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California Superior Court Judge David Chapman has been on the Radar for a long while as a result of his documented warped acts of trickery, fraud, condoning perjury, bias, and other felonious acts in concert with favored Law Offices and others who “curry-his-favor”.

Chapman was a graduate of a third-rate un-approved law school, and then went to work at a negligence law office. We have reviewed many of Chapmain’s Decisions. They sound good but most Rule against the Law and Statutes, ignore Facts, rely on hearsay, perjury and fraud. Sadly Chapman is what is known as a “semi-articulate cheat”.

We are astounded that over 85 Judges in California Superior Courts went to the same now closed unrecognized law school as did Chapman. We have found that this law school graduates could only qualify to take the Bar-Exam in California and only can be employed by local law offices and by the Courts. Chapman was somehow selected by Gov Brown, bought his $10– Black Robes, and began his adulterated conduct and fallacious bad acts in PS2 in Palm Springs.

We have now uncovered Chapman’s violations of many of the Judicial Canonns of Ethics. Here are a Few Chapman has flouted :

 Cannon 2A—he has violated the public trust and integrity of judiciary
Cannon 3B —Chapman has be unfaithful to the laws
Cannon 3C– Chapman has engaged in fraud, collusion, falsifying of Court Records and minutes, colluded to deprive litigant Due Process and access to the courts by fraud, perjury and trickery.

Chapman has engaged in covering up a Scam to Rob a Litigant with Forgery bof a Court Minutes and allow a lawyer to submit a false “proposed order”. We have the paper trail of this swindle and have delivered this and other of Chapman’s judicial larceny to Federal Authorities. We have watched Chapman and his depraved pattern of collusion from the outset of a few Cases before him.

He has turned a blind eye on a massive Federal Tax Scam uncovered by a Lawyer litigating against a Desert “big-wig”. Chapman is of course a ‘company-man” who enjoys the ‘fruits of his shenagigans”. We have proven that Chapman has issued Decisions ignoring Facts, making up events and claims even to the extent of his own stupidity as to the proper Jurat required by California Notaries. This supposed Judge has concocted charges that a litigant did not properly Swear to a Affidavit by not using the proper Form by Notary.

Chapman should call the California Secretary of State, Notary Division, and he will learn that the Affidavit he stupidly and viciously charges is improper is in fact 100% legal, properly Sworn with the Correct Notary Jurat for Swearing.

Then Chapman fails to Read Pleadings and makes Findings based on perjury, hearsay and fraud. If Intentional Chapman is a further confirmed a corrupted Judge and a crook, or he is a moron. Either way his trickery and larceny effects litigant’s lives, money, assets, reputations and more. Chapman is a proven perverted and depraved liar, bully and a fraud.

Chapman has abused many by his pompous misconduct. We have seen his attempt to deprive litigants opportunities to plead their cases.

Chapman on one hand says he follows the Rules and Statutes and in the same moment he schemes to pollute them lie and cheat and then refuse to Disqualify himself as Mandated by the US Constitution Due Process Clause; The California Constitution; and California Codes.

Rather Chapman continues to issue concocted, adulterated depraved Decisions that are all Void and without Legal Effect as they all have been Grounded on Fraud, upon the court, fabricated, ruled against the facts and law; and Issued after his Automatic Disqualification as mandated by the United States Supreme Court, and by the US Constitution, and by CCP.

Chapman has violated the Law with impunity, has chosen to, as defined by the US Supreme Court:


The US Supreme Court has Ruled and Reaffirmed, that:


 Judges do not have discretion not to disqualify themselves,a judge has a legal duty to disqualify himself, even if there is no motion asking for Disqualification. Recusal is self executing. The Judge is obligated to recuse himself sua-sponte in any proceeding his impartiality has been reasonably questioned. Once a observer concludes that a fair and impartial hearing is unlikely, the judge must automatically Disqualify himself.

These Rules and Laws are Mandates of the United Stares Of America. Chapman believes that this is the “United States of Chapman” or the “United States of California”. Both are incorrect.

Further, Chapman has lied, cheated, refused to hold legitimate Hearings, has flouted the Law and has now by his Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Cheating the Constitution, has become a corrupt Judicial Crook. If he knows the laws he has broken them to cover-up felonious and documented acts of theft extortion and embezzlements and if he claims to be ignorant of the Law, he surely must be Disqualified and Removed.

Either way, we will have delivered this Chapman-Sulmeyer, Burke, Siebert Pavia, Richardson Federal Criminal Conduct to Federal Authorities for their Review.

These State Court Judicial abuses, flim-flam and corruption hurting million of Citizens will be Sanatized.


peeweeScams Inc has been following the corrupt, depraved and crooked conduct of Paul Wooten since he finagled his “Black Robes” as a result of a lawless scam in Brooklyn with convicted State Senator John Sampson and jailed Clarence Norman a purveyor of “selling judgeships”.

Wooten was never screened, vetted, and simply showed-up in NY County after a short Stint in Brooklyn. This Wooten was a third-rate Landlord-Tenant Lawyer, and a guy who has no compunctions to steal, take a bribe and worse.

Wooten became NY County Supreme Court Judge at 60 Center Street, NYC and in Part 7. Soon Wooten had his own Side-Line Business Up and Running. The Business of Bribery, Fixes, forgerry, Fabrications of Evidence, purging Court Files, ignoring Laws, Rules, collusion with corrupt lawyers, luring in corrupt other Judges, JHO’s, Referees and Court Employees.

Wooten was on a role. He had begun a Business of Judicial Fixing so long as the Client or Lawyer paid the freight. If Wooten felt he could make more by Robbing the Victim Litigant we hear he would take some “Up-Front” $$$$, and take a piece of the Score, on the “Back-End”.

Wooten was fixed by many during his 6 year stay at Part 7. He was fixed and bribed by Joseph M. Burke Esq; John Siebert; George Pavia Esq; Kenneth V. Gomez Esq; with the guidance and “introduction” to the Wooten Corruption Bazzar” by another warped Judge Joan Madden.

