stop-corruption-logoOver the past 200 years, police corruption and abuses have been reported, witnessed, evidenced and once in a while action has been taken and often, these acts have been shrouded and whitewashed. Now, and only recently, with I-phones and other 21st Century devices, has police misdeeds been acted upon. More time than not the cops do a really good job at protecting the public from criminals and “the bad guys”, but in NY City, there are so many on the PD-Force, once in a while a few “bad-seeds” get in and by their corrupt acts, pollute the entire barrel. Michel Dowd was one of these corrupt PD officers who went bad-really bad. Dowd and his allies of crooked officers made no attempt to cover up their illegal dealings, drug thefts, robbing drug dealers, releasing others and ripping off whoever they could.

A horrible but interesting saga were the events at the 75th Precinct in East NY, Brooklyn. The rampant “blind-eye” and intentional or unintentional cover-up of the criminal enterprises at the 75, and the whitewash of Officer Dowd are not so far removed from the uncovered and evidenced corruption ongoing in the NY State Courthouses and the corrupt lawyers and clients who benefit from courthouse fixes and judicial larceny.

Scams Inc has interviewed many citizens, victims of courthouse larceny, judicial abuses, victims of lawyer misconduct, extortion, perjury, larceny, bribery, judicial racketeering, deprivation of due process and obstruction of justice and worse, blossoming from a State Courthouse.

Many citizens have reported these lawyer and judicial corrupt acts to the Commission on Judicial Conduct which is usually ignored and covered-up. The same went on for years involving the complaints made by citizens regarding allegations against Dowd and the 75th Precinct. In fact when the corruption was finally exposed years later, it was determined that Senior Department heads at the PD either repeatedly ignored the claims and charges made about the 75th and Dowd and in fact blocked any effort to launch an investigation into the charges made repeatedly. This conduct was determined by a investigative panel at the Mollen Commission to have been a deliberate policy to shield and cover-up the PD officers criminal acts. Rather Dowd was evaluated, (while engaging in his extortion, larceny, drug dealings, etc), and was determined to be a officer who was excellent and empathetic to the community. This report and evaluation was rendered by PD Brass at the very same time Dowd and his cohorts were actively engaged in ripping off drug dealers, stealing cocaine and many other corrupt and criminal enterprises. The senior PD officers in fact “looked the other way”, condoning these corrupt acts of Dowd and others.

The Mollen Commission also concluded that there was a “willful effort” by Internal Affairs Division of the PD, the anti-corruption unit of the PD, to thwart and impede any investigation into the corruption rampant at the 75th Precinct and Dowd. The Commission further found that Internal Affairs also withheld critical information from other investigators in an attempt to sufficate any Investigation into the criminality, corruption and extortion acts engaged in by Dowd and others at the 75th.

These acts by Internal Affairs, as revealed by the Mollen Commission, buried any hope for for success investigating the corrupt officers at the 75th Precinct. For years all of this came to nothing.
If a complaint came in about these crimes at the 75 and or Dowd, it was “deep-sixed” of the complainant was discredited, credibility attacked and charges that the complainant’s allegiances were suspect.

The commission determined that “despite incontrovertible evidence of serious corruption at the 75th Precinct, Internal Affairs never initiated a single investigation of Officer Dowd or of the 75th”. As a result of the systemic coverup by authorities, upper echelon of the Police Department and Internal Affairs, and the phony Investigative Reports that Dowd was a excellent officer and that the 75th was a fine upstanding Precinct, this criminal enterprise was “left alone” to engage in major criminality for years.

Now Dowd, after finally being caught, convicted and sent to prison, and now released, has admitted to the corruption and has participated in a Documentary about the entire details of the 75 and his crimes. Dowd admits to the larceny, back-room deals, fixes, thefts, larceny, extortion, bribery, cover
up, and shake-downs, while law-enforcement either condoned or worse, Dowd and the 75 bad acts. The 75 Documentary is available to see and it is worth the time.

The 75 “saga” is the same pattern to the outcries, pleas and reports made about the rampant NY State Court Corruption. This conduct is surely not new, as it also has been ongoing since “the gangs of NY”, and even before Boss Tweed. But we are now in the 21st Century, but the fixes, incompetence, targeting, judicial larceny and collusion with corrupt lawyers and clients continue to blossom causing massive loss and injury to untold amounts of litigants annually.

