Scams Inc has been conducting a careful and in-depth investigations involving many judges “functioning” in the NY State Supreme Courts. Scams Inc. has published many Articles over the past number of years outlining the fallacious and jaundiced activities of Judges Paul Wooten, Joan Madden, JHO Ira Gammerman, Sherry Klein Heitler and others. All of these Exposes were carefully documented by material evidence and proof that is incontrovertible, and undenied. Scams Inc. proffers “Facts and only Facts” in any of its Reports, and has never been sued since its inception in 2008. Accordingly, when Moulton was selected to replace Heitler as “NY County Administrative Judge” we felt that it was timely that we find out who the guy Moulton is and why he was “chosen” to take on this “job” at the NY County Supreme Courthouse at 60 Center Street NYC, NY.

You recall that Heitler and Madden were the supposed judges who sat “in judgment” of the multi-millions in the balance on the “justice-scales” involving the Asbestos Litigation in NY (NYCAL). You also recall that Convicted Sheldon Silver has been the “puppeteer” of Weitz-Luxemburg Lawyers, and we believe, based on evidence and conversations, Madden and Heither as well.

We have a carload of evidence of Madden’s courthouse cheating, larceny, embezzlement, obstructing justice, trashing evidence and fabricating evidence to aid a George and Antonia Pavia to loot and rob a fortune by a courthouse sting and rip-off. Much of Madden’s fellonious judicial racketeering was condoned by Heitler who was advised of these crimes and who ignored all of these attempts to induce Heitller and Madden to obey the law. Thus it is not unreasonable to deduct that a crook, is a crook, is a crook. Scams inc has sufficient evidence of Madden’s fraud, perjury, trickery, obstructing justice, acts beyond the “umbrella” of judicial immunity” to indict her no multiple counts, including mail and wire fraud, money laundering embezzlement and Pavia’s bribery.

That said, Moulton has been proved to be corrupt, a perjurer, and a vicious judicial swindler desperate to cover-up the documented criminal acts of Paul Wooten, a judge who under the “administrative-nose” of Moulton, was in Part 7 of the NY County Supreme Courthouse engaging in extortion, bribery, grand larcny, collusion, mail and wire fraud, illegal steering to corrupted JHO Ira Gammerman, violating laws of the court, forgery purging records and in a unholy alliance with lawyer Joseph M Burke, convicted sex pervert John Siebert has looted and robbed over $55Million by forgery, fraud and cheating. All of these crimes were reported to Moulton over the past year and Moulton, a good “company-man”, just like a Mafia Lieutenant” ignored all of the evidence of the ongoing judicilal racketeering under his nose. Either Moulton is a “IDIOT OR A CROOK”. Either way he is, by his conduct, not qualified to be a judge at a carnival much less as a Administrative Judge in a already infected and warped Courthouse where honest judges and honest litigants “get the shaft”, Moulton is by the evidence and admissions we have is a disgrace, a fraudster and liar.

Well, we now, in addition to the recently published Articles on Scams Inc about Petrer Moulton and his depraved Chambers staff of well trained corrupt law clerks H. Kingo, Andrea Field and asst. S. Whitehead, Moulton has himself along with these minions have engaged in documented mail and wire fraud, violations of 18 USC 1341 and 18 USC 1343.

In the Process, as also outlined in these two prior Reports, Moulton, in a scheme to try and shroud the
millions embezzled by Wooten, which is a major sting that will be “cut-up” just as Mafia crooks do, so Moulton will hope to get “his-end” of the Wooten Crime, has lied, cheated and even discharged Wooten and supposedly “ostracized” Wooten to Brooklyn, NY. Wooten is such a criminal that AFTER he was remove from NY for cause and permanently, this psychopath Wooten forged judicial Orders on a NY County Form without authority to do so and again allied with Burke and Siebert turned over over $40 Million by chicanery, cheating, forgery and attempted embezzlement.

Moulton, we have learned, was also prodded by over 5 major National Law Firms to get rid of Wooten outlining that Wooten was engaged in acts of corruption, fraud and incompetence. So the Moulton-Wooten crooks decided that the better play the “good guy-bad guy routine” a usual MO for Mafia style criminals.

Now here is the despicable Moulton and Wooten “shell-game” and “rip-off”. One litigant ( who does not want us to use his name), but who along with other Wooten and Moulton Courthouse victims, have produced evidence confirming these depraved and crimes of Moulton proving his complicity and RICO acts.

The litigant (informant), over the past few years (2014-2016), demanded Wooten, first by letter and thereafter by three Motions, on Notice, demanding that Wooten disqualify himself on the grounds of prejudice, bias and other and documented acts of fraud upon the court, collusion, arbitrary and capricious documented acts, abuse of judicial discretion, etc.

Each and every time Wooten Refused to recuse himself. Apparently Wooten either does not knw the Law of as per his usual conduct chose to disobey the Rules of Law to further his corruption.

