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justice-for-saleScams Inc has in its possession a plethora of evidence of corruption, fraud, perjury and more, involving the recently installed NY COUNTY SUPREME COURT ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE PETER MOULTON. This proven thief as been caught (and undenied), engaging in repeated acts of judicial extortion, collusion embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, depriving due process, obstructing justice, covering up the criminal acts of terminated corrupt Judge Paul Wooten, Lawyer Joe Burke, convicted sex pervert, Dr John Siebert and others. Moulton in the process, has abused his position as a Judge and misused his Administrative Office to bully and demand Courthouse Clerks engage in acts that violate the laws and rules of the Courts, commit fraud, deprive access to the Courts and other illegal and unethical acts.

When Moulton was appointed “Administrative Judge” he was supposed to be a sanitized version of ousted  Adm. Judge Sherry Klein Heitler, who was also a lead judge in the NYCAL- Sheldon Silver Scandal. Moulton was to take charge of the “NY City Asbestos Litigation (NYCAL)” along with Joan Madden another proven corrupted Judge who we have a carload of proof of Madden’s corrupt-fixed activities involving George Pavia Esq, Antonia Pavia and the collusion and theft by Madden and the Pavias of Rent Stabilization (Undenied by the Pavias and by Madden). Madden engaged in corruption, preclusion of evidence, filing falsified Decisions, conspired with the Pavias, lawyers Itkowitz, Russo Burke, Kenneth V Gomez and others to loot millions unjustly for the Pavias at the expense of tenants. Thus a crook is a crook and Madden is a Crook and we have the Proof of her larceny to use her “Black-Robes” to enrich herself and George Pavia Esq. by a racketeering scam.

Well, Peter Moulton has proven himself to be a corrupt cheat, and a Judge who is a proven perjurer, cheat, and judicial con-man. Scams inc have been investigating Moulton for about 15 months at about the time he was morphed from 111 Center Street to 60 Center and his new-front position as the Heither replacement as Administrative Judge.  Moulton was a “company-man” and made his “bones” with Michel Stallman and Shlomo Hagler for a few years. Moulton started as a “private” and moved ahead in the Mafia style Unified Court “set-up”to become a “corporal”. So what better stooge and front but “baby-face Peter”. But Crooks come in all sizes and shapes but their MO is the same and if you know how, one can sift them out quickly.

Moulton moves into the 60 Center Street Digs and begins his chicanery and charade. Moulton has to protect the corrupt judges from exposure as these racketeers are the life blood to the Courthouse judicial Mafia. Do you think that these “hard-stealing” judges can live on their salary when millions are changing hands ath their will by judicial flim-flam, bribery and “stings”? Think again. Just like the Mob, when a Judge makes a Score, via a Fix-Bribe, all of the crooks “cut it pu. Recall the Godfather and Hyman Roth and then Paulie in Goodfellas. That is Money Laundering and RICO.

Moulton was part of the Corrupt crew and knew that Paul Wooten had gone far to far and was caught be a number of Litigants and large Law Firms.  Moulton had married  a Doctor Chris Cretura, and loves living the high life of custom shirts, suits, elite jewelry, gold watches and fine travel and dining. of course with OTHER PEOPLES MONEY. So Moultion, had to protect Wooten who was issuing Bogus and falsified Judgment for Millions, cheating, engaging  in forgery, falsification of Records, collusion with Madden, Gammerman and others to engage in grand-larceny, extortion and embezzlement. Moulton also knew that Wooten was illegally installed as he was never Screened or Vetted and was made a Judge as a result of a Clarence Norman–John Sampson Fix.

Moulton had to act so he caused Wooten to be “permanently transferred” to Brooklyn. Yet this was done in violation of the NY Constitution as to “permanent Removals of a Supreme Court Judge”. No Matter to Moulton as he is a pure thief. Meanwhile he and his wife put on a air of affluence and honor with NY Presbeterian Hospital where Dr Chris Cretura practices. We do not believe that Mrs Moulton, a “cum-laude” Graduate does not know that her husband Judge Pater Moulton is not a crook who violates the public trust for unjust rewards in concert with other judicial racketeers. We at Scams Inc have all of the evidence to prove our charges and much of it has been delivered to Preet Bharara of the US Attorneys Office in NY (SDNY) and other Agencies. We have also advised the Criminal Division of the IRS- Department of Treasury of the millions that are collected by corrupt State Court Judges in bribes by cash or kind that evade Taxes. Meanwhile these Bandit Judges spend more than they make.They all love luxury. We nailed many that way. One Judge was spending about $10K cash every weekend at Bergdorf Goodman Store. We caught this guy and “nailed him” . Soon after he was out from his “bribery-mill” in Brooklyn. Sooner or later all of these crooks get caught as they think they are smart. In reality, they are all sick-stupid sociopaths. They were given a shot to be a “roll model” but they chose to be what they really are. polluted-perverted dumb criminals misplaced in black robes rather than a a orange jail-house jump-suit.

We have recommended a standard of living test be made on each of these judicial crooks. A fortune in undeclared income will be found, they will be charged with evasion, exposed for their courthouse racketeering and disgraced. The system is perverted and must be cleaned out and will be.

Scams Inc will be providing all of the Proofs we have and will continue to assemble more as these judicial crooks must be exposed, financially ruined and jailed.

