Jim Couri, Scams Inc, Americans Against Corruption Reports and other Investors and Associates have retained a four time Emmy Award winning Documentary Producer-Director to create three one hour each Documentary Production revealing the growth of Political and Judicial Corruption in New York State spanning from the 1700’s to the Present. There will be case histories spanning from Boss Tweed and before, Tammany Hall, how corrupt Judges worked then, how they got into a judicial office, how the pollution in Albany was started and how it has blossomed and more.

We plan to take the viewing public on the “carousel” the “cyclone” and “the parachute jump”, not at Coney Island but in the Court-Rooms of Supreme Courthouse in NYC, the Halls of Albany, the Executive Chambers of the Governors, and the Mafia Don Offices who pulled the strings.

The Documentaries will explain and show the activities of how political corruption turns a blind-eye to Probation Frauds, condoning mob infiltration into NY and Brooklyn business, how judges are bought-off by corrupt lawyers, and the guys like Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Maranzano, Gambanos and much more.

THe Political Bosses in New York such as Carmine DeSapio, Roy Cohn, How Walter Winchell played a roll, the watering-holes that corrupt politicos and judges rubbed elbows and hobbed-nobbed with mob boys, hi-priced whores and took cash for fixes. The Stork Club, 21 Club, Harmoney Club, The NYAC and many more,

THere will be insights from the graves of Roy Cohn, James Larosa, Edgar Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt, Brooklyn Boss John R. Crews, Sydney Korshack, Greg Bautzer, all of whom had experiences with the flagrant corruption in NY State Courts.

We plan to evaluate the mind-set of corrupt Public Officials and Judges who cheat, lie and trash the Public Trust. We will have a hi-profile mental doctor who will surprise you with the revelations surrounding a crooked judge.

These Reports will navigate the viewer from the cobble-stone NY Streets, the Gangs of NY and Tweed Fixes through the warped days of Jimmy Walker, Seasbury Hearings, McCooey, O’Dwyer, Tom Dewy, actual cases that were fixed in Supreme NY to accommodate Roy Cohn, John Crews, DeSapio, Jud Morehouse, Louis Lefkowitz, and others that we will save for the revelations in the Documentaries.

We plan to have sufficient hard proofs for all we reveal, as we want to be certain that if we are threatened by litigation or otherwise, we ar ready to respond with legal evidence.We have not named our Producer for fear of Intimidation and Harassment, which has been the usual MO from the Corrupt.

We will show you how many Prosecutors in the past have turned a “blind-eye” to clear evidence of judicial corruption and political crimes because they favor going after “the low hanging fruit” and because of the political bosses ignore what they are told to ignore.

There will be exposed the dozens of corrupt judges that appear to their work-bench to the NY State and City Courts every day. They continue to rob due process, cheat, lie, manipulate or trash evidence and who because of a “fix” a “Bribe” will excoriate you. They will steal your reputation, your home, your money, custody of your kids, even put you in jail on bogus charges. A corrupted judge has no morals or conscience. This has been the game of these crooks in black robes for a couple of hundred years.

These Documentaries will show you how these State Judges have been selected, usually in back rooms with the Bosses or a Fixer selecting anyone who will fork over the bribe for the Appointment. These farcical acts will be shown to yo and how after the unholy deal is made how a Governor “signs-off”. Elections of a judge is also ajoke, a set-up usually unopposed.

You wil see how the corrupt such as Clarence Norman, John Sampson, Tweed, Crews, DeSapio and many others could put Joh Gotti on a Judicial Bench. This is why the NY State Courts are and have been a cesspool of incompents, corrupt and slime-balls. The Documentaries will give praise to the many fine Judges trying to conduct legitimate Courtrooms among the twisted unethical surroundings.