Wooten soon after was writing Decisions and Orders that bore no relevance to the Facts, the Documentary Evidence, and Wooten was simply fabricating Evidence, falsifying the Court Docket, falsifying and purging Courthouse Records, having Burke and Gomez Ghostwrite Decisions, and scheming to Rob Millions.

Wooten engaged in the same conduct with many Cases in his Court Part &, including Stealing money, Rights, Property, Jobs, Contract Rights, and by fraud judicial racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement and obstruction of justice, stealing millions and creating havoc in the Courthouse.

Many Large Law firms filed Complaints that Wooten was a idiot, incompetent and/ or a crook. Evidence of Wooten’s criminal acte were delivered to the US Attorney’s Office in NYC, and to Others. Wooten was finally on 1-24-16 Fired from Part &, and from the NY County Jurisdiction in NY.

Wooten then Forged additional Fabricated Decisions and Orders without a shred of basis in fact or law out of his Desperation, without Authority, and after he was no longer in Part 7 and at NY County Supreme Court. Wooten in these Decisions engaged in Falsification of Claims, Forgery, Fabrications of Documents and supposed happenings, and outright Judicial Perjury, Fraud Upon the Court, and Judicial Larceny. Wooten has been engaged in this form of embezzlement and courthouse larceny since the year 2000, and he has now been caught.

Wooten has kured into his “Den to Swindles and Chicanery, including JHO Ira Gammerman, who engaged in Fraud and deception re a Transparent fraud of a “Inquest” defiling the Evidence that Gammerman, a old-line Bull-Dog , KNEW was a Shake Down, but Gammerman wanted a Score for his “Retirement” and “old age”. Gammerman is now about 87, and when this embezzlement occurred Gammerman was 85.

Gammerman was bought off as he is a Wise old Former Judge who has been engaged in uncovering frauds and larceny for years. Now the Worm has turned and all of the other bad acts of Gammerman will now “bite him in his ass”. Gammerman bet on Wooten and Burke and LOST.

Meanwhile, Wooten was supposed to have been Removed PERMANENTLY to Part 97 in Kings County, Brooklyn Civil Supreme Court on Jan 24, 2016. It is Now almost May 2016 and Wooten is not at any Part in Brooklyn. Part 97 is Dark, and Wooten is not to be found.

His Law Clerk that aided Wooten in the creation of Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions and frauds in the Wooten Courtroom, Rachel Herovitz Mandell is also Missing. We have spoken to other and previous Law Clerks of Wooten. Some Refuse to Talk and others present a piciture of a desperate incompetent crook, who misused hie Public Trust to engage in Judicial Larceny, extortion, embezzlement and fraud, injuring many litigants.

Further the Rules of the NY Constitution Mandate that if a Supreme Court Judge is Permanently Removed, a Formal Announcement is Required and such “PERMANENT REMOVAL” must be presented to the NY State Legislature. None of this has been done.

We also have evidence of Complicity with Wooten and his Crimes by the New “supposed White Knight of Honor” Administrative judge Peter Moulton, who has colluded with Burke, allied with Wooten, ignoring the US Constitution and the Rules of Judicial Disqualifications.

Rather Moulton schemed to have Motions delivered by Currier to Wooten in the :”Bathrooms” of the Brooklyn Courthouse, as Wooten is we hear now “On the Run” and might be Charged with what is Clear and Convincing Judicial racketeering, Mail and Wire Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion, Larceny, deprivation of Due Process, forgery, and obstruction of justice to name some that has been evidenced bo Documents and others Pleadings.

Moulton knew and knows Wooten is a thief but moulton seemingly wants a piece of the Wooten ‘s thefts, embezzlemets and racketeering. After all Moulton wants to enjoy the “fruits” of his and Wooten’s Corruption, Extortion and Courthouse Robberies and Stings.Moulton had no choice but to kick Wooten out of NY County, but even then, Moulton has desperately covered up Wooten’s Fraudulent and Falsified Decisions, in a “Last-Gasp” scheme to embezzle Millions from Victim Citizens.

Burke, Pavia, Gomez, Madden, Gammerman and others have been a part of this Money Laundering and racketeering scam all evidenced and delivered to the US Attorney Criminal Units.

Meanwhile Wooten is in Hiding, Many have been looking for him. It appears now that Wooten’s cheating, trickery, deception, refusal to Disqualify himself and Wooten’s Grand Larceny will result in the Inevitable. Wooten sharing a Jail Cell with his pal Convict NY State Senator John Sampson and his other Rip-Off” Swindlers.




As all of our Readers know by now after over eight years of dedicated Reports and exposes grounded on our “FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS”, Scams Inc and every affiliated Domain, share the common goal of Investigating and Reporting all aspects of swindles, scams, corruption, polluted state Courts, bad-actor judges, corrupt lawyers, and virtually every form of corruption sadly that wrecks the fiber of the American way.

We have never been sued as all of our Exposes are supported by irrefutable Documentary Evidence.

Probably, the worst forms of corruption is the Judiciary, as these judges, if corrupt, can and will by the depraved, unethical and polluted acts effect the lives of millions of American citizens yearly who step into a State Courtroom and as a result of a bribe your adversary has assured himself that you are in a fixed courtroom and YOU LOOSE. These acts of back room set-up in State Courts are sadly the norm, not the exception.



In Federal Courts Judges are selected by the President, then the FBI conducts indepth Investigations, then each Appointee is carefully Vetted, Screened, and interrogated by and voted upon by the US Congress and the US Senate. This is why the Federal Court’s function without the perverted minutia ongoing in State Courts in sadly many of our States,

We are now taking all measures by informing the Presidential canditates the grave importance of complete change, including investigations Reports, Subpoena power and removals and indictments of the corrupt. We are Lobbying for a Sub-Cabinet Department for this purpose under the aegis of the White House.

You see that unlike the Federal System, State judges are selected by “back-room” politicos, who then simply cause a Governor to “sign=off”. Many of these “boys” who finger an appointee, have been charged and convicted for “selling-judgeships”, such as Clarence Norman, Vito Lopez and many more in NY and Brooklyn, NY. This goes on all over America and in virtually every State.

