Judge Joan Madden

Judge Joan Madden

Americans Against Corruption.com has been watching the current revelations involving the NYCAL Asbestos Court Exposes. We have with great interest been reading and probing the curious conduct of Judge Sherry Klein Heitler and her Pal Judge Joan Madden. Before anyone can understand the warped activities of the 60 Centre Street Courthouse, one has to understand the way the infected Place operates. A surgeon can not operate on a person unless he knows and understands the human anatomy. Alas, unless one knows the polluted MO of the Unified Court System you will not be able to even remotely fathom the diabolic and despicable tactics of the supposed Judges and Referees ensconced there.

The place is filled with a distorted and corrupt group of unprincipled and corrupt persons usually hand picked by the political bosses in a back room. Sure there are many who are honest in that Courthouse but they are overwhelmed and beaten down by the contaminated. They say that “Justice is Blind”. Well in that Courthouse “Justice” is the FIX and money. This Court is the greatest and most lucrative Scam of the Century. Why? Because the Thief hides behind the Guise of Honor, Justice, and the Black Robes of a Judge. These Pirates in Black Robes can manipulate the Laws to serve the interests of the Fixer and his “Client”. Most of the time you will not even realize that you have been robbed. Millions of dollars are bet on the Roulette of the Courthouse. You rely on your Lawyers and others to navigate you through these Courtrooms. If the Fix is in against you—–forget it you are Dead. These many depraved Judges don give a “rats ass” about who they “take-down”. When these charlatans in Black Robes are in for a piece of the action then you are a “Dead Man Walking”.

Then when you loose you can spend more time and money at the Appellate Divisions where the corruption continues. Those judges come from 60 Centre Street and are all part of the same debased “Club”. In a nutshell it is a vicious group of “executioners” who trust only in money under the guise of Justice and “In God We Trust”. A Fixed Court is worse than a cobra because the unsuspecting believes that they are in a trustworthy arena, just like the cattle going through the pen to be slaughtered for your dinner. We have learned many Horror Stories about this money-humgry group who “Rob” with a Pen instead a Gun and who have ruined the lives of many honest Citizens by their unscruptilious greed and abuse of the power vested in them by a farsical process of selecting them. Then they can orchestrate the corruption without a shred of oversight. A perfect storm of larceny for a trickester lawyer hand-in -hand with a bastardized judge.

All of us remember in the Godfather Film where Michael Corelone was at a Senate Hearing on the Mafia. In the Senate Hearing Room was a Poster-Chart with “Don Corelone” at the top and then Dozens of others going down the Chart to the final lowly group they called “soldiers”

The conduct of the Unified Court Judges and Referees are almost the same. Once you are targeted by one, trying to go to another is no different than trying to go from Lucky Lucciano to Bugesy Siegel to Meyer Lansky. Each is as twisted as the other and they are incestuous with each other. They will bully the Clerks into disobeying the Rules, Laws and Statutes. They will violate the Rules, they will destroy evidence, they will purge records, they will ignore perjury of the persons and lawyers who bribed them they will use there ill-gotten powers to steal your money, property and rights.

We are not going to pass judgment oh the NYCAL Asbestos Cases but the patterns are the same as often performed in other Cases by Judge Joan Madden. We have interviewed some lawyers and litigants who have had the misfortune to be litigating cases before Madden, One is particularly glaring and that matter has a plethora of proof of Madden’s collusion, fraud on the court, illegal rulings, condoning perjury, suppressing evidence, and Madden engaging in vengeance and retribution targeting a litigant who figured out that Madden was bribed and adulterated by NY Lawyer George Pavia and his wife Antonia. The Pavias are undenied and cited by Courts as perjurers and frogers. The NYC ECB Court found the Pavias to have repeatedly lied when 8 DOB Inspectors found that the Pavias violated NYC Laws creating hazardous conditions for their Tenats at 18 E 73rd St NYC. The Pavias also Forged a false Certificate of Correction making the Court believe that they Cured the more than 8 Violations. The Pavias were caught.

Judge Joan Madden precluded all of this evidence so that Pavias could illegally deprive tenants of the Rent Stabilized status that was secured by them. When the Adversary of Pavia secured proof of Madden’s depraved acts and collusion with the Pavias, Madden began a vicious, illegal and diabolic crusade of revenge.

Madden using her Mafia Style tactics set out and did introduce Pavia, and his Lawyers Kenneth V Gomez, Russo-Burke, Joseph M Burke and others to other Judges and Referees as part of a tactic to rob this litigant from his claims and rights. Madden in her lust to cover-up her well documented corruption issued Decisions falsely claiming that this senior citizen ill with cancer and heart disease was a “vexatious litigant” a part of Madden and these corrupt lawyers scheme to discredit this man who among other things is a Recipient of the Senate Medal Of Freedom and who has been of great value to Law-Enforcement for about 30 plus years.

Madden polluted other Judges, all of whom we know the names, Polluted Referees and even polluted Judges at the Appellate Division. We have seen Decisions rendered that are clear and convincing Fraud on the Courts, replete with condoning of these lawyers perjury, frauds and collusion. Further we have proof and admissions by phone of Trail Support and other Courthouse Clerks who admit that Judges have intimidated them to disobey the Laws and Rules of the Courts. This involves illegal “Steering”, violations of Uniform Rules, CPLR, Ghostwriting of Decisions, perjury and bribery.

Judge Joan Madden is no “lilly white” “Snow-White”. Madden is a documented evil person who and evidence proves, that she mutilated and twisted the laws to allow Pavias to steal Tenants Rent Stabilized Apartments and permit the Pavia’s to rob $19million for that property (18 E 73St NYC) without compensating any tenant for their Rights. Madden then further Insulated the Pavia’s Crimes by issuing a Order stating that the Pavias can not be Sued without her Permission to do so.

“Evil is as Evil Does”. If the NYCAL Cases are anything like the Cases we have proof of Madden’s contaminated acts, and we also have a laundry list on Judge Heitler’s warped tactics and her condoning the documented and reported trickery, artifice and perjury in the Madden Courtroom, The US Attorney will figure it out. As far as we are concerned, Judge Joan Madden is just another example of the polluted, perverted and infected Courtrooms at 60 Centre Street. Stated otherwise the Unified Courthouse is a Disgrace to the Citizens of NY. If you want justice you better be able to find a Fixer” and buy it or get on board and help sanitize the Place.