Hendricks Hendricks

UW Hospital in Madison Wisconsin appears to be a Institution willing to employ Dr John Siebert a person who has been convicted of sexually abusing and harassing many patients of NYU-Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, MEET Hospital and NY Eye and Ear Infirmary in NYC. Siebert has been convicted as a sex predator by NYU Hospital internal Hearings and Fired. Siebert has been Fired by all other NY Hospitals he was associated for cause. Siebert was found to have sexually molested many women, emotionally and financially raped them and as a result he was investigated and charged by the NY State Department of health as a unfit Doctor.

Many of his Victims came forward and gave testimony as to Siebert’s sexual abuses. NY State began a Trial and Siebert caved and confessed as being “morally unfit” as a Doctor. Siebert was suspended by NY Siate and terminated and fired by all Hospitals in NY State. Siebert also sexually and emotionally abused Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Muriel Karass, Ms Rachel, Richard Jacobs, Ms C. Zimmerman, and in the process Siebert ripped off Zimmerman for $2Million, Jacobs for $500,000. engaged in phone sex with Rachel, who also reported Siebert for his acts of a pedophile in her presence. Siebert also butcherse Karass, and Kleiman and others.

Their Affidavits and litigations are postedon Scribd. Siebert akls robbed Barbara Poaucci, stole her Medicaid Proceeds, stole Kleimans Blud Cross Recoveries and fed many with contra indicated narcotics. Siebert has engaged in Federal and State Tax evasion, thefts of Medicare Liened Fumds, has engaged in perjury, fraud on the courts in NY State and in California Federal Courts. Siebert has been found to make interstate threats of hiring Hit-Men, Bounty-Hunters and published some of these threats on emails. Siebert was found to be a threat by a California Superior Court Judge and a Restraining Order was issued against Siebert which was thereafter Issued Nationwide by the Sheriffs Offices in California and in Wisconsin where Siebert now lives, having been evicted from his NYC apartment and 5 Medical Offices.

The only Hospital that allows Siebert the opportunity to see patients is UW in Madison Wis. The UW President, Ron Salwinski has been informed by us and many others as to Siebert’s acts of Patient abuse, incompetence larceny and socopathic conduct. Siebert is required to have a “chaperone” present when he examines patients. Siebert is an accused Pedophile. All of these bad acts by Siebert are and have been Ignored by UW Hospital and its Board. Although they have been provided with the NY State admissions and Convictions of Siebert. We have heard that Siebert’s father was with UW for years and that is why they turn a “Blind-Eve” to Sieberts Criminal acts that Imperil Patients.

Siebert has also conned and contrived a scam of a surgical Fix for Parry Romberg Syndrome, This is another Siebert Scam to rob innocent parents who want to fix their kids deformities. This is a phony scheme by Siebert as this Disease can not be fixed by surgeries. Yet Siebert has caused these gullible parents to, borrow and rook others to raise money for charlatan Siebert who simply gives false hopes and thakes the money and emotionally and physically butchers these kids and robe the money. If Siebert’s premise was legitimate he woule be giving these surgeries Free. UW also is in bed with this Con-Game charging these Famlies for Hospital and Surgical charges. UW seems Desperate and allied with Siebert a Sociopath and Diabolic pervert.

Recently, Siebert, we are told began to con Diane Hendricke whose husband died in a accident and left Widow Diane about $3Billion. Siebert, being a thief and con-artist began to set up Diane, We hear Siebert and UW engaged in some Facial Plastic Surgery on Diane. Siebert has a long trail of sexual activities in examining rooms and at other locations in the Hospital. See Kleiman Affidavit where she reveals Siebert having sex with her at NYU and feeding her with Drugs, Kleinman is a lawyer. Siebert somehow, a married man, has bamboozled Mrs Hendricks who Siebert defrauded into believing that Siebert is a Medical Researcher on Reconstructive Surgery. Siebert’s only research is and has been how to con, cheat and loot his victims.

Well Siebert has apparently done it again with Hendricks as UW and Siebert Launched a Bogus Press Release or two falsly stating that Siebert has a pristine Reputation, a fine surgeon and a experienced Researcher as to reconstructive surgeries, all knowingly and blatant lies. Soon after Hendricks donated $1.5 Million to UW Hospital for this supposed Research and hired invidious fraud Siebert “Head of Research” for the Hendriks Company.

The fast is Siebert and UW Hospital in concert engaged in Mail and Wire Fraud by Publishing a materially false solicitation as a scheme to defraud and take money by fraud, deceit and larceny. We called UW Hospital and tried to speak =with President Ron Shelansky who has been provided for years as to Siebert’s Frauds and perverted acts. He refused to speat top our Investigator, We then spoke to Lisa Brunette who wrote the Press Release and is a Officer of UW Hospital. When the Investigator began to expose his purpose as to the fraudulent disclosure as to Siebert she refused comment.

UW Hospital is well aware, by receipt of evidence in “black and white” as to Siebert being a pervert, thief, morally unfit and a butcher yet they ally themselves with this perverted warped person. Either UW is being blackmaile by Siebert or they are desperate. Whatever the motives they are cauling injury to many emotionally, physically and financially. We believe that the forgoing is and has been criminal acts thst can not be permitted to continue. Widdow Hendricks has been a friend and a financial Angel for Gov Scott Walker. Some one must see that by comparing the UW Press Release to the Siebert NY State Conviction and the Affidavits of his Victims on Scribd and read “Victims of Dr John Siebert” on the Internet there is something highly suspect and unsual and that Mrs Hendricks has been conned and may be being “Set-Up” for a bigger Sitng by Siebert and his Con-Artist Associates Joseph M Burke Kenneth V Gomez and others. We will be Reporting these Activities to Relevant Law Enforcement as well.