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SatanWe have learned that undenied thief, tax evader, perjurer, and crook George Pavil, aided by his corrupt, depraved wife Antonia, have conducted a number of EXORCISMS.

George Pavia Esq is a evil, warped thief. He is willing to do anything for money. We have evidence of the Pavia’s engaging in bribery of New York State Court Judges, thefts of Medicare Funds, thefts of Rent Stabilization, Forgery of false and bogus Certificate of Corrections at the NYC Department of Buildings. We have Court Decisions where the Pavias were charged with perjury. At the Enviromental Control Board, where all Dept. of Buildings Violations are heard, the Pavias were found to be IN VIOLATION of 8 separate issued violations of their Brownstone at 18 East 73rd Street NYC where the Pavias were violating Rent Stabilization Rules, gouging Tennants and renting apartments that were found to be illegal and Hazardous. The Pavias tried to cover-up these conditions by perjury, forgery, bribery and suborning the perjury of Ted Kohel, a jailed Contractor and owner of Herbert Construction. Kohel was convicted of perjury, tax evasion, money laundering and is a pal of the Pavias. Pavia’s compromised NY State Court Judge Joan Madden, who aided the Pavias in their illegal theft of Rent Stabilization and the robbery of Pavia tenants Rent Stabilization Rights.

Then the Pavias lured Madden to illegally used her Black-Robes to infect other Judges and Railroad a Tennant who uncovered the Pavia Criminal Enterprise, figured out and proved Madden being compromised, and thus was targeted. This man is over 76 years old and suffers from many medical disorders. No matter to the warped criminals George and Antonia Pavia.

These Pavias are so diabolic and immoral they now have engaged in admitted Sanatism. These Pavias have admitted to a few of their adulterated crooks that they have conducted Exorcisms on George who is an admitted former Fascist. George and his father, both atheist Jews became informants for the Natzi–Fascist Party Reporting innocent Jews for deportation to Concentration Camps.This unholy alliance allowed George to escape Mussolini, the Fascist Youth Corps George was a Member and steal and loot his way into America, using Blood-Money of the Jews he put into the Camps.

George Pavia has admitted to these alliances and his membership as a Fascist in Court Depositions. George Pavia has been involved with Criminal Figures and Organized Criminals for years. He has been engaged in perjury, bribery, money laundering, extortion, thefts of Medicare leaned Funds, tax evasion, purging of DOB and ECB and State Court Records and Evidence. The Pavias have filed perjured and phony Records with the DHCR (NY Department of Housing and Community Renewal).

The Pavias Stolen Antonia’s Parents Home at 15 East 77 Street and converted it for themselves without Consideration and defrauding the IRS out of a fortune in Gift Tax. The Pavias ate tax evaders, and criminals, using the Courts to loot and rob others for their own illegal and unjust enrichment.

The Pavias are phoneys. They try and fashion themselves as Italian “Elite”, but in reality, George Pavia is a criminal Fascist, a Mussolini Rat, who put innocent Jews into Camps for George’s unjust reward. George is a Mafia front, a perjurer, a con man, a polluter of Courts, and a distorted vicious rat. George compromised and bribed Madden, who engaged in orchestrating Court Corruption that was set-up to rob Tenants rights by permitting perjury, spoliation of material proofs, conning the Courtroom, and giving the Pavias unfettered control of a polluted court. Madden wrote Decisions allowing the Pavias to produce forged, false and perjured witnesses Records and Madden precluded material Proof from ove 8 Inspectors from the DOB, ECB Court Records and black and white proof that the Pavias lied under oath and that 18 E 73 ST was Hazardous to Tenants.

Then Pavia, Madden, Pavia’s Lawyer Ken Gomez, his Partner Joseph M Burke conspired to loot and Rob this senior citizen Tenant out of Millions John Siebert owes to this man by colluding with a then new Judge, Paul Wooten. These adulterated group engaged in trickery, collusion, Ghostwriting, forgery of the Court Docket, intimidation of Clerks, bribery and compromising JHO Ira gammerman, steering a perjured and illegal Wooten-Burke Decision requiring a “Set-up Inquest” to Gammerman by intimidation of Clerk Gloria Gottinger.

