Lets get one thing straight before you read this Expose.

There are many hard working, honest and qualified judges in the NY Unified State Court System; but there are many who are corrupt, incompetent, lazy, unscruplious, unethical, and who used their judicial position and “absolute immunity” to take a Fix, a bribe, and loot and rob a targeted victim and loot and rob this person of his rights, property, kids and more by engaging in judicial corruption.

Moreover, this Expose is not intended in any way to be deemed to relate to Federal Judges, who are appointed by the President, screened and Vetted by the FBI, the Congress and Senate, and who are highly qualified, highly competent and honest Justices, who serve a lifetime appointment.

NY State Supreme Court Judges are hand-picked by often corrupt party bosses, who themselves are bribed to effectively “sell-judgships” regardless of qualifications of the applicant. Often than not these supposed applicants are not properly screened, not vetted and simply Ok’d by the back room politicos such as jailed Clarence Norman, a medley of NY State Senators, and others who want a malliable stooge on a Supreme Court Bench. Once the applicant is on-board, the name is presented to the Governor who signs-off. A Supreme Court Judge appointed eventually is put-up for election. This is also a farce as they are for the most part, unopposed.

Thus the NY State Courts are peppered with many Judges that are installed to act corruptly at the behest of the crooks that fixed their appointment in the first place. So for a few bribes in the right places, a corrupt thief can become a NY Supreme Court Judge. Now this charlatan in bought “black-robes” immediately after being “sworn-in” benefits from “absolute judicial immunity” and is given a courtroom where he or she judge can begin creating a “menu” of Fixes for their “bag-person” to solicit. What a perfect storm for a person who is either a incompetent and or a crook, who without the protections afforded a State Judge would probably be jailed for some corrupt act. These bad-eggs see easy money misusing their courtrooms as a platform for fixes, corruption, larceny, mail and wire fraud and worse. And most of the time they get away with these diabolic acts of bribery, fraud and extortion. When a litigant becomes aware of any judicial scam, or attempts to report it, the fixed judge will retaliate like a Viper Snake, discrediting the Victim, harassing, extorting, creating false charges, writing bogus decisions, targeting the victim wit other Judges, depriving due process, collusion and even false arrest. One Asian citizen who had his home stolen by a corrupt NY State supreme Court Judge, and spoke-up, was targeted, abused, threatened, made a Youtube Video and was soon after murdered. The crime as yet unsolved.

We have devoted many years investigating, reviewing records, reviewing the patterns of judicial larceny, fixed cases, ghostwritten decisions, judicial fraud, forgery of the court Docket, bullying court clerks, steering cases to fixed referees and JHOs, stealing court record-room files, purging and forgery of court files, condoning perjury, back room collusion, retaliation and tampering with other judges to rob victims by engaging in collusion to file illegal and flawed Decisions, fixing other judges to allow the corrupt lawyers to engage in fraud, perjury and larceny and ignoring it as part of a racketeering scheme to loot, rob and extort a dis-favored litigant who has been targeted to rob.

This racketeering scheme blossoms to infect many supreme court judges, referees, and the judges at the Appellate Divisions. We have found that these courts in NY State are not dissimilar to the Mafia. There is the criminal form of “honor amongst thieves’; and dont be deluded many of the NY State Judges are crooks who are fixed by unscrupilious lawyers who want to “win” at all costs and cheating bribery, fixes are ok with them. Then there are the depraved clients who aer willing to engage in criminality, bribery and worse to avoid either paying their rightful obligations or who want an award og money that they are not entitled to. These criminals will pay-off a malliable and corrupt State Court Judge to misuse the Judiciary, and their supposed immunity, to illegally loot, rob, extort, harass and malign a litigant-victim. These unethical judges have zero integrity, are socipoaths and will ruin lives foe a dishonest buck.

You may or may not know that Judges have Judicial immunity for acts within the scope of their judicial functions. This means for acts that a judge that are normally performed, not for activities beyond their conventional judicial functions and duties. This supposed “absolute judicial immunity” does not embrace “ultra-vires” acts—–acts beyond the scope or in excess of the legal authority of any judge anywhere anytime.

Judicial immunity has been a common-law concept originating from medieval times to discourage persons attacking a courts decision by suing the judge. Losing persons were required instead to take their complaints to an appellate court. Historically, this was done to solidify the independence of the judiciary. But it was not intended to allow the corrupt ot enjoy a unfettered field to misuse the judiciary as a sandbox playground to engage in corruption, bribery, retaliation, extortion ans larceny. It was also not intended to allow the Appellate Court to be likewise polluted by corrupt vicious judges, to further support the deprivation of due process and obstruction of justice performed at the lower court illegally and via a fixed judge.

US Supreme Court Judge Potter Stewart stated that: “a judges acts are not absolutely immune because he sits in a courtroom, wears a robe, and signs a unlawful order”. Stewart goes on to state that ” the conduct of a judge surely does not become a judicial act merely on his say-so. A judge is not free, like a loose cannon, to inflict indiscriminate damages whenever he announces that he is acting in his judicial capacity”.

