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GGeorge Paviaeorge Pavia has been a corrupt cheating “Rat” since a teen boy. George and his father both Jews, ratted on other Jews in exchange for their receipt of favors from the Facist and Nazi Governments. George saved his life at the expense of others he “fingered” to “Camps” and worse.

The stage was set for George a socipoath money grubbing evil perverted rat. George, now in his eighties, cane to America, and became a lawyer and married. But George wanted money, the easy way. So he found a woman whose parents had a few bucks, the “Pierces”. George dumped his first wife but not before he fleeced her. Well, after his divorce and marrage to Antonia, George even tried to obtain his wifes Rent Stabilized Apartment. George claimed (after his divorce) that the Apartment was in his name and he wanted rent stabilized status. George lost that scam.

During the 1950’s thru the 1970’s George cavorted with Mob figures representing them in various schemes. He met Jail Birds, crooks and worse including Ted Kohel, Tony Anastasia, and others. George tried his hand a getting into the Social world by ass-kissing the Cassini Brothers. This too failed. They we are told referred to George Pavia as a Pimp, thief and crook. George tried to enter the Cassini’s Le Club, but was denied membership as a outcast.

George used his mob connections to rob the Tax departments on Barter deals with Herbert Construction in a Brownstone the Pierces gave to their Daughter Antonia, Georges new wife. George, true to form, didnt bother registering the property with the DHCR and rent controlled (It had 7 rental units, 18 East 73 St, NYC).

From that tome george has engaged in a long paper trail of fraud, fraud on the Dept of Buildings, Tax evasion, Beibery, Perjury, Trickery, Thefts from the Pierces of their Home at 15 East 77th Street NYC. Obsrruction of Justice, Mail and Wire Fraud, collusion with NY Judges, alliances with corrupt lawyers, robbery of Rent Stabilization, Unjust Enrichment as well as Federal and NY State Tax Evasion, money laundering and other diabolic acts including attempts at extortion.

The Pavias secured by bribery, collusion and fraud, the Rent Stabilized Rights of tenants at 18 East 73 St, NYC, and a massive unjust enrichment.

The Pavias were cited by Courts such as the ECB Court Appeals as Perjurers and having Forged Dept of Bulidings Correction Certificates. Pavia’s bribed Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden to rule out and preclude all of this evidence of the Pavia’s Criminality.

George Pavia is a twisted, warped theef and thug, who said he would do whatever necessary to get out the Rent Stabilized Tennts from Antonia’s Building 18 E 73 St NYC. Gegrge and Antonia did just that by engaging in rampant criminality, bribery, fraud, forgery, perjury, trickery, internet extortion thefts and robbery.

The Pavias have loomed large by stealing over $20 million at 18 E 73 St, about $16 million out of Pierce home, over $230,000.00 in Medicare thefts. Theft tenants apartments by criminality, mail and wire fraud, obstruction of justice, filing false criminal complaints, fraud on the court, collusion with Judges and others at NY Supreme Courthouse, and now George is trying to squirm out of his quagmire by engaging in yet more trickery, lies, cheating and fraud to save his neck along with his corrupt wife and co-thief Antonia Pavia.

The Pavias have also filed repeated fraudulent tax returns and we have learned that they have been found guilty already on at lease a few Tax Returns. These acts are Crimes.

The Pavias are thus CRIMINALS engaging in Tax Evasion and much more——