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How can a Judge in the NY Unified Courts, Judge Joan Madden, a Judge selected to administer supposed “Justice” in the ” New Yourk Asbestos Litigation” participate in a scheme to swindle a recipient of a Medical Malpractice Settlement and loot and rob Medicare Leaned Funds in the process.

Judge Joan Madden has been engaged in depraved and unlawful activities for many years. She was “hand-picked” by Swindler Lawyer George Pavia, to hear his supposed claim of a leak in his 18 East 73 Street NYC  Brownstone Building supposedly caused by a tenant above Pavia. That tenant was seeking Rent Stabilized status of his apartment at 18 E 73rd Street NYC, that the Pavias had swindled from the Pierce Family, that the Pavias ilegally failed to Register with the NYC DHCR, and that George Pavia went wild when this tenant figured out that the Pavia’s were crooks and in violation of NYC Rent Laws. Madden was formerly a L&T Judge, and well known to Pavia’s then lawyer.

The irony is the Fact with all of Pavia and his wife Antonia’s cheating, fraud, perjury, forgery of Dept o9f Buildings records, the DHCR determined 18 East 73rd St. to be Rent Stabilized. Thos, that Buildings value was cut in more than half, and the Pavia’s, money hungry pigs, did something to reverse the Law. They found Judge Joan Madden who was willing to be Fixed. Madden did everything from allowing forgery, supression of evidence threats of sanctions and contempt, conctoing evidence, allowing bogus hearings,, plotted perjury, conducted illegal hearings, deprived evidence, condoned Pavia’s clear perjury and manipulated rent laws, statutes and rules and deprived and denied legal Motions to manipulate the Law. Madden allowed Pavia access to her Court based on fraud, perjury and collusion and refused to Dismiss and sanction the Pavias for their frauds. Madden had already made a unholy alliance with these infected charlatans and wantted the emoluments of Pavia’s evil, corrupt and diabolic ill gotten gains , thefts from Tenants and thefts from Medicare.

Turns out that Pavia lied, had no claim, had no leak, had no damage, and refused to produce and proof of his Claims. George Pavia was Deposed and lied repeatedly as he had no photos of the supposed damage and refused access to inspect it. The Tenant made a Motion to Dismiss these bogus claims but Madden, already in Pavia’s pocket Denied it. This Judicial Fraud and collusion involving suppression of evidence, perjury, denial of Due Process, theft of Rent Stabilization, bribery, unconstitutional taking of property, Pavia’s looting and extortion was condoned by Madden who even deprived the tenant from suing the Pavias “without Madden’s Permission”.

When Madden and Pavias realized that this resourceful tenant had figured out the Pavia’s and Madden, in concert with the Pavia lawyer Kenneth V Gomez, conspired to have Madden pollute and railroad this tenant in the Pavia bogus Case seeking to Restore 18 E 73 St Ffrom Rent Stabilization by Bribery, Fixes, Fraud on the Madden Court, and then  with other Judges in the 60 Centre Street Courthouse where this tenant had claims in Cases involving others and millions of dollars that Madden and Pavias wanted pieces of.  So with Pavia, Gomez, Joe Burke, and  John Siebert,Madden went out of her way infecting and warping the Courts of numerous Judges resulting in the Deprivation of Due Process, Fixes, Ghostwriting, massive schemes to loot and rob this mans rights and property, ands as a result unjustly enrich a self confessed sexual pervert John Siebert, a proven thief and perjurer and a client of Gomes Partner Joseph M Burke.

Then Madden and Pavia and Gomez learned of this man’s Med-Mal Settlement of about $230,000.00.So they conspired to steal it. Although these monies were subject to Security Agreements and duly filed UCC’s Recorded with NY State years earlier, and further subject to Medicare Statutory Leans for hundreds of thousands Medicare paid for this Mans related Surgeries, hospitilizations, chemo-therapy, etc., Gomez, Pavia, Madden, Burke, Siebert, literally Stole this $230,000.00 for themselves and “Cut-it-up”. Madden used her Judicial connections to OK the Med-Mal Judge to craft a polluted and adulterated Decision, granting Gomez and Pavia these Fumds without any Hearing as to the Liens and Secured Creditors.  Gomez supposedly became a “Creditor” by claiming he 3 weeks earlier bought a $50,000.00 Face Value Judgment claimed to be held by Leona Hemlsley for $6,500.00, and that “with supposed unpaid interest” it Judgment value was $135,000.00.