Many of these victimized litigants have reported these bad acts engaged in by certain judges, lawyers and clients. These matters have been for years explained to the Administrative Judges, Commission on Judicial Conduct, the NY Bar Association without any actions or results. The evidence of these corrupt judicial acts for the most part have been clear and accurate and from multiples of injured litigants, but just like the 75, these Reports are ignored, shredded, or the complainants discredited, harassed or extorted by the accused lawyers and even the judges.

One man who “stood-up” to a clear judicial theft of the victim litigant’s home, Sunny Sheu, was murdered after he did a YouTube video, accusing this State Court Judge Golia of threatening him. Three weeks later Sheu was murdered, yet unsolved and not even investigated according to Reports we have read and confirmed.

We have over the past 8 years been carefully detailing the background and then the ongoing activities in the NY State Supreme Courthouse in NYC, the Appellate Division 1st Department in NYC, and the State Supreme Courts in Brooklyn, and Westchester. We have attempted to carefully research all leads we have been given by various victims of suspect and clear courthouse robbery. We have found that many judges simply do their job in a honest and faithful manner, following the rules of law and issuing decisions that are fair and in compliance with Public Trust.

But there are many more who use and misuse their NY State Court Judicial Office to, like Dowd and the 75the Precinct, to engage in judicial racketeering, fraud on the court, perjury, larceny, theft of litigant rights and massive corruption on concert with corrupt lawyers and unethical and depraved clients. Clients who have paid to cheat and lie and gain unjust enrichment from a fixed corrupt judges “computer and pen” and unlawful, fabricated and fraudulent decisions and orders.

We have also found that many NY State Judges, were “appointed” by suspect means, by political hacks that sold judgships to the ‘highest-bidders”. The NY State Judicial selection process is a farce. Many have not been screened, vetted or investigated. Unlike Federal Courts where Judges are there by Presidential appointment, House and Senate Vetting and FBI screening.

We have followed a number of Cases in NY State Courts, some ongoing for many years. We have reviewed Court files, Dockets, investigated the backgrounds of judges, lawyers involved in suspect activities, unsavory clients, and interviewed courthouse clerks as to their firsthand knowledge of judicial and lawyer’s corrupt and warped acts. We have seen Decisions rendered that are without any doubt issued in violation of the law, the facts and that often are simply a fabrication by the judge to set-up the victim litigant for a judicial embezzlement and theft. This is not just “guess-work” it has been the result of facts and evidence presented and ignored just like the Dowd and the 75 criminal enterprise.

We have assembled absolute proof, by documentary evidence, admission in 2008-9 by Court Referee Jack Suter that the Couri v Siebert Case was “fixed” in favor of Siebert. We know that George Pavia, a larcenous convicted tax evader runt testified that he had it in for Jim Couri, and in the presence of others stated that he wanted Jim “killed”. Pavia has been a front for criminals including jailed contractor Ted Kohl. We have been investigating the Pavia’s for years and learned about his theft of his In-laws home 15 E 78 St NYC. The Pavias looted the property and in the process defrauded the IRS. They were Reported and confessed to “tax-evasion”.

We have tape recordings and other Evidence of Hearings at the ECB Court where Pavia committed perjury repeatedly. George Pavia was found to be a perjurer by the ECB Court Judge and also bt the ECB Appeals Department. We have evidence that Antonia Pavia, wife of George, Filed fabricated and perjured Certificate of Corrections with the Dept of Buildings. The Certificate falsely claimed that mandated and Hazardous repairs had been made as per the Order of ECB and DOB that was blatant perjury. This was again inspected and another Violation was filed by DOB Inspectors and Pavia again engaged in Perjury and was cited for filing false documents and Perjury by ECB Judges. These deceptions by Pavia imperiled the safety of Jim Couri’s residence and other tenants Pavia defrauded. Kenneth Gomez Esq suborned Pavia’s Perjury and fraud at the ECB Hearing, a tape recording in our possession from ECB. Are these not crimes and fraud on the court and Government Agencies by a confessed thief, George Pavia?

Pavia and his wife Antonia, a filer of forged Records with the DOB, and caught (ie: Certif of Corrections) recruited State Court Judge Joan Madden, and engaged in years of collusion, perjury, forgery, obstructing justice and thefts of rent-stabilization by racketeering, larceny, conversion and unjust enrichment. Madden was compromised to issue Decisions that were a set-up to loot tenants and Jim Couri’s rights. When Madden learned that Jim was on to her and Pavia, she refused to Disqualify herself and then she began a crusade to discredit and railroad Jim at the State Courthouse and loot his rights.

