¬†This supposed Judge Chapman is some piece of work. He thinks that since he was appointed aSuperior Court Judge that he can re write Statutes, violate the US Constitution. Threaten and harass litigants. Abuse self-represented litigants. Fabricate allegations. Condone clear and convincing perjury, hearsay, fraud, falsifications of the Court Minutes to “sand-bag” a self represented ill litigant and engage in marked bias, polluted abuses and turning a blind-eye on legitimate claims because Chapman profers form over the truth.

Chapman is pleased to extoll the virtues of perjurers, fraudsters fabricators of non events just as long as the format of the perjury is A-OK.

Chapman’s conduct has been transparent to a litigant who has had 50 years of exposing corrupt judges, lawyers and litigants. Chapman’s education has been with Arizona State College, possibly by mail¬† and his law school was a discredited non-accredited Joint. Chapman was a negligence lawyer in IndIo until in 2014 was appointed to the Courts. Now chapman bel;ieves that he can bully, cover-up courthouse fraud, abuses of litigants, threats, forgery, collusion and other suspect acts. We have seen litigants beg for hearings and put persons under oath, but Chapman refuses.

Chapman is part of a long list of unethical and incompetent State Court Judges from Coast to Coast. The abuses CitizenS endure by these despicable and warped persons.

Now Chapman, in his desperation of being exposed as a bully, liar and condoning fraud by well documented criminals who have a record of bribery, misuse of courts an aiding in judicial larceny had chosen to violate Judicial Canon 3B-7 among many others. Chapman has abused lied, harassed, threatened, and abused many Pro-se Litigants. Chapman, in violation of Canon 3B-7, which prohibits judicial independent investigating of information about parties to a case before the judge that is available in all media including electronic—internet, etc.

Scams Inc has uncovered thar Riverside Court, Palm Springs–Indeo have been on virtually all of Scams Inc Domains for about a week, going through about 100 Articles about the Defendants in thie case Chapman has polluted, and about the plaintiff as well. The result is Chapman knowing by reading the Exposes, and te evidence outlined that the very persons he has favored are criminals. Scams inc only publishes Facts and all are verified. Yet Chapman handed these crooke over $100million, and charged the plaintiff as a Vexatious Litigant by making up a phony paper trail about a 77 year old man who has won awards as a highly acclaimed litigator, former Trustee in Federal Cases, and who was a protege of J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI. This litigant has been only attacked by the Judges that he uncovered as corrupt and worse. Eventually most of these judicial phoneys and crooks have been caught and removed.

Chapman thinks that if a State Court political hack has Black Robes they are immune from being corrupt and can cheat, bully and misuse the laws to extort, To the contrary, it is the opposite. Sadly Chapman thinks that he can ally with crooks, evidenced as crooks, whitewash them and walk off with stolen embezzled funds.

Sadly Chapman has made his own bed and now will have to sleep in it, as we have seen Chapman’s misuse of his public trust, bias, favoritism and condoning fraud upon the courts by documented crooks, tax scams, perjurers and looters.

Meanwhile Scams Inc has advised Chapman and his staff to cease using its Sites as he has violated Judicial Canons and Scams Inc’s Terms of Use. We hope he will cease his malice as if he continues, Scams inc will block his IP Address and report his malice to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Scams Inc is a highly trafficked series of Domains and we will not tolerate judges abusing the law, litigants and trying to interfere into freedom of Press and Speech by his vicious and transparent acts.