Many State Judges are political hacks, stooges for Party Bosses, lazy, incompetent and corrupt. The temptation of bribes by a corrupt lawyer, friend, former client or a “fixer” is usually so tempting that these improperly or not at all “vetted or screened” appointees.

We have made it our business ans a Internet News and Investigative Organization yo look into many bad acts by State Judges for years. We have spent months watching judges in their courtrooms, researching Cases and decisions, questioning Court Clerks, former law clerks and others. We have uncovered many corrupt and bribed judges and confirmed our evidence before we have “put pen to paper” Reporting about a corrupted judge and his or her “invidious acts” and deprivation of a victim’s rights. When we “have the goods” we will publish Exposes, and Report these Villians in “Black Robes” to the Federal Law Enforcement.

We also have multiple emails where Victims of all scams and swindles will send us information that our Investigators will promptly review, call or email these victims and if the charges are correct we will research them.

The complaints as to the depraved acts by State court judges are usually 4 to 1 as persons are not just reporting “sour-grapes” because the may have “lost” but they are presenting proofs that confirm, judicial larceny, ghostwriting of decisions, judicial fabrications of evidence, falsifications of court records, forgery, collusion with the fixers, purging of records, causing the dockets to be falsified, planting records, condoning perjury, and much more.

Sadly, many victims are unaware that the have been conned and robbed by a corrupt court and million are stolen by these depraved judicial crooks, but more and more we are educating these Citizens by our Reports, Exposes and otherwise. We have been extorted, threatened by corrupt clients and lawyers, but we now have put into place proper security measures at all of our locations which we keep secret. We are ready to react to any foolhardy attempt to threaten and deprive any of our staff, consultants, etc of any of our rights and safety.


Scams Inc and American’s Against Corruption Reports and Americans Against Corrupt Courts learned about David M. Chapman about 18 months ago when a Riverside California lawyer made some statements about Chapman, his courtroom activities and supposed “Decisions”. We put the “folder” on the back burner until Nov. 2015. One of our Investigators began to do some research about Chapman and his education and background.

We learned some rather revealing facts about Chapman who was “appointed” a Judge by Gov Jerry Brown in about 2013, and was “re-elected” by default as there was no opposition.

Chapman was educated at Arizona State University. As best as we have determined, Chapman might have done most of the required courses by “mail or internet” which this University is known for.

After Chapman secured his “Degree”, he then went to a supposed University that either merged or is not operational, as all we have been able to find on a quick review of “University of San Fernando Valley College of Law”. This university is also not approved or accredited by the American Bar Association. It is not accredited by the Comm. of Bar Examiners and it is not approved by the California State Bar. We have not made a in depth investigation into these Schools but we have not been able to find any further Credits for this supposed Chapman “Law School”.

After graduation it appears that Chapman became a ADA in Riverside after he passed his Bar Exam and was assigned Bar # 76046. Later on Chapman joined the law firm of David Anderson, who specialized in negligence, med. mal practice, and accidents, insurance etc litigation.

We have spent some material time observing Chapman in his Palm Springs Courtroom PS2. We have read many of his Decisions as posted on the Riverside Court Docket, read many supposed transcripts and we have interviewed a number of litigants who have been before Chapman in his Court.

We dont know if any reader has had the fun in watching the Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Demi Moore Film of 1991 “Nothing But Trouble”. Dan played Judge Alvin JP Valkenheiser of the New Jersey Village of Valkenvania.

Judge JPV, was a guy who wrote his own Laws, Rules based upon how much cash they had in ther pockets and what vocation they were involved. You see John Canday played the Cop who stopped any car on a NJ road near Valrenvania and promptly took the Victims to Judge Alvin’s Courtroom, Day or Night. Now Judge Alvin knew nothing about the Rules of Law or Courtroom decorum, he only knew what he wanted, which was making out he knew everything, and if you questioned Judge Alvin, he might even sentence you to a fate worse than death.

If Judge Alvin liked you he would have a dinner of boiled franks with you and hot “Cool-Aid as a chaser. Judge Alvin used and misused his self styled Power as he wished under his guise as a Judge. Judge Alvin hated Bankers and he made it clear that if a Banker came in with a driving infraction he would sentence him to “death”. Judge Alvin was a bully and made his own Laws.

These Victims tried to explain the Laws to Judge Alvin and explain the US Constitution, Due-Process, and That Alvin must allow these Traffic victims including Chevy Chase and Demi Moore a new judge, but Judge Alvin would hear none of this as he was the Judge and he made the Rules of Law. We will not tell you how the Story ends as it is worth all to watch and enjoy, but this is just a “Fictionalized-story” from the fertile mind of Dan Aykroyd who wrote and produced this curious and funny story on film.

Sadly, the conduct exhibited by Judge David Chapman is not a fiction. Judge Chapman we have observed and read his condoning fraud, perjury, hearsay, accepting fiction over facts, condoning forgery of the Court Minutes, fabrications of documents by a lawyer, ignoring Court Rules when expedient, and turning blind eyes to perjury, filing false documents all to the detriment of his “disfavored” litigants.We have seen evidence of fabricated Chapman Court Minutes, false Proof of Mailings Attested to by Chapman’s Court Deputy and Chief Clerk Ms Becky Willeford. This was by all evidence a dastardly act in concert with a obvious corrupt and favored lawyer and firm by the evidence colluding with Ms Willeford and Chapman. The Victim Litigant has demanded Chapman’s Removal and a Full Hearing with Testimony from all Persons on this and other documented Judicial arbitrary, capricious acts and repeated smothering of the facts and condoning and accepting fiction, hearsay and documented perjury. We have see this Chapman “shell-game” in at least two recent Cases improvidently before Chapmain one involving more than $100Million and another involving about $50Million.

