As all of our Readers know by now after over eight years of dedicated Reports and exposes grounded on our “FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS”, Scams Inc and every affiliated Domain, share the common goal of Investigating and Reporting all aspects of swindles, scams, corruption, polluted state Courts, bad-actor judges, corrupt lawyers, and virtually every form of corruption sadly that wrecks the fiber of the American way.

We have never been sued as all of our Exposes are supported by irrefutable Documentary Evidence.

Probably, the worst forms of corruption is the Judiciary, as these judges, if corrupt, can and will by the depraved, unethical and polluted acts effect the lives of millions of American citizens yearly who step into a State Courtroom and as a result of a bribe your adversary has assured himself that you are in a fixed courtroom and YOU LOOSE. These acts of back room set-up in State Courts are sadly the norm, not the exception.



In Federal Courts Judges are selected by the President, then the FBI conducts indepth Investigations, then each Appointee is carefully Vetted, Screened, and interrogated by and voted upon by the US Congress and the US Senate. This is why the Federal Court’s function without the perverted minutia ongoing in State Courts in sadly many of our States,

We are now taking all measures by informing the Presidential canditates the grave importance of complete change, including investigations Reports, Subpoena power and removals and indictments of the corrupt. We are Lobbying for a Sub-Cabinet Department for this purpose under the aegis of the White House.

You see that unlike the Federal System, State judges are selected by “back-room” politicos, who then simply cause a Governor to “sign=off”. Many of these “boys” who finger an appointee, have been charged and convicted for “selling-judgeships”, such as Clarence Norman, Vito Lopez and many more in NY and Brooklyn, NY. This goes on all over America and in virtually every State.

Many State Judges are political hacks, stooges for Party Bosses, lazy, incompetent and corrupt. The temptation of bribes by a corrupt lawyer, friend, former client or a “fixer” is usually so tempting that these improperly or not at all “vetted or screened” appointees.

We have made it our business ans a Internet News and Investigative Organization yo look into many bad acts by State Judges for years. We have spent months watching judges in their courtrooms, researching Cases and decisions, questioning Court Clerks, former law clerks and others. We have uncovered many corrupt and bribed judges and confirmed our evidence before we have “put pen to paper” Reporting about a corrupted judge and his or her “invidious acts” and deprivation of a victim’s rights. When we “have the goods” we will publish Exposes, and Report these Villians in “Black Robes” to the Federal Law Enforcement.

We also have multiple emails where Victims of all scams and swindles will send us information that our Investigators will promptly review, call or email these victims and if the charges are correct we will research them.

The complaints as to the depraved acts by State court judges are usually 4 to 1 as persons are not just reporting “sour-grapes” because the may have “lost” but they are presenting proofs that confirm, judicial larceny, ghostwriting of decisions, judicial fabrications of evidence, falsifications of court records, forgery, collusion with the fixers, purging of records, causing the dockets to be falsified, planting records, condoning perjury, and much more.

Sadly, many victims are unaware that the have been conned and robbed by a corrupt court and million are stolen by these depraved judicial crooks, but more and more we are educating these Citizens by our Reports, Exposes and otherwise. We have been extorted, threatened by corrupt clients and lawyers, but we now have put into place proper security measures at all of our locations which we keep secret. We are ready to react to any foolhardy attempt to threaten and deprive any of our staff, consultants, etc of any of our rights and safety.


Scams Inc and American’s Against Corruption Reports and Americans Against Corrupt Courts learned about David M. Chapman about 18 months ago when a Riverside California lawyer made some statements about Chapman, his courtroom activities and supposed “Decisions”. We put the “folder” on the back burner until Nov. 2015. One of our Investigators began to do some research about Chapman and his education and background.

We learned some rather revealing facts about Chapman who was “appointed” a Judge by Gov Jerry Brown in about 2013, and was “re-elected” by default as there was no opposition.

Chapman was educated at Arizona State University. As best as we have determined, Chapman might have done most of the required courses by “mail or internet” which this University is known for.

After Chapman secured his “Degree”, he then went to a supposed University that either merged or is not operational, as all we have been able to find on a quick review of “University of San Fernando Valley College of Law”. This university is also not approved or accredited by the American Bar Association. It is not accredited by the Comm. of Bar Examiners and it is not approved by the California State Bar. We have not made a in depth investigation into these Schools but we have not been able to find any further Credits for this supposed Chapman “Law School”.

After graduation it appears that Chapman became a ADA in Riverside after he passed his Bar Exam and was assigned Bar # 76046. Later on Chapman joined the law firm of David Anderson, who specialized in negligence, med. mal practice, and accidents, insurance etc litigation.

We have spent some material time observing Chapman in his Palm Springs Courtroom PS2. We have read many of his Decisions as posted on the Riverside Court Docket, read many supposed transcripts and we have interviewed a number of litigants who have been before Chapman in his Court.

We dont know if any reader has had the fun in watching the Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Demi Moore Film of 1991 “Nothing But Trouble”. Dan played Judge Alvin JP Valkenheiser of the New Jersey Village of Valkenvania.