Moulton is a example of evil and diabolic unethical acts at the Courthouse. Moulton,  in his temerity,
desperation and scheme to quell any proof of the courthouse looting of hundreds of millions, began to bully Clerks at Trial Support (Gloria Gottinger) and Motion Support ( Ms. Daureen and Lou Spinelli), Motion Ckerk Steve and others. The scam? Moulton set up a “underground” system to have Motions in Cases where Wooten and others has been Bribed and Fixed, delivered to Wooten in Brooklyn for Wooten to Decide. This scheme was a fraud, illegal and proof that Moulton is a thief and a incompetent.

Listen, when it gets really hot there has been MURDER also. See the Sonny Sheu Case all over the Internet. Sheu said on You Tube, that if he gets murdered, it is “NY Supreme Court Judge Golia.” He was murdered 2 weeks after making that revelation.

Wooten, a proved thief, sociopath, embezzler and crook, was mandated to Disqualify himself based on Federal Law and on the grounds of multiple Motions made as far back as 5 years, proving Wootens “bias, partialiaty, fraud upon the Court, etc”. Wooten, in violation of the US Constitution and mandates of the US Supreme Court Refused. Thus, by Law all Orders and Decisions rendered by Wooten after “Automatic Disqualification” are Void as a matter of law. No matter to “Warped Moulton”.

After more “Heat” and further exposes of the corrupt acts by Moulton, he tried a New Scam. When a litigant called Moulton’s Chambers who was complying with a illegally secured Order issued by a now “retired” Judge Harold Beeler, who issued this Order binding Joseph M Burke and others, this litigant asked that the Court comply with the Beeler Order. After call and call back Moulton “granted permission per the Beeler Order fo this litigant to make 3 Motions to Vacate Wooten’s Forged, fabricated and falsified Decisions illegally granting $15 Million to sex pervert Dr John Siebert and ignoring and illegally falsifying incidents and dismissing this mans claims that Siebert owes and swore to owing over $50 Million including interest.

Moulton thereafter engaged in about 3 months of documented judicial larceny, fraud, collusion with Lawyer Burke in a scheme to quell and quash these Motions. Moulton then out of desperation and knowing he was caught in collusion with Wooten and Burke to embezzle about $100Million, then Assigned to himself (Moulton) these Cases that They had set-up a criminal scheme to have Wooten derail again.

Moulton then engaged in Mail and Wire Fraud and Fraud upon the Court by Issuing Decisions on the Motions made to Vacate Wooten’s Falsified Decisions embezzling about $100Million, Denying the Motions by fraud, falsely stating that this Victim Litigant failed to seek and obtain “permission re the Beeler Order”.

The facts, transcripts of the phone calls and the Moulton granting the “permission”, the emails of gratitude, the delivery of all Motions to Moulton and other “black and white Proofs, confirm that Moulton has begaged in Grand Larceny, Obstruction of Justice, Denial of Due Process, violations of the US and NY Constitutions, Mail and Wire Fraud, Racketeering, collusion and attempted cover-up of Judicial Crimes and Fraud Upon the Court.

Thereafter, Moulton has suborned to Frauds of his Staff, S. Whitehead, Hasa Kingo Esq and Andrea Fields Esq. They have also engaged in Money Laundering, RICO and deprivation of access to the court to enforce the legal rights of a American Citizen who has been the Victim of Courthouse larceny, embezzlement, cheating and chicanery.

Judge Peter Moulton has been caught in the labarynth of criminality of his own makng. His Sister is the TV Cook Sara Moulton, who must be appraised of her brother Peter Moulton’s crimes, tax evasion, violations of the Public Trust and Grand theft.

Scams Inc also must advise the Board of Presbeterian Hospital that one of their Doctors Dr Chris Cretura, wife of proven Judicial Crook Peter Moulton, know or should know that they are engaged in looting and excoriation of Victim Litigants by judicial cheating bribery, fixes and extortion, and living on looted money that is undeclared to the Federal, State and City Tax-Collectors.

We have given Moulton Scams Inc Terms of Use 4 times and asked that he deny our charges, for which we have evidence. Moulton continues his judicial scams and railroading to shroud his criminality. Moulton does not deny anything. Rather he engages ig fraud upon the court,  fabricating  evidence, covering up Wooten, Madden, Gammerman and others judicial thefts and thumbs his nose at the laws to cheat Victim Litigants.

We at Scams Inc have sufficient Proof to call Moulton a thief, cheat, an fraudster and embezzler who will be fully exposed as a corrupt judge. If he is not as we charge, we encourage Moulton, his wife, Dr Cretula, or sister Cook Sara to deny the proofs and submit their evidence in contravention to the Proofs and facts Scams Inc has assembled.


Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Kenneth V. Gomez, Esq.

Now comes cheat, extortonist and inveterate con–man Kenneth V Gomez, Esq. Gomez Blog tells it all as to his lies, forgery, fraud and cover-up of his and Pavia’s racketeering and courthouse robberies, all now documented and in the hands of Federal Prosecutors.

Mr Gomez is a corrupt perverted invidious character who will sell the soul of his mother and say she had none. Gomez came on the scene when various savvy litigants uncovered a NY Courthouse racketeering enterprise involving George Pavia and his wife Antonia and son Jullian, lawyer Jay Itkowitz, Judge Joan Madden, Joseph M. Burke Esq, Gomez “partner” and sex-deviant and convicted sex abuser John Siebert, MD.

George Pavia, Esq.

George Pavia, Esq.

