Tod Alexander Romano was a tenant on the 4th floor of Pavia’s Brownstone at 18 e. 73 Street, NYC.
Romano was a wanna-be interior designer who was a night-owel, frequenting gay bars and dance clubs around NYC.

On the 3rd floor was the senior citizen and ill tenant who uncovered the Pavias illegal activities and their failure to Register their brownstone with the DHCR and also refusing to admit that this brownstone built in about 1856 with 7 rental apartments was required to be Rent Controlled and rent stabilized in its entirety. The tenant does not wish his name to be used so again we will call him Mr Jones (Jones).

Romano was a self indulgent sort, coming in at all hours of the morning at about 2AM to 3AM. He would often engage in sexual acts right above the Jones apartment on the 3rd floor, as Romano’s bedroom was directly above Jones Bedroom. These moaning and groaning of Romano ad his “sex-partner” would awaken Mr and Mrs Jones, who were trying to sleep and enjoy the supposed “quiet-enjoyment” of their apartment. These sexual escapades of Romano became incessant during the work week. Jones complained to Pavia, but nothing was done as mandated by a owner-and occupant of the Brownstone.

Then Romano one day and without Approvals from the Department of Buildings and from the Pavias, began construction in his 4th floor apartment by a unlicensed contractor. This worker somehow caused a fire in the Romano 4th floor apartment that became a blaze in only a few minutes imperiling the entire building and the safety of all occupants. The Fire Dept. was summoned and about 3 Fire Trucks and 6 Firemen appeared and by timely luck doused the fire, but causing smoke and water damage to Jones apartment, furnishings as well as the Pavia Apartment as well.

George and Antonia sued Romano in NY Supreme Court for Negligence and damage ( Index # 103754-99). Jones had sued Romano for Interference to quiet enjoyment and damages (Index # 113796-98). Romano’s lawyer Jacques Catafago negotiated a Settlement with Jones and Romano, who Stipulated that he would stop the Late evening “soiree-commotions”.

Pavia’s collected damages for the fire and loss in the Building 18 E 73 St. NYC from Romano’s Insurer. Soon after Romano vacated his apartment and moved a few blocks away.

When Jones secured Rent Stabilization at the Brownstone, and Pavia’s began their racketeering scheme to pollute the court bribe and pervert Madden, cheat, lie and extort, Pavia went to Romano so he could concoct a story that Jones was nasty to Romano, a blatant lie, Jones only sought quier enjoyment, but Pavia had other plans so he could cheat his way to getting Jones out of his Rent-Stabilized Status, cheat and lie to the other tenants and empty the brownstone so Pavias could enjoy a illegal $20million windfall by trickery fraud and racketeering.

Pavia compromise Romano to lie and state that Jones “yelled at him” for Romano’s moaning and groaning while engaging in some-kind of sex acts. Romano failed to confess to the fact that Pavia’s sued him and in Court Complaint called Romano a undesirable and negligent tenant and that they wanted him out of their brownstone. You se the Pavias are like whores, self indulgent and interested in only themselves. They will lie, cheat, bribe, steal and engage in Mafia style acts to get what they want ant the expense of anyone who stands up to them.

The interesting scenario was that After Romano lied, and engaged in perjury orchestrated by Pavia, Madden and Lawyers Kenneth Gomez and Jay Itkowitz, within about 2 months, Romano like maqic, had sufficient Cash to Lease a large Shop on Lexington Avenue and 74th Street NYC, renovate it, stock it with antiques and call it “Todd Alexander Romano Decorators and Antiques”.

Based on the MO of the Pavias, Romano’s admitted lack of funds, and the Pavia’s racketeering enterprise successful in lootting Jones rent stabilized home, theft of Jones’$230,000.00 in Med-Mal Settlement and a illegal theft-windfall of $20million sale of 18 E 73 St Empty, thanks to the corrupt conduct of Fixed Judge Joan Madden, Pavias crimes of filing False Pleadings, robbing Jones in other Cases and using Madden to spearhead the Pavia ongoing racketeering enterprise, “reasonable-inference” and the facts clearly point to the bribery of Romano to railroad Jones.

Romano went from a worker at Ingrau & Company to a supposed  Nes-Cafe Society Decorator. But true to form,  Todd Alexander Romano was called a Decorator-thief-swindler by Tommy Hilfiger’s wife Susan who then Filed Suit against Romano in Supreme Court NYC, ( Case Index # 154224-2012)  charging Romano with conversion, negligence and squandering her money including defrauding Ms Hilfiger out of $100,000 in unearned Fees, and $10million in moneys that was supposed to be used for “Purchases” for her.

Tod Romano is a unprincipled social climber, a perjurer and a negligent person. The Pavias in 1999 calld him a undesirable “idiot” then in 2006-2007 embraced this undesirable and bribed Romano to testify falsely in the Judge Madden Court, lying about Jones so Pavias could steal and rob yet again.

How much the Pavias paid Romano for his Perjury, we do not know, but we  do know that Corrinne Pulitzer the Pavia minion and realitor (According to Corrine she is from the famed Pulitzer Family) for years and who recommended Jones for his Tenancy also lied for the Pavias in the Madden Court and Pulitzer, as a quid-pro-quo, made-off with over $1million as a supposed Broker-fee for arranging the $19.5Million sale of 18 E. 73 Street, planting of false Articles in The Observer, The Real Deal and otherr publications.

This in order to “whitewash the Pavia’s crimes and “bad-mouth” Joness. Ms Pulitzer further aided Pavia in cheating Jones and others out of Rent Stabilization,  and maligning Jones whom she recommended as a tenant in the first place and who knew that the Pavias 18 E. 73 Street NYC home was legally a rent-stabilized Building. But what the hell, money is money no matter who you stick-up to get it, even foe a Pulitzer.

This disgusting exercise of Pavia’s manipulation of a Perverted and corrupt Judge Madden, purge evidence, suborn perjury and rob $20million by a NY State Courthouse “stick-up” must be exposed and justice served.