Scams Inc and its Affilliates, have been investigation the criminal acts of John Siebert, his lawyers Joseph M Burke, Esq, Russo & Burke Esqs, and AbramsDeemer PLLP (a recycled Russo-Burke to cover-up fraud), and Kenneth v Gomez, Esq, and Brian Pecker CPA, of Shine Company CPAs

SiebertĀ  and his above conspirators have been involved in various criminal enterprises for years. They have looted, cheated, corrupted, extorted, embezzled and defrauded many. Some are revealed on numerous Internet News Sites and Scribd.

Siebert has been engaged in tax evasion for many years. In about 2008, he was exposed filing fraudulent Tax Returns, claiming false deductions of fabricated “consulting fees” that in facet were repayments of loans or other investments. Siebert aided by Pecker and Burke attempted to defraud the IRS over about 3-4 years.

The Tax Investigators were informed by Jim Couri that Siebert’s tax frauds were in direct contravention to the Contracts, Agreements., Loan Agreements, Resolutions, and Settlement Agreements that Siebert created, swore to and signed. Siebert was found to have engaged in tax evasion.

Then the above group engaged in courthouse fraud, perjury, ghostwriting, bribery, forgery, purging court records, fabricating concocted and false obligations that Siebert claimed he was owed in direct contravention to Settlement Agreements, releases and covenants Siebert Swore to.

Siebert and his lawyers, compromised a corrupt Judge Paul Wooten, who had just recently when the larceny began, became a NY State Supreme Court Judge under incorrect circumstances. Wooten engaged in a pattern of judicial fraud, judicial racketeering, perjury and mutiliation of Due Process, and Obstructing Justice and other illegal and depraved acts, all documented.

Siebert has engaged in corrupt acts by engaging in repeated perjury, fraud on the court and mail and wire fraud.

We have referred these fraudulent felonious and criminal acts to law enforcement and to the Criminal Division of the IRS who have been scrutinizing Siebert and his wife Kimberly tax returns and Siebert’s PC returns.

Siebert has robbed Jim Couri, Ben Ossman, Bayberry Capital Corp.,Richard Jacobs, MS. C. Zimmerman, Barbara Polucci, Muriel Karass, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, US Trust Bank, 799 Park Ave. Co-Op, and others. Siebert has robbed the IRS by fraud. Siebert has engaged in grand larceny by fraud, mail and wire fraud and bribery aided by Burke and his partners.

Now polluted judge Wooten has been removed from NY Supreme Court 60 Center Street Part 7 on Jan 28, 2016. He is supposedly sent back to Brooklyn. His decisions and orders display a pattern of bias, prejudice, judicial incompetence, judicial fraud on the court and racketeering. In fact Wooten violated every law, rule, Constitutional rights and worse in his quest to railroad Jim Couri for the Fix he was a party to and undenied. Wooten lied cheated, forged, bullied, illegally steered a fraudulent Inquest to a fixed desperate JHO Gammerman and engaged in rampant and proved judicial corruption.

Siebert acts at the Wooten Court has been Reported by us to the CID of the IRS as we have information that Siebert and his corrupt lawyers and Wooten have conspired to again defraud the US Government for millions using fraudulent Documents, Records issued by a corrupted Judge Paul Wooten who sold out his Public Trust to a group of Racketeers for a cash score by defrauding the Government by phony and illegal Wooten Orders.

The moment Siebert files these bogus Returns, we are advised that he, Burke, and Wooten will be collared-arrested.