Gomez,bag man-extortion front was called in by Pavia to commence extorting a Pavia tenant who had uncovered Pavia’s bribery, fraud and evil scheme to loot and rob rent-stabilization from tenants at 18 E 73 St, NYC, the Pavia brownstone. Pavia was caught engaging in perjury, forgery, suppression of proofs and worse.

Gomez soon set-up his extortion blogs to malign Pavia and Siebert adversaries, lie, cheat, harass, extort, and engage in manipulation a fraud on the court to aid Madden and Pavias in robbing rent stabilized rights so that the Pavias could sell their brownstone for about $20million due to its location on 73rd Street between 5th Ave and Madison Ave. The Pavias were found to have engaged in filing false Documents at the DOB, the ECB Court, the DHCR and at Supreme Court NY. Gomez aided in these criminal acts, engaged in perjury and fraud while supposedly “representing” Pavia when it got “to Hot” for Itkowitz who was already in deep-water by his perjury, obstructing justice, fraud by secreting evidence that the Pavia building was deemed hazardous. Itkowitz orchisrated a sham hearing in concert with Madden and Pavia, to secrete the truth as to ith illegal conditions at rental units and covered-up by Pavias fraud, perjury and racketeering.

Then Gomez, as Pavias bag man engaged in fraud and deception, unjustly enriching himself by “buying” a supposed Judgment for $6,500 that a tenant never knew existed and in 3 weeks secured a conversion of this tenants med-mal settlement of over $200,000, thanks to Gomez perjury and a corrupted Judge “talked-to” by Madden. This Judge was later elevated to the NY Court of Appeals as part of the NY State polluted court system.

Regardless, the fix was in and Gomez, fronting made-off with a unjust enrichment of over 30 times in 3 weeks—-IE from $6500 to over $200,000. What legitimate judge do that, particularly since there were 3 UCC Filed Secured Creditors who were circumvented to give Gomez this illegal and racketeering windfall. This is courthouse corruption in living color. Judges Madden and Shela Abdus-Saalam will surely be exposed along with Gomez on thew Documentaries in work now embracing NY State political and Judicial Corruption. Judge Abdus-Salaam is now at the Court of Appeals. Amazing is it not?

For what Abdus-Salaam and Madden orchestrated stealing a man’s “blood-money” of a settlement for cancer malpractice is so vicious it is beyond words. The NY State Courts have no conscience, they will commit murder of litigants for a bribe and we will show that in the Documentaries for all to see with names, interviews and proof of the systemic pollution that mandates sanatizing, jail and oversight.

Gomez also stole Medicare liened funds in the process of this racketeering scheme along with Burke, Siebert Madden and others.

Then Gomez began his diabolic acts toaid thief Siebert and his partner Burke, as the Bag man with Burke and JSC Wooten. Gomez engaged in Ghostwriting, aiding in purging court records, mail fraud, wire fraud, harassment and extortion by phone and fax, extorting Siebert sex victim, engaging in lewd acts before Siebert victim Ms Rachel, and filing false and forged documents on his blog.

Gomez recruited some drug abuses to lie and cheat in court filings and bribed them. Gomez has continued his malicious interference into tenant-litigant’s medical care, family, associates, newspapers, tv stations and others to damage and injure this man to allow this Pavia-Siebert Theft and racketeering to continue.

Gomez has been now proven to have been engaged if extortion, thefts, racketeering and bribery, as well as theft at the courthouse and from Medicare.

We have proof of Gomez violations of law, forgery and worse. You see Gomez is a man without morals, assets and integrity. He is a male whore who will sell his body to anyone who will pay him.

If fact Pimp Gomez will do and say anything just like his crew of perverted racketeers, and we have the proof of it. We know every move of Gomez now as he and his Infected group ate like trapped-rats on a sinking ship. Gomez must pay for his lawlessness and will.


Scams Inc is always pleased when we see the US Attorney’s Office and Preet Bharara announce the Indictments of Swindlers. Including political, insider trading, and corrupt persons who violate the Public Trust.

We have, along with others, spent years observing the systemic corruption ongoing in the NY State Supreme Courts, and many other State Courts throughout America. To say it in a nutshell, it is a disgrace. Many of the State Courts are polluted with judges who are persons of “1000 faces”, dispensing decisions and orders that have no basis in fact or law and geared to fulfill a fixed case. Many persons do not even know that they were robed . The lawyers that you pay will shut-up as they can not expose the MO of the court that is their “mother’s milk” of income.

It is you the Victim Litigant that gets screwed out of your Claims,money, home, kids, rights and even your liberty. From New York to California, it is the same in a corrupt courtroom. No one can beat a “stacked-deck.”

The mainstream press turns a blind eye to this until a judge is indicted, but they will usually never report evidence of the conduct of a polluted judge, no matter how many he excoriates by judicial racketeering.

Worse, these Judges protect each other and will cover-up the confirmed cheating, forgery, extortion and embezzlements of any one of them. The reality is not as how the usual Films portray these corrupt sociopath bandits. These judges misuse their Oath of Trust to loot and rob for self enrichment.

Is it not just what “INSIDER TRADES” are all about? The misuse of the Markets and non-public Information to obtain illegal and unjust monitory gains that the fixers are not entitled to. The bribery of a corrupt judge to fix a Case will also result in  illegal and unjust monitory gains that the fixers are also not entitled to. In a Fixed Court persons and companies, large and small are victims of judicial bribery, collusion and fixes.