We will expose, by names the current group and the many Allumnai judges who did their stint at courthouse robbery, and have “retired” from the Bench in NY. We will have Interviews regarding the murder of a Sunny Sheue, a Asian man who was murdered while standing up to a NY Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia in Nassau County. Mr Sheus made a YouTube Video Stating that if he is murdered it was “Judge Golia’s People who did it”. Sheue was bludgoned to death 2 weeks later and his murdre yet unsolved. This was about 2006.

We will in there Documentaries have Interviewes with many Courthouse Victims, ansd from many Hi-profile individuals who have a great disdain for Political Corruption. Many believe that Oversight is mandated and thar Judges must be thoroughly Vetted and Screened by competent and honest persons before anyone is considered for judgeships.

We will review and explain in the Documentaries (like a mini “American Greed Show) the bad acts, corruption and worse of current Supreme Court Judges including Judges Joan Madden, Paul Wooten, Sherry Klein Heitler, Michael Stallman, Appellate Judge Luis Gonzalez, Court of Appeals Judge Shela Abdus-Saalam (formerly in Supreme NY), Judith Gisch ands JHO Ira Gammerman, Referees Jack Suter, Louis Crespo, Leslie Lowenstein, Corrupt Lawyers who also fuel these depraved unprincipled  Officers of the Courts, who include George Pavia, his wife and son Antonia and Jullian, Jay Itkowitz, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz, Joseph M. Burke, Kenneth V. Gomez, William Russo, Mtthew Abrams, Joel Hecker, David Deemer, cliend Dr John Siebert, a convicted suspended Doctor for sex abuses of patients and a tax cheat.

We will show you how Roy Cohn dispensed “Brown paper bags” to many 60 Centre and 100 Centre Street Judicial “bag-men”. We will have interviewes with persons who wittnessed judiciak frauds in Brooklyn years ago and who attended Roy Cohn’s Annual Gala Birthday Party where Judges and Politicos rubbed elbows with guestes such as Vito Genovese, Joe valacci, Tony Solerno, Frank Costello, Carmine Persico  and made their bones by yet more fixes for money and “Favors”.

We will reveal for the first time, insights and admissions from Albany and NY “big-wigs” by words from L. Judson Morehouse, Len Hall, Jacob Javits , Walter Bligh, State Liquor head Marty Epstein, and many others who have revealed over 50 years ago the bad-acts, collusion and Fixes in the NY Albany Hallowed-Halls.

All will learn what to look for in any Court to see quickly if you are a target in a Fixed Courtroom with a bribed judge. The Documentaries will show you “how David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty Disappears”, It is not Magic, it is a Trick”. Once you know how it is done you are no longer in awe. The same in a corrupted court room. Yo will know what to look for, what to ask and if you smell a Rat, get out of there. We will also show you what to do to protect yourself from these “bandits”. Knowledge is Power.

We will show you that you must not be afraid or intimidated by the Black-Robed Person. They are no better than you. When you buy a can of peas, you looh ah the ingredients to see what is in the can and where it was canned.

Think about it—-“When was the last time you asked who that person in Black Robes sitting at a big, hi Desk is”? Where they came from and how did they get there? Probably Never. well we will educate you  as to who to ask, how to ask, and how to get honest answers. After all you are in Court to protect something. You are entitled to know who is sitting in judgment of your Matter. Right?

In Federal Court it is another World, as all Federal Judges are Fine, Gualified and Honest persons, Appointed by the President, Vetted by the FBI and voted in by the Congress and Senate. You need not ask about a Federal Judge’s Background as it is revealed on the Court’s Web Site.

THese Documentaries will hopefully cause the public to focus on the fact that they have a very good chance to either been cheated or will be in State Courts.We aspire that the public will begin to realize that a corrupt judge is as bad as a corrupt police officer.

In a corrupt court you can loose all, no less than being raped, and we all can make a difference to put a stop to Judicial robbery and the Corrupt lawyers that Fuel them and cheat and rob you.

We will give you periodic updates as to the development of these important News Documentaries that we plan to have programed by many Organizations.