So in four weeks the Med-Mal Judge allowed Gomez, pavia’s lawyer to be enriched., unjustly, by about $130,000.00 of Med Mal Cancer Proceeds. Then this Judge refused to allow a Hearing to Prove Secured Creditor status of others, Medicare liens, and Refused to have Gomez prove his bogus and unjust claim. It is unheard of that  in a 3 week span a Court will give a corrupt lawyer about a 3000% profit on a supposed contested judgment that was illegal and secured illegally in the first place by a Jail Bird Leona and her Company then sold to Gomez under suspect circumstances and without any Notice to the supposed judgment debtor.This was a clear orchestrated theft by RICO Style Courthouse fraud, aided by corrupt and perverted Judges and Lawyers depriving Due Process, engaging in Fraud and unconstitutional taking of an American Citizen’s money and Property. As far as we are concerned, a Crook, is a Crook, is a Crook, Black Robes, Lawyers who are depraved, unethical racketeers without a gun violating the Public Trust.

The Judge that allowed this Diabolic theft and charrade  and is evidenced by Pleadings, Medicare Rules and Regs and its Automatic Statutory Leans , done in concert with Madden, pavia, Gomez and others, is Judge Shelah Abdus Salaam, who mow has been elivated to the NY Court of Appeals. A reading of Judge Abdus-Salaam’s Decisions in this Med-Mal Case whereby she gives-away this Cancer-Victim’s money to Pavia and Gomez, and circumvents UCC Filings, Security Agessments and Medicare Leaned Funds involving over $300,000.00, reveals clear and convincing Fraud on the Court, negligence and invidious conduct.

 Abdus-Salaam refused a Hearing which any legitimate Court was mandated to Order in view of the Proofs produced of the massive unjust enrichment of over 300% for Gomez, Proof of other Secured Creditors, denied of their Money and denied justice. Worse is Abdus-Salaam’s refusal to Hold Aside these Funds to allow Medicare to be informed of these Moneys so that Medicare can pursue its Money. Judge Salaam knows the Law and so does Madden also a Judge. Gomez, Pavia and others are Lawyers. All know Medicare has a Statutory Lean on ALL such Funds and must be informed before payments are made in Med-Mall Cases. Here Judge Abdus Salaam ignores the Law to aid in this Courthouse scheme of theft, looting and Un-Constitutional taking of Property.

We have seen the paper trail and Judge Salaam’s decisions and they are outright Fraud on the Court, perverted, despicable and prove the Fix was in. Gomez’s Checking Account Records and that of others in concert put the “bricks with the mortar”. One thing is certain, Pavia and Gomez, engaged in rampant Fraud on the Court in concert and collusion with Madden in connection with Pavia’s theft of Remt Stabilization, Theft of Med-Mat Proceeds, theft from Medicare, theft of $19 Million that the Pavias pocketed as a result of theit Fraud, perjury, bribery, and looting. Pavias caused Gomez to place Internet Blogs maligning and scheming to discredit this tenant bur they were again caught.

This Medicare Leaned Settlement Funds, orchestrated by Madden using her “Black-Robes” to pollute Judge Salaam and others and aid Pavia and Gomez and Siebert to loot and Rob in the Courthouse is the acts of a adulterated corrupt Judge. We are conducting further Investigations into Madden and others and think that Madden should not be involved in NYCAL bases on the current “State of Play”.

Meanwhile, the Pavia’s have stolen millions, they have been found guilty of Tax Fraud, have been proven to have engaged in fraud on the court, perjury, forgery and suborning perjury in the Cases involving Rent Stabilization and Med-Mal distributions. None of these Decisions and Orders generated by Madden or Abdus Salaam become Final, and are all voidable based upon Fraud on the Court, Extrinsic fraud and Intrinsic Fraud. The Pavias will be subject to Federal Court Litigation, charges of fraud thefts and possibly treble damages. THe Pavias are criminals, corrupt vicious persons who have engaged in not only Fraud in the Courthouse, but theft of persons homes, trying to use gomez to extort and intimidate, filing false criminal complaints and dealing with Organized Crime persons to aid in the Pavia’s criminal acts.


George M Pavia Esq and his wife Antonia have been engaged in criminality for years. George has used his law practice as a front for his criminal affilliations involving the Mafia, and other unsavory jail birds such as Ted Kohl, who was owner of Herbert Construction. Kohl was jailed for money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes including perjury. The Pavias recruted Kohl to provide them with perjured Affidavits as part of their desperation to avois Rent Stabilization at 18 East 73 Street NYC.

The Pavias are lecherous phoneys. George has been engaged in corruption Courts for a long while. He engaged in fraud, perjury and other depraved acts at the DHCR, the Dept. of Buildings, and at the Courthouse in NYC. George is a sociopath and a thief. The Pavias concocted bold faced lies to disenfranchise Rent Stabilization from all tenants at 18 E 73, a brownstone Pavia owned, that he robbed from his In-laws the Pierce Family. There were 4 Tenants and the Pavias. The property had 7 units.

