djsJohn Siebert is a now well established thief, sociopath, perjurer and suspended doctor for his confessions as a morally unfit doctor. But this does not tell the story of this depraved and warped person. We have been investigating the pathetic and sordid background of this thief who began his career of larceny, lying and cheating in Wisconsin where John’s father was a doctor at the UW Hospital in Madison WI.

This is the only hospital that would now allow John Siebert to engage in his supposed medical antics as all other hospitals John was associated fired him and threw him out. Why? Because Siebert was charged and convicted and Suspended, in New York for sexually abusing and molesting patients, stealing their money, misuse of narcotics and botching surgeries and medical insurance and Medicaid thefts. Siebert was fired by NYU-Langone, Lenox Hill, NY Eye and Ear Infirmary and Manhattan Eve and Ear Hospitals in NYC for sex abuses, thefts of medical insurance proceeds, sex abuses, incompetence and financially cheating patients.

As a young boy, John Siebert exhibited a proclivity to sexual perversions, also John was a cheat at school we have learned. John was a constant source of problems and disgrace for his father and family. John went on to cheat his way through medical school, while engaging in sex at various hospitals where he was finally caught. Not only was John fired by 5 Hospitals, he was evicted out of about 6 medical offices for sex abuses, non payment of rent, illegal occupancy and for cheating Chase Bank and Ben Ossman for pledging a Medical Office to two lenders at the same time thus defrauding them both and in violation of the co-op lease. Siebert was again evicted.

Meanwhile, John set-up and conned Mrs. Christopher Zimmerman to “loan” John $2Million to supposedly pay a prominent surgeon, V. Michel Hogan, for his Medical Office at 799 Park Ave. NYC and his staff and practice. Siebert set-up a front by saying that he was Hogan’s partner although Hogan had retired and moved to Australia, never to return.Siebert could not stand the hope of legitimacy so he began to cheat, rob, and rape patients and others.

Siebert never paid Ms. Zimmerman her money back, then he began to sexually abuse patient Diane Kleiman, feed her with illegal narcotics, and repeatedly molested her (verified in Kleiman’s Affidavit and by NYU Hospital) in his office and at NYU Hospital examining rooms. Siebert raped and cheated a “Linda M”, Ms Rachel”, Barbara Polucci, Muriel Karass, and many others. Siebert Robbed Richard Jacobs for $500,000.00. Siebert “borrowed” over $3Million from another patient Ben Ossman. All of this Siebert looted money was for Siebert’s front of hi-living in a over $6million dollar home in Greenwich Ct. that Siebert conned Thomas Gilbride to put up the money for.

Siebert falsly claimed that he was a multi-millioniare and began to con his way into a lucrative business proposition. The money Siebert used to fund his investments he looted from many including tha above, Ben Ossman, Jacobs, Zimmerman, Thomas Gilbride, Bayberry Capital, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, and others. Siebert began a scam of money laundering and tax evasion that would make Al Capone’s tax scams look like child’s play. In fact all the money Siebert used to participate in this Venture was from other people that Siebert conned. Siebert’s lies resulted in Siebert buying Stock in these Ventures, then issuing bounced checks.

These Ventures were for investments in the development of land and homes in the Cochella Valley, California. where fortunes have been made Another was a pre-planned program of savings and insurance for college savings along with Trans America Insurance Company; and other potentially lucrative opportunities. All of these opportunities were ruined by Siebert’s lies, fraud, deceptions and looting these Companies. In fact Siebert admitted to his frauds, misrepresentations, larceny and illegal acts in Corporate Resolutions prepared by Siebert as the Corporate Secretary.

Siebert wilfully lied, cheated, and defrauded as to his finances and could not fulfill his contractual obligations and guarantees. In fact Siebert was using money that he looted and conned others out of, and was caught by his business associate who drew a Kroll Investigators Report revealing that Siebert was a phony, in deep debt and with virtually no assets and a unsavory person.

Knowing his scam was uncovered,Siebert in concert with his CPA Shine Company, CPA and Brian Pecker CPA, began to file Federal and State Tax Returns that were knowingly false. Siebert and his PC illegally cast payments to the Companies that Siebert became a Director and Corporate Secretary to, that were payments for Siebert’s Share Subscriptions or Loans, as “consulting fees”, then fraudulently deducted these payments as a illegal “expense”.

Siebert and Pecker_Shine CPA did this Tax Scam again with payments Siebert made to Ossman and Bayberry which were Repayment of their Loans to Siebert, on account. Again, engaging in willful Tax Fraud, Siebert deducted these repayments to Ossman-Bayberry as Consulting fees being paid to these Money-Lenders. Siebert’s tax evasion on these matters alone involved about $8Million in tax fraud. But there is more. Siebert looted and stole over $8Million from the above victims and Banks to try an make a score while “money-laundering” the looted funds while lying and cheating.