This is the norm in many State Courts throughout America, and particularly flagrant in NY State, California, Chicago, and many of the Southern States and well. The “Old-Boys-Clubs” are alive and well. We have cases after case of absolute proof of Judicial, incompetence, lying, cheating, harassment, mail and wire fraud and fakery- corruption in NY Supreme Court and in California Superior CourtWe are not naming names here but we will state that The Judges that have been engaged in these schemes of Grand-Larceny, racketeering and bribery know who they are and threats, extortion and fraud will no longer work.

The cover-ups, lies, and bullying of Clerks has backfired as many have confessed to the larceny of many of these judges. It is the same in the Stock-Markets. The insider trades of stocks, options and other sophisticated maneuvers all leave a trail. The misuse of the mMarkets for unjust gain is in our view as bad a a Fixed Court. Both give the Crook-Fixer a unjust windfall at the expanse of others.

The insider-trader buys or sells short shares from a innocent Victim who has no idea what will be announced, so he gets screwed as the insider-fixer is stealing fom the sucker on the other side of the trades.

In a Fixed Court and Case the sucker Victim has no idea that he is “Dead-Meat” and has no chance. The Judge is bribed and the Victim is spending Money on a lawyer time and “IN GOD HE TRUSTS”.But the corrupted Judge and his Fixer have other plans.

This goes on each and every day in State Courts, Family Courts, Criminal Courts and other State arenas where fixes and bribery are prevalent.

So you decide, which is worse, Fixed State Courts or Fixed Stock markets?


We have the SEC, The NY Stock Exchange, NASDAQ  for the Watchdog oversights of our Stock Markets, but we have ZERO oversight for State Courts. The Result? Fraud, corruption, fixes, bribery, chicanery, and judicial racketeering in concert with corrupt  and depraved lawyers and clients who fuel this judicial cheating. This costs the American citizens billions of dollars a year in courthouse robbery and a fixed court. Most are not even aware that they have been scammed, and most do not even know that their own lawyer either is in on it or knows it is happening and afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized by a unethical state court system, often without vetting, screening and judicial selections in back-room farcical and unprincipled means. The mainstream press turns its back on judicial corruption, as does all supposed judicial conduct agencies, particularly in NY State. In fact they cover-up judicial crimes, and we have many cases to prove this. It is a disgrace to America that our State courts are run like Third-World Nations are run. Rife with fraud, extortion, bribes and embezzlement.

Fortunes are looted and stolen from unsuspecting citizen-litigants as a result of State Court Judicial corruption, bribery and fixes. We estimate that $100’s of Millions of dollars and more a year of money, property, and other assets, claims etc are being looted by corrupt Courts and fixed State Judges in concert with corrupt lawyers who bribe them.  It’s a tax free business and better than the Mafia, as it is under the guise of Justice, Honor and “IN God We Trust”.The Bribe money paid for Fixes are hidden in off-shore accounts, gold coins, diamonds and other modes of bribes, all of which we know, and are Undeclared Income, so the Victims get robed, the government gets robed and the crook-fixer walks away with fortunes in unjust and illegal and “tax-free” gains and the victim has no recourse as he is incapable of proving that he was a victim of a slick scheme of Fraud Upon the Court by a corrupted judge and a unethical lawyer who bribes these State Judges to loot and embezzle money and unjust gains.

In the process, far more American Citizens are the targets of Judicial Grand Larceny, and these Crimes are ongoing each and every day without a shred of “Oversight” from a Federal Agency granted the right to Subpoena, examine, Depose and Refer to the US Attorney for prosecution. With a real Federal Department withe “Teeth” these debased State Courts and Politicians will soon be sanitized for once and for all.

It is about time that we all think about how many times we were in a Courtroom and were robed by corruption. Think about it.


Jim Couri

Jim Couri

As you all know, Jim Couri is the original Founder of Scams Inc an all of its affiliated Sites. All of these Domains are Internet News Sites that Investigate and Expose Corruption in America. Due to health constraints Jim resigned from active work with these Sites a number of years ago.

Jim has been engaged in learning, investigating, exposing and aiding law enforcement in connection with developing cases involving political and judicial corruption, tax evasion, fraud, extortion and much more. Jim was diagnosed with melanoma cancer about 9 years ago and was told in 2009 that that he had about a year to live. He was allowed to participate in a UCLA Trial of a drug that caused his Stage 4 Cancer to go into remission. Since that time he must continue on these treatments at Hospital every few weeks, along with his other medical conditions including COPD, intestinal and cardiac disorders, among others. All the while Jim has continued his investigations and uncovering America’s State Court Judicial chicanery, incompetence, chicanery, judicial extortion, racketeering and cheating victim citizen litigants as a result of bribery, fixes and collusion with depraved, perverted and rip-off lawyers who bribe these “bandits in black robes”.

Jim makes it very clear that when he speaks about the Judiciary in America, he is speaking about State Court Judges. These Judges in State Courts are not scrutinized, investigated and vetted as a Federal Judge is. The quality, competence, background and abilities of a Federal Judge is usually selected grounded on a much higher standard than a State Court Judge.

Please understand that Jim has also made it very clear the there are many State Judges that are highly qualified, intelligent and honest, but sadly they are outnumbered by the croneys who were appointed as a result of favoritism, by political hacks, back room politicians and by farcical and archaic methods to put a corrupt, malliable and warped swindler in a position of great power and who has no idea what “Public Trust”, Rules of Law or Due-Process is all about. It is these con-artists who have raped America and its Citizens and who have caused this great country to be confronted with the “Third-World” Courthouse flim-flams that rob and excoriate innocent Victim Litigants and by bribery and a judicila sting rob millions, property, businesses, custody, liberty and even lives. This is done often without a victim even knowing that he has been robed.