Chapman has ignored, flouted and thumbed his nose at the mandates of the US Constitution Due Process clause, the Ratifications of the US Supreme Court which mandates a judge to Disqualify himself even with the appearance of partiality. Chapman has written his own Laws to defile the United States of America and by his deliberate and warped acts Chapman has”Warred Against the US Constitution”, for rather obvious motives. The United States Supreme Court has held that if a judge wars against the Constitution or if he acts without jurisdiction (by his not having disqualified himself as obligated, he has acted in his personal capacity and not in judicial capacity.

Thus it has been held that any decisions and orders issued by a automatically disqualified judge are, void as a matter of law and have no legal effect as a fraud on the court. If a judge acts acts without jurisdiction and wars against the Constitution he has engaged in criminal acts of treason to the Constitution, engaged in extortion and interference with interstate commerce. These are the apparent holdings of the US Supreme Court The disqualified judge will not enjoy any Immunity from criminal prosecution under these circumstances.

It is apparent that Judge Chapman, being a Indio CA negligence lawyer engaged in personal injuries, and attending what appears to be a “third rate” supposed law university, either does not know the Constitutional mandates for disqualification, or by his imperious activities, bullying and willingness to cheat, thinks that he (Chapman), is above the law and can thumb his nose at the US Constitution, the US Supreme Court and Federal Laws which here include acts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and other fraudulent acts of skulduggery, in concert with documented and undenied crooks.

We have seen these acts first hand and by communicating with a number of apparent victims on the “short-end” of Chapman’s “razel-dazzle”and spurious acts in the Chapman contaminated Courtroom in Palm Springs, California.

To further solidify and confirm our findings that Chapman is a and views about Chapman’s unprincipled conduct was when a 77 year old, self represented litigant suffering from stage four cancer expressed his honest feelings open court. These expressions were based upon the evidence and Chapman’s conduct and rulings that were bogus and grounded on fraud, perjury and hearsay were a mode of Chapman’s “sand bagging”,.Chapman threatened this man with “Contempt”. Such would be a abuse of judicial power without basis holding him in “contempt” for expressing his verified opinion, based on facts and evidence.

Then Chapman motioned the courtroom Guard to stand in an accosting manner, blocking this ill man, as to intimidate this senior citizen and alarm him further. All of these Chapman acts confirmed mandates for Chapman to disqualify himself pursuant to the Constitutional, Federal and California Laws Laws.This conduct is clear and convincing JUDICIAL INTIMIDATION AND EXTORTION.

We are also shocked to see that Judge Chapman and his Court Clerk , “Ms Beckey” are misusing the Judicial Bench as a “Soap-Box” to try and obstruct justice, defile due-process to shroud what appears to be “shady-dealings” and altering court records in order to smother the full expose of Courthouse corruption involving corrupt lawyers and racketeering litigants who by evidence been proved to be crooks, liars and perverted, all proven by documentary evidence and also undenied.


OR IS HE?????????????????




Americans Against Corruption and Americans Against Corrupt Courts are Divisions of Scams Inc. Our News Organizations Mission is to “HELP VICTIMS HELP THEMSELVES” and to present in our ARTICLES since our inception in 2008, “FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS”. In order to accomplish these Missions we take pride in the great Investigative efforts our Staff undertakes to gather evidence BEFORE we print any Exposes about any persons or entities. We have never been sued as our evidence when a Report is Published is usually incontrivertable. Out Terms of Use are clear as to any rebuttals.

We have uncovered many acts of criminality in virtually most areas where Citizens of America have been scammed, conned, swindled, and bamboozled. Whether they are swindled and injured by a corrupt incompetent lawyer, a corrupt judge, a unfit doctor, a corrupt stock deal, insurance scams, auto scams, IRS Scams, or any other situation where a citizen has



been”ripped-off”, Our Staff will review your Proofs and if credible, Investigate, assemble evidence and launch a Expose. Scams Inc will also inform the appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies for their Investigation and Prosecution if they deem appropriate.

Scams Inc and all of its Affilliated News Sites enjoy large amounts of “Traffic” daily and often Law Enforcement visits our Sites as the Reports Scams Inc launch contains only credible and evidenced charges about the targets of the Exposes.

Here we have a very disconcerting situation that Brian Harnik and Mary Gilstrap have refused to respond to. We know that Scams Inc Founder (whose name we are not authorized to use), was a active client and friend of Dick Roemer the senior partner of Roemer Harnik and Nethery Esqs during the late 1990’s to about 2004. Mr Roemer passed away soon after.

Harnik as is our founder are from Brooklyn NY. Harnik met with our guy in 2006 and boasted about his being a ADA in Brooklyn and how often he was confronted with NY State Court judicial and police corruption. We assume knowing the fact that our founder was and is a active advocate for State Court’s oversight and elimination of supposed Judges engaging in deprivation of due process, obstructing justice by judicial racketeering, bribery, collusion and worse.

A few years later, while in California, our founder was retained to aid a La Quinta Bistro in the sale of its lease and business, except their lease was about over. The owner of the Bistro was guided by our founder, who secured the new lease on favorable terms, for the Bistro, and engaged in ghostwriting the landlord in the negotiations. When all was concluded Harnik and Gilstrap maliciously interfered into the fee arrangements between the Bistro and our founder at a time when our founder was undergoing multiple cancer surgeries.

This warped conduct was apparently orchestrated so that Gilstrap’s client, a restaurant broker Bob Hughes would convince the Bistro owner that it was Hughes who was selling the Bistro and Hughes was entitled to all fees. The fees earned that was agreed to originally by the Bistro owner with our founder was about $30,000.00 for valid and successful services. There was no question of these lawyers film-flam and their interference into a well concluded valid transaction were done so that Hughes would earn money that was not his. We were baffled by this invidious perverted act by Harnik-Gilstrap for $30,000.00 so we began to look into this more carefully. What we have assembled is for another Report. Meanwhile, the swindle of this relatively small sum of money was orchestrated by Gilstrap and Harnik. We also found that there was something else that Harnik and Gilstrap were after, far more thn a $30,000.00 Score. Our founder did not want to waste time on ‘small-potatoes” but wanted to learn the underlying chicanery scam. So he walked away, and decided to wait. That was about 2011.