Every transaction, loan, stock subscriptions, repayments, etc weree fully memoralized by Resolutions, agreements, etc, when Siebert’s lies and frauds began to unravel Siebert resigned and was removed owing the Companies and its other Principal millions of dollars. Siebert a inveterate con-man, thief and cheater,entered in to Settlement Agreements with the advice of his lawyers Gilbride Tusa Last Spellaine. Soon after Siebert Defaulted repeatedly.This was another scam of Siebert to cheat, delay and rob.

Then Siebert and Shine-Peckert CPA, although all Agreements and Resolutions were sent to Pecker, who knew that Siebert had Subscribed to Company shares and bought them; and that Siebert’s advances to the Companies were resolved by Agreements and Released, Siebert and Pecker Filed yet more fraudulent Federal and State Tax Returns, taking illegal deductions for bogus consulting fees and then a further invidious scam claiming “theft-loss” which was in direct contravention to the Facts, The Agreements, The Corporate Resolutions and the General Releases Siebert Issued to the Companies and its other Principal. This was a Siebert scheme of Tax Evasion in complicity with a New York licensed CPA, Shine and Pecker, both located at 9 East 40th Street NYC. This was a brazen scam to allow Siebert fraudulent tax benefits and illegal refunds by Tax Evasion, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and Money Laundering Tax Fraud, known as tax fraud by Shine and Pecker CPAs. Siebert thus cheated his Companies and Business Associate and Patient and other Victims who he looted, lied to and conned. Cheated Banks and money lenders and then cheated the IRS with bogus deductions to defraud the IRS and State Tax Departments

The Siebert corruption did not stop there. Siebert in concert with corrupt lawyers Russo & Burke and Joseph M.Burke Esq, engaged in a over 12 year scheme of cheating the Companies that he conned, looted and defrauded. Siebert cheated and robbed his co-Stockholders and his co-Director and Officer out of important opportunities, cheated Trans America, cheated a Land and Development proposition in California and Defaulted on two Settlement Agreements in concert with a corrupt lawyer and Law Firm . Siebert and these Lawyers engaged in proven fraud, perjury and bribery, fraud on the Court in NY State, perjury, trickery, and extortion in order to further loot and rob Siebert’s former Partner and Companies Siebert defrauded and swindled. Siebert’s obligations are confirmed by documentary proof and by Settlement Agreements that Siebert Swore to and that were Notarized. Further confirmed byother Contracts, Agreements, Notes, General Releases, and Siebert Covenant-not-to-Sue, all signed by Siebert and Notarized, of what now exceeds $50million. Siebert and Burke have been caught engaging in these criminal acts along with others and have not denied their crimes..

Now that Siebert has been thrown out of NY, he is at UW Hospital in WI. But Evil-Warped John Siebert is at it again. He has latched on to a new Victim Diane Hendricks, a widow who inherited a fortune from her husband. Slime-Ball Siebert has lied and cheated Hendricks, in concert with UW Hospital who have falsy painted Siebert as a fine, respectable Doctor and Researcher. UW knows otherwise and that Siebert is a incompetent, a fraud, a sex pervert and a Suspended Doctor, and that Siebert is not a “Researcher” of anything other than a “stick-up scammer”. Sadly, Hendricks was conned and gave UW over $1.5Million and hired Siebert as a “Researcher”.

What Siebert is “researching” is surely not medically oriented. Can Diane Hendricks be so desperate? Possibly Mrs Hendricks should sign-up to “”, it will surely be cheaper and much more rewarding than getting: infected” an looted by Siebert.

Our over 10 year Investigation into John Siebert have not found anyone that either was not scammed, cheated and raped by Siebert, of who was not part of Siebert’s charlatan group of corrupt criminals. Siebert has been caught engaging in perjury, extortion and rape of victims. Siebert is subject to a Nation-Wide Restraining Order for Siebert’s documented email threats. John Siebert is a proven thief, liar and cheat and sociopath, who has abused and cheated on his his wife Kimberly, lied to her, and has confessed to being a pedophile to his Victim Ms Rachel. If you the reader wish further proof of the perverted and invidious acts of John Siebert go to “SCRIBD” on the internet and view many Affidavits, Reports and Exposes written by women that Siebert stole from, raped and extorted, in their own words, including Siebert “confessions”. Also read the NY State Suspension of Siebert as a morally unfit doctor.

We will continue to investigate Siebert an Report his crimes as they unfold until Siebert is Jailed.