Lawyers wont usually expose a Judge for fear of being “Black-Listed” in a State Courthouse and as a result the runiation of the lawyers career. So the shut up as they to, if they play the “courthouse shell game”, will get their chance at being on the winning side of a Fixed Case.

Well Jim has been along with others, scrutinizing the corruption in the Political and State Judicial arenas for over 50 years. He was educated by the best in connection with Corruption, from the founder of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, to Walter Winchell, Roy M. Cohn, Carmine DeSapio, Jimmy LsRosa, Sydney Korshack, and many others. We believe that Jim is possibly the most well versed on detecting all forms of judicial trickery, fraud, Ghostwriting, judicial extortion, judicial racketeering, cover-ups, collusion, corrupt lawyers, and how these judges are bribed, the paper trail, survelance, money-laundering and much more.

Jim in this Interview will not name names, but he will show all of us how the pandemic of corruption in the courts and in the political arenas is impacting on America’s safety and security from Terrorism. This will not be Reported here as a Q & A but to follow are Jim’s views and disclosures not based on guess-work, but grounded on his work, investigations and communications worldwide. Here are Jim Couri’s views, opinions and more:

Terrorism and its attacks are triggered by hatred, anger and resentment. Corruption inside America is done for personal gain, greed, and violating the very fiber of the Founding Fathers hopes, plans and Declarations. Corruption violates the honor of every American who gave his ofr her life in battle for the honor of what we Americans are supposed to be all about.

Sadly, corruption in America today is a more common thing as that nothing “moves ahead” without greasing the hands of our “honorable state judges” and “honorable law-makers” or should we say “law-breakers”? Our great Nation is facing a scandal a day, scams, swindles, court and political fixes and judicial larceny, and everyone turns a blind eye.

Politics and state judgships today have become a underground system and means for earning big-bucks in undeclared income for fixes, access and bribes. In the name of public trust they forgot about the rules of law and their “oaths of office” and are stasshing their ilgotten gains of undeclared income.

Think about this, when external forces and terrorism attacks us as we have been hit since 9-11, we all jump into action, and want to war against these horrible and diabolic persons. When, on the other hand, internal corruption, bribery, fixes and deprivation of due process by a fixed judge or a corrupted public official, eats away at our Nation, the process of retribution is either sluggish or non existent. If a car has no wheels, it can not move. Similarly, if the elected or appointed politicians and/or the judiciary are corrupt, then our Great Nation can not progress.

From petty corruption of low ranking officials to bribery of leading politicians and State Court Judges in Supreme and Superior Courts, corruption not only weakens a state and likewise America, it also exposes us to terrorist activities by weakening the capacity to defend our national interests and our citizens. Don laugh, State institutions weakened by engrained corruption are not only less effective infighting terrorism, but are also mor vulnerable to exploitation by terrorist groups. The pillars of state security and rule of law rests with institutions such as judiciary, police and lawmakers. When this breaks down, America breaks down.

Corrupt influence scan be and are asserted in various levels of law enforcement to impede and derail ongoing judicial or investigative process.This alone can benefit terrorists and infiltration into our country. Therrorists know America’s weaknesses. They have the Cash and the motives. They finance all sorts of criminal activities and as they slowly but surely morph into America, they also will be using our politicians and state judges to use our greed against our citizens. Corruption is the “enabler” that makes many terrorist crimes possible. Much can be named but it is not for now.

Corruption has allowed our public officials to enable terroriststo travel in and out of America, with forged passports and gail access to targets and smuggle what ever thy want across our borders.

Meanwhile, our press is fixated on who Donald Trump had a affair with 25 years ago and spend hours on dissection of name calling among the politicians. They say that the “definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get a different result.” We in America must stop focusing on fluff and minutia and realize that this great Country is becoming a paradise for cheaters, liars and unethical persons entrusted with the power of public office they abuse for unjust enrichment. We must clean our house, otherwise we are ‘sitting-ducks.. Corruption is rampant, our infrastructure is a mess and our stature in the World has sadly been seriously injured. We need intelligent and honest leadership who have the courage to clean up the pollution and bring our great Nation back to where our Founding Fathers perceived it to be.

We can not always be “Mr. Nice Guy” to accomplish this and we can not turn our back on the larceny of public official and judicial corruption. We must be fair, dilligent and first clean out the cheating and thefts in our courts where our citizens are being hurt and robed each and every day by corrupted incompetent state court judges. A $20 set of black robes does not make a “silk purse out of a sows ear”. I the awful to see how State Court fixed judge will without any remorse, cheat, lie, fabricate decisions and ruin a victim litigant . The will do this with the same vicious and sociopathic diabolic conduct as ISIS decapitates a human. These despicable “hit-men” in Robes and corrupt lawyers who bribe these judicial rogues will cut you up just like a butcher slices pastrami.

In fact, many important Law Firms will not thake a Case if they must litigate it in a State Court. Why? As they know the corruption is pervasive and they simply do not want to be a part of it. This in and of itself is pretty sad.

The reality is that based on statistics, the 50 States as a whole comprise the worlds biggest corrupt legal system, and with over 2million citizens in prison. Who knows how many of them were the product of a fixed court? It has been revealed that 1 in every 50 working age males in the US are behind bars today.

