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Here we have a very disconcerting situation that Brian Harnik and Mary Gilstrap have refused to respond to. We know that Scams Inc Founder (whose name we are not authorized to use), was a active client and friend of Dick Roemer the senior partner of Roemer Harnik and Nethery Esqs during the late 1990’s to about 2004. Mr Roemer passed away soon after.

Harnik as is our founder are from Brooklyn NY. Harnik met with our guy in 2006 and boasted about his being a ADA in Brooklyn and how often he was confronted with NY State Court judicial and police corruption. We assume knowing the fact that our founder was and is a active advocate for State Court’s oversight and elimination of supposed Judges engaging in deprivation of due process, obstructing justice by judicial racketeering, bribery, collusion and worse.

A few years later, while in California, our founder was retained to aid a La Quinta Bistro in the sale of its lease and business, except their lease was about over. The owner of the Bistro was guided by our founder, who secured the new lease on favorable terms, for the Bistro, and engaged in ghostwriting the landlord in the negotiations. When all was concluded Harnik and Gilstrap maliciously interfered into the fee arrangements between the Bistro and our founder at a time when our founder was undergoing multiple cancer surgeries.

This warped conduct was apparently orchestrated so that Gilstrap’s client, a restaurant broker Bob Hughes would convince the Bistro owner that it was Hughes who was selling the Bistro and Hughes was entitled to all fees. The fees earned that was agreed to originally by the Bistro owner with our founder was about $30,000.00 for valid and successful services. There was no question of these lawyers film-flam and their interference into a well concluded valid transaction were done so that Hughes would earn money that was not his. We were baffled by this invidious perverted act by Harnik-Gilstrap for $30,000.00 so we began to look into this more carefully. What we have assembled is for another Report. Meanwhile, the swindle of this relatively small sum of money was orchestrated by Gilstrap and Harnik. We also found that there was something else that Harnik and Gilstrap were after, far more thn a $30,000.00 Score. Our founder did not want to waste time on ‘small-potatoes” but wanted to learn the underlying chicanery scam. So he walked away, and decided to wait. That was about 2011.

Our founder thereafter, in early Feb. 2016, decided to file a RICO Case in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court, involving other persons having nothing to do with the Bistro matter. After the Complaint was drafted he decided to phone an send a few Desert Law Firms this Draft. He called Brian Harnik and spoke to secretary Liz about the Draft. She said she would speak to Harnik about looking at it. A few hours later she called and said to please email it to Brian as he is very interested in it. At the time neither we or this plaintiff knew of the involvements or relationships among Harnik, Gilstrap and the presiding Judges in the Palm Springs Branch of the Superior Court, but we did suspect that Harnik of malice base upon his conduct in the past so we decided to put some “bait on a hook” and ‘go fishing”.

Soon after Harnik, instead of saying that he could not be of help in the matter, became abusive, nasty, and outright irrational including making unfounded comments towards our founder and others, by phone. Our Investigators began to dig deeper and we uncovered a unholy alliance including phone conversations ongoing between and among Harnik, Gilstrap, Joseph M. Burke Esq, a defendant in the RICO Case and a proven perjurer, fixer and courthouse cheat. What makes matters worse is the acts and patterns, subsequent to these incidents engaged in by Judge David Chapman ( a pal of Gilstrap and Harnik, we have now learned), the judge assigned to this RICO Case. The Chapman conduct re this RICO Case has been flawed, spurious, arbitrary and capricious. In fact it has been highly unusual and a display of a pattern of condoning obvious lies, fraud and hearsay repeated and repeated by defendants and their lawyers.These and other clear unethical acts display judicial arrogance, lack of judicial fitness and repeated violations of judicial obligations. It is patently clear that this Case before Chapman has been polluted and perverted. Chapman’s patterns are obvious to persons who know about judicial trickery. These repeated courtroom distortions are and have been is as convincing as a “boil on one’s face”. Remember it is not the crime but the cover-up that has the “teeth”. What Harnik and Gilstrap are up to is even more perverted and warped and invidious.

We have written Harnik and Gilstrap at least 3 time and faxed and mailed these requests for there response. No response has been made. We know of the interference by them in the administration of justice by their undenied communications with Burke and with Sulmeyer Kupetz, and Howard Eherenberg who supposedly represent some of the defendants in the RICO Case. This Case involves mail and wire fraud extortion, embezzlement bribery, and rampant violations of 18 USC 1962 RICO. and the thefts of over $100Million.

Sulemeyer Kupetz are well known for ther abuses of the Courts, fixes, fraud upon the court and perjury. We have irrefutable evidence of David Richardson’s (a partner of Sulmeyer) proffering rampant fraud, hearsay, and perjury on the Palm Springs Superior Chapman Court, filing falsified proposed Orders, perjured Declarations, wire and mail fraud, etc. These obvious activities have been oddly and alarmingly ignored by Chapman. We have had our Investigator in the Chapman Court Room often, and we have all of the Court Transcripts.Our deduction based on the Evidence and “Reasonable Inferences” are that Harnik and Gilstrap have apparently intentionally and recklessly interfered in to this Court thus polluting and tainting the impartiality of the Court and causing the deprivation of Due Process. The entire Proceeding and the flawed and fallacious Chapman Rulings have been flawed and askew to and belied by the evidence and proofs produced by our founder, the plaintiff

Making matters worse is the fact the only other Palm Springs Judge is a Judge James Latting, whom we do not know, but before his selection by Gov Brown was a “of Council” partner to Harnik and Gilstrap, both of whom are apparently rabid to railroad and interfere into this important Case as they have done in the past.. This Case involves over $100Million, trebled based on RICO, the prior case was for $30,000.00. Of course this outrageous Gilstrap-Harnik undenied interferences can have grave consequences. Thus it is mandated that these persons to be examined “under-oath” as to these diabolic interferences to get to the literal truth of this meddling by lawyers Harnik and Gilstrap.

We were advised by other and ethical Desert lawyers about the Burke “calls”. Burke is a confirmed thief and cheat in the NY State Judicial System and who have caused Judge Paul Wooten to be permanently removed from the NY County Bench for judicial fraud embezzlement and racketeering in concert with Burke, George Pavia and John Siebert and others.

Thus their MO is and has been bribery, fixes and fraud, so the spurious, falacious evil continues, now in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

Harnik and Gilstrap should be ashamed of themselves and the memory of a fine person and lawyer Dick Roemer. Whatever spite and malice Gilstrap and Harnick harbor, they must cease their interferences as this shady dealings may cost them dearly. Their undenied sully acts of spite and interfering with the administration of the Riverside Courts can not be helpful to anyone.