Our founder thereafter, in early Feb. 2016, decided to file a RICO Case in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court, involving other persons having nothing to do with the Bistro matter. After the Complaint was drafted he decided to phone an send a few Desert Law Firms this Draft. He called Brian Harnik and spoke to secretary Liz about the Draft. She said she would speak to Harnik about looking at it. A few hours later she called and said to please email it to Brian as he is very interested in it. At the time neither we or this plaintiff knew of the involvements or relationships among Harnik, Gilstrap and the presiding Judges in the Palm Springs Branch of the Superior Court, but we did suspect that Harnik of malice base upon his conduct in the past so we decided to put some “bait on a hook” and ‘go fishing”.

Soon after Harnik, instead of saying that he could not be of help in the matter, became abusive, nasty, and outright irrational including making unfounded comments towards our founder and others, by phone. Our Investigators began to dig deeper and we uncovered a unholy alliance including phone conversations ongoing between and among Harnik, Gilstrap, Joseph M. Burke Esq, a defendant in the RICO Case and a proven perjurer, fixer and courthouse cheat. What makes matters worse is the acts and patterns, subsequent to these incidents engaged in by Judge David Chapman ( a pal of Gilstrap and Harnik, we have now learned), the judge assigned to this RICO Case. The Chapman conduct re this RICO Case has been flawed, spurious, arbitrary and capricious. In fact it has been highly unusual and a display of a pattern of condoning obvious lies, fraud and hearsay repeated and repeated by defendants and their lawyers.These and other clear unethical acts display judicial arrogance, lack of judicial fitness and repeated violations of judicial obligations. It is patently clear that this Case before Chapman has been polluted and perverted. Chapman’s patterns are obvious to persons who know about judicial trickery. These repeated courtroom distortions are and have been is as convincing as a “boil on one’s face”. Remember it is not the crime but the cover-up that has the “teeth”. What Harnik and Gilstrap are up to is even more perverted and warped and invidious.

We have written Harnik and Gilstrap at least 3 time and faxed and mailed these requests for there response. No response has been made. We know of the interference by them in the administration of justice by their undenied communications with Burke and with Sulmeyer Kupetz, and Howard Eherenberg who supposedly represent some of the defendants in the RICO Case. This Case involves mail and wire fraud extortion, embezzlement bribery, and rampant violations of 18 USC 1962 RICO. and the thefts of over $100Million.

Sulemeyer Kupetz are well known for ther abuses of the Courts, fixes, fraud upon the court and perjury. We have irrefutable evidence of David Richardson’s (a partner of Sulmeyer) proffering rampant fraud, hearsay, and perjury on the Palm Springs Superior Chapman Court, filing falsified proposed Orders, perjured Declarations, wire and mail fraud, etc. These obvious activities have been oddly and alarmingly ignored by Chapman. We have had our Investigator in the Chapman Court Room often, and we have all of the Court Transcripts.Our deduction based on the Evidence and “Reasonable Inferences” are that Harnik and Gilstrap have apparently intentionally and recklessly interfered in to this Court thus polluting and tainting the impartiality of the Court and causing the deprivation of Due Process. The entire Proceeding and the flawed and fallacious Chapman Rulings have been flawed and askew to and belied by the evidence and proofs produced by our founder, the plaintiff

Making matters worse is the fact the only other Palm Springs Judge is a Judge James Latting, whom we do not know, but before his selection by Gov Brown was a “of Council” partner to Harnik and Gilstrap, both of whom are apparently rabid to railroad and interfere into this important Case as they have done in the past.. This Case involves over $100Million, trebled based on RICO, the prior case was for $30,000.00. Of course this outrageous Gilstrap-Harnik undenied interferences can have grave consequences. Thus it is mandated that these persons to be examined “under-oath” as to these diabolic interferences to get to the literal truth of this meddling by lawyers Harnik and Gilstrap.

We were advised by other and ethical Desert lawyers about the Burke “calls”. Burke is a confirmed thief and cheat in the NY State Judicial System and who have caused Judge Paul Wooten to be permanently removed from the NY County Bench for judicial fraud embezzlement and racketeering in concert with Burke, George Pavia and John Siebert and others.

Thus their MO is and has been bribery, fixes and fraud, so the spurious, falacious evil continues, now in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

Harnik and Gilstrap should be ashamed of themselves and the memory of a fine person and lawyer Dick Roemer. Whatever spite and malice Gilstrap and Harnick harbor, they must cease their interferences as this shady dealings may cost them dearly. Their undenied sully acts of spite and interfering with the administration of the Riverside Courts can not be helpful to anyone.




Scams Inc has been conducting a careful and in-depth investigations involving many judges “functioning” in the NY State Supreme Courts. Scams Inc. has published many Articles over the past number of years outlining the fallacious and jaundiced activities of Judges Paul Wooten, Joan Madden, JHO Ira Gammerman, Sherry Klein Heitler and others. All of these Exposes were carefully documented by material evidence and proof that is incontrovertible, and undenied. Scams Inc. proffers “Facts and only Facts” in any of its Reports, and has never been sued since its inception in 2008. Accordingly, when Moulton was selected to replace Heitler as “NY County Administrative Judge” we felt that it was timely that we find out who the guy Moulton is and why he was “chosen” to take on this “job” at the NY County Supreme Courthouse at 60 Center Street NYC, NY.

You recall that Heitler and Madden were the supposed judges who sat “in judgment” of the multi-millions in the balance on the “justice-scales” involving the Asbestos Litigation in NY (NYCAL). You also recall that Convicted Sheldon Silver has been the “puppeteer” of Weitz-Luxemburg Lawyers, and we believe, based on evidence and conversations, Madden and Heither as well.

We have a carload of evidence of Madden’s courthouse cheating, larceny, embezzlement, obstructing justice, trashing evidence and fabricating evidence to aid a George and Antonia Pavia to loot and rob a fortune by a courthouse sting and rip-off. Much of Madden’s fellonious judicial racketeering was condoned by Heitler who was advised of these crimes and who ignored all of these attempts to induce Heitller and Madden to obey the law. Thus it is not unreasonable to deduct that a crook, is a crook, is a crook. Scams inc has sufficient evidence of Madden’s fraud, perjury, trickery, obstructing justice, acts beyond the “umbrella” of judicial immunity” to indict her no multiple counts, including mail and wire fraud, money laundering embezzlement and Pavia’s bribery.

