George Pavia Esq, his desperate social climbing wife Antonia, and his cheating drug-abusing son Julian have used George Pavias law license as a front to cheat, lie, bribe and defraud the IRS, their Rent-Stabilized tenants at 18 East 73 Street NYC, and engage in racketeering using the Pavia “Bag-man” a part-time lawyer, a proven extortonist, internet fraudster and thief Kenneth V. Gomez. Gomez has been “pimping” for Pavia and convicted sex-pervert John Siebert for many years. Gomez has engaged in perjury, fraud on the court, collusion with Helmsley Enterprises at the direction og Pavia to rob by fraud-on-the -court, over $200,000.00 in medicare liened funds and money belonging to a cancer patient.

Pavia recruted Gomez to engage in rampant fraud, trickery, perjury and worse before NY Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden. They orchestrated a scheme to deprive Due-Process, secrete evidence, file illegal criminal charges, cause Madden to preclude proof and findings that the Pavias engaged in perjury, forgery and thefts at the Dept of Buildings in NYC and at the DHCR and Ecb Court in NYC.

Gomez, Pavias and Madden engaged in a scheme to railroad a legitimate Claim and embraced the Pavia’s perjury, their acts of mail and wire fraud, hiding the proven “Hazardous” conditions at their 18 E 73 St Building as found by DOB Inspectors over 7 times and Affirmed after Hearings at ECB Court. Madden preclkuded all of this and concocted a scam of allowing Pavia and Gomez to claim that a tenant was a nusuance for responding to Pavias harassment, hazardous conditions and cheating by faxes to Pavia’s office. The Nusuance Statute meanwhile requires such Nusuance Acts to be within the Building. Madden aided Pavia’s fraud, perjury thefts, forgery and would not allow any DOB Inspectors to testify. Madden was bribed by the Pavias who ended up robing Rent Stabilization secured by the DHCR who proved Pavias lied and cheated and who recruted a mafia-career criminal Ted Kohel to be their “witness” at the DHCR. Madden condoned this as well.

So the Pavias, by arceny, cheating and bribery robed rebt stabilization and were illegall enriched by $20million re the sale illegally Empty 18 E 73 St NYC, over $200K in medicare theft and millions in tax evasion.

Further the Pavias Gomez Madden and others then railroaded the Tenant that found-them out with other Corrupted Judges at 60 Center Street NY Supreme Court. Madden has made a crusade of Retaliation, spite and worse along with Pavia Gomez and his Partner Joseph M Burke Esq and accused Pedophile and suspended Dr John Siebert.

To further prove the Vicious and Diabolic acts of Madden and Pavias, Madden issued a Bogus Order stating that the Pavias could not be Sued unless Madden granted permission to do so. If this is not clear and convincing further evidence of Madden’s corruption and larceny, we have a 747 aircraft to sell you for one thousand dollars.

Pavia is a lawyer, a proven thief. The Irs recently found that the Pavias in fact engaged in documented and multi-million dollar Tax Evasion. The Pavial have been proven by the ECB Court to have engaged in perjury and fraud. The Dept of Buildings charged the Pavias with forgery and the Filing of a “False Certificate of Correction” re their 18 E 73 St Building. The Pavias were convicted at the ECB Court and the Conviction Affirmed on Appeal. Pavias chose not to perform the mandated and Hazardous conditions at 18 E 73 St thus  further imperriling the safety of the very tenant Pavia, Gomez, Madden robed, cheated and have Targeted.

Pavia is now a trapped Rat, as all of his, his wife, Gomez, Burke, Siebert and others have been carefully retained, assembled with evidence of this racketeering scheme. Pavia has been living in a fancy Park Ave Building, lying, cheating and using other persons money unjustly obtained to further the Pavia charade. The Pavias will soon find out that their cheating days are over and the time has come that all of their ill-gotten gains will evaporate, and Antonia will reappear as the “bag-lady” that she is and George will become more contorted, vicious and exposed as to what he has been since he Ratted on many Jews as a Mussollini Facist. Georges putting others in the “gas-Chamber” gave George a “Pass” to escape the Facist-Nazi torment and get to America so George could cheat, lie and rob US Citizens. George and his wife are cheating social climbers using others “blood-money” and robed homes to live on a cloud. They are as bad as the Nazi Dr Mengele.