Judge Peter Moulton

Judge Peter Moulton

Judge Peter Moulton was supposedly “hand picked” to be the ‘the great white hope” of the NY County Supreme Coyrthouse at 60 Center Street in NYC, to replace the Courthouse “Madam” Administrative Judge Sherry Klein Heitler who was supposedly “Retiring”.

If it were not for the Corruption being orchestrated by Heitler, Judge Joan Madden, and others at that Courthouse involving Sheldon Sliver and his NYCAL law firm Weitz Luxemberg (W & L), Ms Heitler would be there until the Grim Reaper came for her. In any event it became apparent but on the “Hush-Hush”, some of the millions paid out might have been sticking to the wrong-hands for favorable manipulations of the Laws and Manipulated Settlements, Juries and Decisions involving W & L, Heitler and others.

So, in the infinite wisdom of the Unified Supreme Courts, Heitler was “Reassigned” (not Fired) and enter Peter Moulton, a judge at 111 Center Street NYC. You see the Unified Court is just like the Cossa-Nostra aka The Mafia. Unless a person is a proven “Rat” and has turned on the “Boys”, they are protected until the “End”. This is the “Code of Honor” also implemented by corrupt Cops. Take a look at Scams Inc ‘s Article about the 75th Precinct and Police Sargent Dowd. This guy was covered for years engaging in extortion, drug thefts and dealings and worse.Heitler’s father was a Judge at 60 Center and as “day follows night” Sherry also became a judge. What the heck, Sherry knew the “ropes” and could be relied on to keep quiet and follow the rules of how, when and why victim litigants were to be “taken-down”, financially raped, cheated and even “taken-out”, all under the guise of Justice or better said Frontier Justice.

Peter Moulton assumed the position of NY County Administrative Judge in about early 2015. Moulton was by all accounts to be the front and supposed hope for the cleansing of the NYCAL Cases and the extermination of the Sheldon Silver pollution. The guy looks the part, but so did Bank Robber “Baby-Face-Nelson” or “Bugsy Seagel”. Looks are deceptive.

Americans Against Corruption are Affilliates with Scams Inc, a Internet News Reporting Organization. We have spent the time and money researching and investigating this guy Peter Moulton. We have interviewed many who have had the misfortune to have been in his courtroom at 111 Center Street. We have been told that Moulton has been allied with another 111 center St Judicial Actor, Michael Stallman. You see the Unified Supreme Court is peppered with many perverted, evil, unethical supposed judges who welcome a bribe from a cadre of corrupt lawyers and clients that would rather cheat, pay a bribe and be sure that you loose. THe NY Supreme Courts are full of peverted and adulterated judges who run their own corruption machine from therecourtrooms and without a shred of “Independent Oversight”.

Just like the Mafia, when a Judge makes a “Bribe-Score” part of the ill gotten gain is shared with the Courthouse Hierarchy. Remember Paulie, in the Film “Goodfellas”. This is necessary for “Protection”. Often Judges ate Caught by litigants writing fabricated Decisions, fraud in the Court, granting illegal Judgments, forgery and worse. When they are Reported to the Administrative Judge this is just like going to Meyer Lansky and complaining about Lucky Lucciano.

There are some fine judges at the Unified Courts, but they are ostracized by the Bad-Actors. The cheaters the perverted and the judicial racketeers are always given a “Get-out-of Jail Free Card”.

When a corrupt judge is Caught or complained about often for his or hers Fraudulent acts and fixed or ghostwritten decisions and orders, rather than really investigate these charges, get to the truth and nail the corrupt judge and the lawyers and clients who bribed, fixed and cheated, and refer all of them to Law Enforcement, These Judges are usually “reassigned” to another jurisdiction, such as from NY County to Kings, Nassau, Westchester, etc, or to a Administrative position at the Courthouse with a Raise in Salary as a Reward for the Scores from the Bribes and Fixes and for keeping Quiet.

The Mainstream Press are reluctant to print any of these matters for fear of Reprisals and Prosecutors are reluctant to act quickly as often judicial crimes “get a pass”. When was the last time you saw a Judge get Indicted and Tried? Not too frequent?