That said, Moulton has been proved to be corrupt, a perjurer, and a vicious judicial swindler desperate to cover-up the documented criminal acts of Paul Wooten, a judge who under the “administrative-nose” of Moulton, was in Part 7 of the NY County Supreme Courthouse engaging in extortion, bribery, grand larcny, collusion, mail and wire fraud, illegal steering to corrupted JHO Ira Gammerman, violating laws of the court, forgery purging records and in a unholy alliance with lawyer Joseph M Burke, convicted sex pervert John Siebert has looted and robbed over $55Million by forgery, fraud and cheating. All of these crimes were reported to Moulton over the past year and Moulton, a good “company-man”, just like a Mafia Lieutenant” ignored all of the evidence of the ongoing judicilal racketeering under his nose. Either Moulton is a “IDIOT OR A CROOK”. Either way he is, by his conduct, not qualified to be a judge at a carnival much less as a Administrative Judge in a already infected and warped Courthouse where honest judges and honest litigants “get the shaft”, Moulton is by the evidence and admissions we have is a disgrace, a fraudster and liar.

Well, we now, in addition to the recently published Articles on Scams Inc about Petrer Moulton and his depraved Chambers staff of well trained corrupt law clerks H. Kingo, Andrea Field and asst. S. Whitehead, Moulton has himself along with these minions have engaged in documented mail and wire fraud, violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

In the Process, as also outlined in these two prior Reports, Moulton, in a scheme to try and shroud the
millions embezzled by Wooten, which is a major sting that will be “cut-up” just as Mafia crooks do, so Moulton will hope to get “his-end” of the Wooten Crime, has lied, cheated and even discharged Wooten and supposedly “ostracized” Wooten to Brooklyn, NY. Wooten is such a criminal that AFTER he was remove from NY for cause and permanently, this psychopath Wooten forged judicial Orders on a NY County Form without authority to do so and again allied with Burke and Siebert turned over over $40 Million by chicanery, cheating, forgery and attempted embezzlement.

Moulton, we have learned, was also prodded by over 5 major National Law Firms to get rid of Wooten outlining that Wooten was engaged in acts of corruption, fraud and incompetence. So the Moulton-Wooten crooks decided that the better play the “good guy-bad guy routine” a usual MO for Mafia style criminals.

Now here is the despicable Moulton and Wooten “shell-game” and “rip-off”. One litigant ( who does not want us to use his name), but who along with other Wooten and Moulton Courthouse victims, have produced evidence confirming these depraved and crimes of Moulton proving his complicity and RICO acts.

The litigant (informant), over the past few years (2014-2016), demanded Wooten, first by letter and thereafter by three Motions, on Notice, demanding that Wooten disqualify himself on the grounds of prejudice, bias and other and documented acts of fraud upon the court, collusion, arbitrary and capricious documented acts, abuse of judicial discretion, etc.

Each and every time Wooten Refused to recuse himself. Apparently Wooten either does not knw the Law of as per his usual conduct chose to disobey the Rules of Law to further his corruption.

In 1994 the US Supreme Court held that “Disqualification is mandated if an objective observer would entertain reasonable questions about the judges impartiality. If a judges attitude or acts leads a detached observer to conclude that a fair and impartial hearing is unlikely, the judge must be disqualified.”

Courts have repeatedly held that positive proof of the partiality of a judge is not a requirement, only the appearance of partiality. Federal and state laws mandate Disqualification of a judge when his impartiality might be reasonably questioned. The Courts state that “it is important that the litigant noy only actually receives justice, but that he believes that he has received justice.”. The United states Supreme Court has Ruled, and has Reaffirmed repeatedly the principle that “justice must satisfy the appearance of justice”.

Judges have the legal duty and obligation to Disqualify themselves, sua-sponte, (ie: FORTHWITH). In fact the US Supreme Court mandates that judges do not have discretion not to Disqualify themselves. In fact when a judge refuses to remove himself from such Proceedings and refuses to Disqualify himself, none of the Decisions and Orders issued by that judge who has been disqualified by law are void as these acts would be deemed a further fraud upon the court, and are of no legal force and effect.

Further to that a judge who does not disqualify himself he then is also in violation of the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution. “The right to a tribunal free from bias or prejudice”.

In fact should a judge issue any order or decision after he has been disqualified by law, and the party has been denied of his property, the judge has acted in the judges personal capacities and not in his judicial capacities. It has been said that judges acting in this manner has no more “judicial authority”than your “corner grocer”. Therefore these acts are crimes and do not protect these corrupt judges by Immunity.


Moulton became more desperate and rabid, as Wooten’s larceny and skulduggery with cheating litigants lawyers, judicial larceny, embezzlement became center stage. Meanwhile this savvy litigant and a victim of Wooten’s larceny was forced, (based on Wooten Decisions illegally issued and forged), to obtain supposed “permission” to make Motions to Vacate that illegal, falsified, fabricated and forged Wooten Decisions.Such a denial would be a deprivation of Due Process and allowing the Wooten embezzlement of over $55million by a illegal group of fake and forged Wooten Decisions, made by him after Wooten’s removal from the NY County Supreme Court and Part 7, made after Wooten Refused, by law, to Disqualify himself and based upon rampant fraud upon the court.

First, Moulton gave his “permission”. Then this swindled litigant provided Moulton with copies of his Motions as Served. It was then uncovered by conversations with Heads of the Motion Support Office at the Courthouse (Ms. Daureen, and Lou Spinelli) that Moulton had set-up a unheard-of procedure” that “certain-litigant motions”, are to be delivered by “Hand” to Wooten somewhere in Brooklyn. for Wooten, a permanently fired corrupt judge, to decide if his own forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions looting over $55Million should be vacated. This Moulton-Wooten Flim-Flam is sufficient proof that Moulton has apparently “Sold his Soul to the Devil”.

