Criminal US Codes. 

Siebert has compromised along with Burke many at the NY State Courthouse at 60 Centre Street, all undenied by Burke and Siebert. Burke thinks he is cleaver not responding and using Letters to answer Motions. Burke is a documented corrupt and crooked lawyer. Burke forgot that his phone, email and fax records prove his ex-party infecting of Referees, Clerks and Judges, aided by Kenneth V gomez Esq and George M Pavia Esq.

Siebert has robbed many, molested and raped many of his Victim Patients by stealing their money, their emotions and their bodies. Siebert has lied, cheated, molested and stolen. His immoral and perverted acts are  covered up by Burke’s perjury and fraud on the Courts in a scheme to deprive Siebert’s Creditors from collecting money due them that Siebert confessed to owing.

Burke has lied to Judges, bribed and compromised Judges and Referees and has engaged in Fraud and Perjury at the Appellate Division 1st Dept. NY.

All of these Criminal acts are outlined in Court Files and Records, yet many Courthouse Records have been secreted, stolen and tampered with we believe as a result of Burke being found by his own hand and perjury to have engaged in repeated Crimes and violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343 and RICO. along with Siebert and certain Judges, Referees and a Juducial Hearing Officer and others.