Based on interviews and inquiry, sadly the United States have the most dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any developed nation. Worse is the fact that corruption in the legal system in America is well known, but also well hideen, and the mainstream media are reluctant to expose judicial corruption.

Citizens are threatened with illegal jailing, subject to judicial extortion, bullyism, incompetence, collusion with corrupt lawyers all of whom have no scruples. You will be “sold-out” in a second by a judge who ha been bribed by your adversary. These judges do not giv a damn about the law, they will often make it up. The state appellate courts are likewise polluted, fixed and bribed, so you are stuck, raped and ripped-off.

Lawyers who you have paid a fortune to is first beholden to the judge, as if the lawyer stands up for you against a corrupt and/or incompeternt judge, he will be ostracized. So you come last, although you have paid these guys for their help. Often you will not know that you were intentionally Screwed.

Litigation fraud in America is a core of danger for every Citizen and visitor to the USA. The victim’s lawyer is given the job of “selling a deal” if that is what a judge wants to collect his pay-off-bribe.

Recourse, you really have none. The Appellate Courts in the States are corrupt and polluted, The oversight is virtually zero, The Judicial Conduct Boards are toothless tigers gong after small-fry to look like they are doing something. Lawyers who are allied with a corrupt judge and court rarely get even a reprimand.

If you have millions, you can pay large retainers to the big firms that have access, as they hire retired judges for those purposes.

Judges on the take will and have stolen evidence, forged dockets, forged evidence, falsified Decisions, lied, cheated extorted, embezzled and robed to fulfil a fix. They have engaged in wire and mail fraud, deception, violations of the US Constitution, the NY State Constitution, The California State Constifution and engaged in judicila racketeering RICO, larceny and even murder, yes murder. There is a Asian man, who uncovered a Judge’s illegal acts ( Sunny Shue), the man was murdered. He did a Video 3 weeks before his demise. Please see it on the Internet. You will get a real awakening of the State Courts in NY State on the Sheu case alone and how Judge Joseph Golia, Ny State Supreme Court Judge, now retired ripped of Mr Sheu and in Mr Sheu’s own words.

Complaints about Judges are either denied, ignored or thrown in a ‘dead-file”. This Nightmare can not go on much longer. The American Machine of judicial state court corruption has had a growing and now major economic and social cataclysmic negative. effect on our citizens rights, property and finances. The time has come for reform of the pollution and corruption that every day, 364 days a year (not counting Christmas), that American citizens are getting fleeced by the cheating, trickery and fallacious larceny of a bribed-fixed state judge. These gestapo-style activities have cost victim litigants billion of dollars, custody, prpoerty and even liberty by the despicable swindles of a corrupted judge.

I read recently a interesting comment by one of our founding Fathers who said:


Thank you Jim Couri for some of your insights.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Jim Couri a founder in 2008, of Internet News Organizations Scams Inc; Americans Against Corruption Reports: Scamraiders; Americans Against Court Corruption, and others that focus on investigating and exposing the pervasive corruption in the Political, State Judicial, and the resultant violations of the Public Trust. Jim has asked that Scams Inc Network, launch a News Video Report Narrated by Jim Couri that will be published in about 2-3 weeks:


Jim grew up on politics in Brooklyn where his Dad was commissioner of US Customs and the politicians of the 1940’s and “50’s like Tom Dewy, Bill O’Dwyer, John R. Crews, Jake Javits, Louis Lefkowitz and a bunch of other “commissioners” met about 2 times a week at Jim’s family home on Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY. Jim watched and listened as a kid. He saw Tom Dewy and all the “in-the-know” pundits have dozens of reasons to discharge Harry Truman, and all turned out to be wrong. From Brooklyn to NYC to Washington DC, ,Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Havana, Jim has seen it all.from Sydney Korshack, Greg Bautzer, Carmine DeSapio, Jimmy LaRosaa, Walter Winchell and J. Edgar Hoover and of course Roy M. Cohn, Jim’s pal from 1956 until Roy’s death.

Jim Couri

Jim Couri

This Expose Report will, we believe, put to rest the distorted, fallacious, and concocted name calling, labeling Mr Trump a “con-man”, “carnival barker”, “manipulator”and ‘a professional manure slinger” to name some.In fact this angered Jim as he knows the truth and thus he decided to do this Expose, so that all will see the real Mr. Trump.

Without revealing the revelations that will be made by Jim Couri, someone who for over 45 years has known Donald Trump; and the over 45 year first-hand musings from Jim’s best pals Neil Walsh, Blll Fugazy, and Roy M. Cohn, who also knew Don Trump well. The real “Trump” is far from the debased fictions spewed about this guy by his adversaries.

In a nutshell, Donald Trump, 45 years ago was a new NYC arrival from Brooklyn where Jim came from about 15 years earlier. This guy wanted to “change the NYC Skyline and said so then. When Neli asked Jim, “what do you think about this guy?”Without skipping a beat, Jim said, “Neil, Trump doesn’t give a rats-ass about making the News, he wants to make History”. That was 45 years ago.

This brash young innovator (Don Trump), was fearless and relentless in any project he took on, and sadly, the few guys who could tell it all are now gone to the ‘Big Casino in the Sky”. So since Jim would spend every PM with Neil and Fuggy at the NYAC, resting by the indoor pool before the evening festivities began, and the watching this Trump fellow walk a million miles, stepping in a few “pot-holes” once in a while, but never cheating anyone. Further, Donald Trump has helped and in fact ‘financially rescued” many, only because he liked them, and without any ulterior motives, unannounced and “man-to-man”.

