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Steven D. Davis Esq, ( Davis) lawyer located in Santa Monica CA, “the Law offices of Steven D Davis”, which consists of Davis, his wife and one minion, are at it  again. Davis a hulk of a man, about 300 pounds, standing at about 6foot 7inches, makes his “Bones” used as a thug, bully and a shake-down depraved supposed lawyer, covering-up the documented warped tactics of many at UCLA Hospital. We have documentary evidence of Davis’s misuse of the courts. suborning perjury, filing unnecessary and harassing paper blitzezes engaging in violations of Rules of Supreior Courts and condoning the lies and deceptions engaged in by UCLA Risk Mgmt and Joanne Klohn.

Davis has exhibited his incompetence, malpractice, violations of Rules of Professional Resp. and has been admonished by Superior Court Judges in both Los Angeles and in Santa Monica.

We have proof of Lawyer Davis suborning the Perjury of a UCLA employee, Cynthia Wang at a Deposition. Davis has been accused of harassing many UCLA patients, intimidating and extorting them in a scheme to derail their attempt to be compensated for botched procedures, botched surgery and much more.

Davis is a ally of Convicted Dr Marlene Wang, who was charged and convicted for forging UCLA Time Cards. Wang is a co-conspirator with Dr Gerald Berke at the Infected UCLA Head-Neck Department. Davis has been again hired by Klohn in UCLA Risk Managment, at the expense of California Taxpayers to extort, threaten and intimidate patients who Berkie, Wang, Vishad Nabili ans Intern Travis Shiba have targeted and retaliated against as these racists have targeted others including Black Doctor Christian Head. This Head-Neck surgeon sued and UCLA forked over $4.2 Million to settle these claims caused by the sick and demented bullying, harassment and extortion proven and engaged in by Berke, Wang and others.

The Regents and California Taxpayers paid for the perverted Follies of these depraved Doctors, lead by Sociopath Berke. Now this incompetent Bully and unethical Lawyer Davis is back on his “Soap-Box” of Threats, Intimidation and extortion by threatening to misuse the Superior Court to thwart Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and cover-up these Mafia-Style Gang lead by Berke depriving Patients mandsated ane Ordered Cancer Surgery, thus threatening Patients Lives because of spite, retaliation and Davis misuse of the Courts as a weapon of threats and extortion.

Steven D. Davis has been engaged in this adulterated conduct for years. His former “Partner” Garrard took a hike a few years ago leaving Davis with his wife and one main Client UCLA. One can only wonder why UCLA uses a incompetent and stupid-Bully Lawyer. It seems that Davis and Risk Managment’s Joanne Klohn are as close as “peanuts and excrament” and Davis is willing to engage in unethical and misuse of his Law License to abuse litigants and pervert the Rules of Law.

Meanwhile the California Taxpayers are funding these distorted, incompetent and invidious acts engaged in by a Hospital that is supposed to be Saving Lives not extorting and depriving Patients from trying to Stay Alive, and in the process hiring the lies of a Steven D Davis a well known Bully, pompous ass, liar and cheat.

We heve learned that NBC California News heard about the recent antics and abuses engaged in by Berke and his crew and Documented. Davis, a chronic liar communicated with NBC,and lied , intimidated and, for now derailed the NBC Expose.

Lone Ranger Davis is a Courthouse joke, a bully who over charges UCLA for crazy forms of courthouse extortion and again the Regents and tax payers of California are footing the Bill for Davis Abuses of ill patients threatening them and depriving their unfettered access to Medical Care by a California State Owned Medical Institution UCLA.

The illegal acts of Davis, Berke, Wang, Nabili, Sheba and Others Depriving Patients full and complete access to UCLA Departments for Healthcare and Surgery, based on the spiteful and retaliatory whims of Hatchet Man G. Berke and his Dr Gang in violation of a State owned Medical Institution ie UCLA is against the Law and actionable against Regents and the State. These acts might even be Crimes including Civil Rights and RICO Charges in Federal Court. Meanwhile bully and incompetent Lawyer Davis, with Blinders” on and his lust for ill gotten gains—the cash from UCLA for his Hit-Man Extortion, is clueless as to the Exposure these invidious conduct can and will result in if continued. We will be continuing the Expose about these debased acts engaged in by Davis, his Lawyer Wife and the vicious distorted few at the Head-Neck led by sociopath Berke and funded by the corrupt UCLA Risk Mgmt. Office and Joanne Klohn.