Hasa Kingo

Hasa Kingo

Scams Inc has obtained documentary proof and evidence of the corruption, fraud, perjury, cheating, and the shrouding of the proven and verified criminal activities ongoing at the NY County and Kings County Supreme Courthouses. Moulton and his Staff of supposed law clerks, Kingo and Fields, and judicial assistant Santa Whitehead, rather than perform their duties in a ethical and legal manner, under the supposed guidance of the newly selected NY County Administrative Judge Peter Moulton, have gone into illegal and polluted “Deep-Water” of criminality. Following the orders of Moulton, a now proven corrupt Judge who has been established by documentary evidence a judge who has abused his discretion, engaged in mail and wire fraud, engaged in judicial trickery,denial of due process, unconstitutional taking of a litigant’s property and a judicial cover-up and as a accomplice to Paul Wooten’s proven forgery, falsifications of facts and racketeering.

Sadly, Fields, Kingo lawyers and minions of Moulton, and formerly law clerks of another civil now supreme court judge have aided and abetted these acts of unconstitutional taking of a litigant’s $55million and his rights to legal access to the Court by engaging in perjury, fraud upon the court and racketeering for the unjust enrichment of John Siebert a convicted tax cheat and a convicted sex molester of women and a proven perjurer and thief.

It appears clear by theemailedand telephonic Wire Fraud engaged in by Fields Kengo, and Whitehead, and the signed and emailed Moulton letter all replete with fraud, deception, perjury and attempt to deprive due process and allow Siebert, his proven perjurer and fraudster lawyer Joseph M. Burke in concert with Paul Wooten a judge permanently Fired from NY County Supreme for cause to Embezzle a litigant’s $55Million by Moultons criminal wire fraus and his illegal and corrupt letter that is a fraud, incorrect and a violation of the Constitution and done so with the direct involvment by his Staff who have by phone, engaged in Wire Fraud, larceny, fraud, perjury and conduct that is beyond the scope and in excess of their authority to do so.

Each and every Moulton Law Clerk, Kingo, Fields and Whitehead, individually and in concert have conspired to cheat and rob by courthouse frauds attemted to cheat this litigant, engage in willful deception and perjury regarding a scam-set-up of supposed “permission” on 2-10-16 and 7 weeks later renig after dozens of emails and evidence proves the Moulton fraud and perjury and collusion with Corrupt lawyer Burke and conspiring with fired judicial thief, forger andimmoral Judge Paul Wooten.

We have proof of all of these acts of racketeering and scheme to cover-up Wooten’s Bogus, fraudulent and ultra-vires Decisions and Order that are outrightforgery, fabricated and criminal. We have the full trail of the 6 year con-game of Wooten’s larceny, steering, corruption and fallacious distortions.

We now have written and Recorded Proof of Moulton, Kingo, Field and Whitehead’s deceit, misrepresentations and dishonesty that has now equated into violations of 18 USC 1343, Wire Fraud, Criminal Collusiion and deprivation theough Fraud and Racketeering, a Citizen Litigant’s Constitutional Rights. None of these acts, you will find, are notMoulton, Kingo or Field’s “umbrella” of “immunity”, See US Supreme Court re Immunities for acts of embezzlement, grand larceny, collusion to insulate a racketeering scheme and more.

We are Reporting all of these acts engaged in by Kingo, Fields, Whitehead, to the Office of the Inspector General, MS Sherill Spatz and to others. All of you have proven by your acts, lies, telephonic frauds and perjury to have engaged in corruption, fraud , larceny and mail and wire fraud.

We have the Moulton fraudulent and illegal letter depriving due process and covering up criminal activities at Moulton’s Courthouse and in complicity with Moulton and his corrupted minions Kengo, Fields, Whitehead’s phone frauds, the 24 emails which further prove Moulton’s judicial criminal collusion to rob $55Million; and evidence of collusion with Lawyer Joe Burke, his sex offender beneficiary with all of MOultons staff and Moulton himself, by phone, in person and emails in this $55Million larceny, and scheme to loot and rob the IRS.