The ensuing about eight years of our careful scrutiny of the fraud, larceny, perjury, trickery, extortion and worse engaged in by Joseph M. Burke Esq, Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq, The Pavias, John Siebert, a convicted and suspended doctor is not for the “faint of heart”.

Burke has committed fraud on the court before JSC Beeler, covering up Siebert’s conviction as a sex pervert and narcotics abuser and falsely testifying that Siebert was a respectable doctor being maligned by Couri, who was owed about $20Million (not counting interest) from Siebert that Siebert stole from Jim Couri as compensation for “valuable services” including investigations in depth of Freedom Wireless; and saving Sieberts Practice that Siebert ruined by his sex abuses of patients and thefts (see Diane Kleiman Affidvit, on Scribd, a Siebert victim) and 5 other Siebert Victim’s Reports about Siebert’s sexual, financial and emotional thefts and molesting of patients.

Burke withheld all of this from Beeler and secured a unwarranted an fraudulently secured “gag-order-injunction”. Only a few month before Beeler sentenced a dentist to 3-6 years for molesting a patient once. Siebert molested many, lied about it and Beeler curiously condoned Burke’s fraud on the Court, and then gave Siebert a “Reward” for sexually abusing about 10 or more patients and convicted by NYU Hospital Trial. Siebert was terminated from 5 NYC Hospitals for Siebert’s perverted conduct. How come Beeler puts a Dentist client of lawyer Ben Brafman Esq. in prison and applauds Siebert for ruining over 10 women patient’s homes and lives ? Was Beeler negligent or incompetent or was something else afoot?

Burke began his dirty-work with Judge Paul Wooten, all of which has bee described and Reported on our Sites. Wooten hse engaged in a course of conduct in concert with Burke, Siebert and Burke’s partners Gomez, David Deemer, Mathew Abrams, William Russo that has been corrupt, including forgery of the Court Docket, condoning and engaging in perjury, trickery, forgery of Courthouse records in the Record Room, falsifying records, fabrication of evidence, purging records, concocting non existent claims that even if true were released, waved and settled by Settlement Agreements prepared by Siebert’s lawyers. Wooten ignored all of these facts and then targeted jim Couri wit deprivation of access to the Courts, lying as to the dozens of proof of Jim’s cancer and other illnesses, Doctor’s Affidavits (about 12 different from UCLA, Presbeterian, Mt Siani, Eisenhower) that Jim can not travel and undergoes cancer chemo-infusions every 3 weeks at UCLA and requires constant medical care.

Undaunted, sociopath corrupted Judge Wooten, engaging in fraud on the court, deprived Jim of his Constitutional Rights and Right to assert is grave medical condition. Wooten’s decisions are a diabolic exhibition of judicial racketeering and corruption. Then Wooten violated, along with Burke and Burke’s law-partners, Uniform Rules, CPLR, Rules mandated by the Special Referee Part, and bullying Gloria Gottinger at Courthouse Trial Support Office, to Steer a phony Inquest to fixed JHO Ira Gammerman.Meanwhile Wooten, in violation of law refused to disqualify himself as mandated by the US Supreme Court.

Wooten has engaged in judicial robbery and theft as bad as Dowd and the 75. The Corruption we have witnessed by listening to legally secured tape recordings, reading Court pleadings, the fraud and perjured affidavits and documents submitted by Burke, Siebert, George and Antonia Pavia and his son Jullian, and more evidence of courthouse larceny is worse than the mafia. We have seen thefts of about $100Million by racketeering, conspiracy and conversion, engaged in and undenied by these criminals. We have reviewed other charges as to Wooten’s misuse of his Court to disenfranchise a persons rights by supporting larceny, perjury and fraud.

On or about Jan. 29, 2016, Wooten was removed from the 60 Center Street Courthouse and Part 7. We have learned that he was ‘transferred” to Brooklyn Courts but we have been as yet unsuccessful in determining where Wooten is now located. We believe that this step, getting Wooten out of the 60 Center Street Courthouse, probably orchestrated by the new Administrative Judge Peter Moulton, is a helpful event. If only the Courts would face the bad acts of some of the Judges, and remove them, criminals such as the Pavias, Siebert, Burke, Gomez, Deemer and others would not be able to pollute the System and secure unjust rewards by bribery, collusion, trickery and larceny.