 If one goes back to about 1750 BC to ancient Mesopotamia there was created “Code of Hammurabi”. Within this Code are some interesting Rules and Laws imposed. Penalties for “false witness” and fraud range from 10fold of the loss to worse. Penalties invoked upon judges state that if a judge reaches a decision and renders it in writing and a error is revealed made through the judges fault; the judge shall pay12 times the fines set by him in the case and he shall be publicly and in disgrace, removed from the judges bench, and never again shall he sit there to render judgment on others.

In the 21st Century, State Court Judges act with impunity, thumbing their nose at the Rules of law and misuse their power and authority to obtain unethical and illegal bribes by defrauding honest litigants.

When a Judge misuses his position to collude with corrupt lawyers, parties and other corrupt judges and Court Referee, these acts are not part of a judges conventional activities. Under 42 USC 1983 a judge may be sued in federal Court for deprivation of Due Process and other Constitutional Rights, “under color of state law” and such actions of the judge deprived the rights, privileges or immunities by the Constitution or Laws of the United States. It is implicit that the 1983 Action must allege that the “personal involvement of the defendant judges in the pled constitutional deprivation. The denial of equal protection of law can also be pled in a 1983 Case.

But there is much more, as a corrupt judge should be accountable for money damages as well, particularly if a judge participated in a scheme of racketeering (RICO). If judges engage in ‘Ultra-Vires” acts to deprive litigants from legitimate claims, rights, money, custody, claims etc, by corruption, bribery, collusion with other judges, appellate judges, corrupt lawyers and corrupt litigants, those judges can not and are not protected by any immunity at all.

Th US Supreme Court states: “Immunity is not for the benefit of the malicious and the corrupt”.

 A State Court Judges deliberate acts of fraud on the court, intentional forgery, spoliation of courthouse records, forgery of the court docket, collusion with other judges to deprive equal justice, deprive due-process, plot the theft of a litigants rights, claims, money; orchestrate a scheme of fraud discrediting the victim litigant, depriving the introduction of evidence to deprive a law, right and money in collusion with corrupt lawyers and litigants; pollute other judges and referees, conspire to steal settlement funds, engaging in mail fraud wire fraus, racketeering, money laundering and bribery and more. These acts are far beyond the scope of the normal functions of the corrupt judges. As such, these judges are not and can not shroud their crimes by cloaking themselves in their ‘robes” and hope for immunity. These Judges we refer to are real, they exist, they engaged in this pervasive scheme of larceny, bribery, racketeering, collusion and deprivation of homest moneys due by corruption and fraud.

Some of the cases of interest are King v Love, 766 F 2d 962, 968 96th Cir), cert denied, 474 US 971, 106 S Ct 351, 88 LEd 2d, 320 (1985). Sevier v Turner 742 F2d 262 (6th Cir 1984); Harper v Merckle 638 F 2d 848 (5th Cir), cret denied 454 US 816, 102 S ct 93, 70 LEd 2d 85 (1981); Harris v harvey 605 F2d 330 97th Cir) cert denied, 445 US 938, 100 S Ct 1331, 63 LEd 2d 772 (1980).

These Cases reveal that Judicial Immunity is not a “get-out-of Jail” Free-Card. In Fact a RICO Claim involving the criminal acts of Judges who engage in documented corruption, mail and wire fraud and other illegal acts beyond the scope of the usual day-to-day functions of the court, can result in treble money damages, fines and jail.in the Federal Courts.

If Hammurabi Codes in 1750 BC set down rules of Judges and perjurers what is now going on in NY Supreme Court?

If a Judge displays “the appearance of partiality” he or she must disqualify himself. This is a mandates of the US Supreme Court ( US v Balistireri). The Court also stated that Section 455 requires that a judge disqualifies himself in any proceeding in which his or her impartiality might reasonably be questioned. See Levine v USA.

Recusal under Section 455 is self executing. A party need not file any Motions or Affidavits in support of disqualification. The judge is mandated to remove him or herself “sua-sponte”under the stated circumstances. By Federal and State Codes and Laws, a judge does not have any discretion not to remove himself. Should a judge not forthwith disqualify himself then he is in violation of the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution and the NY State Constitution as well.

Should a judge issue any Order or Decision after he has been automatically diqualified by law, and if the party has been denied any of his/her property, money, rights, etc, the judge has been then engaged in the Federal Crime of “interference with interstate commerce”. The Judge under these conditions and circumstance has acted in his or her “individual capacity” not in the judges judicial capacity, as the judge was removed automatically. A judge acting in this manner has no more lawful authority than a next-door neighbor.

The US Supreme Court has held that if a judge wars against the Constitution or if he or she acts without jurisdiction, he has engaged in treason to the Constitution. If a judges acts after he has been automatically disqualified, then he is acting without jurisdiction and he has then engaged in extortion. Courts have repeatedly ruled that judges have zero immunity for these acts which are defined as “treason, extortion, interference in interstate commerce, and Constitutional violations.