The Pavias engaged in suborning perjury, perjury, bribery, tampering fraud on the court and much more. The DHCR Ruled the Pavia Property Is Rent Stabilized.(ie 18 E 73. St). Pavia Appealed and lost. So Pavia engaged in compromising Judge Joan Madden who he got a Case grounded on Pavia’s Fraud and perjury to. Madden was Bribed and began to loot the Court with rampant Deprivation of Due Process. A lawyer involved, before he died early this year confessed that Madden was Bribed by Pavia and that Pavia came to him to “throw the Case” for his Client.

George and Antonia have unjustly enriched themselves by Madden’s Judicial corruption and fraud, Robbed Rent stabilization and then sold 18 E 73 St. for over $19Million depriving tenants of their Rights. The Pavias “paid-off” Madden for her Fraud on the Court, except Pavia forgot that Fraud on the Court voids all Decisions and Orders of that Court, and they never become Final.

We have learned that the Pavias have been foung Guilty of Tax Evasion, and we have seen Evidence of the Pavia’s perjury fraud, looting, bribery and havving Madden in their Pocket. Madden is also engaged in suspect acts as a NYCAL Judge and also aided Pavia and ihs lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, in Stealing over $230,000.00 in a Patient’s Med-Mal Recovery and stealing Medicare Liened Funds for themselves. We have evidence of that as well. Pavia and Gomez, in concert with the Court and others failed to advise Medicare of its entitlement to these Funds. Madden orchestrated this scam as well.

We also have learned that a Victim of the Pavia-Madden Theft, Fraud and courthouse swindles will soon be Filing legal action in Federal Court seeking substantial Damages and proving the Pavia’s criminality, fraud, bribery, perjury and unjust enrcchments.

The Pavia’s are thieves, phoneys, tax evaders and perverted warped cheaters.


Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Joseph M. Burke, Esq.

Lawyer Joseph M Burke is a twisted sociopath. He is so warped nd unethical he can not engage in any act that is not adulterated or unethical.

Joe Burke Esq. has over the past 11 years that we have been watching his diabolic and contaminated courthouse distortions has been proved to be a thief, perjurer, trickster, forger, thief of Courthouse Records, a Ghostwriter, a briber of Courthouse Referees, Judges, a robber of court documents, a tamperer of Court Dockets, and a extortonist.

Burke, in concert with his Partners and Associates, Kenneth V. Gomez Esq. William Russo Esq.Matthiew Abrams Esq. David M Deemer Esq. have engaged in rampant violations of Disciplinary Rules by Suborning Perjury, Fraud on the Court, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Cheating at the Courthouse, bribery, Ghostwriting, use of phones, internet, faxes to commit larceny, bribery, Ghostwrithig, and other acts of collusion, thefts and fraud.

\Joseph M Burke Esq has been with Russo and Burke for over 20 years until early 2015. Burke and Russo are now playing a “shell-game” of Law Offices, except the same group are at their same desks in the same office space at 600 Thirde Avenue, 15th Floor NYC, NY 10016. Now there is Russo Associates, Russo and Burke and Abrams and Deemer. Joe Burke has lied to the Courts saying he is all alone , but the truth has surfaced and crook Joe Burke is a Partner of Abrams-Deemer, at his same desk and engaging in his criminal acts of larceny, perjury, bribery and collusion.

This time may be different. Burke has misused his phones and emails and that of Gomez at 600 Third Ave, to engage in Ghostwriting Decisions, ex-party collusion, bribery and other criminal acts. We hear that office phone Records reveal some of these crimes and Internet Records establish more.

Burke’s purging of Courthouse Records has also been established by Clerks at the Courthouse. Burke has suborned Joh Siebert’s perjury, Burke has written Dozens of Motions replete with Fraud and perjury, Burke has engaged in polluting and compromising JSC Wooten, JHO Ira Gammerman and filed false Records and engaged in fraud and perjury in numerous Court Transcripts.

Burke is a corrupt Lawyer and a thief. Burke’s days of cueating, lying and extorting others is we hear about to end. Burke should be disbarred, and jailed along with his co-conspirators Gomez, Russo, Abrams, Deemer, Siebert and others.

Burke we have learned has also along with Siebert, have engaged in Interstate threats, resulting in a Superior Court Judge issuing a nationwide Restraining Order against John Siebert and Burke.

Joseph m Burke is a pathetic disgrace to the practice of Law and human decency. He is a perverted sociopath without ethics or morality, willing to do anything to steal, loot and infect with his adulterated trickery. Burke is a invidious, corrupt Racketeer.