peeweeScams Inc has been following the corrupt, depraved and crooked conduct of Paul Wooten since he finagled his “Black Robes” as a result of a lawless scam in Brooklyn with convicted State Senator John Sampson and jailed Clarence Norman a purveyor of “selling judgeships”.

Wooten was never screened, vetted, and simply showed-up in NY County after a short Stint in Brooklyn. This Wooten was a third-rate Landlord-Tenant Lawyer, and a guy who has no compunctions to steal, take a bribe and worse.

Wooten became NY County Supreme Court Judge at 60 Center Street, NYC and in Part 7. Soon Wooten had his own Side-Line Business Up and Running. The Business of Bribery, Fixes, forgerry, Fabrications of Evidence, purging Court Files, ignoring Laws, Rules, collusion with corrupt lawyers, luring in corrupt other Judges, JHO’s, Referees and Court Employees.

Wooten was on a role. He had begun a Business of Judicial Fixing so long as the Client or Lawyer paid the freight. If Wooten felt he could make more by Robbing the Victim Litigant we hear he would take some “Up-Front” $$$$, and take a piece of the Score, on the “Back-End”.

Wooten was fixed by many during his 6 year stay at Part 7. He was fixed and bribed by Joseph M. Burke Esq; John Siebert; George Pavia Esq; Kenneth V. Gomez Esq; with the guidance and “introduction” to the Wooten Corruption Bazzar” by another warped Judge Joan Madden.

Wooten soon after was writing Decisions and Orders that bore no relevance to the Facts, the Documentary Evidence, and Wooten was simply fabricating Evidence, falsifying the Court Docket, falsifying and purging Courthouse Records, having Burke and Gomez Ghostwrite Decisions, and scheming to Rob Millions.

Wooten engaged in the same conduct with many Cases in his Court Part &, including Stealing money, Rights, Property, Jobs, Contract Rights, and by fraud judicial racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement and obstruction of justice, stealing millions and creating havoc in the Courthouse.

Many Large Law firms filed Complaints that Wooten was a idiot, incompetent and/ or a crook. Evidence of Wooten’s criminal acte were delivered to the US Attorney’s Office in NYC, and to Others. Wooten was finally on 1-24-16 Fired from Part &, and from the NY County Jurisdiction in NY.

Wooten then Forged additional Fabricated Decisions and Orders without a shred of basis in fact or law out of his Desperation, without Authority, and after he was no longer in Part 7 and at NY County Supreme Court. Wooten in these Decisions engaged in Falsification of Claims, Forgery, Fabrications of Documents and supposed happenings, and outright Judicial Perjury, Fraud Upon the Court, and Judicial Larceny. Wooten has been engaged in this form of embezzlement and courthouse larceny since the year 2000, and he has now been caught.

Wooten has kured into his “Den to Swindles and Chicanery, including JHO Ira Gammerman, who engaged in Fraud and deception re a Transparent fraud of a “Inquest” defiling the Evidence that Gammerman, a old-line Bull-Dog , KNEW was a Shake Down, but Gammerman wanted a Score for his “Retirement” and “old age”. Gammerman is now about 87, and when this embezzlement occurred Gammerman was 85.

Gammerman was bought off as he is a Wise old Former Judge who has been engaged in uncovering frauds and larceny for years. Now the Worm has turned and all of the other bad acts of Gammerman will now “bite him in his ass”. Gammerman bet on Wooten and Burke and LOST.

Meanwhile, Wooten was supposed to have been Removed PERMANENTLY to Part 97 in Kings County, Brooklyn Civil Supreme Court on Jan 24, 2016. It is Now almost May 2016 and Wooten is not at any Part in Brooklyn. Part 97 is Dark, and Wooten is not to be found.

His Law Clerk that aided Wooten in the creation of Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions and frauds in the Wooten Courtroom, Rachel Herovitz Mandell is also Missing. We have spoken to other and previous Law Clerks of Wooten. Some Refuse to Talk and others present a piciture of a desperate incompetent crook, who misused hie Public Trust to engage in Judicial Larceny, extortion, embezzlement and fraud, injuring many litigants.

Further the Rules of the NY Constitution Mandate that if a Supreme Court Judge is Permanently Removed, a Formal Announcement is Required and such “PERMANENT REMOVAL” must be presented to the NY State Legislature. None of this has been done.

We also have evidence of Complicity with Wooten and his Crimes by the New “supposed White Knight of Honor” Administrative judge Peter Moulton, who has colluded with Burke, allied with Wooten, ignoring the US Constitution and the Rules of Judicial Disqualifications.

Rather Moulton schemed to have Motions delivered by Currier to Wooten in the :”Bathrooms” of the Brooklyn Courthouse, as Wooten is we hear now “On the Run” and might be Charged with what is Clear and Convincing Judicial racketeering, Mail and Wire Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion, Larceny, deprivation of Due Process, forgery, and obstruction of justice to name some that has been evidenced bo Documents and others Pleadings.

Moulton knew and knows Wooten is a thief but moulton seemingly wants a piece of the Wooten ‘s thefts, embezzlemets and racketeering. After all Moulton wants to enjoy the “fruits” of his and Wooten’s Corruption, Extortion and Courthouse Robberies and Stings.Moulton had no choice but to kick Wooten out of NY County, but even then, Moulton has desperately covered up Wooten’s Fraudulent and Falsified Decisions, in a “Last-Gasp” scheme to embezzle Millions from Victim Citizens.

Burke, Pavia, Gomez, Madden, Gammerman and others have been a part of this Money Laundering and racketeering scam all evidenced and delivered to the US Attorney Criminal Units.

Meanwhile Wooten is in Hiding, Many have been looking for him. It appears now that Wooten’s cheating, trickery, deception, refusal to Disqualify himself and Wooten’s Grand Larceny will result in the Inevitable. Wooten sharing a Jail Cell with his pal Convict NY State Senator John Sampson and his other Rip-Off” Swindlers.