We have assembled Facts, Documents, Court Pleadings, Ghostwritten Decisions, Forgery, Collusion, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Preclusion of evidence, forgery, Purging Court Files, Triclery, Deprivation of Due process ans part of a Racketeering Enterpties and involving the deprivation of over $50Million documented and due to the Victim Litigant. Theft of a Victim Litigant’s Home and Rent Stabilization Rights and over $20Million stolen as a result thereof; Theft of a Victims Money Settlement of a Medical Malpractice Claim exceeding $230,000.00 and robbery of Medicare Liens; Theft by collusion of this Victims Rights at the Appellate Division 1st Dept. in NYC and the corruption thereafter further depriving the expose of the Racketeering, fraud perjury and criminality involving the Appellate Court Chief Judge, who himself confessed to tax fraus and rent-stabilization fraud.

We have uncovered the fact that certain Supreme Court judges have not been Vetted, Screened, Investigated, and who used a con and Convicted State Sen John Sampson, Jailed Fixer Clarence Norman and a “bribe” here and there to get black robes to commence a Racketeering Plot to rob this Victim of over $50 Million in concert with a few corrupt lawyers, a corrupted JHO and the purging of the Courthouse, files, records, and interstate fraud by mail wire and the racketeering acts to loot and rob millions of dollars.

This is quite a Court, as all of these acts have been assembled and submitted to the Presiding and Administrative Judges, to the Appellate Division, to the now Gone Chief Judge Gail Prudente, who on information provided to us was enjoying sex in her “chambers”. We have no evidence of this but a very credible source reports this and based on Gail’s swift departure, it seems logical.

What we do have is clear and convincing proof of the Racketeering activities engaged in for abour 10 years to disenfeanchise millions and persons homes by courthouse thefts.

We plan to close this Expose by naming the Racketeers who have polluted the NY State Supreme Court on this Scam alone. There are many others that have been performed, and gone unnoticed because the victims just did not figure out they were had.

 It takes another magician to know that David Copperfield’s Act of causing the Statue of Liberty disappear is only a trick, but to the public, he does it and it is a great illusion. Knowledge is power. We had the benefit of a man who grew-up learning about crooked judges, crooked lawyers and court corruption. This man has devoted years of work and effort proving that the NY State Supreme Court is a polluted mess full of despicable and corrupt judges who under the guise of honesty will take the eyes out of theit mother and swear that she was born blind. They are money hungry thieves and liars who have sold their soul to the Devil. They will rob, cheat, lie, extotrt, harass, jail and worse to deprive justice and deliver a illegal judgment to the persons who has Fixed and paid them off.

The crew that we have clear evidence of judicial acts and lawyer fraud, bribery, ghostwriting, etc, that are far beyond the scope of usual judicial duties and that are far removed from the fox-hole of judicial immunity and in fact embrace racketeering fraud, money laundering, mail and wire fraud, forgery, trickery, purging of evidence, bribery, ghostwriting theft of due-process, obstructing justice and larceny.

This group of courthouse “Bandits” include but are not limited to:
Judge Joan Madden
Judge Sherry Klein Heitler
Judge Paul Wooten
Former Judge Harold Beeler
JHO Ira Gammerman
Referee Jack Suter (now a principal atty, a reward for being corrupted)
Judge Michel Stallman
Judge Peter Moulton
Presiding Judge Luis Gonzalez
Lawyer George M. Pavia
Antonia Pavia
John W. Siebert MD
Joseph M. Burke Esq
Kenneth V. Gomez Esq
Russo Burke Esqs
Abrams Deemer PLLC

There are others and many other scams that we are aware of involving other actors these and other judges and referees, but we will commence our Expose with this.

We also are pleased to announce that our Group is finalizing the retaining of a Emmy Award winning Producer of Documentaries. We plan to produce at least two Documentaries to be aired on various Networks exposing in detail the NY State Court Corruption, beginning with Boss Tweed to Jimmy Walker, NY Mayor, Mayor Bill O’dwyer, Carmine De Sapio, Sydney Korshack, Roy Cohn, Frank Costello, and many others up to the 21st Century and the Corruption in NY State Government, Courts and the many corrupt Law Firms that “play-along” and whio also bribe and Ghostwrite for the ilk of Wooten Madden and tohers in the unsanitary 60 Center Street cesspool-Courthouse.

Finally, if any person named in this Expose wishes to deny, object or find fault with hhis Report, Please follow Scams Inc Terms Of Use. If upon receipt of any proof submitted that is credible and by evidence refutes the statements in this Expose We will announce our findings and take honest and appropriate immediate action to rectify any misstatement.

Please be again advised that this and other Reports to come and previously Published are supported by evidence, Documents and other Proofs. We thus urge that any objections to the contents herein should be well thought out and supported by proof.