Judge JPV, was a guy who wrote his own Laws, Rules based upon how much cash they had in ther pockets and what vocation they were involved. You see John Canday played the Cop who stopped any car on a NJ road near Valrenvania and promptly took the Victims to Judge Alvin’s Courtroom, Day or Night. Now Judge Alvin knew nothing about the Rules of Law or Courtroom decorum, he only knew what he wanted, which was making out he knew everything, and if you questioned Judge Alvin, he might even sentence you to a fate worse than death.

If Judge Alvin liked you he would have a dinner of boiled franks with you and hot “Cool-Aid as a chaser. Judge Alvin used and misused his self styled Power as he wished under his guise as a Judge. Judge Alvin hated Bankers and he made it clear that if a Banker came in with a driving infraction he would sentence him to “death”. Judge Alvin was a bully and made his own Laws.

These Victims tried to explain the Laws to Judge Alvin and explain the US Constitution, Due-Process, and That Alvin must allow these Traffic victims including Chevy Chase and Demi Moore a new judge, but Judge Alvin would hear none of this as he was the Judge and he made the Rules of Law. We will not tell you how the Story ends as it is worth all to watch and enjoy, but this is just a “Fictionalized-story” from the fertile mind of Dan Aykroyd who wrote and produced this curious and funny story on film.

Sadly, the conduct exhibited by Judge David Chapman is not a fiction. Judge Chapman we have observed and read his condoning fraud, perjury, hearsay, accepting fiction over facts, condoning forgery of the Court Minutes, fabrications of documents by a lawyer, ignoring Court Rules when expedient, and turning blind eyes to perjury, filing false documents all to the detriment of his “disfavored” litigants.We have seen evidence of fabricated Chapman Court Minutes, false Proof of Mailings Attested to by Chapman’s Court Deputy and Chief Clerk Ms Becky Willeford. This was by all evidence a dastardly act in concert with a obvious corrupt and favored lawyer and firm by the evidence colluding with Ms Willeford and Chapman. The Victim Litigant has demanded Chapman’s Removal and a Full Hearing with Testimony from all Persons on this and other documented Judicial arbitrary, capricious acts and repeated smothering of the facts and condoning and accepting fiction, hearsay and documented perjury. We have see this Chapman “shell-game” in at least two recent Cases improvidently before Chapmain one involving more than $100Million and another involving about $50Million.

Chapman has ignored, flouted and thumbed his nose at the mandates of the US Constitution Due Process clause, the Ratifications of the US Supreme Court which mandates a judge to Disqualify himself even with the appearance of partiality. Chapman has written his own Laws to defile the United States of America and by his deliberate and warped acts Chapman has”Warred Against the US Constitution”, for rather obvious motives. The United States Supreme Court has held that if a judge wars against the Constitution or if he acts without jurisdiction (by his not having disqualified himself as obligated, he has acted in his personal capacity and not in judicial capacity.

Thus it has been held that any decisions and orders issued by a automatically disqualified judge are, void as a matter of law and have no legal effect as a fraud on the court. If a judge acts acts without jurisdiction and wars against the Constitution he has engaged in criminal acts of treason to the Constitution, engaged in extortion and interference with interstate commerce. These are the apparent holdings of the US Supreme Court The disqualified judge will not enjoy any Immunity from criminal prosecution under these circumstances.

It is apparent that Judge Chapman, being a Indio CA negligence lawyer engaged in personal injuries, and attending what appears to be a “third rate” supposed law university, either does not know the Constitutional mandates for disqualification, or by his imperious activities, bullying and willingness to cheat, thinks that he (Chapman), is above the law and can thumb his nose at the US Constitution, the US Supreme Court and Federal Laws which here include acts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and other fraudulent acts of skulduggery, in concert with documented and undenied crooks.

We have seen these acts first hand and by communicating with a number of apparent victims on the “short-end” of Chapman’s “razel-dazzle”and spurious acts in the Chapman contaminated Courtroom in Palm Springs, California.

To further solidify and confirm our findings that Chapman is a and views about Chapman’s unprincipled conduct was when a 77 year old, self represented litigant suffering from stage four cancer expressed his honest feelings open court. These expressions were based upon the evidence and Chapman’s conduct and rulings that were bogus and grounded on fraud, perjury and hearsay were a mode of Chapman’s “sand bagging”,.Chapman threatened this man with “Contempt”. Such would be a abuse of judicial power without basis holding him in “contempt” for expressing his verified opinion, based on facts and evidence.

Then Chapman motioned the courtroom Guard to stand in an accosting manner, blocking this ill man, as to intimidate this senior citizen and alarm him further. All of these Chapman acts confirmed mandates for Chapman to disqualify himself pursuant to the Constitutional, Federal and California Laws Laws.This conduct is clear and convincing JUDICIAL INTIMIDATION AND EXTORTION.

We are also shocked to see that Judge Chapman and his Court Clerk , “Ms Beckey” are misusing the Judicial Bench as a “Soap-Box” to try and obstruct justice, defile due-process to shroud what appears to be “shady-dealings” and altering court records in order to smother the full expose of Courthouse corruption involving corrupt lawyers and racketeering litigants who by evidence been proved to be crooks, liars and perverted, all proven by documentary evidence and also undenied.


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