In 1994 the US Supreme Court held that “Disqualification is mandated if an objective observer would entertain reasonable questions about the judges impartiality. If a judges attitude or acts leads a detached observer to conclude that a fair and impartial hearing is unlikely, the judge must be disqualified.”

Courts have repeatedly held that positive proof of the partiality of a judge is not a requirement, only the appearance of partiality. Federal and state laws mandate Disqualification of a judge when his impartiality might be reasonably questioned. The Courts state that “it is important that the litigant noy only actually receives justice, but that he believes that he has received justice.”. The United states Supreme Court has Ruled, and has Reaffirmed repeatedly the principle that “justice must satisfy the appearance of justice”.

Judges have the legal duty and obligation to Disqualify themselves, sua-sponte, (ie: FORTHWITH). In fact the US Supreme Court mandates that judges do not have discretion not to Disqualify themselves. In fact when a judge refuses to remove himself from such Proceedings and refuses to Disqualify himself, none of the Decisions and Orders issued by that judge who has been disqualified by law are void as these acts would be deemed a further fraud upon the court, and are of no legal force and effect.

Further to that a judge who does not disqualify himself he then is also in violation of the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution. “The right to a tribunal free from bias or prejudice”.

In fact should a judge issue any order or decision after he has been disqualified by law, and the party has been denied of his property, the judge has acted in the judges personal capacities and not in his judicial capacities. It has been said that judges acting in this manner has no more “judicial authority”than your “corner grocer”. Therefore these acts are crimes and do not protect these corrupt judges by Immunity.


Moulton became more desperate and rabid, as Wooten’s larceny and skulduggery with cheating litigants lawyers, judicial larceny, embezzlement became center stage. Meanwhile this savvy litigant and a victim of Wooten’s larceny was forced, (based on Wooten Decisions illegally issued and forged), to obtain supposed “permission” to make Motions to Vacate that illegal, falsified, fabricated and forged Wooten Decisions.Such a denial would be a deprivation of Due Process and allowing the Wooten embezzlement of over $55million by a illegal group of fake and forged Wooten Decisions, made by him after Wooten’s removal from the NY County Supreme Court and Part 7, made after Wooten Refused, by law, to Disqualify himself and based upon rampant fraud upon the court.

First, Moulton gave his “permission”. Then this swindled litigant provided Moulton with copies of his Motions as Served. It was then uncovered by conversations with Heads of the Motion Support Office at the Courthouse (Ms. Daureen, and Lou Spinelli) that Moulton had set-up a unheard-of procedure” that “certain-litigant motions”, are to be delivered by “Hand” to Wooten somewhere in Brooklyn. for Wooten, a permanently fired corrupt judge, to decide if his own forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions looting over $55Million should be vacated. This Moulton-Wooten Flim-Flam is sufficient proof that Moulton has apparently “Sold his Soul to the Devil”.

The further proof of Moulton and his rip-off Chambers staff is the fact that when the litigant objected to this Moulton-Wooten massive abuse of the Courts to further Grand Larceny, Moulton then Lied that he never granted permission that such Granting, was confirmed by emails and other Proof, establishing that Moulton and his dishonest staff members.

The further proof of Moulton’s depraved acts and corruption are the facts, well known to Moulton, that Wooten refused to Disqualify himself based upon this Litigant’s Demands, Motions, and theLaws as mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court, the U. S.Constitution and the requirements thereunder.

Thus, Moulton a supposed Judge, a supposed “Administrative Judge” is willing to disobey the Laws of the US Supreme Court, The US Constitution, and in fact the mandates of the NY Constitution, to by criminal acts including Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, perjury, misuse of Courthouse Staff, illegally STEERING Motions that prove clear and convincing Wooten, Joe Burke, John Siebert George and Antonia Pavia, Ira Gammerman and others embezzelements in total of over $100Million. Moulton has over the past about 18 months since he was ‘hand-picked”to replace Heitler as a supposed “Great-White Hope” proven himself to be a thief, a cheat and a judge whio has engaged in currying-favor with documented criminals an with Wooten, who was discharged for cause, and then this spurious Judge Moulton ignores the fact that Wooten was automatically removed for failure to disqualify himself as a bias, partial and depraved judge over FOUR YEARS AGO.

Thus, Moulton has set-up a clandestine, “underground” scheme to allow a discharged and corrupt judge to continue his scam of embezzelement of Millions. If anyone wonders Why? It is simple, Moulton, living hi-on-on-the-hog, wants his end of the courthouse robbery. This is nothing new, recall the film “CASINO” and how those bags of cash are skimmed off the Nevada Gambling Palaces in the 1960’s and “hand delivered” to the-Boys in St Louis, New York and wherever.

Moulton has misused his Public Trust and has proven himself to be a flawed, distorted and rip-off judge.

If anyone has any comment or wishes to provide proof denying these charges here please follow Scams Inc “Terms of Use”. provide us with yopur evidence that any aspect of this Expose is incorrect. Scams Inc will rebut your supposed proofs. If Scams Inc has made any charge herein that is wrong, such will be deleted from this Report. Scams inc is confident that the entire Report here contains valid and verifiable charges within.