The Pavias are living “hi on the hog” in their new digs on Park Avenue purchased by the Pavias with their stolen and unjust proceeds as a result of their Fraud on the Court in the Unified NY State Courts ant 60 Center Street NYC, NY.

George and Antonia Pavia need much more than a Exprcism, they need to be put in Jail for their Tax Evasions, bribery, money laundering, trickery, Mail and Wire Frauds, Racketeering, collusion to deny Due Process, un-Constitutional thefts of property and extortion. George Pavia Antonia Pavia, Burke and Siebert retained Lawyer Gomez to threaten, harass and abuse many by a phony Blog, and by trying to extort and threaten Siebert Victims that Siebert sexually molested that resulted in Siebert Confessions and his suspension from NY State as a Doctor, an Siebert’s Conviction as a sex-offender by NYUHospital and others in NY.

George and Antonia Pavia, Gomez, Burke and Siebert have not denied any of these criminal acts.

Is it not about time that the NY Courts are not used ans a “sand-box” for the crooks to rob and disenfranchise fair justice for Judicial bribery and corruption?


One at first blush can only guess why Judge Paul Wooten, of the Unified NY State Courts, conducting his perverted acts out of Part 7 at 60 Center Street NYC is “IN Bed” with Burke, a crook, a liar and a cheat and undenied. Wooten became a Judge in Brooklyn, by, we have learned, making a “back-room” deal with now jailed and disgraced “political fixer” Clarence Norman. We have read most of the Decisions signed by Wooten, and they reveal one glaring thing. Either Wooten is a incompetent and a Idiot or he is a Crook. Now we all know that most judges in NY State Courts rely on the Courtroo Law clerks to craft the Decisions. Of course under the dominance of the judge. Here Wooten has a Rachel Mandel doing this job. Before her there were others. Wooten bought his Black Robes with the aid of Norman in about 2008. Wooten was later transferred to Supreme NY.

Wooten has displayed a series of acts involving many Litigants that has given rise to careful analysis of the Wooten Activities, in and out of the Courtrooms.

We have evidence that Wooten was lured to Lawyer Joseph M. Burke by another corrupt Lawyer George Pavia Esq, who compromised JSC Joan Madden in a scheme to allow Pavia to steal Rent Stabilization Rights from his Tenants at 18 East 73 St. NYC.

Wooten soon after was witnessed having ex-party meeting with Burke and others. Soon Wooten began to issue Decisions and Orders in a Major Case comdoning Burke and his Client John Siebert’s Fraud, perjury, thefts and eve ghostwriting of Court Decisions. Wooten soon after conspired with Burke to engage in a Courthouse scheme to rob over $50Million by perjury, Judicial collusion, Wooten’s falsifying the Court Docket, violating Rules of the Court, steering illegally, bribery, bullying, fraud violation CPLR, and issuing Decisions that were Grounded on Burke fraud and perjury. Wooten also recuted JHO Gammerman to engage in yet more fraud on the court, turn a blind eye¬† to Burke-Siebert’s perjury, larceny and thefts by abusing the Public Trust, mail fraud, wire fraud and rampant courthouse criminality,

Evidence now appears clear that Wooten formed a “unholy-alliance” with Burke. Siebert, Pavia and others to loot and rob what looks like now over $60Million, bu using “the pen not a sword”. Wooten and Gammerman have generated Decisions that are flaigrantly in contravention to the Court Records and based on trickery, deceit and misrepresentation, so that these crooks can scheme to “cut-up a supposed “booty” by phony Courthouse adulterations.

We have proof that Wooten is and has been a liar, cheat, and a man without morals or character. Wooten has displayed in many of his Decisions that he is a man without consicence and a money-hungry disgrace to the Judiciary. His Decisions we believe, many involving Siebert and Burke, have been ghostwritten for him by Burke and or Burke’s Partiners and done so to railroad a Adversary by criminality and done to steal anothers money and property by courthouse criminality.

So, based on the proof we have and the Interviews, Wooten and Burke are in bed together in a diabolic scheme to rob millions due to a Litigant, unconditionally from Siebert.

Now that Wooten has “made his own bed”, he will have to sleep in it as his “cans of worms” are open and will be carefully analyzed for years to come. Possibly Wooten and Burke will also share the same Bed in a Jail Cell as well, who knows?