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Judge Paul Wooten, from Brooklyn, who we have learned, bought his “Black Robe” and a NY Court Judgeship by an alliance with Jailed peddler of Judgeships and extortion a Clarence Norman, in Brooklyn. Wooten was a L&T lawyer and broke, who tried a charade Run for Brooklyn DA. When he quit that effort he made a unholy alliance with Norman as we are told. Wooten spends more than he makes, and now he is in “the Big Apple”, at 60 Centre Street Courthouse, the most polluted and corrupt court in America.

Wooten has commenced when he was placed in Part 7 at that Courthouse, corruption, Fixes, Ghostwriting, fabrication of evidence, stealing Records, tampering and forgery of the Court Dockets, intimidation of Clerks, Steering matters to his corrupt Referees and JHO”s who will engage in the Fraud on the Court directed by corrupt Wooten.

Wooten now has been caught with the “Smoking-Gun” in his hand. He has been caught in a perverted scheme of bribery, collusion, filing perjured and ghostwritten Decisions, crafted by a corrupt lawyere and others. Wooten has been caught intimidating Trial Support Clerks, falsifying Records, violationg Uniform Rules, illegally Restoring cases, engaging in dicumented Mail and Wire Fraud, spoliation of evidence, stealing Records and forging others in concert with his corrupt allies. Wooten has schemefd to rob millions from litigants by judicial fraud on the court, corrupt acts, filing fraudulent and illegal Decisions, engaging in systematic perjury, and cheating.

Now Wooten is trying to cover his tracks by refusing to Disqualify himself for his documented corrupt acts and depriving his” targets” from access to the Courts thus engaging in deprivation of Due Process and violations of the US Constitution.

We are told that Wooten and others at that Court have been Reported with Evidence to the US Attorney, Southern District of New York and Preet Baharara.

Wooten has been proved to be a thief and a despicable corrupt and incompetent crook. He is a desperate man who owes Norman and many others and is desperate for money. We have been advised that Wooten’s lust for the Hi-Life and spending cash has gotten the better of him. Possibly the Criminal Division of the IRS is investigating and will do a “standard of living test” on Wooten. Then he can look forward to being charged with corruption, bribery, mail and wire fraud and tax evasion. Time will tell. One thing is for certain —-Wooten is a depraved crook who has violated the Public Trust and we have the proof of Wooten’s Crimes.