We have been interested in the Sunny Sheu Case for a few years.

For the Record, we are not affiliated with any third parties who are also active in pursuing this unsolved murder and diabolic miscarriage of Justice from a simple Asian man, Sheu, who only wanted to protect himself and his home.



Joseph G. Golia is now retired from the Unified Court System in NY State. Sunny Sheu a Queens, NY resident at the time, had become a victim of a complex scam of mortgage fraud involving Shue’s Queens home, starting with forged powers of attorneys that led to a bogus mortgage issued by Centex Home Equity Company. Although Shue never financed his home, never benefited from the proceeds from Centex, and after Shue provided the police with all evidence which led to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible for the “Identity Theft” and forged Shue’s mortgage documents, the Centex Mortgage Company ignored the criminal prosecutions of the identity thieves and began Foreclosure Proceedings against Mr. Shue and his home. This occurred in about Jan. 2005, where Centex bought the Sunny Sheu home for $1000.00 from the very person who was criminally prosecuted for stealing Mr. Sheu’s Identity in the first place, using another fraudulent name to accomplish this supposed “foreclosure-sale” to Centex.

Enter Judge Joseph Golia, Unified Court Supreme Court, Queens-Nassau, NY. We will not in this Report outline the warped, malignant and despicable acts of Golia towards Mr. Shue and a clear case of “Identity Theft” targeting Mr Sheu and his home, except to state that based on Court Records, Interviews and other Records, Judge Golia deprived Sheu of Due Process, his rights under the US and NY State Constitution and seems to have engaged in a massive scheme of Fraud on the Court. In Fact the Record proves that Golia not only ignored the evidence of the Identity Theft and the Police Reports, etc confirming that the Sheu home was mortgaged illegally by fraudsters, but Golia claimed that these items of credible evidence were not admissible in the Court Proceeding. These Records, precluded by Golia were the very Proofs that resulted in the Conviction of the fraudsters and proving that the Centex Mortgage was fraudulently issued. Golia withheld this material evidence and granted the Title of Mr Sheu’s home to Centex. Although Mr Sheu was clearly a victim of a fraudulent scheme confirmed further by the conviction of the thieves, Golia ignored this evidence and granted the title of this man’s home to Centex. Based on the Record, Golia engaged in judicial misconduct, fraud on the court, suppression of evidence and deprivation of Due-Process against this Asian man who was in America to do some good work. All can see a YouTube Video of Sunny to see him and his persona.

But it did not end there. Sheu uncovered, having a Book-keeper background, that Golia had filed False and Fraudulent Financial Disclosure Statements with the Judicial Ethics Agency, materially understating his assets, etc.

The false Disclosure was confirmed by the Agency after investigation into Golia’s finances, according to the Record of the matter by a Janice Howard, Director of OCA at the time.

Soon after Sheu was threatened, intimidated and as a result, made another Video stating that if he is murdered, it was from “Golia and his people”. A few days later, Sunny Sheu was found mursered as a result of being blugeoned in the head numerous times resulting in death.Now the Record gets even more sordid. Regardless, the Queens Medical Examiner (Dr. Ahmed) confirmed the manner of Sheu’s death. After the murder, Sunny’s body was removed by members of the Queens Police, Records have been doctored, forged and purged according to interviews, and now after over 5 years this murder has not been properly or at all “Investigated”.

We have learned that “THE FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD”. Judge Golia saw a self-represented Asian Refugee and a cash-rich Centex money lender. The rest is easy to figure out. Golia stole the home of Mr Sheu by Judicial fraud and gave it to Centex on a silver platter. This conduct in the Unified Courts in NY is commonplace. Judicial fraud, Fixes, bribery, collusion and thefts of litigant’s Rights have been ongoing for many years. The Place is a corrupt garbage dump of men and women who pay the party bosses for trhe $20.00 Black Robe, pay the Graft-Freight” for the Appointment, and then these charlatans operate their diabolic fifedom of fixes and corruption in their Chambers, selling-out anyone whose adversary is ready, willing and able to pay their price for a Fix and a piece of the “Action”.

Here is what we know first hand as one of our Investigators sought Joseph G. Golia recently and found him in Mineola, long Island NY. Golia is a now “retired judge”, but he is working with the Law Firm of FINZ and FINZ in Mineola. Finz lists themselves as “personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers”. On their website they list about 3 or 4 retired NY State Court Judges from Supreme and other State venues. Why are they employed by Finz? Who knows yet.

Our Investigator called Finz and Finz, Esqs, and tried to talk with Golia. After a number of attempts which were futile the Secretary stated that Golia refused to speak to the Investigator who disclosed the intent of the call as being the Sheu Case and murder. Then our Investigator asked to speak to Stuart Finz Esq.

After some cajoling mr Finz took the call. Our Investigator outlined the background of the Sunny Sheu Case, murder and the involvement of Finz’s Associate Judge Golia. Finz told the investigator thar he had no knowledge of Golia’s activities involving Mr Sheu, although the Case, the Murder and Golia’s involvements and suspected involvements are splashed all over the Internet, Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and multiple News Articles.

Finz and Finz has a glowing Report about “Hon Joseph G. Golia” on Finz and Finz Esqs Website, claiming that Golia was recognized with many “Honors” while a Unified Judge and later with the NYS Appellate Term Court. The end the Golia Report by stating “Recognized Leadership.”

Stuart Finz Esq told our Investigator that he would review the Sheu Reports, murder, Golia’s fraud on the court and suppression of evidence and more.

Meanwhile a simple little man who came to New York from Asia to gain opportunity, buys a home only to have it stolen from him by Identity Thieves and thereafter by a corrupted Court and a “fat-cat” lending company. We have looked into the Centex Company and have learned that they changed thier name to CTX Mortgage Company. We have learned that CTX has recently been found by FHA-HUD to have violated Federal Housing Loan requirements on many Mortgages and are further Investigating CTX misconduct and intends Administrative Action against CTX.

There is no doubt that Judge Golia deprived Mr Sheu of Due Process by Golea’s Fraud on the Court. The Law as to Judicial fraud on the court or fraud by any “Officer of the Court” which includes Lawyers, Clerks, Referees, etc is specific. Any Order or Decision that was procured and issued by Fraud on the Court is no Decision at all and never becomes Final. The United States Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts have a plethora of Case law regarding “FRAUD ON THE COURET’.

As such, Joseph Golia is about like Adolph Eichman, in hiding until the Israeli Moussad found Eichman and returned him to Israel for trila and conviction. Golia has used his power, clout and position as what seems like a corrupt and corrupted judge to Rob and “Rape-Financially” Sunny.

Why did not Golia tell Finz about the Investigations, allegations and involvements regarding Sheu’s Videos and other proofs, etc? Will the real liar please stand up? It looks poorly for Golia based on his Decisions and Sheu’s and others Claims.

But who and why was Sunny murdered, and at the same time that he had evidence of Golia’s Financial Disclosure Frauds, according to Interviews and review of files?

Fortunately, Murder has no Stature of Limitations and neither does Fraud on the Court. We will be reviewing this despicable matter as the unsolved murder of Sunny, who was Robbed by the NY State Justice System, made a fool of, extorted, intimidated and murdered should be solved by honest and competent Investigation.

If it turns out that Sunny’s claims in his Video that Golia is the “ring-leader” of Sonny’s Murder, Golea must be Indicted and Tried. There is no doubt that Golia Railroaded Sunny in the Courthouse, precluded material evidence and robbed Sunny of his home and Rights to due process. So why wont Retired Judge Golia be fully Interviewed and submit to a Lie Detector? A Honorable Judge would surely do so to clear the air and his name. Time will tell.