The BOILER ROOM is a Division of Scams Inc, a internet News Investigation and Reporting Organization. We have been watching the unethical activities of Sulmeyer Kupetz Esqs (Sulmeyer) and some of their Partners and Associates, including Howard Eherenberg and David J. Richardson Esqs. This Law Office practices cheating, trickery and corruption manipulating the rules of law to permit their unsavory supposed clients to extort, embezzle and rob the adversary. So that Sulmeyer Kupetz can share in the emoluments of their perverted and depraved frauds upon the Courts. We have the proof and if the Sulmeyer Lawyers wish to refute these charges, we welcome theit objections with proofs that we are wrong. We repeat that:

“Richardson and Sulmeyer Kupetz are cheats, corrupt and misuse the court to extort their Victim Adversaries”.

We have recently watching Richardson’s unethical acts both in and outside the Courtrooms in California engaging in perjury and fraud to allow clients John Siebert and Joseph M. Burke Esq’s larceny, racketeering and over $55Million in embezzlements. We have been convinced from observing and reading Pleadings crafted by Richardson and Sulmeyer from 2014, that these persons have and continue to engage in lying, not Lawyering, and their policy is “we dont have to know the case, all we need to know is the Judge”.

During 2014 we watched and recorded these lawyers frauds, trickery, perjury, and racketeering in a scheme to aid a convicted sex-pervert Dr John Siebert and a corrupt lawyer Joseph M. Burke, in a robbery and embezzlement scheme to loot over $55Million, by a courthouse Stick-up. Lying to the Judge in California Superior Court Chapman. Filing false documents. Illegally appearing knowing that Richardson violated the Court Regulations. All geares to Obstruct Justice and deprive Due Process by Mail and Wire fraud, 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

We saw Richardson file perjured Pleadings, File false, fabricated Cases, suborn the perjury of Burke and Siebert and continue to defile and defraud the California federal Court by proffering lies, deception and fraud in pleadings and at Oral Arguments. Richardson is a cheat, a sociopath and a criminal. He misuses the Court to allow his Criminal Clients to further theit Robberies, and Racketeering. This corrupt Lawyer Richardson misquotes Statutes, misquotes laws, purges evidence, engages in perjured hearsay, fabricated false evidence, and suborns his corrupt and convicted clients. Siebert has been convicted of sexually molesting his Victims, he has been kicked out of NY State for being a depraved sex-pervert Doctor and a accused Pedophile. Siebert has engaged in Perjury, extortion of Patients who Reported him to Law Enforcement and who stood up to Burke’s and Partner Kenneth V. Gomez’s extorting Ms Rachel a Siebert Victim. Richardson lies about these and other of Siebert’s Frauds, including Rampant Tax Evasion of millions, Siebert’s thefts from California Businesses by larceny.

These and other of Richardson’s fraud, trickery, mail and wire fraud have been carefully assembled and turned over to law enforcement.

Now Richardson’s crimes have been again proved by Richardson engaging in acts before the Superior Court Riverside, CA that further proves that he has and continues to be engaged in fraud, larceny and trickery again in a depraved scheme to rob and cheat. Judge Chapman has been the target of Richardson’s fraud upon the Court and violations of California Statutes mandating his Removal and referral to Lw enforcement for prosecution.

We have now observed and confirmed that Richardson has engaged in Hearsay, Perjury, Fraud Upon the Court, violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct, willful deception, Unlawful practice of Law, Fraud and Misrepresentation, and a laundry list of violations of California Rules, Statutes and abuses of Legal Process. Richardson’s frauds span since 2014 with the same corrupt Clients Siebert and Burke, lying, cheating and manipulation the Court to steer these Cases to a now proved corrupt and Fired Judge Wooten who was bribed by Burk and Siebert.

Further to that Richardson has attempted to lie and cheat to attempt to cover-up his deceptive acts, mail and wire fraud and significantly California CBPCS Section 6128-a.

Richardson has engaged in acts with intent to deceive a court or a party. The penalites for these acts are criminal prosecution and civil damages.

We have evidence of Richardson’s repeated acts of deception, misrepresentation, filing bogus and intentionally fraudulent Documents and then lying to try and “squirm-out” when caught.

Sulmeyer and Richardson, aided by Eherenberg and others at that Firm have gone far to far in their lust and greed to further the crimes of clients Siebert and Burke. The pattern is and has been the same and it is not a “mistake”. Suleyemer are sadly a corrupt Law Office Practicilg LYING not LAWYERING, all for a pay-day by CHEATING.

Richardson is a documented thief, cheat and a liar, who may well be either a sociopath or suffering from some other mental disorders. It is amazing that this man believes he can continue to engage in these contaminated acts and get away with his transparent and repeatative fraud, fabrications and hearsay. Filing phony Orders to sandbag Others and corrupt the Superior Court and Judges therein.

Richardson has in fact shrouded his client Siebert and has chosen to unethically testify for Siebert about matters that Richardson was not a party to and Siebert was available to himself file declarations. Further, Richardson has rampantly engaged in fraud upon the court, engaged in mail and wire fraud to further the frauds of his and his supposed “clients” Siebert Burke and others for a illicit Pay-Day

Scams Inc has continued to memoralize and Report to Law Enforcement these illegal acts engaged in by Richardson with intent to further the racketeering and grand-larceny of Sulmeyer, Richardson and their racketeering partners, and we believe that the end of these crimes are near as Richardson has now committed clear and irrefutable Thefts, fraud upon the Court, Obstruction of Justice, Trickery and Criminal Fraud.