So Jim felt that since he knows fact (not fiction) he has decided to share his knowledge about this dedicated “real-guy”. Any one who knows anything about Donald Trump, Jim points out, must ask a simple question. Why would any man with all the money he needs for 10 lifetimes, a few beautiful homes, a dedicated and wonderful family, who truly work for a living, and a great wife, want to be President of the USA?

Well Jim says that he is convinced that the reason Donald Trump wants that Job is because he knows that he can restore America to the greatness it should be, and will be again. Not with BS but with hard and dedicated work.

This Country is the greatest land in the world, but it has become tarnished and polluted by corruption, greed, incompetence, cheating and “gamesmanship”engaged in by too many politicians who think only about themselves and zero about the Citizens who usually get the “shaft”one way or another. Either in the corrupt State courts, unkept promises, political cronyism and other forms of rip-offs. This must be stopped, and the corrupt who violate the “Public Trust”, must be indicted and convicted as examples that “Greed, Cheating and Stealing is not Good”.

Donald Trump has no time or interest in this form of minutia. This man wants to spend 24-7 sanitizing and making America great again and based on the over 45 years of interaction, and the great revelations from Roy, Neil and Fuggy, Trump has the makings of Greatness, and he wants to give his talents and tenacity to America. We all should “stop the harp playing while Rome is burning”.

We hope all will all spend about 15 minutes and hear about the Real Donald Trump when the Video is launched.


wooten_judge2 Judge Peter Moulton was supposed to be the Sir Lancelot when Guenivere Sherry Klein Heitler was removed as NY County Administrative Judge and replaced by Moulton. Heitler was not kicked out for her supposed NYCAL—Sheldon Silver Flim-Flams. She was quietly moved out to pasture to another Courthouse location. Listen, these Courts are great spending tax-payer money protectiong there Clubies.



Well Moulton was a “company-man” who was a Civil then Supreme Court Judge at 111Center Street and moved to 60 Center Street as the supposed squeaky-clean salvation of the Courthouse. But, alas we live in hope but the Nirvana was not in the cards. Moulton set up shop and began straight away covering up the depraved, corrupt and polluted ensconced at the courthouse dispensing trickery, fraud and cheating of unsuspecting litigant victims. Look, there are many judges in NY County Courts that are reall great, but their work is distorted by the shenageans of the really corrupt.

Paul Wooten was and is a incompetent, a evil and warped thief who has the qualifications to be a “hired-thug”. This man cheated, lied, extorted and bought his way into a judgship by alliances with his Brooklyn convict associates Clarence Norman, disgraced State Sen John Sampson Vito Lopez and other crooks.

Wooten from the moment he arrived in the NY County Courthouse, began to announce to the “underground” of corrupt lawyers, that Wooten had “Justice-4-Sale” at a price. We hear that Judge Joan Madden was one of the “brokers” for Wooten’s Judicial Larceny, and we can only assume lat like all brokers Madden got a “commission”. After all her mentor and corrupt lawyer George Pavia needed another judicial puppet, and Wooten was perfect.

Pavia had formed a alliance with sex pervert John Siebert, Joseph M. Burke Esq Kenneth V. Gomez Esq (who supposedly represented Pavia and wife Antonia) in a Rent Stabilization theft by bribery and collusion. Wooten was a malliable incompetent, a sociopath, desperate for money and a “score” sothese tricksters went at it with Wooten to try and rob Millions by fraud and extortion.

Wooten was active in engaging in forgery, forgery, fabrication of documents, fraud, perjury, forging and purging courthouse records, mail and wire fraud, and embezzlement. Moulton knowing of Wooten’s Courthouse racketeering and chicanery, condoned it for many years. We can only assume that he was in on the Stings ans a hopeful piece of the “Booty”

Soon after Wooten went “wild” taking other cases and Fixed them, stealing from many others for his bribes. Legitimate Firms took notice and began to Report Wooten’s larceny, fraud and improbable Decisions that were distorted, fraudulent and polluted with fabrications.

Othere were assembling proofs of Wooten , Burke, Gomez, Pavia, Siebert’s “Jailhouse Lawyering”.
Evidence was assembled and delivered to Federal Prosecutors. Evidence by a car-load that proves that many at that NY County Courthouse is a mess and infected with corruption.

Wooten was finally by clamor permanently Fired from NY County Courthouse and his Part7. Wooten was supposedly moved back to Brooklyn, yet Moulton did this “under-the-Radar”. Now Wooren is being shrouded in Brooklyn as we are told that many have reported Wooten to State and Federal Prosecutors for his now exposed Fixes, extortion, perjury, falsification of Court Docket, Ghostwriting of Decisions by Burke, Gomez and Pavia.

Meanwhile these perverted outcasts are ongoing with “business as usual”. Siebert has been convicted as a sex pervert, fired by 5 NY Hospitals, Terminated by NY State Dept. of Health as a Doctor. Siebert is now in Wisconsin trying to loot Diane Hendricks a rich widow.

George Pavia and wife Antonia are spending the money that they robbed from rent-stabilized tenants, but they were recently caught in a tax evasion scam, confessed and are forking over a fortune in Fines etc. Siebert also has been found to have filed falsified tax returns and is trying again. This time the CID is ready to jail him.

