George Pavia

George Pavia

Dr. John Siebert

Dr. John Siebert

We at Americans Against Corruption have prepared a list of the Criminal Acts perpetrated by JOHN SIEBERT MD and GEORGE PAVIA ESQ, and we are now sharing it with the Public by publishing these criminal, perverted, diabolic acts engaged in by these two depraved cheats, liars and criminals.
Lets take George Pavia first as he is 90 years old, and has been engaged in his felonious acts, fraud, cheating and thefts a bit longer than his racketeering partner John Siebert.

Here are the George Pavia (Pavia or George) acts:
1. Pavia, a Jew, in the mid-late 1030’s, rats on and “fingers” on many Jews in Italy, where George was a member of the Mussollini Youth Es’Prit-De- Corps Facist-Nazi Party. George and his fathers acts of sending Jews to Concentration Camps permit the Pavia’s to run out of Italy to America.

2. George Pavia becomes allied with the Mafia and crime figures in NYC.

3 George becomes a lawyer and a front for mob persons.

4. George marries his first wife for money and fleeces her, we believe named Elina.

5. George finds Antonia and divorces Elina and marries Antonia.

6. Antonia’s parents, the Pierces, give George the building18 East 73 St. NYC as a marriage gift in about 1977.

7. George, a consumate thief, intentionally fails to Register the building as a Rent Controlled/Siabilized building.

8. The Pavia’s building had over 7 rental units and tenants.Thus mandating Rent Control

9. Pavia’s took over 3 units for themselves and continued with 4 rental tenants.

10. When Elina died, George lied to DHCR and tried to steal her Rent Stabilized apartment for himself. Pavias were caught in that fraud scheme.

11. Pavia’s continued to defraud tenants and the DHCR by not following the Rent Laws.

12. Jim Couri, ill, took apt 3B, which had a “atrium” as a part of it as Jim’s wife is a artist. Pavia failed to report that this structure was illegal, not approved by the NYC Dept. of Buildings and was Harzrrdous.

13. Pavial lied about Rent Stabilization, but Jim learned that the Pavias were defrauding tenants and NY City Agencies.

14. Jim hired Rosenberg-Estes Esqs and secured Rent Stabilization for 18 East 75 St. NYC.

15. Pavia’s then began a campaign of extortion, fraud, cheating and fabricationof leaks, etc.

16. Pavia got his lawsuit “steered” to Jodge Joan Madden, NY Supreme Court, nort Landlord Tenant Court.

17. Jim had DOB inspectors Inspect this Atrium and the premeses. Over 9-9 Violations were Issued.

18. the Pavias were found by the ECB Court “in Violation” on all Violations, fined the Pavias, Ordered the premis Hazardous. The ECB Judge found that Pavia engaged in fraud and perjury before the Coiurt.

19. The DOB confirmed that the Pavia’s Filed False Certificate of Corrections, lying that Hazardous conditions at Jim Couri’s Apartment had bee repaired and repaired at 18 E 73 Street when in fact the Certificates signed and sworn to by the Pavias were blatant fraud and perjury.

20. The pavia’s with the aid of corrupted lawyers Jay Itkowitz and Kenneth Gomez Fixed the Madden Court and Judge Madden to preclude proof of these matters, suborned the perjury of planted persons who never were at the premesis who Pavia bribed.

21. Madden, Pavia, Gomez and others began a well documented criusade todiscredit Jim and to allow Pavia a unfettered field to engage in Racketeering, fraud and corrupt acts. Madden allowed Pavia’s perjury, deprived evidence of this fraud on the Court by Pavia and collusion that is now obvious by tape recordings and other evidence of judicial racketeering and suppression of material evidence.

22. Pavia continued his lunacy by threats, filing fraudulent criminal charges, dismissed by the DA who syated ‘Pavia is a Nut-Case” The DA threw the phony Pavia case out of Court.

23. Pavia acting with Gomez aided in fraud and theft of Jim’s Med-Mal settlement.

24. George Pavia was labeled with mental disorders by his mental doctor Arnold Hutchneicker the doctor for former president Richard Nixon.

25. George Pavia also condoned bad acts in his building by his son Jullian and by Tod Romano a gay Decorator.

26. Although Romano was called a unsavory tenant in court papers by Pavias because Romano caused a fire at premises, Pavia got Romano to lie under oath although Pavia evicted Romano for his abuses.

27. Larer Romano was sued by Mrs Hilfiger, wife of the clothing designer Tommy, who called Romano a thief.

28. The Pavia’s have been engaged in a long line of social climbing and attempted acceptance. The Cassinni Brothers called George Pavia “a contorted runt who looks like shylock”. Oleg Cassini barred the Pavias from their Le Club, where they were desperate to join and rejected.

29. Pavia was alligned with tax cheat, mafia, jail bird Ted Kohl, who Pavia’s recruted to file fabricated Affidavits to the DHCR and to Madden.

30. Yet Madden embraced Pavia’s cheating, larceny, thefts, and trickery although every other Copurt threw them out.

31 Madden was bribed, fixed and allowed the Pavia’s to cheat Jim and other tenants and to rob about $20Million. How much did madden get?

32. Jim found that Pavia lawyer Itkowitz was calling Madden to her home on his Verizon cell phone. Madden threatened Jim when he issued a Subpoena on Verizon Wirelss.