Do you think that the NY Unified Court System is that “clean” that no illegal acts are being engaged in? Try again. Evidence already turned over to the Federal Prosecutors in the SDNY, by the “car-load” provides proof of Judicial Racketeering, Fraud upon the Court, Mail and Wire Fraud, fabrications of evidence, perjury by the dozens, Obstruction of Justice, deprivation of Due Process, Judicial embezzlement, thefts from innocent employees of Macy’s on Herald Square, thefts of persons homes, a litigant being looted and robbed by judicial racketeering, bribery, forgery of the docket, violations of Court Laws and Rules to embezzle over $55Million from a Senior Citized by documented collusion purging evidence and worse, with Blind eyes and waiting and stalling and Courthouse cover-ups. This is a disgrace to our Country, to NY State and to the Rights and Obligations of Citizens who are supposed to be able to rely upon the Judiciary and its Public Trust and integrity, and for the Competent and prompt acts from our Law-Enforcement to prosecute the Judicial thieves and the persons who corrupt and bribe them.

Peter Moulton has proven himself to be a cheat, a liar and a Administrative Judge who has now been caught engaging in violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343, Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud. Further to that Moulton’s Non Judicial Chambers Staff, Santa Whitehead, Andrea Fields and H. Kingo have furthered thies now documented Frauds, intentional deceptions and rampant deprivation of access toi the Court as part of a Judicial scheme to Shroud and cover-up the well documented extortion, grand larceny embezzlement and forgery engaged in by Judge Paul Wooten.

As you now know, Wooten has recently been PERMANENTLY REMOVED FOR CAUSE FROM NY COUNTY SUPREME COURT. This Discharge was done “Under to Radar” and in violation of the Mandates of Article 6 of the NY State Constitution and various Sections thereunder. Wooten was Reported to Moulton and others by some very major National Law Firms, who charged Wooten, we have been advised., of incompetence, fraudulent Decisions, collusion, fabrications of facts and worse. We have also learned that Wooten’s Law Clerk Rchel Hervitz Mandel was discharged from conspiring with Wooten and her crafting the unprincipled decisions and orders for Wooten and she is nowhwer to be found as yet. We have Interviewed some of Wooten’ s previous law clerks and it is not a pretty picture.

So as true to form, rather than make an example of Wooten’s corrupt acts, forgerry and racketeering with the likes of corrupt and proven perjurers lawyer Joseph M. Burke Esq. Phony and illegally appearing Firm of Abrams Deemer, Defunct Firm of Russo Burke, evidenced ghostwriting, ex-parte activities with Burke, Wooten, Moulton, JHO Gammerman.

Further, blatant and ignored perjury, about 40 documented acts of Mail and Wire Fraud by Burke, Kenneth V Gomez, Wooten, Moulton and Gammerman and documented robbery of a litigants Med-Mal Recovery and Medicare thefts at the Courthouse, proven Wooten Systematic Judicial Frauds by a long pattern of forgery, purging Records, judicial perjury, falsification of Courthouse records and documents, racketeering to embezzle $55Million. This for a convicted sex pervert John Siebert and his lawyers Burke and Abrams Deemer and for a 6 year ago Fix. Wooten was bribed or he hashad his Brain Removed as Wooten ignored evidence in the Record and hand delivered to him by a licensed process server 3 times, made fabricated and forged illegal Filings, cheating Trial Support and the Special Referee Part and Wooten’s proven Mail Fraud, these crimes are totally Ignored and covered up, so that Wooten Permanently Removed for cause without required Report, and referral to the State Legislature as mandated by the NY State Constitution regarding “PERMANENT REMOVAL OF SUPREME COURT JUDGES”, so that Wooten can continue his judicial larceny in another jurisdiction now at Kings County Brooklyn.

We suggest that all readers please read the CASE OF SUNNY SHEU. a Asian man who was murdered for standing up to Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Joseph Gollia. Sheu made a Video on YouTube stating that if anythig happens to him “It is caused by Judge Gollia’s People”. Three weeks later Mr Sheu had his brains bludgeoned out of his head and left dead in the street. This was about 3-4 years ago. Golia is now with Finz & Finz lawyers and refuses to be interviewed. Many have provided Law Enforcement with proof of this Murder and apparently implicating Judge Golia, who literally stole Mr Sheu’s Home by Judicial Racketeering. Sheu a book-keeper found that Golia committed some form of Tax Fraud and filing phony financial records to the Unified Court. Golia was caught and seemingly further retaliated on Mr Sheu who is now dead and his murder ignored and unsolved. This is the kind of Targeting these Bandits in Black Robes in the NY State Courts will try, just like the Mafia.

We ar Scams Inc are ready for these twisted violators of the Public Trust, and we plan to continue Exposing and reporting them.