We hope that honesty and Federal Prosecutors attention to the demented and corrupt acts engaged in and we feel proven by documents and other proofs, will aid in the much needed “house-cleaning” at the NY State Supreme Courthouse. As you can see by the similarities of the 75 and Dowd years of crime-ridden corruption, finally the true facts have been revealed by the Mollen Commission and from Dowd himself and others from the 75 who witnessed or participated in the serious corruption as a result of and covered-up for years as a result of deliberate impeding and cover-up by Internal Affairs, negligence, abandonment of responsibilities by law enforcement, attacking informants to shroud any attempts for a full-blown investigation. Finally the whole 75 “blew-up”.

So far it is “business as usual’ at 60 Center Street, but a light at the end of the tunnel is now filckering by the removal of Wooten. This man has displayed a blatant disregard for the Rules of Law, and has displayed conduct that clearly smacks of collusion with Burke, et-al in a scheme to loot and oob Jim Couri and use Siebert to again defraud the IRS armed with a illegally issued Judgment grounded on documented fabrications, fraud, fictitious obligations belied by Siebert’s own Settlement Agreement, Releases, agreement and Covenant not to assert claims if Siebert defaulted in millions that Siebert Agreed to pay to Jim Couri and by Agreement created by Siebert and his prior lawyers Gilbride Tusa Last Spellaine Esqs. In Fact Siebert Burke, Abrams, Deemer and Russo in concert engaged in fabrications of evidence, racketeering and grand theft by perjury, trickery, larceny and embezzlement.Are these confirmed acts not crimes? In the process we have evidence of multiple acts of Mail and Wire Fraud engaged in by these conspirators.

What makes this Pavia-Siebert-Gomez scam very much akin to the 75 is the extortion these racketeers engaged in on the Internet. Gomez as a front because he is judgment-proof as now Burke has attempted, launched a Blog. The Blog embraces a littany of fraudulent, forged, out of context and embracing supposed matters Jim was, according to Gomez, engaged in from the time Jim was in a Diaper. His Blog recites supposed remarks by Jim’s Mother who has been dead for over 25 years. Gomez fails to reveal that Jim’s mother was mentally ill suffering with other medical problems, and it was Jim who financially supported her for years. At the time of Gomez’s fabrications, Jim’s mother was 88 years of age. Gomez’s desperation to cover-up Pavia and Siebert’s robbery of Jim Couri’s money by miscasting, fabricating and meddling into Jim Couri’s ancient history family private matters, further establish his vicious and diabolic motives.

Why does not Gomez report on his Blogs that George Pavia was a member of the Facist Mussollini Party and escaped Italy by ratting and fingering Jews for the Nazis. Pavia is a Jew himself, but put people into concentration camps to get a “pass”of escape. Why doesn’t Gomez report on the involvement of George Pavia in the Mafia and alliances with mob figures. What about John Siebert’s convictions and police reports about Siebert’s harassing, molesting an stealing from his patients, Restraining Orders against him, narcotics abuses, thefts and extortion, and let us not forget the convictions of tax evasion against Siebert, Antionia and George Pavia and tax thefts of a few million. And also the findings in Courts that George Pavia committed repeated fraud and perjury. Filing bogus and forged records with the NYC Department of Buildings. Antonia Pavia filing phony and fake Certificate of Corrections and cited for these criminal acts by the Department of Buildings and the ECB Court in NYC. These criminal acts were in complicity with Gomez who also lied at ECB Court Hearings and we have the Court Recordings to prove this criminal cover-up of Pavia’s Hazardous conditions at hie 18 East 73 St, NYC property they by fraud, perjury, bribery, forgery the Pavia’s stole Rent Stabilization from tenants by racketeering.

The most glaring is the fact that “why would Gomez go to such effort to mailgn and discredit Jim Couri whom he does not know?” The supposed chronology wit dates back about 40 years of lies, deceptions and fabrications are remarkable. A laughable also ancient and false post by Gomez is Herbert Scharer and Federated Graphics occurring in about 1982, some 34 years ago. Jim turned Scharer’s activities to the CID of the IRS, for looting Federated Graphics Pension Fund. Scharer was found guilty of these tax frauds, thanks to Jim’s evidence. Further, Jim provided the NY DA Office, and the US Attorney SDNY with proof of Herbert Scharer’s involvement with career criminal Herbert Kaminsky and a robbery they were both involved. Kaminsky was soon after arrested convicted and was sent to prison thanks to information provided by Mr Couri. Gomez does not deny his, Siebert and Pavia’s criminal acts, rather he tries to “character-assassinate Mr Couri as a smoke-screen to shroud his and his racketeer alliances criminal acts.

