Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Jim Couri a founder in 2008, of Internet News Organizations Scams Inc; Americans Against Corruption Reports: Scamraiders; Americans Against Court Corruption, and others that focus on investigating and exposing the pervasive corruption in the Political, State Judicial, and the resultant violations of the Public Trust. Jim has asked that Scams Inc Network, launch a News Video Report Narrated by Jim Couri that will be published in about 2-3 weeks:


Jim grew up on politics in Brooklyn where his Dad was commissioner of US Customs and the politicians of the 1940’s and “50’s like Tom Dewy, Bill O’Dwyer, John R. Crews, Jake Javits, Louis Lefkowitz and a bunch of other “commissioners” met about 2 times a week at Jim’s family home on Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY. Jim watched and listened as a kid. He saw Tom Dewy and all the “in-the-know” pundits have dozens of reasons to discharge Harry Truman, and all turned out to be wrong. From Brooklyn to NYC to Washington DC, ,Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Havana, Jim has seen it all.from Sydney Korshack, Greg Bautzer, Carmine DeSapio, Jimmy LaRosaa, Walter Winchell and J. Edgar Hoover and of course Roy M. Cohn, Jim’s pal from 1956 until Roy’s death.

Jim Couri

Jim Couri

This Expose Report will, we believe, put to rest the distorted, fallacious, and concocted name calling, labeling Mr Trump a “con-man”, “carnival barker”, “manipulator”and ‘a professional manure slinger” to name some.In fact this angered Jim as he knows the truth and thus he decided to do this Expose, so that all will see the real Mr. Trump.

Without revealing the revelations that will be made by Jim Couri, someone who for over 45 years has known Donald Trump; and the over 45 year first-hand musings from Jim’s best pals Neil Walsh, Blll Fugazy, and Roy M. Cohn, who also knew Don Trump well. The real “Trump” is far from the debased fictions spewed about this guy by his adversaries.

In a nutshell, Donald Trump, 45 years ago was a new NYC arrival from Brooklyn where Jim came from about 15 years earlier. This guy wanted to “change the NYC Skyline and said so then. When Neli asked Jim, “what do you think about this guy?”Without skipping a beat, Jim said, “Neil, Trump doesn’t give a rats-ass about making the News, he wants to make History”. That was 45 years ago.

This brash young innovator (Don Trump), was fearless and relentless in any project he took on, and sadly, the few guys who could tell it all are now gone to the ‘Big Casino in the Sky”. So since Jim would spend every PM with Neil and Fuggy at the NYAC, resting by the indoor pool before the evening festivities began, and the watching this Trump fellow walk a million miles, stepping in a few “pot-holes” once in a while, but never cheating anyone. Further, Donald Trump has helped and in fact ‘financially rescued” many, only because he liked them, and without any ulterior motives, unannounced and “man-to-man”.

So Jim felt that since he knows fact (not fiction) he has decided to share his knowledge about this dedicated “real-guy”. Any one who knows anything about Donald Trump, Jim points out, must ask a simple question. Why would any man with all the money he needs for 10 lifetimes, a few beautiful homes, a dedicated and wonderful family, who truly work for a living, and a great wife, want to be President of the USA?

Well Jim says that he is convinced that the reason Donald Trump wants that Job is because he knows that he can restore America to the greatness it should be, and will be again. Not with BS but with hard and dedicated work.

This Country is the greatest land in the world, but it has become tarnished and polluted by corruption, greed, incompetence, cheating and “gamesmanship”engaged in by too many politicians who think only about themselves and zero about the Citizens who usually get the “shaft”one way or another. Either in the corrupt State courts, unkept promises, political cronyism and other forms of rip-offs. This must be stopped, and the corrupt who violate the “Public Trust”, must be indicted and convicted as examples that “Greed, Cheating and Stealing is not Good”.

Donald Trump has no time or interest in this form of minutia. This man wants to spend 24-7 sanitizing and making America great again and based on the over 45 years of interaction, and the great revelations from Roy, Neil and Fuggy, Trump has the makings of Greatness, and he wants to give his talents and tenacity to America. We all should “stop the harp playing while Rome is burning”.

We hope all will all spend about 15 minutes and hear about the Real Donald Trump when the Video is launched.