33. Madden refused to Disqualify herself as required by law.

34. Pavia is as dangerous as Brooklyn mob boss, Carlo Gambino was, yet disarming. George Pavia is a mob front and has threatened Jim in the presence of others. George Pavia is mentally imbalanced.

35 The Pavia’s robbed the NYC Title of his inlaws home and the committed tax evasion regarding the transfer.

36. Jim Couri uncovered the Pavia’s criminal tax fraud, reported it and Pavias were caught, confessed and will be paying large fines for this crime


1. John Siebert has been a sexual deviant since he was a boy. Facts he confessed to Ms Rachel and she reported it to us after Siebert cheated and robbed Rachel. See Scribd for Rachel’s Reports re Siebert.

2. Siebert confessed to Ms. Rachel, a sex-partner and patient who told Scams Inc that Siebert made her wear ‘little girl clothes” and watch Rachel undress, and she reported she was told by Siebert he had sex with “young-boys”.

3. Siebert was investigated by the Conn. Childrens and Families who were told about Siebert’s swx perverted acts by Rachel. Siebert blamed Jim Couri supported by his corrupt lawyer Joseph M Burke.

4. Siebert has raped and defrauded many of his patients. many have evidence published on Scribd. Some are Diane Kleiman, Linda M, Ms Rachel, Muriel Karass, Barbara Polucci and many others.

5. Siebert has also robbed many including Richard Jacobs, Polucci, Mrs Zimmerman,Jim Couri, Bank Audi, Chase bank, 799 Park Ave, the State tax departmentsof NY, Conn, Wisconsin by filing false returns.

6. Siebert filed fraudulent Tax returns with the IRS for Millions in fraudulent deductions.

7. Tax Agents Sal Coppola, Wong and others have investigated Siebert and Found he committed evasion. We are told there is more to come on Siebert and evasion of taxes both personal and his PC.

8. Siebert engaged in massive and admitted fraud, misrepresentation and illegal acts with Companies he and Jim Couri were co-Directors. All evidenced by written admissions.

9. Siebert entered into many Agreements, Notes and covenants all of which he defaulted

10 Siebert and Burke began a racketeering scheme in NY State Courts of fraud on the Court, perjury, ghostwriting and bribery

11. Burke engaged in fraud and deception with Siebert and Referee Jack Suter, Harold Beeler, JHO Ira Gammerman, Paul Wooten and many other NY State supposed Judges.

12. Siebert began a extortion scheme and is no subject to a Restraining Order.

13. The pervasive schemes of fraud and perjury in complicity with a liiegal Judge Wooten would take a year. See much of these acts exposed on Scams inc Sites.

14. Siebert was caught engaging in fraud, trickery, falsifying evidence, fakery, fabrications and grand larceny to rob over $40Million by courthouse racketeering with a lying cheating Judge Wooten.

15 Siebert and Burke have been caught engaging in mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud and conspiracy
to defraud with a public Official Wooten.

16. Wooten has been removed fro the NYC Supreme Court Bench at 60 Center Street, Part 7 where much of these Siebert frauds have occured.

17. Siebert has been fired by all NYC Hospitals he was associated for engaging inadmitted sex abuses of his patients.

18 The NY State Dept,. of Health convicted Siebert for sex abuses and unfit acts towards patients. Siebert confessed and was Suspended fro practice of medicine in NY State.

19. The only hospital he can practice is UW where his father was.

20 Siebert has filed repeated fraudulent Press Releases falsly stating that he is a respectable doctor when in fact he is a confessed and convicted (by NYU-Langone Hospital internal trial), as a narcotics abuser, a sex deamon and a thief of medical insurance frauds.

21. Siebert has caused his victims to be harassed, extorted and abused by his thug lawyer Kenneth V. Gomez. He has extorted Ms Rachel and her Statement is on Scribd. Siebert Pavia caused Gomez to launch a extortion Blog lying about Jim Couri, then calling and harassing hospitals, family, friends, doctors, news papers, tv stations and many others in a scheme of harassment an adulterated activities.

22. Siebert has engaged in documented larceny, cheating, medical malpractice and other depraved acts resulting in about 20 litigations against Siebert in NYC alone by his victims.

23. We are advised that Siebert has a new victim, Mrs. Diane Hendricks whos husband died in a accident and left Ms Hendricks about $3Billion. She is the financial “angel” to the Wisconsin Governor who is now under fire.

24. Siebert robbed chase bank by cheating the Bank in double-pledging a co-op office at 799 Park Ave, illegally. Siebert was caught and evicted.

25 Siebert was evicted out of 4 Medical offices afterwards, labeled as a “undesirable” by Brown Harris Stevens, Dr Dan Baker, Dr Cherll Aston and Dr Glen Jelks to name some.

26 Siebert was outright “kicked-out” of NYU Langone Hospital labeled “a perverted-unfit doctor”.

27. Siebert has lied on the internet as to his background, qualifications and sex perversions.

28. Siebert has engaged in rampant criminality, larceny and racketeering all documented.

Now you the reader decide about these Sociopaths, John Siebert MD and George m. Pavia Esq.
Do the belong on the street or do they belong in prison so that the can not contaminate, extort, embezzle and rob honest citizens.