Gomez also engaged in fraud, suborning Pavia’s perjury at the Madden Courtroom as well. In a nutshell, Gomez is a pimp, a cheat and a extortonist. Siebert victim Ms Rachel published a Statement calling Gomez a bully and pervert when he tried to “shut her up” about Siebert’s polluted acts, witnessed by Rachel, that Siebert is a pedophile and a sociopath. Ms Rachel’s Statement and others are on Scribd revealing Siebert’s rabid abuses of victim patients and revelations that Siebert is a pedophile and perverted Doctor. Please see the Linda M. Documents as to how Siebert emotionally raped a innocent patient by lying, cheating and sexually abuse. Siebert has no conscience and Scams Inc will continue to investigate his illegal acts and report them on our News Sites and to the Law.

. Gomez as part of his extortion orchestrated and funded by Pavia fabricates his feeble scheme to character assassinate Jim Couri for the sole purpose of covering up his racketeers collusion and thefts. Gomez has chosen to defraud the court and steal Jim Couri’s Medical Settlement and convert it for himself and for Pavia, Burke and Siebert. more Crimes and larceny. Gomez also has made harassing calls to various TV stations maligning Jim, Calls to News Papers, lying to the NY Times and using mail and wire fraud to extort Jim. Gomez also harassed Jm while a in-patient at UCLA requiring Jim to now register under assumed names.

George Pavia filed fraudulent charges against Jim with the NY DA, in about 2006 when Jim was still living in NYC. Pavia falsely claimed that he was being harassed by Jim. Pavia is such cheat and liar he exposed himself and his fraudulent motives to the DA Schiff. Lawyer Ron Kuby showed the Da how Pavia was a cheat, liar and perjurer. The Pavia perjured charge was thrown out on the DA’s Motion, who said that George Pavia is a “Nut-Case”, which he is. In fact George Pavia is a 90 year old thief and a confessed tax cheat.

As anyone can see Kenneth V. Gomez Esq, is a hatchet man and a fraud. We have reason to believe that Gomez, Pavia,Siebert and Burke and their group of charlatans have tried to infect and pollute the evidence presented to the US Attorney SDNY, by character assassination of Jim Couri, by fabrications, ancient history, fraud and cover-up, and family disputes. Burke tried this character assassination with the NY State Department of Health, but “no soap”. Siebert finally Confessed to his sexual abuses and was kicked out of all NY Hospitals, evicted from 4 medical offices, and nis NY apartment. Siebert is a medical “Outcast” and a proven thief and perjurer engaged in a massive stick-up by engaging in fraud, collusion and larceny. Crimes? We think so. Afrer all it is only about $45Million.

We suggest that these culprits reveal their extortion, ghostwriting, bribery, tax evasions engaged in by Siebert, Bank fraud, pledging Siebert’s Medical Office twice which is Bank fraud; filing multiple fraudulent tax returns that we have that are fraud on the US Government and where Jim Couri aided the IRS, Agents Wong and Sal Coppolla in proving Siebert’s Tax Evasion Scheme.

Jim also aided the IRS in proving that George and Antonia committed Tax Evasion by falsifying Tax Returns regarding the theft of the home of Mrs Pierce, 15 East 77 Street, NYC. Pavia’s were caught and confessed and are paying large sums in tax and penalties (we hear high 6 figures) for that illegal act and again stealing, this time from the USA.We also have evidence of Pavia’s suborning the Perjury engaged in by Convict contractor Ted Kohl, who submitted 4 fraudulent Affidavits to DHCR and to Madden’s Courtroom to rob rent stabilization. We also have evidence of the Pavia’s thefts and frauds before the DHCR.

We have learned that:


We at Scams Inc, will continue to seek the truth and Report about the corruption, swindles, and abuses of citizens as a result of violations of the Public Trust. Corruption, political illegal larceny, corrupt motives, and back room deals often take years to pry open, but when they are, it is like that “can of worms”, it cant be closed.

Years past has proven this from Nixon, to Madoff, to Silver, and hundreds more. There is nothing worse than the raping of the Public Trust by public and elected officials, and judges.