George Pavia

George Pavia

Just how many Judges have these corrupt warped crooks bribed in order to loot and embezzle over $100million?

How did these perverted crooks do this?

How come they are not yet in jail and forced to repay their victims?

Here is the facts as we know know them.

pavia200Slime Ball George Pavia Esq and his phony crook wife Antonia, who stole from her own Parents along with George, stealing their home on East 77th Street NYC and then engaged in a intentional scheme of Tax Fraud and Evasion and were caught.

The Pavias were found to have disobeyed the Law regarding a Brownstone given to them by the very persons they later fleeced. The Pavias intentionally refused to Register the Building and Rental units as Rent Stabilized.

A tenant by Litigation where the Pavias, lied, cheated and bribed, prevailed at the DHCR and caused the Property to be Rent Stabilized. The Pavias went wild and hired Fixer-cheat Jay Itkowitz Esq and Partner of Joseph M. Burke Esq. Kenneth V Gomez Esq a known lawyer-pimp.

They got the case they began by outright fraud and trickery to Judge Joan Madden. Madden engaged in years of judicial fraud, preclusion of evidence falsifying of records, depriving significant evidence proving that the Pavias were engaged in perjury, forgery, fraud upon the Court all in concert with Gomez, Burke and Itkowitz.

In the end, Madden by steering the Jury by fraud and deception and precluding facts caused the Rent Stabilization to be expunged by fraud and allow the Pavias to sell this legally Rent Stabilized property for $20Million, all to the Pavias, and who knows how much to Madden for her Judicial frauds and racketeering.

The Pavias engaged in extortion, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud and grand larceny.

Then Burke, Gomez and Siebert got a hold of a known corrupt Judge Paul Wooten and for over 6 years Burke was allowed to engage in fraud , perjury, trickery and mail and wire fraud. Madden aided these crooks at the Appellate Division by “talking-to” Louis Gonzalez the Chief of the 1st Dept.

They stole Med Mal Funds by fraud, perjury and larceny. Then Wooten engaged in issuing Decisions grounded on forged evidence, falsification of the Record, trickery, forgery of the Docket, violations of Due Process, Obstructing Justice, secretion of evidence, Judicial perjury, fraud and ghostwriting and ex parte collusion with Burke and Siebert.

Wooten then illegally Steered a fake-set-up Inquest to set-up a Victim who was Ill and by judicial Extortion refused to allow this ill senior self-represented citizen to assert his Medical situation, again lying that this Victim did not deliver hav Medical records as required.

The evidence proves otherwise wath Signed Receips fro Wooten and Burke by a Process Server. Wooten became more desperate and Brazen, knowing that he was exposed and on the run.

Wooten has recently Forged Judicial Orders, AFTER Wooten was Fired For Cause and Permanently Removed from NY County Supreme Court and Part 7. Wooten was removed to Brooklyn, but we hear that Kings Adm. Judge Kneipel has not assigned this corrupt judge to a Part as we hear that Wooten is being Investigated. He has been Reported to the US Attorney SDNY with proof of his larceny, violations of the Public trust and Judicial Racketeering.

Wooten has filed these forged and falsified, fabricated Decisions and Orders, Looting over $55Million by fraud and embezzlement to Siebert and Burke who have bribed Wooten. Wooten also has allowed ABRAMS DEEMER, Burke’s new corrupt supposed Firm to enter Judgments, Forge Records, File and Answer Motions in the Court without APPEARING as mandated by Law.

They have forged Records, cheated the Judgment Clerks and attempted and Did Loot and Rob commit perjury, fraud and bribery to loot over $55Million for Siebert’s corrupt and unjust enrichment. Wooten Knows that Siebert Confessed to himself and his PC are the Obligors not the creditors, yet Wooten, a Depraved Perverted Judicial thief, cheat and fraud, as part of the FIX, turned the table, and by Wooten’s Judicial Racketeering and Larceny forgery and racketeering Robbed this Victim by a Judicial “stick-up”

This is how these Criminals have made-off, up to now with the aid of a Corrupt Courthouse stole over $100Million.

These adulterated criminals have engaged in these Racketeering schemes by also involving othere from Coast to Coast. These Further Crimes will be for the Follow Up Exposes