George and Antonia Pavia

George and Antonia Pavia

Americans Against have been investigating the Paviias for a long while. We and our Affiliates have assembled a great deal of material evidence of their illegal and invidious acts by Mail and Wire Fraud unethical acts.

Lawyer George Pavia Esq, who founded the law firm of Pavia & Harcourt LLP, and sold by Pavia a few years ago, but George still remains in their offices, has engaged in yet more criminal acts and corruption. This time it is a pre-planned scheme to loot and rob George’s senile and now diseased mother and father in-laws, the parents of his wife perjurer and co-conspirator Antonia Pavia. Antonia has been found by a Court in NYC and by the Dept. of Buildings, to have engaged in “perjury, fraud and filing a false and forged Department of Buildings Certificate of Correction” relating to multiple Violations Filed against the Pavia Building at 18 East 73rd Street NYC where the Pavias engaged in judicial bribery, fixes, forgery, suborning perjury as part of another scheme to cover-up illegal and hazardous tenant apartment conditions, illegal construction, not filed with or approved by the DOB, and engaged in fraud on the NY State Supreme Court, with Judge Joan Madden to rob Rent Stabilization Rights and Rob over $20 million by criminal activities.

The Pavias were so corrupt and greedy, they then embarked on a plot to shroud a robbery of the Pierce home at 15 East 77th Street NYC, worth about $15million. George and his law office Pavia & Harcourt set-up a novel plot. They secured a Power of Attorney from these two trusting senile and aged Pierces. After all they surely felt that they could trust their daughter Antonia and their son-in-law the self-styled illete George Pavia and his law-office. The Pierces were gravely mistaken.

The scam unfolded by the misuse of the POA to permit the Pavias to convert to themselves and to their adult children Jullian and Phillipa, small fractions of the Deed to 15 East 77th Street NYC, almost weekly and filed these bogus “Transfers” with the Office of the NYC Register. This “peeling off” of fractions of the Deed and Ownership of this Pierce Property went on until 100% of the Building and the land belonged to George Pavia, Antonia Pavia and Julian and Phillipa Pavia. The Pierces got nothing visible on any of the Transfer Documents other than the bogus statement by George “good and valuable consideration”, which we have learned was nothing but more fraud deceit and corruption the Pavia’s MO.

But this scam does not end here. The Pavias conveniently failed to file any Federal or State Gift Tax of more correctly put Theft Tax Returns for the over $15million Pavia theft from these elderly and trusting George’s Inlaws.

Well the Pavias were Caught by the Department of Treasury. They were audited as this situation was a clear and absolute intentional tax evasion scheme by the Pavias with intent to defraud the Federal and State Tax Departments. This was no a mistake by a CPA, it was intentional and criminal tax fraud, in concert with surely Antonia, Julian and Phillipa and probably the Pavia’s CPAs and Pavia Harcourt LLP.

We are told that the Pavias confessed to tax evasion as the paper trail of of the scheme was clearly to hide the Transfers, otherwise why not simply Transfir the Pierce Property to themselves, one time with a legal Transfer Record.

This is just another example of the corrupt activities of the Pavia Family, who have no conscience or regard for any one’s rights. They are corrupt and proven to be perjurers, forgers, fixers, extortionists, and tax swindlers. THe Pavias have bribed, polluted the NY Courts, defrauded the ECB Court, Defrauded the Dept. of Buildings in NYC, Bribed and filed false Documents with the DOB, imperiled their Tenants with Hazardous Conditions for their unjust enrichment. They were found by DOB Inspectors and the ECB Court to have violated NY Construction Laws, failed to make Repairs of illegal and Hazardous Conditions at 18 East 73rd St, NYC, imperiling Tenants. The Pavias were found to have engaged in fraud perjury and forgery. They were found to be “IN-Violation regarding about 10 Violations of illegal and hazardous conditions at their Building 18 East 73 St NYC. Rather than fix these matters, they Bribed JSC Joan Madden of NY Supreme Court to Preclude these Conditions so that the Pavias could by Perjury, bribery and Fraud on the Court rob Rent Stabilization and Tenants homes to allow The Pavias to obtain $20 million for the 18 E 73 St Building by looting the Tenants by collusion with a corrupt Judge Madden.

Noteworthy, The Pavias have not Denied these Charges of their rampant illegal and criminal acts and the thefts by RICO fraud. Then the Pavias schemed to rob a tenants Claims for malpractice due to Cancer. So the Pavias along with others fixed another Courtroom at the Supreme NY Courthouse, and Robbed this sick senior citizen, who was robbed by Pavias from his tenancy at 18 E 73 St, out nof $230,000.00 in Medical Recoveries. In the process the Pavias robbed Medicare as well.

THe Pavias have proven themselves to be corrupt, thieves and perverted twisted criminals. They have robbed their family, robbed the Tax Departments, Robbed Rent Stabilized Tenants, Robbed Medicare, and robbed and defrauded the NY Department of Housing and Community Renewal, by Filing false Documents with the DHCH who also found the pavias to be liars and determined 18 E 73 as Rent Stabilized. Pavias were Rabid and engaged in conducting more crimes, Courthouse thefts, collusion, trickery, and extortion to steal defraud and make-off with unjust and illegal Gains by a RICO Scam.

This time the Pavias will not get away with their crimes. The Department of Treasury we have learned found that the Pavias engaged in Tax Evasion by a pre-plotted scam to Rob the Pierces, and then Rob the Dept of Treasury. The Pavias have been hit with substantial sums of tax and penalties, we have uncovered. The Pavias we also have uncovered confessed to their frauds.

Possibly the Pavias days of their trickery, evil and diabolic violations of Federal Codes, RICO, Bribery, perjury and Frauds will result in their Indictments for RICO, Tax Evasion, Bribery and collusion, etc. We will be continuing our Investigations into these invidious crooks, and Report their crimes.