Burke and Gomez, to split-peas in a pod were kicked out of William Russo’s office at 600 Third Ave for corrupt activities, misuse of phones, fax and internet, and Burke has been caught filing multiple falsified Pleadings and engaging in collusion with Referees, Wooten and a JHO.

So Moulton is desperate to try and shroud Wooten’s Crimes as when, not maybee, they are all made public, there will be a Clamor of Litigants Moving to Vacate Wooten’s Larceny, Fixed, depraved and fraudulent Decisions. This will cost Moulton his job and Wooten by then will be Convicted so he can share a Jail Cell with John Sampson.

Meanwhile Wooten hs wandering the corridors of the Brooklyn Adams Street State Courthouse. Our mols tell us Wooten is still looking for a new target to swindle. Moulton is so unethical and desperate he is trying to allow Wooten a proven Judicial thief to Decide Motions to Vacate- Cases where Wooten cheated, defrauded and embezzled and Moulton knows that if a legitimate Judge got these Motions Moulton would be Indicted as Wooten’s accomplice.

Moulton forgot about the US Constitution Due-Process Clause and a myriad of Law mandated by the US Supreme Court that a Judge MUST be subject to Automatic Disqualification when hee displays even a minor display of Bias. Wooten was the subject of multiple Motions to Disqualify himself for cause and repeatedly, and in violation of Federal, State and Constitutional Law refused. Thus all Decisions Issued by Wooten are Void as a matter of law by virtus of his “Waring against the US Constitution. Further all Wooten Decisions are Void and Vacated by virtus of Wooten’s documented Fraud upon the Court.

Thus, the NY County Unified Court System has failed to abide by the Law, as Wooten’s Permanent Removal mandates a referral to the NY State Legislature and a Formal Announcement. Moulton has shown his dirty-hands by failing to abide by the Law. And Wooten, a despicable swindler is so far being “protected” not by the Mafia, but by a perverted Court System that is Raping Citizens Daily. We believe this wall change and soon.



 This supposed Judge Chapman is some piece of work. He thinks that since he was appointed aSuperior Court Judge that he can re write Statutes, violate the US Constitution. Threaten and harass litigants. Abuse self-represented litigants. Fabricate allegations. Condone clear and convincing perjury, hearsay, fraud, falsifications of the Court Minutes to “sand-bag” a self represented ill litigant and engage in marked bias, polluted abuses and turning a blind-eye on legitimate claims because Chapman profers form over the truth.

Chapman is pleased to extoll the virtues of perjurers, fraudsters fabricators of non events just as long as the format of the perjury is A-OK.

Chapman’s conduct has been transparent to a litigant who has had 50 years of exposing corrupt judges, lawyers and litigants. Chapman’s education has been with Arizona State College, possibly by mail  and his law school was a discredited non-accredited Joint. Chapman was a negligence lawyer in IndIo until in 2014 was appointed to the Courts. Now chapman bel;ieves that he can bully, cover-up courthouse fraud, abuses of litigants, threats, forgery, collusion and other suspect acts. We have seen litigants beg for hearings and put persons under oath, but Chapman refuses.

Chapman is part of a long list of unethical and incompetent State Court Judges from Coast to Coast. The abuses CitizenS endure by these despicable and warped persons.

Now Chapman, in his desperation of being exposed as a bully, liar and condoning fraud by well documented criminals who have a record of bribery, misuse of courts an aiding in judicial larceny had chosen to violate Judicial Canon 3B-7 among many others. Chapman has abused lied, harassed, threatened, and abused many Pro-se Litigants. Chapman, in violation of Canon 3B-7, which prohibits judicial independent investigating of information about parties to a case before the judge that is available in all media including electronic—internet, etc.

Scams Inc has uncovered thar Riverside Court, Palm Springs–Indeo have been on virtually all of Scams Inc Domains for about a week, going through about 100 Articles about the Defendants in thie case Chapman has polluted, and about the plaintiff as well. The result is Chapman knowing by reading the Exposes, and te evidence outlined that the very persons he has favored are criminals. Scams inc only publishes Facts and all are verified. Yet Chapman handed these crooke over $100million, and charged the plaintiff as a Vexatious Litigant by making up a phony paper trail about a 77 year old man who has won awards as a highly acclaimed litigator, former Trustee in Federal Cases, and who was a protege of J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI. This litigant has been only attacked by the Judges that he uncovered as corrupt and worse. Eventually most of these judicial phoneys and crooks have been caught and removed.

Chapman thinks that if a State Court political hack has Black Robes they are immune from being corrupt and can cheat, bully and misuse the laws to extort, To the contrary, it is the opposite. Sadly Chapman thinks that he can ally with crooks, evidenced as crooks, whitewash them and walk off with stolen embezzled funds.

Sadly Chapman has made his own bed and now will have to sleep in it, as we have seen Chapman’s misuse of his public trust, bias, favoritism and condoning fraud upon the courts by documented crooks, tax scams, perjurers and looters.

Meanwhile Scams Inc has advised Chapman and his staff to cease using its Sites as he has violated Judicial Canons and Scams Inc’s Terms of Use. We hope he will cease his malice as if he continues, Scams inc will block his IP Address and report his malice to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Scams Inc is a highly trafficked series of Domains and we will not tolerate judges abusing the law, litigants and trying to interfere into freedom of Press and Speech by his vicious and transparent acts.