The further proof of Moulton and his rip-off Chambers staff is the fact that when the litigant objected to this Moulton-Wooten massive abuse of the Courts to further Grand Larceny, Moulton then Lied that he never granted permission that such Granting, was confirmed by emails and other Proof, establishing that Moulton and his dishonest staff members.

The further proof of Moulton’s depraved acts and corruption are the facts, well known to Moulton, that Wooten refused to Disqualify himself based upon this Litigant’s Demands, Motions, and theLaws as mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court, the U. S.Constitution and the requirements thereunder.

Thus, Moulton a supposed Judge, a supposed “Administrative Judge” is willing to disobey the Laws of the US Supreme Court, The US Constitution, and in fact the mandates of the NY Constitution, to by criminal acts including Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, perjury, misuse of Courthouse Staff, illegally STEERING Motions that prove clear and convincing Wooten, Joe Burke, John Siebert George and Antonia Pavia, Ira Gammerman and others embezzelements in total of over $100Million. Moulton has over the past about 18 months since he was ‘hand-picked”to replace Heitler as a supposed “Great-White Hope” proven himself to be a thief, a cheat and a judge whio has engaged in currying-favor with documented criminals an with Wooten, who was discharged for cause, and then this spurious Judge Moulton ignores the fact that Wooten was automatically removed for failure to disqualify himself as a bias, partial and depraved judge over FOUR YEARS AGO.

Thus, Moulton has set-up a clandestine, “underground” scheme to allow a discharged and corrupt judge to continue his scam of embezzelement of Millions. If anyone wonders Why? It is simple, Moulton, living hi-on-on-the-hog, wants his end of the courthouse robbery. This is nothing new, recall the film “CASINO” and how those bags of cash are skimmed off the Nevada Gambling Palaces in the 1960’s and “hand delivered” to the-Boys in St Louis, New York and wherever.

Moulton has misused his Public Trust and has proven himself to be a flawed, distorted and rip-off judge.

If anyone has any comment or wishes to provide proof denying these charges here please follow Scams Inc “Terms of Use”. provide us with yopur evidence that any aspect of this Expose is incorrect. Scams Inc will rebut your supposed proofs. If Scams Inc has made any charge herein that is wrong, such will be deleted from this Report. Scams inc is confident that the entire Report here contains valid and verifiable charges within.





The BOILER ROOM is a Division of Scams Inc, a internet News Investigation and Reporting Organization. We have been watching the unethical activities of Sulmeyer Kupetz Esqs (Sulmeyer) and some of their Partners and Associates, including Howard Eherenberg and David J. Richardson Esqs. This Law Office practices cheating, trickery and corruption manipulating the rules of law to permit their unsavory supposed clients to extort, embezzle and rob the adversary. So that Sulmeyer Kupetz can share in the emoluments of their perverted and depraved frauds upon the Courts. We have the proof and if the Sulmeyer Lawyers wish to refute these charges, we welcome theit objections with proofs that we are wrong. We repeat that:

“Richardson and Sulmeyer Kupetz are cheats, corrupt and misuse the court to extort their Victim Adversaries”.

We have recently watching Richardson’s unethical acts both in and outside the Courtrooms in California engaging in perjury and fraud to allow clients John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke Esq’s larceny, racketeering and over $55Million in embezzlements. We have been convinced from observing and reading Pleadings crafted by Richardson and Sulmeyer from 2014, that these persons have and continue to engage in lying, not Lawyering, and their policy is “we dont have to know the case, all we need to know is the Judge”.

During 2014 we watched and recorded these lawyers frauds, trickery, perjury, and racketeering in a scheme to aid a convicted sex-pervert Dr John Siebert and a corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke, in a robbery and embezzlement scheme to loot over $55Million, by a courthouse Stick-up. Lying to the Judge in California Superior Court Chapman. Filing false documents. Illegally appearing knowing that Richardson violated the Court Regulations. All geares to Obstruct Justice and deprive Due Process by Mail and Wire fraud, 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

We saw Richardson file perjured Pleadings, File false, fabricated Cases, suborn the perjury of Burke and Siebert and continue to defile and defraud the California federal Court by proffering lies, deception and fraud in pleadings and at Oral Arguments. Richardson is a cheat, a sociopath and a criminal. He misuses the Court to allow his Criminal Clients to further theit Robberies, and Racketeering. This corrupt Lawyer Richardson misquotes Statutes, misquotes laws, purges evidence, engages in perjured hearsay, fabricated false evidence, and suborns his corrupt and convicted clients. Siebert has been convicted of sexually molesting his Victims, he has been kicked out of NY State for being a depraved sex-pervert Doctor and a accused Pedophile. Siebert has engaged in Perjury, extortion of Patients who Reported him to Law Enforcement and who stood up to Burke’s and Partner Kenneth V. Gomez’s extorting Ms Rachel a Siebert Victim. Richardson lies about these and other of Siebert’s Frauds, including Rampant Tax Evasion of millions, Siebert’s thefts from California Businesses by larceny.

These and other of Richardson’s fraud, trickery, mail and wire fraud have been carefully assembled and turned over to law enforcement.

Now Richardson’s crimes have been again proved by Richardson engaging in acts before the Superior Court Riverside, CA that further proves that he has and continues to be engaged in fraud, larceny and trickery again in a depraved scheme to rob and cheat. Judge Chapman has been the target of Richardson’s fraud upon the Court and violations of California Statutes mandating his Removal and referral to Lw enforcement for prosecution.

We have now observed and confirmed that Richardson has engaged in Hearsay, Perjury, Fraud Upon the Court, violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct, willful deception, Unlawful practice of Law, Fraud and Misrepresentation, and a laundry list of violations of California Rules, Statutes and abuses of Legal Process. Richardson’s frauds span since 2014 with the same corrupt Clients Siebert and Burke, lying, cheating and manipulation the Court to steer these Cases to a now proved corrupt and Fired Judge Wooten who was bribed by Burk and Siebert.