Judge Peter Moulton has only a few days ago been caught by a litigant (whose name we are not using).

Moulton and his Chambers Staff including SANTA WHITEHEAD, ANDREA FIELDS, H. KINGO, have engaged in a series of acts of judicial larceny and fraud to deprive a litigain from Making Motions to Vacated Paul Wooten’s Forged and falsified Decisions and Orders granting illegally over $55Million to Sex-Pervert and convicted John Siebert, who was also kicked out of the practice of Medicine in NY State by the NY State Department of Health after Siebert Confessed.

First on 2-10 16 Moulton gave this Litigant permission to make his Motions. These Phone Conversations were legally recorded. Then on 2-12-16 this litigant emailed Moulton thanking him for his prompt approvals. Fot 7 weeks thereafter this litigant emailed copies of his motions made to Vacate Wooten’s illegal and forged Decisions. Also Moulton was asked that these Motions be heard by a Independent Judge.

Moulton Balked and wanted Wooten to decide the Very Motions that prove Wooten is a Thief, a cheat, a perjurer and a Fixed racketeer. Later it was uncovered by conversations with Motion Support Head Clerks Lou Spinelli, Ms Daureen and John Warmer, that Moulton and Wooten has concocted a illegal and unusual “currier-service” to transport “certain Wooten motions” from NY County to Wooten in Kings County for Wooten, a confirmed criminal and Removed For Cause from NY County the right to again corruptly decide Motions by “allowing the Fox Wooten into the henhouse”. Wooten became a Judge by a con-game instigated by Convicted State Sen. John Sampson, and Jailed Fixer Clarence Norman. Wooten cheated his way into his Dime-Store Black Robe, was never screened, never vatted and confirmed by the Governor’s Albany Chambers. Wooten cheated Former DA Joe hines by a fake “run” for DA in Brooklyn, Cheated Sandra roper and his backroom corruption was we are told observer by Brooklyn John O’Hara.Wooten belongs in Jail as a cheater thief and robber of the Public’s Trust and a swindler.

Then it became clear that Moulton was an accomplice to the Documented criminal Acts, the Judicial Racketeering and cover-up of Wooten’s Grand Larceny, Fraud upon the Court and Embezzlement.

Moulton then after 7 weeks of Post-Approvals activities and with this Litigants about 15 phone calls to Moulton, Whitehead, Fields and Kingo, Whitehead calls this man on 3-23-16 stating that he is required to obtain Permission that was granted 7 weeks earlier, and recorded by phone and emails. We then learned of ex-parte calls between corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke and Moulton imploring the depravation Moulton referring of this litigants Motions to another Judge or at all as it would BLOW-UP this $55Million Embezzlement and Robbery in play which Moulton and Wooten are part of and the hopeful Score and the “Cut-Up” of this Courthouse Judicial Theft with the Judicial Mafia. Meanwhile Burke is bound by this supposed Injunction as well yet Burke gets a “Pass” from Moulton who targets and by fraud, perjury and deception tries to extort this litigant, who we think is smarter than these Black-Robed Bandits and a slime-ball lawyer and a admitted pedophile John Siebert (see Scribed for 10 exposes re Siebert). How Come?————–The Fix is in!!

This litigant wrote again to Moulton by multiple emails proving that Moulton ‘s acts are adulterated, distorted skulduggery and judicial concealment andracketeering. A day after, Moulton wrote a emailed letter that is Exhibit One at a Criminal or RICO Trial proving Judge Moulton’s Judicial Wire Fraud and perjury in concert with Whitehead, Fields and Kingo, Moultons chambers staff who aided and abetted Moulton, Burke and Wooten in this Frontier Justice scam. On information and belief Moulton’s chamber staff are lawyers as well.

On 3-25 16 this Victim of this scheme of Racketeering and $55Million theft responded by email with a 6 Page Letter to Moulton and Burke, Siebert and all in concert, Proving by Evidence that Wooten and Moulton and others are involved in this 455million Courthouse theft, and that Moultioo has engaged in Wire Fraud, Fraud upon the Court, racketeering, and blatant perjury regarding hi direct Approvals whic in Moulton’ Bogus letter makes it frauduently appear that he gave no such Permission. A willful intentional wire fraud lie to steal money by collkusion (See 18 USC 1343).

