Now comes cheat, extortonist and inveterate con–man Kenneth V Gomez, Esq. Gomez Blog tells it all as to his lies, forgery, fraud and cover-up of his and Pavia’s racketeering and courthouse robberies, all now documented and in the hands of Federal Prosecutors.

Mr Gomez is a corrupt perverted invidious character who will sell the soul of his mother and say she had none. Gomez came on the scene when various savvy litigants uncovered a NY Courthouse racketeering enterprise involving George Pavia and his wife Antonia and son Jullian, lawyer Jay Itkowitz, Judge Joan Madden, Joseph M. Burke Esq, Gomez “partner” and sex-deviant and convicted sex abuser John Siebert, MD.

 Gomez,bag man-extortion front was called in by Pavia to commence extorting a Pavia tenant who had uncovered Pavia’s bribery, fraud and evil scheme to loot and rob rent-stabilization from tenants at 18 E 73 St, NYC, the Pavia brownstone. Pavia was caught engaging in perjury, forgery, suppression of proofs and worse.

Gomez soon set-up his extortion blogs to malign Pavia and Siebert adversaries, lie, cheat, harass, extort, and engage in manipulation a fraud on the court to aid Madden and Pavias in robbing rent stabilized rights so that the Pavias could sell their brownstone for about $20million due to its location on 73rd Street between 5th Ave and Madison Ave. The Pavias were found to have engaged in filing false Documents at the DOB, the ECB Court, the DHCR and at Supreme Court NY. Gomez aided in these criminal acts, engaged in perjury and fraud while supposedly “representing” Pavia when it got “to Hot” for Itkowitz who was already in deep-water by his perjury, obstructing justice, fraud by secreting evidence that the Pavia building was deemed hazardous. Itkowitz orchisrated a sham hearing in concert with Madden and Pavia, to secrete the truth as to ith illegal conditions at rental units and covered-up by Pavias fraud, perjury and racketeering.

Then Gomez, as Pavias bag man engaged in fraud and deception, unjustly enriching himself by “buying” a supposed Judgment for $6,500 that a tenant never knew existed and in 3 weeks secured a conversion of this tenants med-mal settlement of over $200,000, thanks to Gomez perjury and a corrupted Judge “talked-to” by Madden. This Judge was later elevated to the NY Court of Appeals as part of the NY State polluted court system.

 Regardless, the fix was in and Gomez, fronting made-off with a unjust enrichment of over 30 times in 3 weeks—-IE from $6500 to over $200,000. What legitimate judge do that, particularly since there were 3 UCC Filed Secured Creditors who were circumvented to give Gomez this illegal and racketeering windfall. This is courthouse corruption in living color. Judges Madden and Shela Abdus-Saalam will surely be exposed along with Gomez on thew Documentaries in work now embracing NY State political and Judicial Corruption. Judge Abdus-Salaam is now at the Court of Appeals. Amazing is it not?

 For what Abdus-Salaam and Madden orchestrated stealing a man’s “blood-money” of a settlement for cancer malpractice is so vicious it is beyond words. The NY State Courts have no conscience, they will commit murder of litigants for a bribe and we will show that in the Documentaries for all to see with names, interviews and proof of the systemic pollution that mandates sanatizing, jail and oversight.

Gomez also stole Medicare liened funds in the process of this racketeering scheme along with Burke, Siebert Madden and others.

Then Gomez began his diabolic acts toaid thief Siebert and his partner Burke, as the Bag man with Burke and JSC Wooten. Gomez engaged in Ghostwriting, aiding in purging court records, mail fraud, wire fraud, harassment and extortion by phone and fax, extorting Siebert sex victim, engaging in lewd acts before Siebert victim Ms Rachel, and filing false and forged documents on his blog.

Gomez recruited some drug abuses to lie and cheat in court filings and bribed them. Gomez has continued his malicious interference into tenant-litigant’s medical care, family, associates, newspapers, tv stations and others to damage and injure this man to allow this Pavia-Siebert Theft and racketeering to continue.

Gomez has been now proven to have been engaged if extortion, thefts, racketeering and bribery, as well as theft at the courthouse and from Medicare.

We have proof of Gomez violations of law, forgery and worse. You see Gomez is a man without morals, assets and integrity. He is a male whore who will sell his body to anyone who will pay him.

If fact Pimp Gomez will do and say anything just like his crew of perverted racketeers, and we have the proof of it. We know every move of Gomez now as he and his Infected group ate like trapped-rats on a sinking ship. Gomez must pay for his lawlessness and will.