Further to that Richardson has attempted to lie and cheat to attempt to cover-up his deceptive acts, mail and wire fraud and significantly California CBPCS Section 6128-a.

Richardson has engaged in acts with intent to deceive a court or a party. The penalites for these acts are criminal prosecution and civil damages.

We have evidence of Richardson’s repeated acts of deception, misrepresentation, filing bogus and intentionally fraudulent Documents and then lying to try and “squirm-out” when caught.

Sulmeyer and Richardson, aided by Eherenberg and others at that Firm have gone far to far in their lust and greed to further the crimes of clients Siebert and Burke. The pattern is and has been the same and it is not a “mistake”. Suleyemer are sadly a corrupt Law Office Practicilg LYING not LAWYERING, all for a pay-day by CHEATING.

Richardson is a documented thief, cheat and a liar, who may well be either a sociopath or suffering from some other mental disorders. It is amazing that this man believes he can continue to engage in these contaminated acts and get away with his transparent and repeatative fraud, fabrications and hearsay. Filing phony Orders to sandbag Others and corrupt the Superior Court and Judges therein.

Richardson has in fact shrouded his client Siebert and has chosen to unethically testify for Siebert about matters that Richardson was not a party to and Siebert was available to himself file declarations. Further, Richardson has rampantly engaged in fraud upon the court, engaged in mail and wire fraud to further the frauds of his and his supposed “clients” Siebert Burke and others for a illicit Pay-Day

Scams Inc has continued to memoralize and Report to Law Enforcement these illegal acts engaged in by Richardson with intent to further the racketeering and grand-larceny of Sulmeyer, Richardson and their racketeering partners, and we believe that the end of these crimes are near as Richardson has now committed clear and irrefutable Thefts, fraud upon the Court, Obstruction of Justice, Trickery and Criminal Fraud.


George Pavia

George Pavia

Just how many Judges have these corrupt warped crooks bribed in order to loot and embezzle over $100million?

How did these perverted crooks do this?

How come they are not yet in jail and forced to repay their victims?

Here is the facts as we know know them.

pavia200Slime Ball George Pavia Esq and his phony crook wife Antonia, who stole from her own Parents along with George, stealing their home on East 77th Street NYC and then engaged in a intentional scheme of Tax Fraud and Evasion and were caught.

The Pavias were found to have disobeyed the Law regarding a Brownstone given to them by the very persons they later fleeced. The Pavias intentionally refused to Register the Building and Rental units as Rent Stabilized.

A tenant by Litigation where the Pavias, lied, cheated and bribed, prevailed at the DHCR and caused the Property to be Rent Stabilized. The Pavias went wild and hired Fixer-cheat Jay Itkowitz Esq and Partner of Joseph M. Burke Esq. Kenneth V Gomez Esq a known lawyer-pimp.

They got the case they began by outright fraud and trickery to Judge Joan Madden. Madden engaged in years of judicial fraud, preclusion of evidence falsifying of records, depriving significant evidence proving that the Pavias were engaged in perjury, forgery, fraud upon the Court all in concert with Gomez, Burke and Itkowitz.

In the end, Madden by steering the Jury by fraud and deception and precluding facts caused the Rent Stabilization to be expunged by fraud and allow the Pavias to sell this legally Rent Stabilized property for $20Million, all to the Pavias, and who knows how much to Madden for her Judicial frauds and racketeering.

The Pavias engaged in extortion, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud and grand larceny.

Then Burke, Gomez and Siebert got a hold of a known corrupt Judge Paul Wooten and for over 6 years Burke was allowed to engage in fraud , perjury, trickery and mail and wire fraud. Madden aided these crooks at the Appellate Division by “talking-to” Louis Gonzalez the Chief of the 1st Dept.

They stole Med Mal Funds by fraud, perjury and larceny. Then Wooten engaged in issuing Decisions grounded on forged evidence, falsification of the Record, trickery, forgery of the Docket, violations of Due Process, Obstructing Justice, secretion of evidence, Judicial perjury, fraud and ghostwriting and ex parte collusion with Burke and Siebert.

Wooten then illegally Steered a fake-set-up Inquest to set-up a Victim who was Ill and by judicial Extortion refused to allow this ill senior self-represented citizen to assert his Medical situation, again lying that this Victim did not deliver hav Medical records as required.

The evidence proves otherwise wath Signed Receips fro Wooten and Burke by a Process Server. Wooten became more desperate and Brazen, knowing that he was exposed and on the run.

Wooten has recently Forged Judicial Orders, AFTER Wooten was Fired For Cause and Permanently Removed from NY County Supreme Court and Part 7. Wooten was removed to Brooklyn, but we hear that Kings Adm. Judge Kneipel has not assigned this corrupt judge to a Part as we hear that Wooten is being Investigated. He has been Reported to the US Attorney SDNY with proof of his larceny, violations of the Public trust and Judicial Racketeering.

Wooten has filed these forged and falsified, fabricated Decisions and Orders, Looting over $55Million by fraud and embezzlement to Siebert and Burke who have bribed Wooten. Wooten also has allowed ABRAMS DEEMER, Burke’s new corrupt supposed Firm to enter Judgments, Forge Records, File and Answer Motions in the Court without APPEARING as mandated by Law.

They have forged Records, cheated the Judgment Clerks and attempted and Did Loot and Rob commit perjury, fraud and bribery to loot over $55Million for Siebert’s corrupt and unjust enrichment. Wooten Knows that Siebert Confessed to himself and his PC are the Obligors not the creditors, yet Wooten, a Depraved Perverted Judicial thief, cheat and fraud, as part of the FIX, turned the table, and by Wooten’s Judicial Racketeering and Larceny forgery and racketeering Robbed this Victim by a Judicial “stick-up”

This is how these Criminals have made-off, up to now with the aid of a Corrupt Courthouse stole over $100Million.

These adulterated criminals have engaged in these Racketeering schemes by also involving othere from Coast to Coast. These Further Crimes will be for the Follow Up Exposes