Then Moulton in violation of the US Constitution, the NY State Constitution, the Rules and Laws of the Courts attempt to deprive this Litigant from proving my Mandated Motions pursuant to CPLR 5015(a), Uniform Court Rules, Judiciary Law 487, and Fraud on the Court, perjury, Forgery and Filing of Documents and Motions by a Non Existant Law Firm who are not the Attorneys of Record for Siebert. These interloper Lawyers and Burke furthered theit fraud by fooling the Judgment Part Clerks and Confirmed by Ms U. Patel, who after her investigation advised that the Judgment Documents Filed by Abrams deemer are Fraudulent and the Judgment must be Vacated by Motion. All of this Corrupt Moulton is Desperate to Avoid

Finally, Wooten in his criminal desperation engages in Judicial fakery, forgery and more embezzlement.

We learned from Kings County Administrative Judge Kings County L. Kneipel that Paul Wooten began working at Kings County Courthouse on Adams Street in Brooklyn, the evening of 1-24-16, the day Wooten was Permanently evicted from Part 7, NY County and the NY County Courthouse.

On 1-25-16 Wooten began working in Kings County and under the Jurisdiction of Kings, Brooklyn, and under the derect supervision of Judge Kneipel. We do not know what Wooten is assigned to do there as the Kings Civil Clerks do not know Wooten. We were told that Wooten is in Kings Part 97, but our Investigator Found that Courtroom Dark on two visits to the Kings Supreme Courthouse.

The Decisions and Order that Motions have been made to Vacate were Forged by Wooten on 1-25-16 in the following Manner:

1) Wooten illegally secured a pre-printed “NY COUNTY” Judicial Decision-Order Form. Then Wooten, after he was Permanently discharged and removed for cause on the PM of 1-25-16, and vacated Part 7 on 1-24-16, forged this Judicial Order form falsely stating that on 1-25-16 Wooten was “PRESENT” sitting at Part 7 when at such time, Judge Lebovits was Present and Sitting in Part 7, and Wooten was previously removed from NY County and Part 7 and under the aegis and teritory of Kings County and Judge Kneipel.

2. Then Wooten Signed the Forged NY County Form stating” Paul Wooten, Justice of that NY County Part 7 Court” and dated these 5 illegal and forged Judicial Decisions and Judicial Orders 1-25-16, at a time Wooten had bee terminated for cause and permanently from NY County.

3. Accordingly, Wooten had and has no authority to forge is Position, County and Court Part as a scheme to misrepresent with intent to deceive which is a Federal Crime of Forgery. Further the Forgery of 5 fabricated Judicial Decisions falsifying evidence, engaging in proven fraud upon the court, perjury, extortion embezzlement and racketeering with Burke, Siebert, Abrams Deemer, and others is Grand Larceny to loot over $55Million by Wooten’s crimes.

4.Wooten by this Forgery scheme and the fabrication of his Jurisdiction by criminal deception by a Judge, acting without authority, without the consent of the Administrative Judge in Kings-Brooklyn L. Kneipel, acting beyond Wooten’s Territorial Limits and beyond his assigned Duties and to intentionally and criminally loot and Rob a Litigants $55Million by concocting forged documents is worse than forgery of checks, stock certificates, deeds or Wills.

5.Administrative Judge Moulton has engaged in signing has own “Death Knell” proving that Moulton is a fraud, cheat and liar, covering up for Wooten and a Courthouse $55Million Theft and doing so by engaging in Judicial Fraud upon the Court, perjury, cheating, suborning the fraud and perjury of his Chambers Staff Whitehead, Fields and Kingo, who have repeatedly engaged in interstate telephonic Wire Fraud. Moulton himself lies and cheats as to PERMISSION, that he is scheming to recant and deprive the exhuming of Wooten’s Judicial Frauds.

Moulton was receiving emails of gratitude, copies of Motions, referring this litigant to others for re-assignment of Motions that Molton approved on 2-10-16 and as weeks passed and many more interactions and evidence of these Motionsthereafter insisted these Motions go to Wooten, and after the Litigant demanded a Moulton Order so a STAY could be obtained from the Court Of Appeals or the SDNY Federal Court, and after Moulton engaged in documented ex-parte begging from Burke did Moulton get Trapped like Drowning Corrupted Rat.

Moulton has proven himself a unprincipled Judge covering up Wooten, Heitler, Madden. Gammerman’s Judicial documented Fraud upon the Court, Racketeering Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and Forgery to Name some.

Much more Exposes involving these NY Courts and the Bad acts of Judges at the NY County Appellate Division 1st Department that will make the hair on your neck stand up.