wooten_judge2Judge Paul Wooten, who has established himself as the most perverted and corrupt judge of the 21st Century, at the NY County Supreme Courthouse located in the Hallowed Halls of 60 Center Street NYC. Scams Inc has published dozens of Articles over the past few years, exposing the unethical, incompetent, corrupt and polluted acts embracing judicial racketeering (RICO) engaged in by this sociopath Judge Wooten (Wooten).

Scams Inc has carefully investigated and chronicled all of the bad-acts we have charged Wooten with while sitting in Part 7 at the Courthouse. Every charge that has been asserted against Wooten and against the lawyers and clients who formed “unholy” alliances with this warped Wooten were supported by documentary proof of deprivation of due process, obstructing justice, forgery of the Courthouse Docket, purging of evidence, ghostwriting, ignoring the law, condoning trickery, fraud perjury. Lying in Decisions and fabricating facts. Judicial extortion, ex-party meetings, circumventing the Rules of the courts, judicial thefts of millions of dollars by fraud on the court, judicial perjury, and doctoring the court files.

We have produced evidence of Wooten’s fraud on the Court, illegal and actions done by Wooten without judicial authority. Refusal to recuse himself as a matter of law, rampant violations of court laws, and the fact that Wooten was not legally Appointed and thus not legally elected as a Judge.

Wooten was not vetted, not screened, and was appointed by convicted criminals Clarence Norman and State Senator John Sampson who conned Gov. Patterson into appointing this charlatan Wooten.

The Expose of Wooten is revealed on Scams Inc in dozens of undenied Reports of Wooten’s corrupt activities. As of 1-24-16 Wooten was Removed from the NY County Supreme Court.He is supposed to be going to Brooklyn Courts, but we hear Wooten ‘s bad activities may result in other plans for this proven thief. In any event he is out of NY County.

We now have uncovered another of many of Wooten’s acts of judicial fraud and racketeering and robbery. Scams Inc was contacted a few months ago by Veronica Medina, who was another victim of Paul Wooten and his misuse of his position as a supposed “Honorable Justice” to again “rip-off” a victim litigant from her rights to due-process in her case of unlawful termination as a employee for over 15 years at Macys Store on Herald Square in NYC.

Ms Medina provided us with all of her facts, records, pleadings, Complaint and the Wooten supposed Decision of over 17 pages. This is a Case where Macys and in concert with Elizabeth Arden wanted a young black man and “Arden sales person” at Macys counter. Luther Ware was doing his job but was the only “black-skinned” person selling cosmetics-perfume at Macys, and they wanted Ware out. Macys and Arden demanded that Medina commit the “hatchet-job” and she refused. Medina stated that it was wrong, against her religious beliefs and Ware was doing his job, and thus his termination would be improper.

Finally, the Supervisor “canned” Mr Ware and Medina became a target of incessent abuses by Macys and Arden. This went on for over 8 months over Medina’s pleas, Doctor reports, Medical Reports and Medina herself. She wrote Macys President Lundegrin, making pleas on deaf ears. Meanwhile Mr Ware sued Macys and Arden and directed Medina to appear and testify. She did so and then Macys and Arden escilated their abuses which became intolerable. Ms Medina was hospitalized as a result of these vicious acts.

When Medina got better she hired a lawyer and filed Suit against Macys and Arden in NY County Supreme Court, and to Ms Medina’s misfortune the Matter was assigned to Wooten.

Macys and Arden hired high profile Law Firms to attack this honorable and religious lady. Ms Medina had been deprived of her job because she refused to commit a illegal act of termination a employee Mr Ware who was doing his job but because he was Black.

Meanwhile Macys and Arden Settled with Mr Ware and we are told paid him over $200,000.00. After a deposition of Medina, who was ill, unspohisticated and who had a lawyer who was no match for two “gunslinger” law firms in NYC and all over the USA, These big-shot lawyers made a Motion to “Dismiss” Medina’s Case and Complaint.

The Motion would have been denied by any legitimate judge in a few days as Medina’s Complaint revealed key triable issues of Fact. No the least of which were the “Pled” Defendants rampant violations of NYC Human Rights Law Title 8 of the Administrative Code of NYC. Section8-101″Policy” and Section 296 et-seq, “Unlawful Discriminatory Practices”.

Rather, Wooten, ignoring the Law, CPLR, mandates of “tryable factual issues” and the requirement to honor the laws under which Medina was illegally and improperly fired, lllegally and suspiciously outright Dismissed the Medina Complaint and Case without any real basis in fact or law. Rather Wooten supposedly “disected” Medina’s out of context Deposition words and wove a suspect web to deprive Medina of Due Process by what is clear and convincing Fraud on the Court.

We know the Wooten FIX “MO”. and his penchant for having Decisions Ghostwritten for him as part of the Wooten charades in his court. Here a 17 page Decision was signe by Wooten that recites finite details as if this were a ‘antitrust” case. Wooten’s writing is far less sophisticated, detailed and is a “finger-print”. Wooten in our opinion did not write the Medina Decision, it was ghostwritten for him. This is why we have not named the Law firms in this Expose.

In fact Scams Inc asked someone to call these Lawyers assigned to the Medina case/ One refused to speak and the other when confronted, hung up. Then a email went out to the Managing Partner who was told of this and after 6 weeks, no response.

Meanwhile, Ms Medina was robbed of her right to present her Case to a Jury that goes to the very Core of the NYC Human Rights Laws, properky pled in her Complaint and illegally struck by the corrupt fixed pen of disgraced depraved judge Paul Wooten.

We believe that Wooten was a “Judicial Squatter” in the NY County Supreme Court, as he was not only not screened, but was appointed illegally and has been engaged in documented judicial fraud, racketeering, deprivation of presenting evidence, depriving access to the court, extortion and outright fabricationa snd rampant other acts of criminality.

In Fact all of Wooten’s Decisions should be void grounded on his fraud on the court, refusal to disqualify himself for cause.

It would be sad if Wooten were allowed to sit in Brooklyn or for that matter any Court based upon his corrupt, depraved and RICO activities. Wooten is a disgrace to the NY State Judiciary and simply does not belong there in any capacity.